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  2. As stated in the title there is a n error displaying the round of a competition you can pay a transfer bonus on.
  3. Think it's a bug that's carried over from the Beta tbh, I'm on his favoured personnel and the 'Unh' will disappear for a bit when he's out on loan. Comes back as soon as he returns though! :') Hope it resolves itself, but not the end of the world considering I'll have Sancho, James and Bailey by the time he returns!
  4. I'll put them on the List and PM You the Link to view the Results once Done.
  5. Anyone? Has this feature been removed ? I like to be immersed in the footballworld around me, especially if managing in lower leagues, so having all suscribed news items appear in the inbox was nice.
  6. You also normally get 10 payments if you loan them for a year as they return to you and then go away on holiday at the end of the season so the earnings on that loan are £3 million
  7. I'd like to try this but I can't see the screenshot for the instructions
  8. Hi, I signed a great regen LB to be my up and coming second choice, only to realise on registration day that he has a young players work permit so isn't eligible for first team games. Is there any way I can change this? How long until he can play first team games?
  9. This must be a different version from the one we downloaded then, cause I had to manually changed it to 17 May 2020 using the Pre-Game Editor. I had to fix a whole bunch of fixtures before starting another game to get the right dates. The original last modified date of the english fixtures file I downloaded is 25/11/19 at 2:17AM, if that helps. If need be I can pm you and send you a wetransfer link containing the original rar file I downloaded. (:
  10. Just an FYI that this has happened to me for the past two seasons. The players get less than a days holiday in the summer 😂
  11. I did 50 on the day of the youth intake to see what personality traits a perfectionist would give regens and fairly loyal was the most common followed by fairly professional. Will sign Bernhard Peters for the next to see how a model professional fares
  12. I have been informed by someone who knows a lot more about it than me, that hope can drive you insane, my brothers eagerness to return to his seat having purchased a "Stor Stark" of Jamtlands Bryggeri Hell (a choice based completely on the name alone). I settled for a Skal cider and shuffled back after him trying to not dribble too extensively from my plastic cup. Martin seemed to visibly relax once he was back in his seat, as though football fate would have looked down upon him and judged him to be wanting if he had not shown the due diligence of being back in his appointed position before kick off. His relaxation was however entirely relative, he was still rocking back and forth and dithering his leg up and down with enough force, to earn himself perplexed looks from the people who could feel the vibrations he caused, through the connection of their seats. The second half commenced with both teams adopting a slower tempo, they seemed to realize that the pace at which they had tried to bludgeon each other into submission in the 1st period, was not sustainable for the full 90 minutes. 10 minutes, 15 passed with no real cut or thrust from either side, the majority of the crowd became more interested in the conversations and singing going on around them. There was however, no point in me trying to pick up even the small talk of before with Martin, with each passing moment he focused more and more upon the game before him, to the exclusion of everything else. If before he had been restless energy, now he was leaning forward, elbows on his knees, chin in his hands, channeling all that energy through his eyes onto the pitch as though he could influence the game by sheer force of will. Interesting, in my broader psychology reading, many people have had many interesting and borderline crazy things to say about force of will. In one such textbook is the following exercise, designed to highlight the arrogance of the human condition, and question how much we truly know about the world around us: Pick a denomination of coin, any will do, it doesn't have to be go big or go home, size, despite what women tell you isn't the end of the world. Say you pick a £1 coin, spend a fixed period of time searching for them wherever you are, be that on the pavement or in the desk draw at work, your partners wallet, wherever. Do you find more or less £1 coins? Is it pure luck? or because you are looking for them you are bound to find more? Next take the same fixed period of time, search for £1 coins, but truly commit to the belief that you will only them because you have willed them into being through the power of your mind. To be clear, these objects did not exist and your mind has pulled them out of the stream of creation and forged them into what you want them to be. Continue the exercise alternating between focusing on luck and will power as your source of £1 coins, you can keep a tally of your findings and see which belief yields more coins than the other. However the real point of the exercise is to ask yourself to conclusively prove which method is possible and which is not. Can you say without a shadow of a doubt that the coin you found in the desk drawer that wasn't there yesterday you didn't simply will into being? I cannot prove conclusively whether Martin's intense focus lead to Kalmar FFs goal against the run of play in the 62nd minute. It was a simple goal really, a poor clearance from AIK led to a press around their box and resulted in a Kalmar corner. A well delivered cross was met at high speed by the slab like forehead of Ragnar Gustafsson, who when he wasn't cleaving people in half with his battle axe on a frozen beach somewhere, played centre back for Kalmar. The away fans went wild, they were one step closer to the promised land of top division security. Martin on the other hand simply turned to me with a tight smile and a slight nod, ticking the goal off in his mind and muttering "Just three more now" under his breath. The game opened up again, the AIK fans howling and demanding retribution, while the Kalmar fans whooped and chanted with delight at being ahead. Martin was much more neutral, he willed both teams on, as at this point he was at his most relaxed, he needed both teams to score so whoever got the next goal was irrelevant, as long as they got it soon. Perhaps there is something to this mental focus lark! As a swift Kalmar break led to them scoring again 10 short minutes after they had netted the 1st time. Once more Gustafsson the marauder played a role, smashing into a tackle and winning the ball from AIK's Turkish top scorer Turgay Kucukandonyadis, leaving the striker apparently dead on the edge of the Kalmar box. His raking forward pass left much to be desired in terms of accuracy, but with the open nature of the game he had a full 3rd of the pitch to aim for and Kalmar's right winger Karl Wicksel scampered onto it. One touch and another searching through ball played in