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  2. I understand that Scouting Packages are charged on a monthly basis, at the beginning of each month. Does this mean that the charge is applicable to the calendar month only, or do I get a full 4 weeks for my money? i.e. if I take out a Package mid month, say 15th January, does it only last until the end of January, or until 15th February?
  3. SEASON 1 2018 / 19 Objective This is a long term youth challenge with my home town club Newark Flowserve. The youth challenge basically means i can't go ahead and sign any players all players have to either be with the club now or come through the youth set up...wish me luck...The tier 10 to the Champions League is LIVE! The Highway Men FOUNDED IN 1901 as J Simpson and Co. Football Club, the history begins by its participation in the Newark Ironmongers’ League. Whilst no records survive from those early days, it is known that in 1935 the club, now known as Worthington Simpson Football Club, entered the Nottingham Spartan League. After back-to-back championships Simmo’s (as the Football Club is known around the town) joined the Notts Alliance League in 1949, going on to win the league title in the 1952/53 and 1965/66 seasons. The Notts Alliance Senior Cup brought a good deal of success to the club, first in the 1969/70 season; with the trophy returning to Lowfields no less than 4 more times across seasons 1971/72, 1980/81, 1988/89 and 1998/99. Following changes in ownership to the factory in the late 90s, from Worhtington Simpson, to IDP and finally to Flowserve, and a mere 103 years of football, Simmo’s qualified to play on the first rung of the FA’s national pyramid by joining the Central Midlands League Premier Division. Following a short break the team reformed for the 2013/14 season, finishing a credible 3rd in the Nottinghams Senior League (NSL) League Two, thereby securing promotion to the NSL League One. Another successful campaign followed in 2014/15 saw the team finish runners-up, gaining promotion to the NSL Premier League and taking the team back to Step 7 football. In 2018, the club won 31 of its 34 league matches to secure the league championship, and with it promotion to Step 6. In May 2018 their promotion to the East Midlands Counties League was ratified by the Football Association League Committee The Squad Season 1 2018/19 An interesting first season is upon us, we have great potential but few superstars throughout the squad. We could officially be called the one star team. We look a class act at the back but going forward could be problematic. Season 1 Preview According to FM19 Newark are in for a stellar season and the chance to be promoted to step 5 of the English Football League. Arnold we're previously showing as 1-5 favorite until an influx of youth signings (the greyed out player were signed so I had enough players to form a squad). Obviously FM are sitting on the fence with the remaining 19 teams in the league with all of them showing as evens. The Tactic A straight up the center 4-1-4-1 with fast counter attacking direct football should suit the East Midlands Counties League. Thomas & Shannon-Lewis posses pace and decent finishing for is leave. Danny Meadows is a huge signing, the local lad is back after several seasons at Grantham Town will be bring an element of class to the midfield alongside former local rival Newark Town center midfielder Jack Beckett. The DM role is one that will need some work with no stand out player for the position I may need to look to change the system to suit the players we have. Wing backs may just be the strongest position on the field both James Cullingworth & Tom Potts are 5 star rated and with Rhys Lewis (not shown) a 5 star CB on sabbatical until 5/1/2019 the back 4 is looking on great order. Chris Calvert is one to look out for the 4 star potential CB is only 16 and has just come through the Football Manager youth ranks and could be here for a long time. Many years to go, so many regens to see and so many superstars to witness....let the games begin
  4. No, and to be sure I tried starting a game with only this file loaded - the results were the same. Playing with 19.3 of course.
  5. I am afraid but it didn't help in the least. I played the match thrice and guess what?! Three matches Three Red Cards Four Penalties. Thats What I am Talking About Man !!
  6. 16 yr old Rangers newgen... this boy is destined to leave me...
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  8. Forwards Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Phil Coutinho, Joao Felix, Dembele (looking to sell as is useless) Midfielders Arthur, de Jong, Coutinho, Busquets, Rakitic, Felix, Vidal Defenders Pique, Umtiti, Lenglet, de Ligt, Ruben Dias, Alba, Roberto, Cancelo The last FM save I really enjoyed, and has great success in was FM17 with Bilbao - a very fluid symmetric system. I skipped 18, now I can't get any symetcrical sort of system working at all.
  9. Pretty normal if you do well in both the domestic and international cup, I had 9 in September last season but I got knocked out of the Brazilian Cup in the quarters so I imagine the 2 extra games of the semis would have given me 11, instead I got a full week off between the 22nd to the 30th. I have had 11 once before. I used 27 players across all competitions that season, which includes a few youngsters who only got a few state championship games, winning the league, the Brazilian Cup and losing the Libertadores in the quarters.
  10. What game version are you using? Please also attach a dxdiag report- instructions in the FAQ thread
  11. Depends if the striker "places his shots", or "blasts them in the back of the net" . If he places his shots and he is right footed, I position him in the left forward slot. If he's left footed, I position him on the right. That way his shots towards the far post curl inwards. If he blasts the ball and he's right footed, I place him on the right and vice versa.
