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  2. Got plans later in year (probably after Winter Update) to do a journeyman in Italy, like you see many of their managers do! So starting in Serie C/D and working way up to manage the Milan's, Juve etc.
  3. Very much have noticed the change in conceding from corners. Rarely shipped any goals in the original ME - shipped 3 in 4 games with the same setup - tweaked it, still couldn't stop the rot - 6 in 9 games. Nothing special with the setup - 2 CD's marking tall players - next 3 best headers zonally (near post, far post, central) - CM edge of area - fast striker left up - everyone else back.
  4. Aye I'm glad Any questions happy to try and help to here, or on FM Base. As for marking an AMC with the DM, it can and does work but just be weary of the AMC. If he's a good enough dribbler and quick marking him may not be the best.
  5. Can anybody elaborate what savescum is? Baffled!
  6. I play a possession based game, and since the update (around 40 matches now), I've seen that happen about twice at most. Are you sure you're using the most up to date engine? This is what was constantly happening pre-update.
  7. Scott Pollock at Northampton isn't registered as a "Home Grown Player at Club". Even though he has come through the academy. Even with his time at Hashtag as you boys will now.
  8. Looking good for the league title. So the ECII is straight into QF after the group stage?
  9. Still 2D for me. Seems like that's the majority preference here? I mean for me personally I play highlights on very fast so 3D makes little sense.
  10. Hmm that would be interesting. If the opponnent have a key player at Amc position, it would be good to put my Dmc to mark him.
  11. More proof... Heat map from the Analysis screen is correct.
  12. But I am satisfied, I lost the game 1-0 but they had just 3 shots, two of them on goal. And three matches before that, I won every of them with no goal conceded.
  13. Morning mate, thanks, I'll bear this in mind going forward but unfortunately I've already started putting them into the same pack for this release.
  14. The heat maps shown in the Opposition Instruction screen is wrong. Selecting/deselecting one of the two teams will show that one of the maps is just the mirror and vertically flipped image of the other map. You can also see the same player numbers. The heatmap from the analysis screen/dropdown is correct however.
  15. With 1 on 1s I have no problem, my players are scoring enough of them, didnt see one crossfield pass from my fullback to another fullback on other side, but problem still lies in crossing from byline. Winger or fullback just dont want to cross the ball. And one question, can you change the ratings from board to numbers instead of letters?
  16. I wonder if any from SI has seen this, we haven't received any response in the last 18 hours, and seems like this is a big issue for a lot of players.
  17. Miles said it's too late on Twitter. I'm guessing it might be implemented in the winter patch.
  18. We seem to be getting closer and closer to an actual real life Brexit. In the past editions of FM I could some what understand why some of you guys tried to avoid having to deal with it in game - after all it may never actually happen. But this year, especially with the current Prime minister, it looks more sure than ever. Isn't it about time you guys started taking on this challenge? You may be surprised to find that it can actually be pretty enjoyable.
  19. Attacking players play just awful. When your players reach the opponent’s goal 2 in 1, the player with the ball always strikes! He does not give a pass to the empty net. It happens all the time. In general, defense players and attack players always play poorly, and goalkeepers are simply unrealistically good. This is frustrating ...
  20. Where are you expecting him to pass it in that situation? Post your tactics up, as theres something you're doing differently seeing as you seem to be an outlier with this issue. Be interesting to see if its replicable by matching tactics with you, as I rarely get full backs in that position never mind shooting.
  21. ME is definitely improving with each update but still some pretty fundamental issues. Over-reliance on wing play to create meaningful chances. I have noticed this not only in my team's games but also AI vs AI matches, encompassing a range of tactical styles/formations. Full backs/wing backs are becoming increasingly more important to a team's attacking success in real life but this is overdone in the FM current ME to the point where it almost feels like cheating (the only reason it doesn't lead to more goals is because of poor crossing/shooting from tight angles). Slide tackles appear to be the only way to tackle. Compounded by numerous fouls and the domino effect that is therefore leading to excessive yellow and red cards. On the plus side, long switches of play on shorter passing seems to have been eradicated and in general I feel I have better control over what my team is doing on the pitch.
  22. Spoiler: Some of the tactics on sharing platforms remain as awful as ever. I'd be very concerned if they didn't report back with some "issues", and/or wouldn't further highlight them. Some of those being the usual suspects. Ridiculously low shot to Goal conversion ratios depending on how the AI lines up (and how the run of Goals are going as the AI may only open up and Change upon finally conceding). Ridiculous AI Comebacks as there oft is no defensive Transitional presence whatsoever, so all that may be needed is a short switch of the AI to a more attacking tactic to score multiple Goals in a couple minutes (or straight from kick off after conceding). Loads of poor shots (including tons of set pieces) as space is hugely compressed. Outright magical AI shot to Goal conversions on any random Occasion (AI must be cheatingzzzz!!!1) . And so on. Then again FM, as a Play pretend Guardiola kinda fantasy, easily allows all of it.
  23. I think people who enjoy this ME must be playing a counter attacking style. If you play possession based football you see the fullbacks shooting from the byline about 6 or 7 times a game its almost unwatchable.
  24. Today
  25. I believe that I, as a manager, should at least have the opportunity to use Robert Skov as a DL or Troels Kløve as a CM (And if I understand your post correctly you think so too). Obviously he is not a natural DL at this point, but he seems like a viable solution which I believe should be recognized in his "position-attributes". If 10-12 makes him a decent left back then I agree - And next year we can then discuss how big of a success/failure it has been and whether he has grown familiar with the position - After all it's very individual how fast you adapt to a new position. About Troels Kløve I'm obviously a bit (or a lot) biased but I believe a better "Position-attribute" in CM i very justified. This is his 2019 report in which he i very incapable of playing CM. This summer/fall he had been a part of the starting 11, beating "natural" CM's so he should at least be a decent CM if you ask me. It may not be his natural position, but he is after all considered the best B2B CM that OB have right now. Is he a natural CM? Maybe, maybe not, but he is at least capable of playing the CM to a decent level. And in case Robert Skov can get 10-12 as a DL I would argue Kløve should get at least the same (Or more likely a bit higher) as a CM. I understand that a players position is somewhat locked to his natural position (Robert Skov as a AMR for instance) but when a player has shown a consistent level of play out of position it should be recognized. I agree with you - 20 seems far to high (and I don't know what the right attribute is) but he should be playable in said position. That does not mean Kyle Walker should get a Goalie-tag for playing goalkeeper 10 minutes, but once you have shown some level of consistency and ability out of your natural position I believe it should be recognized. And then it's up to the player (in this case me) to decide if I want to continue his "out of position" training or swap him back
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