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  2. October 2021 A busy busy month - with our participation in this Tunnocks cup thing we have 8 fixtures to play and we are still semi pro! I couldnt do anything against Hartlepool so we start the month with a 0-0 but I think that's ok as we drew last season in the cup and they got relegated so they should be better than us I then got a close win of Solihull - winning 3-2 with a couple of early goals then a late winner Next up we invite our friends from north of the border, Kelty Hearts (no idea either) and our 2nd string won 1-0 - played better than the score line suggests. Back to the league and we easily disposed of Harrogate 2-0 A lower league opponent next in Boston as our FA Cup Quali opponents - again the 2nd string walked through this fixture 3-0 2 losses next - Woking 0-1 and Northampton 1-3 - these were 2 top teams so they were always going to be tough, but the Northampton loss was enough to push us down to 2nd Final fixture of the month was another Friday night rivalry fixture on TV away to Wrexham it was particularly nice to beat them after going behind twice - 3-2 in the end As you will see below we drew Rochdale so that will probably be the end of our FA cup adventure this year and I would expect ICT to be a tough game too It's a pretty tough fixture list again in November so hopefully we can keep the pressure up at the top
  3. Are you using a G Sync monitor too? If so if you right click the desktop and go to Nvidia control panel, then manage 3d settings on the left hand side. Then click program settings and find FM (you may need to add it manually if it's not in the list). Then change the 'Monitor Technology' setting to Fixed Refresh. That solved my issue. Hope this helps you!
  4. The problem Continues.... Public Beta Branch FM 2020 v20.2.1.1325293 (2019.12.06 17.40.50).dmp
  5. For me in the prem only teams that play 2 strikers manage to get strikers to score. Goals as a whole are very limited, no teams above 2 goals per game. Wingers seem to be top scorers for teams that play 1 striker
  6. New save (sacked again), and here is my latest result, in my third game: West Ham beat us 1-0. Felipe Anderson picked up the ball in his own half, dribbled past four of my players, and then scored with his weaker foot. Meanwhile, Lacazette missed three one-on-one opportunities in the box, and missed a fourth good chance. Even if you can get around this issue, as above, by creating overloads and scoring other kinds of goals, I can't help but think this game is completely broken in terms of one-on-one chances. Yes, in reality there will be some occasions where your star striker misses a golden opportunity. But not multiple times in every single game. It makes no sense. I really hope this gets fixed.
  7. May 2027. I'm not angry, lads. I'm just disappointed. Mejri blew 3 clear chances in the first half. Our best player had his worst match of the season. If only he'd put one of them away... If only Donnarumma hadn't come up huge in the 89th minute of the 1st leg... If only... So close, yet so far. Not that I'm too disappointed. This was a monster year for us. But there's no resting on our laurels. We need reinforcements. You know the old adage -- if you can't beat Ze Germans, buy one. Meet Germán Zárate, who will be trained as a libero: Yes, Karen, I know he's Argentinian. It was a joke.
  8. Incorrect competition name still shown when end of season awards are dished out.
  9. Ok so after deleting cache, preferences and verifying files then starting a new game the menu lag seems to have gone. I do have third party images installed still so they don't seem to be the problem. However I usually have licence fix installed as well which obviously isn't at the minute so I wonder if that could be what's causing the menu lag issue?
  10. Can this thread be deleted. Created by accident. It is a duplicate.
  11. As stated in the title there is a n error displaying the round of a competition you can pay a transfer bonus on.
  12. I don't want to jump on the bandwagon here but posts that contain facts, respect, analysis and examples will get a different kind of response and respect here. At the point it gets personal to fellow posters or to SI may mean anything good you have to say will get lost. All I can suggest is to back up your issues with some analysis and fact, log them with examples and improvement becomes an possibility. Anything different becomes noise
  13. October Ignoring the Peterborough game where we got thumped (first choice fullbacks and CB suspended/injured) I'm happy with the results this month against some tough opposition 12 point target hit! Ryan Hardie really stepped it up. League table looks like this... Need to be more consistent and get a run of wins together but I would have snapped your arm off for a playoff place this season. Think top two will run away with those promotion places though. On to November where we will decide on which contracts to renew. Only 4 games, 1st round of the FA Cup, Leasing.com trophy and two league games! These long range goals I seem to be conceding are from a set piece that gets headed down by the opposition player to a player on the edge of the box hitting it first time! Any idea how to prevent it?
  14. But perhaps I think you need to think about what I said, I appreciate its not a full answer but an opinion of someone who has been with every version since the Amiga - that makes me old but not necessarily wise . Look at the FM odds for matches, does this reveal some insight of how teams may set-up? The AI is never as good as a human player, no game I know of is I can't back up my theory and I respect you have done some analysis which is better than many people here who post from their heart rather than head. Do continue your analysis with the fact you post, example it and log it if its a potential bug then the ME will hopefully improve if you log it. Real life football is frustrating as a fan and I expect FM is no different but how it reflects real life is clearly a major challenge. The only way this would work is with a football world managed by human FM managers and even then ME and AI weakness and exploits would be found. Ultimately its a game and as a game it attempts to reveal progress that irl would unlikely happen. If FM Pompey matched real life Pompey as I manage them then I would be in the hot seat no doubt and I'm sure FM bends to making the game more enjoyable than factual. If it matched real life would the game be as enjoyable, that's a hard one The ME will evolve and good posts with facts like you are starting will help I'm sure. The football world evolves with tactics and player types and that's pretty difficult to match in an ME and to retain a balance that is similar to real life. I've seen Pompey irl win matches they shouldn't but like FM I wont notice that as much as if the tables were turned.
  15. September 2028 Just the one win and we're best of the 2nd group of teams.
  16. Third golden generation in four youth intakes. I am having a lot of luck.
  17. I've made some changes but without results the striker still doesn't play but I'm not satisfied of offensive play at all, too less shots on target, could you help me please?
  18. In the 3 matches I mention I had... 84 shots 32 on target 6 woodwork 13 clear cuts 20 half chances 2 goals......seriously, surely that can't be right
  19. April 2027. Gutted. That's the only word to describe it. One goal called back for offsides, in first half injury time. And then, denied by Donnarumma in the 89th minute, with Ze Germans grabbing their 2nd off of a counterattack from the ensuing corner. We've got a job to do in Athens.
  20. Not sure if this is the correct area. I'm currently at the end of my first season, and I haven't had a Youth Intake yet, despite the screen saying it should be in March sometime? I am improving my youth facilities, would this make a change?
  21. by that line of thought, unless you make football simulaters yourself, you might want to delete your 5,721 posts, since you aren't qualified to comment
  22. Worryingly we've lost 4 players by the 1st of September...which means this is now the entire squad. EDIT: And now we've lost Lee Ruddick taking us down to 15 players. And to further show the difficulty of what we're up against, here is out best player James Fletcher.
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