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  2. I've personally just installed Pathfinder Kingmaker. I'm Looking Forward to being tested some and have already spend Hours on just fiddling with character creation (and researching the Pathfiner rulesets). :P Whilst FM allows you to do truly horrible Things that arguably shouldn't be possible given that it simulates "professional" football, there's so much Feedback introduced (some still bad though), and with the Right assistants, it's even a game that can Play itself (unless you're Looking for one those experiences with back to back to back to back promotions, no possible sack or Relegation fight or slump or "realistic" Football ever and Player Quality in General mattering nought, but there's community stuff for that too).
  3. I guess I'm really boring. My tactics are called the formation, then the team name and perhaps something regarding mentality if I have variations. At the moment I have 4-4-2_rhyl, 4-2-3-1_rhyl and 4-1-4-1_rhyl as the three I train. Though I almost only use the 4-4-2 version.
  4. After going on a bit of a hiatus (damned life getting in the way), yesterday i just sat, turned on some random CH game on television and got into FM. It was long into night when i thought to myself that i had a thread to update. So here i am. Latest from Brisbane Road. First of all, transfers. We've spent some money. For the first time since i got here. But mostly, our dealings were loans and players whom we had to beg to sign for us. This reputation thing is nothing new but it does get on my nerves. Our new #1. Chased him last year too but he brushed us off. Our record signing. And first player i paid for. 56k was enough to prize him away from Blackburn. Retraining him to play as left winger. Yeah, both of our goalkeepers are on loan. Not the smartest move, i know... He was transfer listed at Liverpool. They wanted nothing for him. Zero!! Our first choice striker. I thought i messed this one up. Remember him being really good in some previous games, signed him up without scouting him fully. Disappointing attributes aside, he plays really well. First of the two left backs we got on loan. So, so hard to find decent one. Got him to cover Glover. Good enough to start but i want to develop Ryan first and foremost. Option for left wing position. Rather quick but nothing much else is there... First choice LB. For some reason, couldn't find decent playmaker to save my life. Luckily, agent recommended Mauri to me, got him on trial and signed him soon enough. Lack of stamina worries me a bit but overall he seems decent. I was after him whole summer. Didn't want to negotiate with us but he finally broke down, as window was getting toward the end. Backup player as it can get. As i said, really struggled this window to sign any half decent player. Resume of our dealings. Leaving us were those whose contracts expired. But we sold Daniel Hoey, fifth choice CD. He's going to Hull come January and we're getting 100k for him. Well, it's actually 200 but he has 50% sell on fee. One clause i always use while playing in Vanarama leagues. Never though one of those could ever come to fruition... Gotta admit, this surprised even myself. After somewhat shaky start, team pulled together and started playing some decent footy, culminating in undefeated October. And we're now en route for our fourth promotion in a row. Madness!! Knocked out of Carabao Cup, first game and we're out. Shame but team were still finding its footing. Backups are still in contention for advancing in Checkatrade Trophy while we have to play Coventry in first round of FA Cup. So yeah, at the moment, everything is going our way. Going to play some more over the weekend and hopefully finish this season. I'm hooked, that's for sure.
  5. Of course, but it would help make future games better, and isn't that something everyone wants? I really like the game, but I can also see there are some flaws and bugs here and there. I would like them to be fixed for either future patches to the game I'm playing, else I would like them fixed in the next version at least. If he took the time to post about his issues in this thread, then why not post a bug report? It doesn't take much more time or effort? Well, I think this could be explained by the player accepting your apology, but then expects to be in the squad the next season. While you think he has accepted his role in the squad, he expects to be included in the future. However, it might also be a bug or something that could be clearer for the user, so you should report it so SI can take a look and see if there are improvement that can be done for situations like these in future versions. When I asked why you kept them, I meant why do you keep a player in your squad when you clearly feel he is not a good enough player for you? If he were good enough, you would have included him in the CL squad, right? The only situation I can see that this would fit in, were an older tutor type player who are more a part of the coaching staff than player. Otherwise, I would get rid of him and rather have a youngster for backup, and if he is young enough, he doesn't need to be included in the CL squad to be eligible.