  12. An auspicious start Our very first game against SPAL saw us win 0-2 in a comfortable encounter: SPAL had only one player capable of posing a threat to us, Petagna: He is quite a good Target man, 190cm, very good strength, Balance, Teamwork, Jumping reach and Heading along with some very good PPMs. He has two glaring weaknesses that let him down: his one footedness and his lack of composure. Because of this I had Koulibaly, who happens to be even more of a physical beast, target him throughout the entire match by showing him onto his weak foot and marking him tightly. Thanks to this we managed to neutralise him. Despite receiving the ball 25 times he only managed to make 9 passes (all of them inconsequential) and shoot once from outside the box. Because SPAL played a deep formation and relied on their targetman to get things done they lost all capacity to pose a threat to us: Like with dortmund I had my players show the wing backs into their respective inside foot to try and lower the number of crosses, during this match this worked especially well with SPAL attempting no more than 4 crosses and only ever connecting one of them: Now onto our formation for the match: Because I was facing a deep defensive formation I decided to try and focus my attacks on our best attacker, Insigne. I gave him an IFa role and built a combo of roles meant to support him, a F9 to create space for him to arrive into, a WBa to cross the ball into that space, a MEZa to stretch the defence and help create even more space and a DLPs to pass the ball around and orchestrate the attacking unit. It failed. Our goals came from an early corner and a long shot from Hamsik during the second half of the match, Insigne only ever shot once, So once again I am proud and happy when it comes to the defensive part of the tactic but have failed to attack as I intended to. Was it the "Focus play down the right" instruction? I chose it because I saw Insigne as the man to arrive into the space and thus not the one who should get the ball into said space, did I "starve" him with that decision? We will see next time we face a parked bus. With a few tweaks I hope this becomes my anti-parked bus tactic. Next up is Atalanta, I am already scouting them to see their key players and playing style and I am confident I can earn another three points in the Serie A.
  13. Dont put any pressure on them pre-match and let them go into the game and enjoy it. Play counter and hope to grab a goal on the breakaway.
  14. Stuttgart have also drawn Real Madrid in the first knockout round of Champion's League.... tough draw.
  15. Stuttgart Grab Second Trophy of Season Cairo, Egypt - As the reigning European Champions, Vfb Stuttgart have been invited to participate in the Club World Cup. In the semifinal, Stuttgart wound up facing Tigres(Mexico). The match was a pretty one-sided affair, ending 3-1 in favor of the European Champions. Stuttgart would then learn that their opponent for the Club World Cup final would be River Plate. The European Champions came into the match riding a wave of momentum from not only the league season but also having won their Champion's League group(consisting of Everton, Rapid Wien, and Dynamo Kiev - winning 5 and drawing 1).
  16. So now that the game still hasn't been fixed a month after your post (at which point it had already been buggered for awhile), are we still an entitled mess? I just submitted a refund request through Steam outlining SI's inability/unwillingness to fix the game, and I would recommend others do so as well.
  17. Hello guys. I come here with great pressure on my head. I am currently managing harrogate town in Vanarama National League. We have been drawn in a FA Cup (or trophy) 3 round match against AFC Bournemouth who are currently in Sky Bet League One. Now, obviously we are huge underdogs but I wanted some suggestions so that we can hope for the best results and keep our supporters happy. The reason I am posting this thread is that I have noticed whenever we have to play a match against such a big team, the players play their worse game like clearing the ball to an opponent, doing own goals, getting red cards, and giving penalty and thus making the match impossible to win. I certainly don't hope to win but I also dont want to accept my defeat if players play in such a manner. Quick replies are always appreciated.
  18. Not a bad season in the end. Was predicted 14th and it would of been better but my main keeper got injured in march and I started shipping goals My advance forward got 19 goals in 30 games, 9 assists too, which aint bad considering he's inconsistent and plays with his back to goal.. My Pressing forward got in on the act with 19 goals and 6 assists as well very much enjoying the tactic
  19. From what I remember, Sweden's league reset date is before the end of the Champions League group stage. That means I'll probably do my summary tomorrow before I've played the final two group games. That might look a little bit weird, but I'll do my best to remember to edit it to add in the results later on. We're already busy in the transfer market, which is a little distracting while group games are still taking place, but I'll live with it. I've also been linked to a couple of Bundesliga jobs...which is nice. I'm not going anywhere, but still.
  20. Knap nice tactic just i m thinking for the player i ve got i ll have a small problem. I mean if Gabriel jesus or aguero get injured i ll have a big problem.Have you got a back up tactic like 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3? Thanks.
  21. Hey Everyone, So i got a pretty decent tactic going with Barcelona that I'm happy with offensively, an we've been successful winning the league two years in a row, winning the copa del rey last year, and making it to the CL Final. I like how it operates going forward, but I'm having some problems with it defensively. Was hoping I could get some opinions on what might be going wrong. What I see normally happen is throughballs from deep past or over my defense. Also, opposing players have tons of space in the wide areas between my fullbacks and wingers and the fullbacks dont close down, the wingers dont, and the two holding midfielders dont. Have a few PI's like close down more on my 4 attacking players and the BBM, but otherwise none. If there's any tweaks you guys might think helpful please let me know!
  22. On the bright side, you can offer to buy players from other countries. Considering you wouldn't be rivals, they wouldn't inflate their prices. You could try to buy Chiesa next season from Liverpool. You may get him for a lot less than what you were offering.
  23. Our next match is massively important, as we play third placed Wiesbaden at home. Win that, and I can't see them catching us in what remains of the season. Lose, and it's very much up in the air as to whether we'll finish top two, which is what we need to do if I'm to be able to move on in the summer. Third is shown as a promotion place in the table, but that's only because we can't be promoted.
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