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  2. No, I don't merge with anyone. Where's your edited file? Can you oput on mirror download, please?
  3. I was very happy with the game prior to this update. However, after playing more, it’s really apparent to me that it’s not an improvement. Crosses are terrible, headers are no longer effective, passes are all over the place, no matter the settings, and the only way to score is to go direct. Working into the box is worthless. Teams continuously score with balls over the top. I play a high, high line, but I was able to cut this out previously. There’s no consistency to the game now. It’s so frustrating and I hate to complain, because I was so happy with the game beforehand, but now it’s letting me down. I don’t have the time to compile pkms and screenshots, but it’s clear that I’m not the only one who feels this way. The game is back to where it was during the beta, but worse.
  4. The 4132 has been updated for 20.2 and has not yet been tested.
  5. Its frustrating that this has not been fixed when it is a simple date change. -Every other previous version of Football Manager handheld/mobile starts the Welsh League on the 1st of July this one starts on the 22nd July. The problem is- -No where near enough time to buy players, sell players, sort your club out before your 1st competitive matches -Its silly that it starts on the 22nd when the Northern Irish leagues, Scottish and all English leagues start on the 1st of July -Lastly and most importantly when you start as one of the 4 European playing welsh clubs you already have upto 4 matches played before you even start the game so you can be knocked out of the champions league/Europa League before you even take control of the team, its not great.
  6. Welcome to the most comprehensive data update for Football Manager 2020. Everything you need, Darkness sorts it out. Transfers? Done. Real agents? Done. Staff changes? Done. So much more too. V4: 6/12/2019 Total Changes: 6139 ONLINE! ( See First Message page 1 ! ) Move the .fmf file to the following location Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/editor data/ General Changes (Not all changes shown, this is just a short overview) Marc Wilmots, Laurent Spinosi, Thierry Verjans & Manu Ferrera left Iran's national team. Transfers & contracts updated to 6/12/2019 12 Duplicate players removed from the database Chelsea's transfer embargo date until 31.12.2019. Bert van Marwijk & Metgod left UAE's national team. Adjusted sponsorship income of FC Dordrecht In addition, debts made current. Keito Nakamura ( FC Twente ) Player added to the database And 55 other changes Added Agents (Not all changes shown, this is just a short overview) David Manasseh ( Agent ) Jonathan Barnett ( Agent ) Patrick van Diemen ( Agent ) Juan Figer ( Agent ) Dirk Hebel ( Agent ) Peter R.de Vries ( Agent ) Milos Malenovic ( Agent ) Micheal Bolvig ( Agent ) Adrian Ward ( Agent ) Thomas Kroth ( Agent ) Winny Haatrecht ( Agent ) Dimitri Celuk ( Agent )
  7. I used this last season & now this, it's been tweaked a few times. Last season with the team I have, I should have probably performed better in the PL given the team I've put together with a Tycoon Owner. I can see there's probably a problem, playing without Wingers or an AM & setting up the way I am. From the results so far, while we're harder to break down(more often than not) scoring goals has been a problem. What problems do you see & tweaks you'd make? I like the idea of 3 Strikers, but would be willing to change to 2 or even 1 if it works better.
  8. Increased AI Staff and Manager attributes, better squad building, player management, rotation, etc. AI will always have issues, just like real-life managers and staff. But this is an attempt to improve the AI at least slightly. Most importantly the poor squad building, rotation, player development and waste of youth that seems so prevalent. 2 Different Options - Pick Yours: Option 1: Managers Only - staff who prefer to manage a club Option 2: ALL types of Staff + Manager changes (over 400,000 changes) NOTE: You can use only ONE at a time Possibilities on How to Use Option 2: Changing ALL types of staff means that any staff you can hire will be better overall. You can use that to make easier for yourself, or sign only poor staff(leaving the best for the AI clubs) and make things harder. Whatever you like. Using the Legendary Managers file is also a good way to increase difficulty of managers you come up against. *Note: Poor ability staff haven't been changed much, there are far too many to edit, and there would be little effect anyways. Also, due to Potential Ability caps, the settings added in the editor will not always apply exactly* Incremental Increase: Current Ability Potential Ability Tactical Knowledge Hardness of Training, varied settings for lower league and top league managers Judging Player Ability Judging Player Potential Man Management Motivating ALL Coaching(except GK) Working with Youngsters Limits set + Incremental Increase: Determination not less than 10 Discipline not less than 10 Versatility not less than 12 Will use Subs is between 14-20(higher for low leagues) Will use young players in low priority cup matches is at least 12 for higher league and at MOST 5 for lower league Will make early tactical changes is between 12-20 Will fit players into preferred tactic is less than 11 Physio is 1 (for non-physios) Squad Rotation is 14-20 Motivation not less than 8 Determination not less than 7 Level of Discipline not less than 7 Tactical Knowledge not less than 7 Judging Player Data set to 1 (to prevent allocation of Current Ability on unused attributes, for non-analyst staff) Judging Team Data set to 1 (to prevent allocation of Current Ability on unused attributes, for non-analyst staff) Presenting Data set to 1 (to prevent allocation of Current Ability on unused attributes, for non-analyst staff) Goalkeeping coaching set to 1 for NON-GK coaches (to prevent allocation of Current Ability on attributes that would be poor and useless. ex: manager's GK at 6, now 1.) Other: Added missing ethnicity, hair, skin info for 160 CA+ managers Added preference to be Assistant Manager to 10 For 80-120 CA managers with 14+ tactical knowledge Added preference to be HOYD to 10 For 80-120 CA managers with 15+ working with youngsters Reduced ambition slightly (relative to CA/PA) Formations: Increased variation in formations for <180PA managers, to remove the dependency on using primarily 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1, and 4-1-4-1. Tested for 10 seasons with 80 other data files. DOWNLOAD Option 1 - Managers Only: Smarter AI - ONLY Managers.fmf DOWNLOAD Option 2 - ALL Types of Staff + Managers: Smarter AI - ALL Staff + Managers.fmf Place in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\editor data folder. Start a new save. When selecting the database(before Advanced Setup), be sure to select the checkbox to enable this file.