  6. hello community this time i decided to make a more informative post to my new tactical experiment.the last days im trying hard to be better and learn more about tactics as tactics is my favourite part in game..im very bad at tactics and this didnt let me enjoy the game,so i took the decision to spent time to dig more in testing and oberving things as my eyes allows it and capable of doing this as i have told you im terribble to tactics and especially spot issues and most of all to fix them..Also the most important i need to mention is to give MANY thanks to @Cleon and @herne79 for their amazing stuff here and lot of time i re read their topics for refreshing and learning..ok lets get to the point now.As im a lover of LLM management this time i picked a team in 3rd german division After analyzed my squad i decided that shape fits to my players(also this is my favourite tactic irl ) A very simple tactic and not something special in roles coz at the level i am i dont want to overcomplicate with roles that my players cant fit.At the moment im absolutely happy as it seems im on good way of undestasting a bit about tactics.later on i will talk about some issues im managing and hope that u can help me to undestand why these happening and how to fix it,of course i will tell my opinion about how i see the issues and if u want correct me Well this was media prediction And this is my current place in league..i know lot of you maybe will tell "Your team is predicted 6th so is not big achievement to win the league or get promoted" and maybe you are right,but trust me guys for me it is.dont forget im newbie at tactics so for me its big achievement and joy for starting learn some things. these was the best part for now,we are amazing in league and im very happy at the moment.although i have noticed some struggles against some opponents formations like 4-4-2 flat , 4-1-4-1. these formations have their wingers in midfield strata ( MR, ML) , so when play against them almost draw or sometimes lose.these formations cause me lot of troubles.well i will explain now how i see these "issues" In this example we lost the ball and opponents MR starts attck as u can see he has lot of space to run into..here i observe my IF on the left starts tracking back to help in defence,instead of track back he stays on opponent RB which i dont want to do that coz its not a threat at the moment.so the result is tha DM has to leave his position and mark the MR leaving space behind him,unprotecting the defence and leaving my CD 1v1 with ST.. Here little further forward in move for our good luck my DM puts pressure on him and he gives the ball back to the DR,hoping us to return quickly in defensive transition but look again the space in front of my defence and the opponents are running into..ALSO the most important check my IF again..he prefers sto stay to DR but i dont want him there,i want him in front of DR and close to MR.. Again to the continue of the move the DR has the ball putting my DM in the middle of DR and MR..if he plays to ST automatically my DM is off..look my If again how high up on the pitch he is..maybe its happening coz hes on atck duty..well these were some of examples i see in game when play against these formations.. So why this is happening? these are possible issues and fixing to the way im seeing it : 1-> i think this is happening coz the opponets takes advantage of my gaps between my Fbs and Wingers and put players there like MR and ML..for example behind my AMR and AML so they can have space and its difficult to mark them.coz AMRL focusing at opponent FBs and my FBs must leave their positions to mark them and this leaving space of their back and the worst scenario they drag out wide my DM SOLUTION HERE? -> i could change role,duty or even place my AMRL in MRL strata but i dont wanna do this.i want stick to my plan and shape. the second i could do is to change duty or role,(remember playing to my strenghts) and the IF-atck is one of them) SO if could change him to IF-sup maybe he would track back but..whos gonna atck the space in front and score? 2-> the second way is to change mentality to cautius to make my team sit deeper in a hope that wingers mark them?i dont think so coz i dont want a passive role and plus my IF still would be placed higher on the pitch coz atck duty.i want to press high on the pitch thats why i have Much high def line and LOE 3-> the third im thinking is what would be if chosen to give PIs tight marking or even man marking to my IF?if i put tight marking will he mark tight the DR or the MR?if i put man marking the MR would result my IF to come really deep to mark but when i win the ball how he manage to reach his duty and atck all the this distance upfront? 4-> fourth and last im thinking what about LOE if i lower its a notch will result to def little deeper or only affects his starting press? well this is view to all this thread!!i hope didnt tire you and bore you all guys Thanks in advance and really sorry for my bad english !!
  7. i think the key element of Simeone's 442 (or any other 442) is very compact vertical defensive unit where strikers help putting pressure on opponents midfielders. since usually 442 will have a man less in midfield both strikers need to drop deeper while defending, i'm not sure if attack duty is correct in replicating Simeone defensive style? is it possible to achieve it with attack duties on balanced mentality? another thing about 442, you need to use play wider and/or exploit flanks.