speedy Kalmar striker Axel "The Energizer" Alfredsson, who slotted between the legs of the stricken AIK keeper and doubled the visitors lead. "Don't you dare score another now!" Martin whispered, he could have yelled it for all I know as the roar of the Kalmar faithful was deafening. They didn't, seemingly happy with their 2 goal cushion the visitors shut up shop, using the Energizer as a frustrating out ball to relieve the pressure of wave after wave of AIK attacks. Now the nervousness was back, Martin once more rocking from side to side, swearing at the ref every time a spirited Kalmar challenge went unpunished, or when they blatantly pushed the boundaries of what was seen as acceptable time wasting. His neutral demenour was most definitely gone, Kalmar had served their purpose, but his interest in them was gone now, his silent message was clear, he needed them to capitulate not once, but twice. The Kalmar fans message was also quite clear, at least their sentiment and emotion, I have no understanding of the Swedish language so can only assume that the repeated chant they peeled off with increasing glee was something along the lines of "WERE GOING TO SEE YOU TWICE NEXT YEAR..... YES WEEEEEEEEEEERE GOING TO SEEEEEEE YOU TWICE NEXT YEAR!" 10 minutes to go and if I had felt the creeping urge to look in my coat inside pocket to see how much money Martin had placed and how much he stood to win, that urge dramatically intensified when some fantastic trickery from who else but Kucukandonyadis saw Gustafsson turn instantly from hero to villain as he scythed the front man down in the box and conceded a penalty. There were the usual histrionics from the Kalmar supporters but as the huge rectangular screens replayed the AIK striker getting harvested like so much wheat, the appeals petered out to the murmuring of the blind and biased. The howling started up again the moment the ball was placed on the spot, but to no avail, cool as the proverbial cucumber, a phrase which does not take into consideration cucumber encountered in sandwiches in most petrol stations across the European continent, Kucukandonyadis slotted home into the bottom right corner. Martin was out of his seat without him really understanding how he had got there, my hand was in my jacket pocket and his phone was in my hand in much the same way, my eyes boggled, £1,000! I know use Mcneil's were loaded but such a sum on a game against two teams he knew nothing about was surely excessive even for an excessively excessive family like ours. The only thing on show 12 minutes later, 2 minutes into 5 of time added on was an excessive show of emotion. Those two were at it again, Kucukandonyadis using his pace latch onto a hopeful ball behind the Kalmar right back, with a deft flick he knocked it beyond the defenders attempted recovery tackle and drove straight into the box. He charged straight into Gustafsson's path, the Swedish defenders face (gloriously picked out on the big screen) looked as though he wanted to snap the puny Turkish man's legs before feasting on a couple of his children,, but probably due to what happened the last time he attempted that he hesitated for a split second. Betrayed by his body the Kalmar centre back was helpless to prevent The Turk's sharp step over and swivel to create himself enough space to attempt a right footed curling effort at goal. The Kalmar keeper dove valiantly trying to tip it onto, over or away from the crossbar but blocked as he was by the not inconsiderable size of his team mate, he saw the attempt late and could not stop it from cannoning off the underside of the bar and restoring parity between the two sides. I would like to say I retained my composure, but that would be a lie, me and Martin embraced, laughing and hollering like idiots in a very un Mcneil display of affection. The next few hours were a blur of bars and drinks which saw me deposited back at my hotel room in the early hours of the following morning. I staggered rather merrily into my room to find a parcel, that most definitely had not been there when I left, sitting rather innocently on the desk at the foot of the bed. My brain intended to enquire as to it's contents straight away, my legs said "**** that ****" and I promptly fell face first, fully clothed, for the second time in so many days and passed out on the bed.
  13. You don’t have regen managers at about half of the clubs? Or you don’t care about realism at all?
  14. Bhutanese football pyramid with: - Bank of Bhutan Premier League - Bhutan Super League Dzongkhagh leagues (4 districts leagues, third level) Rules, promotion and relegation updated 1/11/2019 Thanks to Luca Gallina (Bhutan Head Researcher for Football Manager). FUSION DB - Bhutan v 1.fmf
  15. I suspect they are waiting until 10th for Nintendo launch, It has been with Salah.
  16. A very, very rough rule for the monthly loan fee is value/50, so if he's worth substantially more than £15m the board may justifiably feel you could've got a better fee. If not, it's probably a bug.
  17. just screenshot it and attach file before posting
  18. "Mr RTHerringbone, a Mr Leonardo from Paris is on the line, should I put him through?"
  19. No squad updates. So u better tick the option to "add players to managable teams". Regional amateur league teams will appear in early stages of Turkish cup as in real life. 4th, 5th and 6th levels are same as real-life structures with a small difference, which it is the regional division relegation play-off drawing rule. In real life every relegation teams must draw together with it's local cities teams. It is quite impossible with the editor. So with this patch you have %70 chance of drawing with same cities team while you have %30 to draw with neighbouring teams. 7th level is created as much as possible to real-life since i didn't add any teams to the database.
  20. 2027/28 Annecy FC season review - French National 2-D division The League We successfully avoided promotion with a safe mid table position. The chairman wanted me to develop the youth players and doesn't seem to care about our league form at all. I obliged. This season was a transition season of getting rid of a lot of original players and easing in our own youth players. The Players Mehdi Kadi was the player of the season and top scorer for a 7th time. Alaa Saibi YP24c won youth player of the season and made a very successful step up to the first team with 10 goals and 11 assists. Julien Aubert YP28c came through our youth academy in March and got a bit of game time towards the end of the season. Transfers
  21. It's now 09/06/21 in my Chelsea save and I am still unable to sign any players because of the transfer embargo. When I try and make a bid it pops up with 'Chelsea cannot sign this player until the transfer embargo is lifted'. On the information page it says Chelsea have a transfer ban until 02/02/20 but obviously this date has come and gone. Just wondering if I can fix this somehow so my save isn't ruined. We haven't had any further issues with FFP or anything like that.
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