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  2. Well they deserved their loss for not playing the ween.
  3. They could be inflicting more psychological harm on him depending on where in Cork they're sending him.
  4. There are fan-made packs that cover those leagues for the dedicated. Realistically, it's an extra ~200 teams to coordinate research for, relatively few of which have a massive fanbase or are viewed as exciting to play, so I can sort of see why they don't...
  5. Next In 10 days we ll play 3 times vs Man Utd ,and with Tottenham away among.... Squad stats to be continued......
  6. Not much help to get, so I have worked this out for myself. Still could use any advice, is there anything that stands out? Anyway time to get this save going, who knows might not need any help in the end
  7. Before the game Man City's manager ,Diego Simeone ,called him and he asked me to play till 6 goals. The team which score 6 goals first will win the game. I told him ok.
  8. We finish this beauty off with a hammer from Stoyle that gets denied by the crossbar! We still manage to lose.
  9. Good signings and a great start! Can't believe Liverpool have given Derbyshire to you for free, an absolute steal.
  10. Now we play away at City , we must not lose because the difference will reduce to 1 point
  11. So after a long time teasing with various different careers, I finally decided to give this a proper shot after gaining more experience in recent editions in various lower leagues, which had been my previous undoing as I was completely stuck. I went in with the intention of getting either Burgess Hill, Lewes or Whitehawk, as all three are local to me and I have a connection with in some way. However looking at the reputation list, I knew it'd be quite unlikely to get Burgess Hill and to a lesser extent Lewes, so I somewhat settled on Whitehawk, my place of birth and where I lived for the first couple of years of my life. And so here we go, the new manager of Whitehawk. With a media prediction of 15th, I expected us to be safe, although the bookies gave us almost zero chance of going up, so I was determined to prove them wrong and go up first time of asking. Hopefully this could be accomplished with some astute signings. Here's my profile. As I wasn't expecting our finances to remain positive for too long, I also went ahead and requested a coaching badge immediately before they could decline due to our finances, luckily they accepted and this was a good start to my career already. I have actually already completed the first season, as I wanted to complete a season before posting in here and comitting to anything, so I will write up how the first season went a bit later on.
  12. Hi guys, I've been pretty inactive in here due to not having the time to play. Tried to continue my old Salford save but just couldn't get into it knowing the new update was out and have once again gone for Salford. I've picked up a couple of real quality Spanish players from the lower leagues - Miguel Real and Eric Llopis. Miguel Real is an AMC from Silva in the Lower Leagues and Eric Llopis is a Winger from Binefar. Both available on free transfers and are easily good enough for a few leagues above.
  13. So, Udinese pulled their Dickmann out at half time? Seems a bit premature to me... I guess they went Dick-less in second half. I imagine that left there fans sad and unsatisfied.
  14. mark wilson27


    Hi 1magine welcome to FMS, please take a look at the house rules regarding pictures. As for the rest thats fine, I'm quite a few of the forum members will bs following to see how Rangers do
  15. Today
  16. With MU Lukaku is key striker, so any Tactic that has been tested with MU.
  17. Season progress : Well im already playing season 2 in german B division and i want to show how im going at the moment Media prediction: Absolutely obvious for a new promoted team although the table speaks itself.... What can i say ?im so happy for all hard work im doing to learn more and be better in tactics and stick to my believes and plan..Lets take a look in team details Tactic: As you can see shape remains and the only change here is the CM-ack now is BBM because i changed my FB on attck and wanted more stability in right side Reason of role changes: CM-atck -> BBM coz i didnt want to lose the support and direct running to my DLF.with bbm running are more lateral but its ok coz i have the FBs running too on the right side for support,plus the player in bbm position has PPM get forward and get into opposition area FB-supp -> FB-atck coz the player i have here is more of an atcking fullback and wanted to make use of theses attributes
  18. Hey knap, do you have a tactic that fits a slower, tall striker with good heading?
  19. So i created a league of all the States in Australia to see which team is the best, with them all having their own team (west australia, victoria, new south wales, ect) I had no problem creatinng the league and teams but i wanted no transfers to occur and have no idea why. Players were moving inbetween state clubs and made the experiment/test unfair.
  20. You don't understand what I am saying on this topic. It's not about player roles or duty combinations. Since I am hold UEFA A, distance has huge effect. Horizontal and vertical lines is A & Q in tactics.
  21. Do you have any players with good personalities to combat low determination? Mentoring does help....just don't overload the mentoring group or your good players will lose their "good" personalities. I am finding training low determination and Unambitious up to "Balanced" isn't that bad....in fact IMHO "Balanced" has gotten a bad rep from the fact that "Good" Personalities were too plentiful and easy to train. As long as your team Leaders have "Good" Personalities and support you....you will have few problems with players and be able to give lots of "hair dryers" at halftime! Edit: I think Tommy Holmes will make a respectable winger if you fix his determination...
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