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  2. Yes, time machine would be perfect for such issues. Unfortunately people do not use it...
  3. Gib Reg 2025 Youth intake Having expanded the youth facilities I usually get crap youth intakes and this year was no different. Golden generation you say? Well, not really. There a 5* potential player and 2 4.5* but I don't like their personalities or skills.
  4. September 2030 Another poor month. My job is precarious and I need 9 points in the next 5 games otherwise this save is done for.
  5. TRANSFERS This one will be my starter GK I signed him for 1 year ,will be a backup My starter ST. For a backup, or when I play with 2 strikers
  6. Season 3 - 2019/2020 Update coming soon! ________________________________________________________________________________ Season 4 - 2020/2021 Update coming soon! ________________________________________________________________________________
  7. Gib Reg 2024/25 Winter It was the night before Christmas, so I asked the chairman for more youth upgrades and having negotiated for a while we ended up maxing out youth facilities and junior rec. It took us only 5.5 seasons to max them out and the new board was responsible for most of it. It does mean we need to get through at least a couple European qualifying rounds or win the league every year as we spend 35k a month on youth. It was the new year's day as it was announced that Mboopi has now won 4 Ballon d'Ors in a row, at only 26 years of age he could end up breaking Messi's record of 6 in this universe. Surprise, surprise, we were still in Europe after new year! Roma was our opponent and we were quite unlucky not to get anything at home as we matched Roma for a very long time against their ridiculous narrow formation. It was a completely different story in Italy as we got smashed yet ended up conceding less. Somehow this counted as a humiliating defeat worth a fan refund as my board was quite livid with this showing. Really not sure what this is all about, frankly. Domestically it's been a stroll as a mixture of my first and second team has been roflcopting all over everyone. Even Red Imps got smacked 4-1, they also managed to lose in second round of the cup. I wonder if there is any chance their manager might leave.. But it's unlikely, we're just 6 pts atop the league but the rest of pack is dogfighting. College Europa has recovered to third but it's all fine margins there. Mons Caipe and Europa Point are both professional clubs, so I really hope they stay up. One last thing, you may have noticed we had a 2250 attendance in our last match - we moved back to our expanded stadium! Still, terraces only but it's now the biggest in the country.
  8. Season 1 - 2017/2018 Update coming soon! ________________________________________________________________________________ Season 2 - 2018/2019 Update coming soon! ________________________________________________________________________________
  9. Yea I think the mentality calculator should still be reasonably accurate, as that's all still clearly going on under the hood. The tactics creator itself just has a much diminished ability to control it, unless I'm missing something. I am certainly not up-to-date, but as of 2019 even whether it was just a label or actually doing something under the hood which we lost control over was ambiguous. I've seen lots of people claiming that it's only a label, but it's been shown that it does have an effect in the tactics creator and I've never seen a comprehensive answer to this. Personally I am inclined to be more confident in what's seen in the Tactics Creator. It's a ridiculous debate. If it's just a label, what on earth is the point? Ironically we would know for sure, easily, if the interface for individual mentality was better Not wanting to take this thread too far off topic, I've just loaded up FM 2018 again
  10. SEASON 2021 - 22 LEAGUE ONE Finances Club vision Facilities Staff I made some transfers in the staff I replaced my assistant manager with this one This one seems very good this lady also
  11. Another example from my save: Aliou Traoré (CA 114) has actually improved a little in the week that my assman thinks he's gone from decent Championship midfielder to good League One midfielder. Can you please make up your mind Mr Assistant Manager?
  12. I've had quite a few assistant managers in my save now and they all behave really strangely when appraising the level of my players. Their opinion fluctuates wildly from one day to the next. Especially the player Armando Broja in my squad who they initally deemed a good League One player, then downgraded to League Two. I loaned him out to a League Two club where he's scored a bagful of goals and now they deem him a Good Conference striker. Also, my goalkeeper has a CA of 114 (had to check in the editor) but has been downgraded from decent Championship goalkeeper to Good League Two goalkeeper without having his attributes changed in any way. I've uploaded my savegame "Dulwich Hamlet.fm".