  8. Kinda real expectations from the board, could not ask much more from them really. Maybe just not to sell anymore youngsters. And a new partnership with a lower league club ahead of season start.
  9. I'm just curious, does any of you guys name your tactics? I've started giving mine names instead of using the numbers like 4-4-2 wide or 4-2-3-1 DM My basic 4-4-2 is called operation-fundamentals and my direct counter attack is called Hail Mary. What have you called some of yours if you have?
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  11. FUSION DB - Agents v2.0 over than 440 real agents http://www.mediafire.com/file/h7q51ia3go95s9c/FUSION+DB+-+Procuratori+2.04.fmf
  12. I am going to tell you the truth I am not very happy with my AMC myself, I have been experimenting with different approaches but nothing really clicks, I am soon going to hit the thirty League games mark and when I do I will write a post detailing some problems that have appeared.
  13. Saturday 20 April Man City v Spurs 12:30 3-1 Bournemouth v Fulham 15:00 2-1 Huddersfield v Watford 15:00 1-2 West Ham v Leicester 15:00 2-1 Wolves v Brighton 15:00 1-0 Newcastle v Southampton 17:30 2-1 Sunday 21 April Everton v Man Utd 13:30 1-2 Arsenal v Crystal Palace 16:00 2-1 Cardiff v Liverpool 16:00 0-3 Monday 22 April Chelsea v Burnley 20:00 2-0 Tuesday 23 April Spurs v Brighton 19:45 3-1 Watford v Southampton 19:45 2-2 Wednesday 24 April Wolves v Arsenal 19:45 1-1 Man Utd v Man City 20:00 1-2
  14. I am using the same tactic like you with WestHame except two CM's roles but similar idea, a BWM (defend) and a Mezzala. We are have finished the first half of the season and manage to sit on the 6th. But I am not happy with the AMC's preforming, I want him to be my main creator who can make a lot of chances for my striker and IF, but he created a few chances, got 1 assist and no goal. Can you make a post about how your AMC in your system work?
  15. I am also facing this type of issue on my Lenovo device. It is showing Lenovo Laptop Screen Flickering. If you have any proper idea please share with us.
  16. A look into the Future Like I previously said I am not comfortable with the idea of burning through mountains of cash in order to make my dream team, instead I should want to develop the players from my academy into world-class players who can proudly call themselves the best at what they do. I have just received my first youth intake and in combination with my early signings I have several promising gems in my club: Pelayo Morilla (17): I paid the release clause for him during pre-season and he has been improving greatly during these months, I have high hopes for this player who will surely become my N10. Technical: 15 finishing. 16 first touch, 16 technique. Some very good skills on the ball for his age Mental: 12 composure. 14 vision. 13 decisions. 12 flair. Not a genius but with a good idea of what to do Physical: 15 acceleration, 15 Agility, 15 pace. He is no speedster but he is no turtle either. Antonio marin (18): An ambidestroux dribbler with a bright future ahead of him, Were it not for Pedro he would already form part of the first team as Hazard's substitute. technical: 17 dribbling, 14 first touch, 16 technique. It is all about carrying the ball on his feet Mental: 18 flair, 13 off the ball, 12 composure. He is not that sure of what to do with the ball once carried but that can be worked on. Physical: 14 acceleration, 14 natural fitness, 14 agility, 14 pace. Some nice physical aid to his runs that could improve even further. Sandro Tonali (18): the next Andrea Pirlo, because there are so many midfielders in my squad he is playing in the U23s but you can be sure that someone will leave to make way for him next season. technical: 15 first touch, 16 passing, 16 technique. If Marin is a ball carrier Tonali is a ball distributor confident on his passes. Mental: 15 composure, 12 decisions, 14 teamwork, 14 vision, 14 workrate. An excellent head for someone as young. Physical: 14 stamina, 14 acceleration. He is no Toure Yaya and he doesn't need to be. Fiete Arp (19): My substitute striker, Giroud will have to look for a new team this summer because of this guy, a very complete forward who can both spearhead an attack and link play with people coming from deep. technical: 16 finishing, 15 first touch, 13 long shots, 13 technique. Like I said I am looking for someone with good first touch finishes. Mental: 14 anticipation, 14 bravery, 14 decisions, 16 off the ball, 15 teamwork, 13 composure. He has his head in the right place when it comes to chasing passes. Physical: 14 pace, 14 natural fitness, 14 Balance, 13 jumping reach. He is no tank but he will not be let down by his own body when fighting for the ball. Liam Hendey-Hoole(15): The pride and Joy of my first Youth Intake, this small winger can easily become my first choice attacking wingback for the next decade. technical: 15 crossing, 16 technique, 11 first touch. From a purely technical point of view he is already a better crosser than my first team wingbacks. Mental: 19 aggression, 12 anticipation, 12 composure, 11 decisions, 11 vision. Once he improves on some key attributes he is going to be a tireless defender and great crosser. Physical: 15 acceleration, 16 natural fitness, 14 pace, 14 agility. good attributes that will help him when going backwards and forwards during a game. Some other players might also become first team members but are a clear step behind this five prospects. I have been choosing training roles that focuses on some key attributes that I want to improve (poacher, winger, Deep Lying Playmaker) before they make it to the first team and once those deficiencies are corrected I switch to a more universal training role (complete forward, roaming playmaker, Box to Box midfielder, Complete wingback). My youngsters train at double the intensity and have a specific focus assigned to either correct some weakness or improve some strength.
