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  2. For some reason I couldn't get it to work. I just retired my coach and added a new one, and that worked. Thread can be closed, thank you for your help!
  3. Hi - not something we would expect to see, which iPad Mini model do you have and which OS version? Looking at the crash server the only possible thing that matches looks like it could be related to Game Center, could you try to disable this and see if it makes a difference?
  4. Yeah he doesn't look good enough defensively to me.
  5. Why don't you fix it then if it's so simple?
  6. Would it be possible with a little more room at the top ? would be nice to avoid scrolling
  7. When I open fm2020 it is very blurry and says graphics compatibility is low however it is a new laptop, it ran fm19 with ease and should be the same with fm20
  8. A fair few "big names" in Kirchhoff, Eduardo and Weis. Boubacar Barry sounds familiar, but becaue he came from Werder I doubt it's THE Boubacar Barry of Ivory Coast international fame. I can even see familiar name in outgoing transfer, Schorch formerly of Real Madrid.
  9. I dont have the data folder and i have my FM20 pointing at my old FM19 folder so i didnt have to move graphics and stuff. I also went in and pointed the PG-editor to the same folder, This purple is not how i wanna spend 100s of hours over the next year.
  10. Since 20.1.0 my game has been locked at 56fps when playing game 2D and 3D. I was hoping the final release would fix this problem but it's still locked. I've reinstalled the game, lowered settings, resolution, verified the files. I really need a fix as it's very distracting when playing the game. FM19 played at a locked 144fps for me.
  11. No Gibraltar League on the Steam workshop this year? Trevor L.
  12. Would love to see some screen shots of the Chelsea youth coming through. Just can't help but feel the likes of Mount, Tomori and James are underrated. Take Mount (3 years of senior football now) vs. Foden (1 goal in 22 appearances).
  13. Hey folks, Completed download of FM Mobile 2020. I am using an iPad mini which has a fully up to date iOS. Over 5GB available space. I press the FM App. It loads to screen then credits and then crashes back to home. I have followed the troubleshooting advice provided (Restart & re-install). I’ve always played FM Mobile on my iPad mini and would toncontinue to do so. I would really appreciate any advice or suggestions. B48C029A-18CC-4C34-BEBB-A28D8B0C3010.MOV
  14. It’s the list of teams you choose from before you start the game. Change the drop down to national teams then you can pick them.
  15. Game crashes as soon as I press on it
  16. When I run fm2020 the screen is blurry and says graphics compatibility is low however I could run very high on fm19 and checked the compatibility before I bought this laptop and it should run not a problem
  17. When I run fm2020 the screen is blurry and says graphics compatibility is low however I could run very high on fm19 and checked the compatibility before I bought this laptop and it should run not a problem
  18. Si are pretty bad at handling patches that are smaller. The Public Beta communication last year wasn't very good.
  19. Thank you. As an Arsenal supporter, I always do a long-term save and am usually fine keeping what I start in the BETA. I was wondering if Martinelli would be upgraded in the full release, so I was considering starting another save if he was, but there doesn’t seem to be a need now. And if Martinelli hasn’t been upgraded, then I don’t expect any other notable changes to the database either.
  20. Neil Brock has acknowledged there is a problem and will be fixed as soon as possible but some admins have not been helpful about this
  21. Anybody wanna start an online long term file? Vision1990 add me
  22. I'm having issues when I open the game the screen is blurry and says graphic capability is low however it a new laptop and ran fm2019 with ease and should do the same with 2020
  23. It's a good try, but he will be extremely suspect, defensively. Positioning, tackling, marking and concentration all quite low for a defender. Depends on how much potential there is left to develop those.
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