  13. Please attach a pkm of this type of incident and advise the time when it happens.
  14. Hampton and Richmond Borough October 2026 Well I wasn't expecting a collaspe this season, that would have required a decent start. The performances we have put in have been so much better than the results we have had. I think I need to see how this month goes and if we find ourselves in danger a change of tactic might be needed. Lots of home games this month. We really need to capitilise. Just want a win to get us out of this tailspin. I'm not expecting it against Newport though. Our first draw as a Football League team and honestly it was a very good point. We were battered. Not going to lie. We were hammered. I was miffed when they took the lead at the death but I accepted it. So to equalise for the 3rd time in the game and steal a point, it could be a season turning point. I hope so anyway. Its been the opposite of this season, we picked up a point when we didn't deserve it and have lost so many when deserved it. Cambridge in the Leasing.com Trophy next. Expect changes galour. I mean yes I'm not overly fussed by the competition but its just another p*** poor showing by the strikers and I'm really getting sick of it. We had double the attempts they did and it took a stunning strike from our CB to get a goal. Regardless of what happens this season I'm clearing the lot out next season. Not a single one is going to stay unless they start pulling their fingers out. If we had a half decent striker who could actually convert the chances we are creating game in game out we would be mid-table pushing for playoffs and that isn't an exaggeration. And this is why I don't care about this competition. The fans don't so why should I? We can still go through but I don't fancy our chances against Crystal Palace U23s! Back to the league now, the important games! Its home to 9th. Probably shouldn't expect too much from the game. Apparently the Cheltenham manager doesn't like me because of what happened last time we met. I can't even remember it...never played Cheltenham before but he has been manager of Stockport. Great performance and thankfully a win to go with it! We have picked up 4 points from 6, lets carry on building and give ourselves a bit of breathing room! Carlise next who are 23rd, this is our chance to open up a bit of room at the bottom. AAARRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! This is what happens when only one person turns up. Great performance from Davenport, the rest can bore off. Aboslutely shocking. This team will go down and I won't be going with them. 2 more games this month. We need to win one of them to avoid staying out the bottom 2 I think. Give me a break. No chance of a decent cup run this season. Might get a decent turnout at least. Fitness and now suspensions are really taking their toll at the moment. We could do with only playing once a week to be honest. We weren't as bad as the scoreline suggests but we deffo got what we deserve. We need a change of tactic. Its now or never. The problem with changing tactic is we have nobody decent as a RM/LM/RB/LB so it would mean we have to be narrow regardless. Really hating life. I've seen nothing to suggest we are going to stay up. They take one or two of the few chances they create while we are constantly creating chances but the strikers are fluffing their lines. I am honestly hating playing this at the moment, absolutely hating it. Rock Bottom and that's where we will stay. I say no signs that things will improve and we will be cut adift. Leyton Orient also crap. The job is avaliable there. I am the favourite. I've not applied for it but if they want me it will be a decision I have to make. If Hampton and Richmond go down I will not be staying. I am not going through that horrible damn league with this team again. Welling and Kingstonian are nicely in the playoffs. Fingers crossed they can maintain. All but one London side in the Top 8 at the moment. 3 of them will be looking at automatic. Things are looking good. Wealdstone are looking down rather than up but have a little gap. Still nightmare feul in League One. Both still have plenty of time to turn it around. West Ham pushing for automatic promotion while Millwall and Brentford looking ok at the moment. No worries for the other two teams. Fulham are 6 points off the drop. I'd kill to be in that position! Spurs are rock bottom. Palace have been dragged into a battle. Nothing like last season. Thank God for Chelsea and Arsenal. I think this challenge is becoming even more impossible than before. My rise up the leagues has been much harder than I ever imagined and the teams near the top just aren't staying at the top. When do I give up?
  15. Anyone have experience with Kristoffer Ajer (Celtic)? He is also cheap solution and can play DC, DM even MC.
  16. 95th minute of the attached PKM. Forest gets a counter attack after a corner, look at the leftmost defender of Dulwich Hamlet. For no reason at all he decides to sprint to the right to mark a player who is in a much less dangerous position than the ball carrier who he was previously marking. Ball carrier gets a free run at goal because of this. Mental mistakes do happen but this looks way too unrealistic to be a normal mistake. Nottm Forest v Dulwich Hamlet.pkm
  17. Great. Thank you very much!!! And I will check facebooK;
  18. I don't know if newgen second nationalities count as a data issue or not, but if not I hope the researchers can bring this issue up to the right people: I think the amount of domestically born newgens with African second nationality should be increased significantly. Look at the picture of the French youth team in game that I attached that is full of real players, only 4 players don't have some sort of African heritage. Keep in mind that there are a massive amount of French players in the database that have a second nationality but are not accounted for, which may have affected your decision for the mediocre African second nationality percentages. So even though you may think the percentage is sufficient enough, in reality it is far from a realistic value. The domestic born newgen second nationality values be like Canada where the majority (around 2/3 or more) of players have a second nationality, with a large portion of those second nationalities coming from African nations or territories such as Reunion, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, etc. I hope this can be fixed soon. Thanks 👍
  19. 2nd post of the thread as always (under a spoiler tag).
  20. August 2030 An excellent start if we want to be relegated. Absolutely horrible. At least that Orient victory gave the fans at our new stadium something to cheer about.
  21. Click on the globe, country, transfers and then released. Off the top of my head, that’s the spot
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