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  2. If their division/league structure allows promotions for B teams, which it does for Spain, they can get promoted, but they can't enter the division their parent team is in. If it's an inactive league, it relies on team reputation (for the B team), player ability and player reputation, I believe.
  3. If you skip past press conference media questions in the inbox it will affect your media handling score.
  4. For £899, you could get this one: https://www.box.co.uk/FX504GM-EN150T-ASUS-FX504GM-EN150T_2344467.html Same high quality processor as the Curry's laptop (which is better than the PC World one, has a better processor, which is important for FM), but has more SSD high speed disk space, and a better graphics card. It'll run FM19 like a dream with more than 5 nations quickly if you wanted to increase the number of leagues/nations you use, including in 3D, and will play most new AAA games at medium/high graphics too.
  5. EDT Files will work. Just bear in mind the FMT database is not the same size as FM’s. So managing San Marino for example is out of the question.
  6. RKC Waalwijk 19th February 2030 UEFA Champions League First Knockout Round, Leg 1 BayArena, Leverkusen Bayer 04 Leverkusen 2 - 2 RKC Waalwijk 89th and 93rd min goals against. FFS.
  7. Well, intuition gets u more far than u think, i started playing at FM16, that one was a utter disaster of me making city dead last every single try (both manchester and worcester) game was just too overwhelming when my only knowledge of football managing was pes/fifa Practice makes perfect even if someone tell u to do x, u will derail of that after u find something u feel works better, personally, i leave general training to my assistant since i don't like changing those every week depending on competitions But its the same as how people learn the hard way to not pay 350k a week to a 34 year old +
  8. 我觉得应该统一排列,不要按照字母顺序(无论任何语言的),按照字母排列很不科学,应该像实况、fifa那样相关的数值排在一起。 比如身体列,偏“刺客系”的速度、爆发、灵活应该排在一起,平衡、体质居中,偏“战士系”的强壮、弹跳、耐力排一起。 技术列,所有“死球”(非运动战)排一起,“活球”进攻系的排一起,防守系的排一起。
  9. I’ve just started FM19 having not played a version properly since FM14. Obviously there has been a fair bit of overhaul in tactics, training schedules, squad cohesion etc. since then. As with the calculation of DDM plus relevant coaching stats to achieve 5 star coaching ratings, I feel as if a large part of the game is now requiring me to undertake research on “how to do it right” rather than rely on intuition and trying to work it out. I want to try and work out what training schedules to put together, and how to mentor players effectively etc. without needing to look it up, but I feel that, as with needing to research the importance of hidden stats like professionalism and ambition and how you can identify them by player personalities/media handling styles/other cues, some of these things are simply too long-winded to learn. They need to be researched on forums and guides to know the way to approach them rather than approaching it blindly yourself and hoping to rely on common sense and learned knowledge. Does anyone feel the same/understand where I’m coming from? I have tried to look up as little as possible so far and maybe I’m just overthinking the whole thing but I like there to be a certain sense of unknown that you can try to make sense of as you go along. I’m wondering if now it’s simply a case of researching “the best” training schedules and the tactics that are proven to work, rather than attempting to make sense of all these things yourself. There seems to be too complex a web of “rules” that one wouldn’t naturally come to the conclusion of, which reduces learning and discovering by intuition and experience. Maybe I’m simply overwhelmed and failing to try and adapt! But rather than borrowing “solutions” off the internet, having the tools to know a bit but needing creativity and logic to improve shiuld all be part of the fun right? Otherwise someone is simply telling you where to put the pieces in the jigsaw puzzle.
  10. Today
  11. So ... still no fix. Well done, SI. Hope you enjoyed your long weekend while screwing over your user base.
  12. While reloading for a team with decent facilities for an academy challenge i found a team and i didn't know teams at Tercera division or lower had B teams, after researching, this team's B team is at preferente league which is the equivalent to england 5th tier, do teams that low in the structure of the leagues get promotions/relegations while inactive? I would like to have that B Team working at segunda B level once i have 3 or 4 seasons in La Liga so i can have some way of giving my players play time at a decent level while being available in case of injure crisis or for non important league matches
  13. Now I’m actually on the game I can quote the promise and the progress.. promise - waiting on youth players to develop. Progress - has promised to wait on the younger talent at the club to develop.
