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  2. I don't know. I picked it up somewhere and now it is how my order is.
  3. That hurts my soul 😂 Gk ➡️CBs➡️FBs➡️DM➡️CM⬅️AML/R➡️ST
  4. Of course - the big question is which way around? I order mine GK ST ST/AM MC/AM MC/DM DC DR/DL
  5. Always good having so many contenders for league title.
  6. Yeah you can do it. Im just not sure will that table be interactive or this can be done after stage 0 is finished.
  7. What?! 😱 Madness! Sub keeper is in number 1 spot, and subs bench is in positional order every game 😄
  8. Manaus FC Amazonas August 2019 Conceded a late equalizer.... 7 days later we travaled to Caxias. They went up 1:0 after a kick off highlight. Switched formation to the 4231 and we managed to score 3 goals. After that we parked the bus and almost...but only almost.
  9. No I'm afraid not. I've now deleted the save also. Sorry!
  10. Then why are you in the tactics forum? Head to the Tactics section, click Analysis > Goals > CCCs > Last xx Matches (based on how many competitive matches you've played, excluding friendlies). How many CCCs have you created and converted? You say your CCC conversion rate is a joke, so exactly how much of a joke is it?
  11. I created a championship ( in the Cook Islands ) but the calendar is generated only the first year . Can someone tell me under what circumstances a calendar in only generated the first season . On the other hand the cup it has no problem and is played all seasons . Thanks . Cook Islands.fmf
  12. Daniel Cansino 67220305 (Physio) - have two Sevilla 'lines' in history as a player, surely that's not true since he's physio/doctor.
  13. The ball curls far too much and in an unrealistic manner. Look at 8:26 on this video
  14. Jan 2066 For once I managed to catch this thread while still on the first page, though just You might spot something of a pattern in our results, especially as after beating Bayern (yay!) we played three relegation strugglers away from home and came back to win after going behind early. Ordinarily they would have been frustrating matches to drop points in but had it happened at this point it probably wouldn't have been too much of a concern, and in fact would kind of be a relief as something that proves I'm not cheating. If anything I'm almost annoyed we just edged the Hoffenheim game as we didn't deserve it that much. Usually when we fail to win we have plenty of chances throughout but it's just one of those days we're not quite sharp enough. While we got into our grove later on, we were genuinely weak for a lot of the match, and when they were 1-0 up we had to rely on Popovitch saving a penalty (maybe his first for the club?) to keep us in it. I'd say it was our worst performance of the season. There was one other bit of news. There was a Brazilian full-back I signed a couple of years ago as part of my quest to hunt for potential top quality players in those positions (a rare beast indeed!), a 500k deal from Bahia. The January transfer window was when the move came through, and while these sorts of 'advance' signings can be rather hit and miss, it looks like he's one who will really work out. He's already looked good enough in the couple of early appearances I've given him, with the Turkish chap arriving in the summer on the left. Suddenly it looks like we're sorted in that area after all.
  15. Good to know, thanks. I'll have to ask some people who have photoshop if they could do this for me. It does not. There's just a "nations" subfolder in the logos folder and it has the correct badges and no flags as far as I can tell...
  16. I understand desyncing can happen, christ in this ME anything can happen. Why the solid hard line though, surely both player and ball would go past what is meant to be "passable terrain" so to speak, the ball goes out for a throwing ect, why the sudden blockage of passage for what would be a bad touch and a throwing to my team?
  17. New Leagues 14/12/19 (Night) ^^ Equateur (D3) Paraguay (D4) Vénézuela (D3)
  18. TABLE | FINANCES | SQUAD STATS | TRANSFERS Salisbury FC - Season Review 2021/22 With the new faces filling out the squad, it seemed realistic to expect we could match last seasons 6th place finish. After a mixed start, we hit a difficult patch and really seemed vulnerable defensively. From the previous youth intake, we brought in a couple of lads to rotate at centre back and I will try and explain some of the poor performances down to this. We entered the new year bouncing between 15th and 17th position, with respite only coming in easier home fixtures. The fixture list was a factor, in that we played many of the top 7 teams in quick succession and really struggled to maintain morale. We came out of this and started picking up wins against weaker teams. At this point I had made peace with the season being over in terms of the playoffs and used it to try some things out. Overall a 12th place finish is still very respectable for us and with three youth players featuring in over half the games, our 'First Team' is evolving and should help in season three. Our cup performance this season was non-existant, we were knocked out in the first match in both FA Cup and FA Trophy. One frustration I have is that my Under 23s and Under 18s are still playing in a league, so just have friendlies throughout the year, not sure what I can do to remedy this? Youth Intake A couple of exciting prospects in this year's crop. We know have a depth in a couple of positions we were very thin at last year. Jacob Parrott (YP22a) The best of the bunch, has a good mix of physical and technical ability and will get plenty of chances in the squad. Stuart Legg (YP22b) I need to decide to do with this lad, most likely get him training as a striker to make the most of his acceleration. Jack Baldwin (YP22c) A fairly well balanced full back, not a great defender yet, but has a great work rate and will take some of the burden from our regular right back.
  19. After a few days away, I'm back, and it's an unbeaten September and that extends our unbeaten run in the league to 12, and sees us in the playoff places
  20. Mctominay is very underrated. He is one of our best players. Ashford a little underrated as he is worse now than last year. Martial is about right but the others are definitely overrated.
  21. He is underrated atleast in potential. But then again half the Man Utd team are grossly overrated, IE: Lingard, Martial, Jones, Rojo, Lindelof (I'm a Man Utd fan too)
  22. Hello, how can you explain to me that I have lags in 3d with a configuration like this one? Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor (24 CPUs), ~3.8GHz Memory: 16384MB RAM Card name: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER Manufacturer: NVIDIA Chip type: GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER 8GB WHYYYYYYYY ????????????????? This is not normal .. DxDiag.txt
  23. hey @themario any change of your tactic against big teams, hardest games or away games?
  24. So I went and had a look at the analysis screen and in 3 saves, approx 50 games played, I've never had an assist via a cross or a squared ball (except in a couple friendlies where I played low league teams and won 8-0ish), in previous FM's this would have been 75% of my goals due to my tactical preferences.
  25. Don't know about you guys but I would pay for it. Content he made is unlike any other in FM community - with maybe a very few exceptions.
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