  9. Having lots of shots and a few CCCs has never meant you deserved to win on FM, that said. This goes for the AI too, which I had tonked with similar match stats on that release in particular. The CCC is probably the single worst statistics ever introduced into the game -- as it's given way too much importance by Players. It also doesn'T help Players making better judgement calls as to what's actually going on. And SI haven't ever provided a definition to boot (which is much too lose anyway, whilst ironically oft still missing out on crucial stuff at the same time). The current ME issues may get fixed. The CCC going by its history is unfixable. That said, it was once introduced with good intentions, namely giving an answer as to how sides could lose despite having 30 shots -- and not Always "undeservedly" so. Problem is, it doesn't and never has provided that answer.
  10. Not sure if anyone is still looking for a solution. I've been messing around with some A-League stuff and had the same issue, not sure how it works in game but I got past the verification. Find the league fixtures for section and 2019 and then tick the "randomize fixtures after first year" Worked for me.
  11. That's not working either is Alt+F9, the only one that works is saving to steam. How can I upload it from steam to here?
  12. Haha!! I heard the rumblings of a new beta update on here earlier & had a look, didn't bother with it. Any ME changes & I'm all over it
  13. FM20SympathyforthedevilKnapZaipLeipzig has tested better on FM BASE. Why do you think the 4132 is btter @knap ?
  14. Biggest problem in this thread is the OP doesn't understand what mentality is and what it isn't. OP believes that Attacking mentality is Attacking football and a Defensive mentality is Defensive football. Just like structure/fluidity has often been misunderstood, mentality is as well. OP needs to understand that mentality is a risk/rewards meter. With Contain being needing 90% chance of a reward to take a risk, otherwise do whatever moves the player as little as possible, as dictated by the role and instructions, meanwhile Overload is 10% chance of reward to take a risk. One can control the effects of mentality with Role and Duty selection as well as TI's, PI's, and PPM's, but only to a certain degree. This is best seen on TI's where the "middle" of the sliders will change definition based upon the mentality selected, the same applies to at least one, if not both ends. The fact the OP wants actual Plug n Play tactics, which will work regardless of squad makeup, shows a desire for Football Manager not be a simulation game, but an exploit exhibition.
  15. Hi. I was only tweaking tactics from other users mostly Knap or TFF. Im using original tactics with no tweaks, Im using FMT so i think match engine wasn't updated and still running on 20.1.4, thats why it may not work for others. thats my result so far with palace... no transfers
  16. Unfortunately it seems the "Resource Archiver" is only able to create .fmf files with a 2GB limit. I unpacked a file (simatchviewer-pc) which is about an 854 MB fmf file. When I unpack it the size is almost 2GB, when I repack it, the size stays around 2GB so it doesn't seems to compress anything. I want to edit this file and replace the sounds with commentary files, which adds an additional 600MB to the file size and as the Resource Archiver doesn't compress anything the size is over 2GB. Now I'm looking at alternative options, if the Archiver uses a certain compression method I might be able to compress the file with the alternative program and rename the file to fmf so it works with the game. Does anybody have any idea if this is possible and which unpack/repack code the Resource Archiver uses?
  17. Nah mate, just stability fixes by the look, nothing to get excited about
  18. My next match 3 ccc 1 on 1 chances missed where the striker needs to shot across goal Man Utd v Liverpool.pkm Im convinced this is the problem, 1 on 1 chances down the middle are normally converted but 1 on 1s at slight angles are very rarely scored.
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