  14. Yesterday
  15. London Colney Training Grounds, Thursday 25 November 2038, 14h00 Jon (Stead) entered Penny’s office. She had been a tough cookie but she finally agreed for a meeting about next month’s training. It usually would have been next week but he was rather… insistent. As soon as he entered, he said: «Let’s go walk a bit; you haven’t got up that chair all day…» She looked at him with a mean eye but welcoming the suggestion nonetheless. She got up and she went to take her coat on the hook behind the door. Both went out and, following the usual path she was using when she needed fresh air, both went to the number ten pitch. Jon saw that her boss really was getting dragged down by all the bad energy surrounding the week. He knew that it was mainly created by herself and her loathing of the media frenzy, but it didn’t matter. If there was something that could be done, he needed to do it. This was precisely what he was doing. As the pair was walking, talking about next month’s training in very general term, they came close to the gym windows. Inside, he saw what he wanted to see: «I need to take a leak…» and he turned toward the door to go to the bathroom. She followed him through the door and when they arrived in the gym, she saw a group of girls wearing Arsenal shirts; the women’s team! They were touring the installations with Sue Chambers, the Facilities Manager. The players recognized Penny instantly! Gasps, shrieks, inaudible mumbling of awe… «Oh, here’s Penny Stiles, our manager with Jon Stead, her Assistant Manager! Talk about a surprise!» Jon smiled internally; he led her boss into an ambush, with the help of her ex-teammate… He saw all the girls getting their cell phones out to take pictures. Penny was smiling to the players. Sue added: «And yes, I played with her you know! She was younger than most of you though… but she was as tough then than as she is now!» The players laughed and Sue winked at Penny. For thirty minutes, Penny chatted with the players from the Arsenal WFC. She also took a bunch of pictures with them, signed autographs while talking about nothing in particular and especially, not about the next game... Sam knew he was skating on an ice that was paper thin but he thought that to see girls, like Penny, who doesn’t question themselves with the fact that they just love playing football, would help her. The “impromptu” meet became very confused when Leon (Smith), Reuben (Edge), Diego (Pearce) and Domingo (Ruiz) arrived in the gym. The four players’ arrival made the women’s team even more vocal! Sam had orchestrated that too. He knew that those four players, all superstars in the football world, never looked at Penny as a woman, only as their manager… Everything got even better when Diego, a former Villa Academy prospect who played six years for her at Aston Villa, was talking to a few girls to whom he was signing autographs. Probably to answer a question, he said, very loudly so that all could hear: «Never be a player for the boss! She’ll work you to death!» Everybody laughed… including Penny.
  16. Pretty good start, looking like a promotion challenge should be happening
  17. So in short I want my 10 to be the most involved, my orchestrater. Killer ball machine. I want my poacher to be the goal machine.
  18. Yes I get that but I'm currentĺy watching the fill games and consider key passes or shall I say I want key passes to be through balls from the playmaker to the striker. I want my whole final ball/creation through my number 10. Balanced to start with, clean slate on TI's occasionally choosing to focus through the middle I chose clean slate to see how it would function as is. Transition distribute to cb and fb considering playmaker but he is a short player so kicks to him wouldn't be ideal.
  19. What does this promise even mean? I’ve noticed a promise to a player (that I honestly don’t even remember making) and that’s what it says in the box. So what is a “young player” exactly? My team is full of players under the age of 23, the player in question is only 24 himself. Or do I need to be thinking more like under 21 age players? (Apologies for this new topic, I know I’ve seen the answer to this on here before in a previous post years ago but I can’t find it anywhere)
  20. Can't believe you lost the league by one point last season Matela looking immense with those attributes!
  21. (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * is on the lash again. 1st time. I let him off with a warning because it was the 1st time. 2nd time. I let him off with a warning because he had just scored 2 goals against PSG and deserved to celebrate. 3rd time. I fined him a weeks wages. 4th time. He missed a league game against Caen and I fined him 2 weeks wages. 5th time. I fined him 2 weeks wages. 6th time. I fined him 2 weeks wages. You couldn't make this up.
  22. If this Tifo analysis is accurate, I would try with something like this: F9 AF TQ CAR BBM DMde WBat BPDco CDde WBde GK/SK Balanced mentality / play out of defence, higher tempo, work ball into box, pass into space, overlap right / counter, regroup / standard DL, (much) lower LOE, use tighter marking, get stuck in Cannot claim that's exactly it, just guessing it might be similar to what is described in the video. Certain PIs (and perhaps even OIs) would also be needed to further refine the tactic (given how much Jose pays attention to each detail).
  23. Just reading and catching up with posts from the last few days. Good luck to everyone starting new saves, @smplfc123 with whoever you have decided to go with, @Jamesbfc1887 with QPR and @warlock with Forest. Nice to see a fresh face in @torquayfmer, best of luck with Sunderland. Some good work elsewhere from @Dong21 and @Jogo Bonito, keep it up lads.
  24. Yeah, he's pretty damn good. I got him on loan again for my first top flight season.. spoilers but he's doing alright.
  25. I want to rest from journeyman and play save for one club. Its so comfortable and nice to build a squad from 1st day and just improve this... Anyway, I want to play 442 without possession and think to start with club which play in the same style IRL. Atletico is too much powerful for me, but I dont want play in low league/division too (I see it in every journeyman start). So its about team from top5 uefa including interesting club (history, ambitions, anything else) from next after top division. Any ideas please?
  26. Youth Training update Not much to show as I looked from November to March but wanted to look before the U19 squad changes with the new intake. This has been the period of time where training has been focused on our style of football. The technical attributes increased by a total of 3,2 and 2 respectively whilst there was a decent increase in mental attributes but pace improved a total of 4 points, stamina 8 and strength 7. I know the players are growing at this point but I think this is a fantastic bit of development over a really short time span. I will continue my experiments...
  27. Okay, what mentality do you play on and what are your team instructions (including those in transition and out of possession)? Ideally, you could simply post a screenshot of your tactic.
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