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  2. I just ignore their unhappiness and carry on. I don't speak to them, or do anything. If someone bids for my player I just ask for €1bn or whatever the max is and the bid goes away. They might get unhappy, but most of the time they don't. However, if they did, I wouldn't even read the news item, skip over it and carry on.
  3. Not really, i have shifted to a winger support role, inspired by rashidi and after getting him some more inside forward ppms. Despite his horrible finishing, he scores for fun and also assists are flying in
  4. A Mistake Why couldn't I make my n10 work as I wanted? because I was too focused on the roles themselves and had forgotten about the players. There was no need for me to use a DLP because PPms and a few Pis will make the Regista for me. Take Tonali: Tries Killer balls often, Dictates Tempo, Tries long range passes, Brings the ball out of defence. It doesn't matter what role I give him because he is already a Regista by his repertoire alone I could make him a Volante and he would gravitate towards playing as a regista. The same is true for the BBM, I thought that only this role would make my player both attack and defend when in truth the whole team will defend and the player will regroup along with the team so long as he has a decent work rate. I was momentarily blinded by my "perfect" blueprint and failed to notice how it had become an obstacle to my players. A box is born This is the new, improved version of my original idea. The CM-d has been told to "dribble less" and "take more risks". The CM-a and AP-s conserve their "Close down more" instruction. I have chosen not to include any players in the image because the winter market is coming and a few trades might take place. The IWB-s positioning creates a box in the midfield with the help of the Cm-a, AP-s and CM-d, this box is crucial in helping us dominate the game and squeeze our opponents in their own half (our opponents create a chance every 93 minutes) .. We have an average of 59% of possession per game and have scored a grand total of 44 goals in 19 games while conceding only 15 (5 set pieces and 6 counter attacks). It's funny how unmistakably Brasilian the tactic is something which has got me thinking about the possible step forwards for the tactic The Future Like I said I realized a third of the way into the season just how Brazilian my tactic is, the box midfield, the deep striker, the possession oriented approach... this has got me thinking about the headache that is the N10 role and how Zico was not only a technical genius but a prolific goal scorer. The following formation and role combination will not be used during this season but is one of the futures I envision for this tactic: Very reminiscent of 1970's Brazil. I made the Cm-d into a DLP-d because I am not entirely comfortable fielding a side without a designated playmaker, The one issue with this team might be it's defensive vulnerabilities so I am waiting to either sign or develop a good solid pair of defenders before I even take a shot at this. The League We had an amazing run collecting another 21 points for a grand total of 46/57 points. Finishing is still something to work on with both Arp and Morata missing some really good chances that would have left us with a healthy 50/57 points but we are actually generating enough chances per game to go first despite this so i am overall happy about it. I promised The chairman that I would qualify for Champions League because I was unsure about my tactic but if things keep going our way we might even win the League.
  5. This is my own thread.. I have uploaded it to that link you posted, cheers! Save name is Rangers.
  6. THANK YOU. I GOT SACKED BECAUSE USING THIS KIND OF TACTIC. THANK YOU. THIS TEAM GOES TO THE CL FINAL NOW LOSES EVERYGAME This is just not possible especially against teams that come on Defensive mentality and just pass around, no width, no tempo nothing. I bet this screenshots all are faked or something like that.
  7. Thanks Connor. Your answer is much appreciated. Truth be told, I thought the CA was directly linked with the player's attributes. Hence, I made sure the regens' CA was skyhigh, i.e. close to 200. Did that help? Nope. A few days down the road -game-time- each regen's capacity plummeted across the board without any reason and they never picked up from there. After yesterday's update, the same frustrating thing happens with one difference: there are no downward red arrows indicating a decrease in the player's capacity. The ratings are simply replaced by much lower numbers, as suddenly and as arbitrarily as before. Can you please help? I was hoping the last update would have eliminated the bug (if indeed it is a bug), but it seems the bug (or "bug") has mutated into something equally annoying.
  8. Just catching up on this thread - two really interesting updates @Jogo Bonito, as always. I enjoy reading managers’ transfer strategies. Unlucky missing out on Bowen (sorry to bring up what I’m sure is a sore subject!) but things seem to be going well and I’m intrigued to see if you pick him up or another in January.
