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  2. Тактика - FM20WULF4132PFDMIWBSPKnapP112ALLCUPSNOLOSSFM20P102ECCC Нет переводов Мгновенный результат FA Cup Final PS Coaching Qualification - НЕТ и предыдущий игровой опыт - любитель!
  3. If you've downloaded v1.1.2 please redownload it, made a rookie mistake
  4. Please just do as requested and the SI staff will look at your problem and help you fix it posting like this in multiple threads will not get it fixed.
  5. It's always nice to see people come back to something they like! Thank you! I hope I can make this save even better, but it will be tough!
  6. Man Citeh was 5 & 6th in my 2 separate EPL saves. i would say thats even more silly then Juve being second with 87 points.
  7. I agree that unlike the EPL, the top6 teams can easily dominate the Serie A- however choosing a team like Sassuolo/Genoa/Torino etc. can still be a lots of fun. i dont think its that easy to dominate with them right from the start, and as for that 80 points remark, well i'll let you know what happens in my game, i'm planning on a Torino save.
  8. Smaller countries provide the easiest start, but are far more difficult to reach the ultimate goal of winning the champions league. England provides the best balance of gentle start and realistic potential of winning the CL Spain, France, Germany and Italy are tough to start, but if you survive, there is a similar chance as in England to win the CL. If you do start in these leagues, try looking for a 'fallen giant' that already has decent youth/training upgrades and income stream.
  9. No issues when closing the game or saving it. The file is broken and can't be uploaded. It starts load a second and then it stops, with a note that says the file can't be uploaded.
  10. Back in FM19, holding down the spacebar let you skim past through inbox messages very quickly. During the FM20 beta, it still worked. But after FM20 got fully released, this stopped working. Now, holding down the spacebar will only go through 1 inbox message. Hopefully this is just a bug that will get fixed, instead of being a new intended feature, because holding down the spacebar was useful for easily going past 100+ scout reports in my inbox.
  11. Those 3d graphics stopped working after the game got fully released if you're using a custom skin. You need to download an updated version of the custom skin you're using. But if the creator of the custom skin hasn't uploaded an updated version yet, just use one of the normal skins for now.
  12. Sampdoria - Napoli.pkm Please let me know if at 85.54 is a bug (Milik shot) Thanks!!!
  13. That's what I've done with my 5221 (also with wingbacks, so it's more of a 3-2-2-2-1) setup. Counter/Cautious Mentality, standard LOE, D-line slightly deeper and hard tackling. It's a cautious tactic, but I'm not shutting up shop. I still want to win matches.
  14. Today
  15. Has anyone posted to this thread resolved the problem since then? In my case, after the official version was released, I reinstalled FM2020 but did not launch. After all, I returned it.
  16. Show a screenshot of the "Teams" tab for stage 0.
  17. here is a new topic I created which has all these issues with a video link and a PKM
  18. If you watch he loses his man due to movement from the striker, who drops off then goes in behind him. The defender is follows him when he drops off but is slow to react to the striker going. So yes it's a mistake but a fairly realistic one IMO.
  19. The Europa Conference League is even more glorious than I could have ever dreamed...trips to Leto-gorets, HJK and AIK. Yes, please.
  20. Still to many penalties, just had 5 in one game... Before 4 and 3 Edit: just had a Game with 6 penalties lol
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