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  2. KFUM Roskilde 2021/22 Season We'd had a lucky escape last season, so the fight was on to avoid being relegated from the newly re-organised 2.Division. To be honest, we were lucky to escape it last time. So I threw **** at a blanket and trialled too many players to count. Anyone who wanted to come in on an Amateur contract was hired, to be maybe released a week or two later. We had no hope and no money. What better way to start a season? December 2021 Sitting in that draughty office, Martin and I were reviewing how our second season had gone. We'd settled on a home and a
  3. Hey, Your save will be fine though you'll have to manually load it through the main menu's Load Game option (it won't be under Recent the first time) Your manager data will be fine - your save will be fine, your manager stats etc. are included in that, even your appearance I think! ... if it's a bug we can help with of course, do post it in the relevant forum
  4. Hi! The problem is that when I updated the game, the game doesn't start at all. When I got the beta-version, the game crashed every time I tried to create a manager. What could this be? Help please..
  5. Someone (not me!) has managed to get down to Tier 10 sorted and verified. Its up on Steam workshop under the name "Hard Youth Challenge" Im running a 10 year Sim now, will report back.
  6. The entire release of FM for a major game is kind of bizarre to be honest. Announcements are spread over:- Youtube Here SI website Twitter x2 (Miles and SI) Twitch stream And this year that new FMC club... Then you have the 2 week Beta then the full release. I don't know of any other major release that has such a convoluted process. So its no surprise we don't get change logs as theyd probably spread them cryptically around the web anyway.
  7. Seems like getting decent starting jobs is easier than the last version. I kept holding out for a role that could provide immediate silverware and didn't have to wait long. My first job is in Guadalajara, Mexico. Manager Profile - Job Offer - League Table 2 games left in the opening half of the season with a small chance of qualifying for the finals. Squad has an amazing Colombian right winger but is lacking in left sided positions. Aim is to win promotion as soon as possible and find a move to a club that can challenge for continental silverware.
  8. I think Currys just omitted that piece of info. According to HP's own site it has integrated AMD Graphics (which I presume is sufficient for FM) https://www8.hp.com/uk/en/laptops/product-details/product-specifications/37719288
  9. I noticed this was an issue for some weeks, are people still having problems with it?
  10. F*ck yes. Loved this one so much last year.
  11. One thing that I noticed in the beta and is still in the full release. Team stats on the home page. I've got the best defence in the league this season, only conceded 3 goals in 9 matches but it says we've got the worst defence in the division.
  12. Oh no worries, if you've ever bored on the internet look up articles about it it was a popular article subject years back with highlights of the 15 years or so of patch notes. On topic I wish there was an easier way to "scroll" through a match's highlights. The vcr buttons: Are functional but not quite as easy to find points in time between the pre-defined "highlights"
  13. Hi, No, it's a save with the real game. It worked in the first place, and then nothing
  14. I for one am delighted your doing this again and with the FC Isle of man in the actual game this year, should this be combined with and english lower league database it will make a great build a nation
  15. Hello and thanks for the feedback. Any chance you can upload a save before 30th August for us? Here's how you can: Kind regards, Vik
  16. Hi backpocket, Thank you for your information We will take a look at this before the next update. @FCN
  17. Hi @Flußkrebs That is magic, thanks a lot for sending over your save and all the detailed steps. With your save file I have managed to reproduce the issue and having only had to fill the squad numbers in for two games I can definitely see how that is going to be annoying for a whole season! We're going to investigate to try and find the cause of the issue, but in the meantime I think I have a workaround to help solve this issue for you in the short term. If you go to the squad page and click on the dropdown Players > Numbers (see the screenshot) this should take you to a scree
  18. Clauses I would recommend everyone keep an eye on their clauses when they join Brondby. I just got close to 2m from clauses involving Ronnow and Rosted!
  19. I don't know what happened but since last update. I was stuck here for a while after i done my pep talk. First it stuck here Now here Where should i post this?
  20. NB. Thanks to @bowieinspace for his great work setting last year's thread up. I'll be setting up this season's thread, using much of the same content, but updated. These will be placeholder threads for the next few days but I'll fill them up asap! Athletic de Bilbao, historically, are the third most successful football club in Spain. As well as being one of only three clubs never relegated from the top division of La Liga – there are no prizes for knowing the other two – they are also third in the number of titles won over the years. Sadly for their supporters the last
  21. When you open File Explorer, just click "This PC" and "Documents" as shown in the image below. You can also use the search bar in the top right to search for "Sports Interactive" folder and go from there.
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