  9. Very Burnley form...good at home not so much away from home. What formation and roles are you using?
  10. Shows as a BBM, but can also play DM, so suits most of the tactics this year.
  11. That's a good way to finish a career So how good were your generation of Kosovan players (and Brazilian ringer) that won the World Cup relative to other top international sides?
  12. Positions matter more for passing traits on. But just for personality changes, then the impact on the mentoring unit the player has is far more important than positions played.
  13. I would at least go for paying 180M as for me that would make me feel less bad with myself, also, mourinho is the manager and is having a rockus in the dress room, being hilarious how after 7 games without winning against my team he calls my team "trash"
  14. Scarborough Athletic FC (England) Season 6 - 2024/25 This was an action-packed season. Second season in the Vanarama National League, and even though we ended lower than last year (13th and 12th), we actually managed to collect one more point than last year (61 and 60). We started strongly, but throughout the season we were very inconsistent and for a lot of the games we just did not show up and were completely outplayed. I contribute this to the facts that we are still rockbottom in most player stat comparisons across the division and that we have a very young squad. But this year we embarked on a very thrilling cup run. We managed to reach the 5th round of the FA Cup! Fantastic. The players got the opportunity to play at the illustrious Saint Mary's and came away with a very respectable 0-4 defeat after a solid display. This showed me, that we have the potential in the squad to match a higher level in the future - we just need to show it more often than in glimpses - and it bolstered our finances considerably. League (Results 1 | Results 2 | Results 3 | Cups) - A strong start, meant, that we did not get dragged into a prolonged relegation battle. The rest of the season was inconsistent and we failed to impress in most matches. We ended the season loosing three in a row with a final day defeat to relegated and 24th-placed Oxford City. I am a bit concerned since we are outplayed and trashed in quite a lot of the matches. We are not even close to gaining points, and when we win or draw, we have to fight throughout the match. We have no easy wins or draws. This needs to improve, otherwise, we are always only a loosing streak away from getting into real trouble. But on to something much more enjoyable - our cup run. We were this seasons overachievers in the FA Cup reaching the 5th round going out to the mighty Southampton from the Premier League. We started positively against Brackley FC from the National North division below us before eliminating Barnet from our own division. Then we had the luck to play first Colchester United and then Blackpool FC from the bottom of League 2. Both teams had poor form when we played them, and this turned out to be enough for us. I was impressed with the squad. Then we delivered perhaps the best performance of the season eliminating first placed Grimsby from our own division in the 4th round before getting a shot at a Premier League team in the shape of Southampton. So some luck in drawing a Vanarama National League side in the 4th round as well as the struggling League 2 sides meant that we had an FA Cup adventure which the town and local area will talk about for years to come. Delightful. Team - We lost our best striker Mel Davison before the season WBA in the Championship, and in the winter transfer window, I decided to let our second best striker John Muirhead leave for Oxford, also in the Championship because his contract ran out after the season and we managed to get 50% of a potential future transfer fee. Davison spent a year on the WBA Under-23s team and Muirhead was loaned to Partick Thistle where he played eight times in six months. Satisfyingly, our centre-back talent of the decade Greenwood who decided to leave for Boston Utd ended in 16th place below us. But back to our team. After christmas we were a bit thin in the offensive department. We are currently relying on John Hickson and attacking midfielder Henry Bower. Bower along with Daniel Metcalfe and Darren Powell are the standout players of the season having developed nicely and having secured places in the first team. It is still an ongoing battle to tie down our most promising players and I fear, that I will loose our best winger Mark Dunning and striker John Hickson in two years time. Facilities - Last year we maxed out our Junior Coaching which is currently Exceptional and this season I managed to push our Youth Recruitment two levels such that it is now Well established. Fantastic. I did not mean to push for two upgrades but since our board decided to scrap agreed improvements to Youth Training and Training Facilities at the end of the season even though we had the cup money, I decided to try my luck. The intake setup is now very high quality compared to other teams at this level, and this should give me quite an advantage going forward. Even though I might not be able to keep my best players, the players I can actually tie down