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  2. I am excited to see you at Gladbach! It was a good time in your previous visit. It also took me until this update to realize that Spurs were eligible this year, because of their real life Champions League finals loss.
  3. I have tried making a lcoal region chanign city and language and eveyrthing and i cant get them to regen. Is this an hardcoded italian thing. FC Andorra makes Andorran Regens
  4. August 2029. Our transfer business is done, I think. After an internal squad review, I immediately went shopping at Panathinaikos, and picked up Birgir Jonsson ($21.5M) and Jork Lozano ($17.5M), with German Zarate ($24M) joining a few weeks later. Another early acquisition was Luca Renard ($15M), a player who had rejected my overtures to come to the SuperLeague (in favor a more prestigious move) but was more than willing to step up to the Bundesliga. The delightfully-named Iacopo Zappasodi ($13.75M) was an unexpected pickup. He's another player that I coveted, but wouldn't leave Fiorentina for Panathinaikos...however, once he submitted a transfer request at Fiorentina I was all over that. He could play anywhere in the center of the pitch for us, from libero to shadowganche. He'll be our starting Mezzala. A steal at $13.75M, even if I had to pay more in wages than I wanted to. He's a beast. Bellem Trazie and Karamoko Fofana are both for the future, and will likely spend this season out on loan. Fofana is already off to Holstein. Trazie is listed for loan We've got a squad of 22 players right now (including Trazie), which is more than enough for a campaign that will be focused on the Bundesliga and DFB-Pokal. That's right, no European football for Nico, Zlatan, Jesse and Jünter. And, speaking of Jünter...we had to ship a number of players off. Too old. Too expensive. Too crap. Zlatan thought it would be funny to have Jünter silently deliver the bad news through pantomime. And, to be fair...Jünter using Charades to inform Alexis Mac Allister that he was off to Marseille for $38M, with Zlatan livestreaming it all to the world...it was pretty funny. Nicolaj did have to reprimand them, but his heart wasn't in it. I also made the mistake of checking in on Panathinaikos, to see how Antonio Conte was getting on. I shouldn't have. It's like the old saying says, "you can never go home." This is tragically predictable -- both in terms of who has left, and for how little. The season kicks off in earnest in 11 days, away to Freialdenhoven in the DFB-Pokal.
  5. Thanks for the response. Ah oke, I used that before in fm 19 but never knew that it is called that way lol. Im still not upgraded into the game yet. Just played a game, lost away lol. But I was reading the post of Herne79 about developing poss. play and what a thread with so much info. Was reading it for hours lol and still am I. I already told above about my problem like i might understand football, but not the in game tweaks, mentality, roles etc. What they do exactly and when to use and espec. in combination with everything else. That thread made it very clear for me. I'll give an example, the BPD, i always choose him but my interpretation is oke, a defender who plays like Ramos, or Pique and normal CD is like Pepe or Chiellini. But its not that exactly. Also mentality which is about risks and every tweak possibilities. So yeah, i will go into a save tester with all the stuff and see how it works, before i continue my normal game with Ajax. Anyway thanks for the input.
  6. @Francis Mooney hi mate just another quick update just finished a season in the same save and i have literally just sorted my staff responsibilities out...then went to sign a fitness coach and once again confirmed on my behalf ..ive uploaded the save to the cloud its called Schalke 04 2022.07.10.fm
  7. The wingers and full backs not squaring and the long balls OP accuracy are the main issues with the ME at the moment
  8. Not sure why so far there hasn’t been a response to this rather simple question. It seems to me SI is using a different application to create fmf files as the “Resource Archiver” is only repacking but not compressing, which leads to bigger file sizes. There must be someone out there with knowledge on how this works and more importantly, how to get this resolved or working?
  9. Generally have no idea to fix it, if there is a fix? I've considered changing my formation however how can poor finishing be down to the formation, especially from inside the box? If anything it's a positive that we're creating so many CCC from the formation I'm using. Also it's worth pointing out this is a issue I've experienced in the majority if not all of my saves using different formations since the Beta and Official game release. Finishing in general just seems woeful.
  10. So there will be no January transfer update released by si? Since the game starts in june/july? People just want to play an uo to date game and be treated the same as players of the full version
  11. Eintracht Frankfurt Half Seasons @knap Nice Tactic thank you FM20.2PILGRIMAGEKnapIWB41221OXFORDMUP86PL.fmf
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  13. Is it possible to edit the managers of clubs in the editor on mobile? Like if I want to remove Pochettino for Mourinho for example can I do this? Don’t want to pay for the editor only for it not to be possible.
  14. Exactly how stable is this at the moment? Is it maybe best to wait?
  15. I use the F9 with a Poacher, works well as there is nice space for him and he sits just infront and central. The F9 drags the CBs down a bit. I also use an IF on the left to run straight into the space.
  16. Massive outlier as I said in my post the exceptions are notable for there rarity. I don't think you could think of another example of a team that only ever faced packed defences.
  17. Hickey and Banks develop into really good players after training and game time... Must buys for lower teams imo!
  18. Please see the video. cant even click on any shortcuts. its the same for FM as well as FMT Football Manager 2020 Touch 2019-12-13 14-19-36.mp4
  19. So within the review section of the match stats, it's not fully showing everything. So within the review section I get: However if I go to Stats > Match Stats and click customize you can see what I want to see as below: I believe this occured when I was changing the options within the customize part, and something has almost broken the link to it. So far I've tried the following: Checked different matches Turning off / on all the customize options for the match stats Cleared cache Reloaded the skin Loaded a different save Restarting FM Cleared cache and preferences Verified files of FM20 Uninstalled FM20 and reinstalled... no joy.
  20. The guys from FM-Arena tested Zeus only for 152 matches but it looks very good https://fm-arena.com/tactic/65-FM20-ZEUS-V1-by-TFF/ Let's see if it can keep such good score if they test it for more matches
  21. it's okay man, the ME is perfect for u, I must be lying or playing a fake version of FM 20
  22. Yeah its unrealistic tbh but i never managed to regionalize groups. I managed to do it yesterday but i need to test this furher. If i managed to set this i will upload second file with regionalized groups.
  23. I appreciate the insight my friend. I've created a custom Andorra database and can't even get the awards to award. Between that and my Kosovo troubles I'm giving up. The award creation process is so mysterious and fickle. Drives me nuts!
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