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  2. im managing schalke & they have 3 teams .1st..u19 & 2nd...the 2nd team never ever have any games at all its a bit tiring having to arrange friendlies for them every few days..even the 2nd team manager is set to arrange friendlies but does not do it...i do know in some instances on previous editions the 2nd teams can enter a league but thats yet to happen & im in the 3rd season
  3. @warlock Liking the look of that Brizzle squad, however I also like the look of the Brum squad. I'll have to put my thinking cap on. Gonna avoid Cardiff, I can do without the stress of being predicted 4th and the board wanting promotion, managed them in the Prem last year too.
  4. Hi Neil, thanks for the update. I think holidaying through your promotion chances seems a bit silly, so I'll just wait for a patch I guess!
  5. It persisted on mine. Not going to leave promotion up to holidaying chance, seems kind of silly. I'll be waiting for an update as well. Apparently this is wide spread.
  6. Sure, but why do I have to edit steam launch options for a very basic setting to work correctly?
  7. Transfers Goalkeepers There wasn't any! Iversen is still #1 and Trafford is his back up. Defenders I sold Alpha due to his mental stats not being to my liking. He's had great physical attributes but I don't feel he was suited here. Burn didn't play much last season and when he did he didn't play well so I let him move on. Alpha was replaced by Brandon Williams. He's still in his early 20s and it's a new LB. Hackey is moving over to the right to play back up to Olosunde. Burn was replaced by a defender I found that has been called up by Portugal but hadn't been capped by them, I liked the look of him(even is 1 weeks poor training has killed some of his stats for some reason) Midfielders Barlaser has been decent for us but I needed one player to make way to bring in Longstaff. I couldn't sell Efkan or club grown Wiles so Barlaser it was. Longstaff was dirt cheap for his abilities and I felt I needed a B2B midfielder and he fits that role. I know he's injury prone and he has awful determination but so does Garner and he's been quality at DM for me. Attackers This includes wide players as they can also play up top. Where do I even start here. This was all done expecting Geubbels to go and he currently still plays for us even if our window is shut, no huge clubs he's wanting to come for him have any interest in him. Cornet, 6.25mil min fee. Can play uptop on the left or right. Thanks. He replaces Chong. Millico will be played from the left and replaces Ogbene who wasn't good enough anymore. A bit of an upgrade. He'll also play 'cus no doubt Tulloch will be injured. I'm still curious on why Wind was transfer listed. Got good pacey IFs that maybe a good DLF can help with? Okay, I'll take him. I think he'll be brilliant here. And I saved the best 'til last. He's our club record, he's the most expensive player in Hati history as the game told me but my Gyazo images expired as I've taken too many . I want him to be trained as an AMR as a direct Chong replacement with Millico on the left and Geubbels upfront, we'd be bloody lethal. Another one though he's suffered from one weeks poor training. Right the window is closed for us. Will Geubbels stay? We'll wait and see.
  8. End of season 2020/2021 With the goal of this season being avoinding relegation, i managed to finished in 11th. My run in the cup was also good, being eliminated in the sixth round by anderlecht. The board agreed to improve the youth facilities but the intake was still nothing special, despite Jensen, Boon and desmet seeming like promising player.
  9. I managed to get it all working by using the OFC CL i made for the ISPS Premiership (the normal IRL NZ league) and using it in conjunction with the league system. The weird thing is that the OFC CL file i used has all the default NZ leagues in it "active as in not extinct" and none of the custom league teams i made. So im still calling this a bug as i have, multiple times in the past made custom teams/leagues and then removing the nation rules and adding continental rules using the same DB with the teams etc. These are the two files that are bugged together if you wanna test and see why this problem is occuring. Z M10 +Hland.fmf OFC CL v2.fmf
  10. Well ermmmm I'm guessing this shouldn't happen right? Only a small thing, not game breaking exactly. So this has been happening quite a lot for me recently, happens when you offer a player out for transfer. Resulting in this even though there were no offers for the player. Apparently the offer was from me, for my own player. This confused me for a while until I went to offer my player out for transfer again and the game gave me the offer to withdraw the offer for Marley Watkins (my own player), the then disappeared.
  11. Prior to my second season at Altrincham the board presented me with a new club vision. Unfortunately some of the elements contradict each other. We cannot play both attacking football and counterattacking football. Likewise counterattacking tactics and high energy pressing are mutually exclusive. I tried to delete the contradictions in negotiations, but the board put them back in and would not accept any changes. In the end I just confirmed the dopey club vision and we’ll play however I want. Life’s too short to argue with simulated morons. Haha.
  12. The game does not recognize xml file, at least in mine. I exported the file, but it does not appear. It was more practical for them to review this ranking bug. My file was verified before the last patch. After him, I could no longer test the rules and make it work in the game.
  13. The Champions League final will be played this evening, kicking off in approximately 1 hour (7:15 PM Pacific/Seattle time). A link to the live blog will be posted soon.
  14. May 2028. To say that this was a nervy evening in Athens would be an understatement...a dream start, followed by a near-epic collapse late in regulation, followed by an emphatic, triumphant extra time. We've done it. We're through to the Final. We will face Raul Valbuena's Sevilla. A chance at history, against a club known for making it count in European cup competitions.
  15. I think with Spain the issue is getting out of the lower league, from memory the playoff system is pretty brutal with loads of sides going for only 3 or 4 places I think (I may have that completely wrong, been a while since I've been in Spanish lower leagues) in Germany think the only real issue is that the first couple seasons are tough to survive as your youth intakes come in at 15 which is nice as gives lots of scope to develop them but they can't play in your first team till they're 17 so you're stuck with your starting squad for at least 2 seasons really.
  16. My first season at Athlone Town is completed. I ended up 7th which made the board happy. My biggest challenge is that I joined the team when they were over budget and in order to cut contracts it was going to cost me a lot of money. I just had to ride the season out and try to stop the bleeding where I could. I'm hoping in this off season to get rid of the deadwood and get to a point where I can offer larger contract than $5 p/w. Wish me luck.
  17. I’ve had the same issue on iOS on an iPad Pro. Any tactical changes in the first 10 or so min, especially with opposition player instructions freezes the tactical changes for the rest of the entire match.
  18. Notebook Benchmark: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Mobile-Graphics-Cards-Benchmark-List.844.0.html
  19. Yea this happens to me almost every other game. The previous season I was without a keeper. Maybe that had something to do with it? Any fix?
  20. Really nice job with this, and I like the presentation. Good stuff, and everything you're touching is turning to gold!
  21. Season 5 I'll make a fresh post about the transfers since right now we still have no idea if Geubbels will be a Miller. 11 clubs want him, 1 bid his min. fee and he rejected them. My attacking line up is incredible and is he left we'd be able to cope. It has helped I got this as my wage/budget. Right... what competition is this... ? I got a new contract which is awesome! Do like when we over-achieve, hope we can do it again. We've got new Millers and we'll have more. Our Stadium is being made into a 20k seater which is really awesome, we're moving to Oakwell for a season and hopefully we'll get more fans going and more money in the back as it currently holds 8k more than ours. Oh and I almost forgot when I said I was bringing in staff. Better quality and holes covered I think with that many . Shame my assistant retired so he's been replaced this season. Now, for transfers.
  22. Test your edits in game. Save and export it as xml. That way it can be loaded i to the game and testet.
  23. So no one from SI available to verify this problem? Will you leave it at that?
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