  17. The World Cup kicks off in less than 3 months. I feel the way bank robbers must feel before they go out on that last, big job...you know, the one where they all get killed. That is to say, I'm feeling optimistic... Yeah, we watched Heat last night. Epic stuff. Got the blood pumping. I'm basically De Niro, for all intents and purposes. Zlatan thinks he's Val Kilmer, but that's only because he wants to **** Ashley Judd. Drake? He's the Irish Danny Trejo, clearly.
  18. Thanks for the response. I've added a screenshot. It isn't great, but certainly better than the previous attachment.
  19. I'm sure you can make adjustments tactically where this causes you less problems, but this has also been reported and acknowledged as a bug.
  20. Remember the time Zlatan ate my goldfish, and you lied and said I never had a goldfish?! Then why did I have the bowl, Drake?! Why did I have the bowl?! Celta Vigo / Belgium -- March 2050 Our return to Belgrade was triumphant. 2-nil on the night, and a welcome embrace from the staff at the Itchy Kitty. Warm handshakes from familiar faces turning out for the Crno-beli. No complaints, whatsoever. Even if they did try to charge extra for the CockPit in the back...as if we didn't put that place on the map. A wide open 2nd leg back in Spain was good value for money -- something for everyone. My fingers are crossed for a quarterfinal draw with Madrid...we've got their number, but need to focus domestically as it is a two-horse race yet again, the margins paper thin... But we draw Julian Nagelsmann's West Ham. A favorable draw given that they're out of form right now, but not the draw we wanted.
  21. There is a specific section for editor related questions I would suggest trying to create your own league, it takes some time learn the basics tho First time i created a league based on the idea of my city getting independance from the nation, using some popular towns and places for names of the teams, its quite nice to do it that way, its so nice to see the team from your amateur/junior local league being in a CL qualifier
  22. Thanks, @Deisler26 This is going to be a weird ass save. After trying to get some new tactics working and while not altogether being frustrated but slightly unsatisfied I've decided to explore fully optimising my tactics and also trying out some new aspects of strategy. I'm going to run a save where every game I set up with a new tactic. It's a bid to freshen up my FM experience, fully test out some roles I've personally never employed and maybe, just maybe, learn something along the way. My club of choice since this was just going to be a fun experiment is my favorite football team. Also a strong squad with deep numbers, perfect for rotation and tactical flexibility. Issues out wide controlled our transfer window and adding overall quality in the form of Dani Ceballos. By adjusting tactics, I'm going to alternate between roles and formations, some games may see the same formation, but the player roles will have been changed in a bid to see how those roles have impacted the system. I don't want to become to stagnant though as that removes the initial idea behind the save. So I will be changing up the formations quite regularly testing 3/4/5 man backlines and various bodies in offence and defence as well. This'll be a match by match career, showing off each tactic I play with and personal thoughts to why I set it up, and whether I could see any positives or negatives through the duration of the match. A slow, but detailed exploration of how to set up systems, keep a fluidity in style (I'm endeavouring to play every game under Control/Attacking) but also a save which will maintain strong results and avoid the sack.
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