on contracts should be at a very good and competitive level and should have the ability to play at a better level in the future. Good times. Youth Intake - The first upgrade to Youth Recruitment made an instant impact since we got our first foreigner - the spanish winger Victor Manuel Villegas. I am expecting big things from him alone because of his Determination of 20. But his Technique, Flair, Pace and Acceleration are also good. Jonny Andrew looks like our coming first choice centre-back, and Jordan Haynes is currently our best striker. He as well does not wish to sign a proper contract, so we will probably loose him in the summer. But it is encouraging to see the quality of players now coming through our intakes. Transfers - This year we sold our first players. All strikers. We lost Mel Davison before the season. In the winter transfer window, Akritas from Cyprus offered a deal for our striker Panos Panagiotou. He did not have the quality or potential to compete with our other strikers, so I accepted the offer. John Muirhead did not want to sign another contract so when Oxford offered us 50% of the next transfer fee, I decided to let him leave in the winter. A bit of a gamble, because he was our top scorer, but now we have the chance of a bigger payment in the coming seasons. Lee Thompson was another striker which I did not see potential in so he left for Stevenage in League 2. Finances improved due to our cup run. This is also much needed because of our heavy investment in and running cost of the intake setup. Goal next season: Stay in the Vanarama National League. Be more competitive and hopefully improve the quality of our squad through our improved intakes such that our better players will want to stay and sign at least a first contract with the club.
  15. I once drew at Anfield with Ajax 2-2, Douglas Costa got 3, Alisson got our equaliser hehe
  16. There are more that fit my criteria, but they are 32 old or more, are bad finishers, lack pace/acceleration or have very bad mental stats (like decisions, anticipation, vision and off ball) i have a plan b but is injured so have to wait to january for him As for scouting reports i do see them, if they are dirty, inconsistent or don't like big matches i think more before making a bid the only bad thing (if i could call them that since they are all in yellow) are that he is one footed and a little lack or bravery Basically i want some kind of Cristiano in his early Madrid days, fast and strong with good finishing And as i said before regens at IF are a lil rare in this save, let alone a world class one, on top of that the ones that are world class have a big hole in the traits i want, this 2 im talking about being the only exceptions (also a 32 year old guy, but im sure that his pace/acc will by the floor by the end of the season) Edit: took another look at the 20M guy and he doesn't like big matches and is a lil dirty...boy my luck...
  17. Or. Add a Manager and take over the team that he plays for. Make a bid of 0K. And accept it. Sign him. Retire the new manager. I have no morals.
  18. Hi, great guide. I have a question. How important is player’s position in this matter? I have Player who is team leader in hierarchy (Vice Cap), with great personality(Model Professionals) and he’s quite old (36). but he’s a goalkeeper is it possible to just let him mentor defenders/midfielder/strikers to pass personality? Or the player in the group MUST be in same position? Thanks!
  19. Hi Knap! Which of your tactics do you think best utilises Kante? I’m not sure where to play him 🤔 Cheers
  20. Today
  21. So, last night I had a wee play. Apart from the 2 CM's, I didnt change the roles else where, I just meesed about with the settings. I actually beat the mighty Barcelona at home after the tweaks. Still going to play about but it does have potential I think.
  22. Thanks Vazkin, deleting the animate rows worked perfectly. Appreciate your help!
  23. Won the league against Man U . Could it be better ? Strange fixtures program, Now i have to 2 more titles, if I can.
  24. What does his Scout report say regarding things such as Pressure, Consistency, Big Matches, Dirtiness, Injury Proneness and so on? The scout report is just as important as the attributes page. Always read the scout report. (I'm going to pin that somewhere ). And speaking of attributes, which ones have you identified as being important for your system? And that's the only player in the entire database who fits your criteria? If so then either buy him or reconsider your criteria.
  25. The guy is happy with chelsea i did tried to unsettle him, he is interested, only if i pay him 375-500k a week basically, only money can move him from there, chelsea and i have a yoyo with premier so is understandable, only thing i have over chelsea is champions league performance and only because chelsea fall short to one of the finalist Done that with my plan C guy since last season, he is the first option right now, other players that could be good as IF have a 0 on the opposite of his foot, will try that and see what world class guy can get a decent work, if not i guess i'll sell my amr for him
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