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  2. Bonjour, Peux-tu essayer en quittant le jeu, d'aller sur steam / propriétés / onglet fichier locaux et cliquer sur "vérifier l'intégriter des fichiers du jeu" ?
  3. hi im having the problem that i cant load kits and icons of brazilian clubs into the game. ive looked into the config files for both and it should be working but it just isnt. anyone know what to do?
  4. The biggest issue is still the 1on1's. I see enough goals from crosses and set pieces. It is very very important how you will reach the real life stats of 2.5-3 goals per game.
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  6. May 2036. We've recovered our stride. The 4-1 annihilation of Unai Emery's Milan was a comprehensive display of what we're capable of. He left with his head bowed, to our supporters' songs about his status as an Arsenal legend. Our dominance continued in the 2nd leg, where we twisted the knife, securing a 2-2 draw. We're through to the final in Vienna, to face Georg Margreitter's Schalke, who defeated Baptiste Santamaria's Lille in the other semifinal, 2-1 (aggregate). The Super Liga title is ours. Can we take the next step? Partizan's only European trophy is the 1978 Mitropa Cup, which some say does not count... But that debate is for another time. Another era. This is our moment. 90 minutes from glory.
  7. I said I abandoned you but I was lying "Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in" 2020-01-26 00-20-31.mp4
  8. Basically, if you load National 2 (which is a league where reserve teams participate in real life), the game will not generate a fictitious reserve league and teams which do not have second teams in National 2 will not have reserve fixtures. If you don't load National 2, the game generates a fictional reserve league which seems to contain the second team of every club in the first 3 divisions.
  9. Found a 62-year old player on free transfer and managed to sign him.
  10. Personally I’ll look at his Bravery, Anticipation, Composure and Decisions before I look at his technical stats. I’m very hesitant to purchase strikers who aren’t at least a 12 in Bravery and the above stats, even if their finishing or first touch is above average. My Head of Youth Development purchased a wonder kid from Argentina, but his Bravery, Anticipation, Compuate and Decisions aren’t the best (between 8-11 for all of them. Bravery being the lowest). He did fine in the first half of the season but would get nervous in big games and began to miss absolute sitters. His form just tanked in the second half of the season no matter how many chances I gave him. I ended up loaning him out to a second division side and it seems to have helped him. My scouts always report back with these wonderkid strikers but I don’t want to pull the trigger if their Bravery and Composure are low. Is there a way to improve those attributes or are they pretty much set in stone?
  11. A perfect February, inclkuding a comeback against Spurs. We trailed 2-1 after 119 minutes, and somehow managed to win it without needing penalties and we end the month third still, but with the gap reduced to 6. 10 games left to try and catch Liverpool
  12. www.sortitoutsi.net/forums/topic/51973/3d-template-kits-thread-for-fm20-only?page=1 Unlocked PSD files for Macron, Joma and Adidas teamwear kits They are a bit more involved that previous kits but you can still use them
  13. The beta has no changes to save format so there is no risk there.
  14. I am trying to add club continental rules in the 2020 editor, but when I click on "Add Cups", there is no place to select or name the competition. It just shows up blank. Am I missing something? I believe under the" General" tab, there was a drop down for competition, but it is no longer there. The only thing that shows up now is the number of competitions.
  15. April 2036. Thankfully, Partizan's wobble in form has passed. It required an extra shipment of aspargus for Zlatan, but we're back in scoring form again as we hit the business side of the season. A solid 1-1 draw in Athens meant that we could play our game back in Belgrade, which saw us run away with a 4-0 win to ensure passage through to the semifinals. Unai Emery and Milan await, although their current form is less than impressive. African Cup of Nations qualifying has been smooth, thanks to a 12-nil win over Malawi and a 5-nil win away to Kenya. We're very much on course to qualify, with only Sudan in the way...so to speak. We're starting to tinker again, tactically. Once this season is over, I'm going to start working on a new tactical concept that Guido and I are discussing -- using the PM Haaienbek tactic for the most part, but kicking off initial developmental stages of a new strikerless setup. I should also note that I am no longer playing on the "public beta." My only critique is the Emile Heskey syndrome I joked about above -- our shots on target and goals scored numbers dropping off precipitously (to be fair, the AI seemed to suffer the same problem, as our defense was unrealistically ridiculous). I couldn't see any reason for this in our in-game gameplay (e.g., poor shot selection or few good chances being created). It turns out that others have noticed similar issues, such that the issue is "under review" according to the subforum for identifying/addressing possible bugs in the public beta. The moment I changed back to the non-beta ME...those metrics reverted back to "normal."
  16. Hi, I also have the same problem. Any idea how to fix it?
  17. I paid a lot for Mbappe but sometimes his genius makes it all worth it :P Champions League FInal 0-1 down to Real Madrid staring defeat in the face as we move into added time. 93rd minute Mbappe equalises! He then scores a hat-trick in extra time.
  18. I play him as a Complete Foward with an F9 as a stike partner and it seems to working ..
  19. Harry Kane joined Man City for 108 million, who then decided to play him as a left inside forward.
  20. Back in the day I used to set my GK to take freekicks and penalties when I was an international boss and it was a friendly game. Ended up getting Tim Howard something like 20 international goals
  21. I'm pretty sure that's something that can be fixed on the fly. Just go through the setup process for them again.
  22. God, I lost this message. Sorry! Btw yeah, I agree with you but I am curious how they would balance all those upgrades that imo he needs. *SPOILER CA* Now his CA is 124, to give you an idea Zaniolo has 143, Hamed Junior Traoré 136, Karamoh 129, Chiesa 154 and Kean 133. Btw if you want to check some attributes but you don't have FM20 you can check this (beautiful) site: https://fmdataba.com/
  23. Melaka 2022 end of season Another disappointing second season. We started in fantastic form, winning the Malaysian Community Shield comfortably over Ta'zim and continuing our 9 game winning streak from last season for another 4 games and remaining unbeaten 9 games into the season. At that point though the wheels fell off in spectacular fashion. We went 4 games without a win, won one, 4 games without a win, won one and 3 games without a win to see out the season. In all the disappointment I announced my intention to leave at the end of the season with 3 games to go, at which point we lost to the team in 10th and then blew a 2-0 lead, so I resigned with one game left to play. We got to the semi finals of the FA Cup, but ran into Ta'zim who are a level or two above every other team in Malaysia to the point where it's impossible to compete with them. They're paying £275k for players and my transfer budget for the year was £15k! I started applying for various jobs and thought I had the job for Kitchee SC in Hong Kong in the bag, but they went with someone else after the job interview. I was hoping for that one as they're the best team in HK so I could have used that to pick up my first league title. I keep applying for the jobs in China but I don't have the experience or reputation yet for them to even consider me. Still, we keep going. The trip to Malaysia wasn't a total waste as I've got two cups in the bag now.
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