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  2. March Bit of a timeskip, but our primary focus is the Australian Side, the domestic just gives it a bit of flavor/something to do than sim for 30 minutes. Big Month ahead with an opportunity to rope in South Korea. Domestically we suffered our first loss to Wiesbaden of all teams, random defeat out of no where. Also good though, because I hate long unbeaten runs and complacency and this gives us enough time to re-focus our attention and ensure it remains little more than a blip. Our first three games after are positive. Transfers Just One move in January Matias Arezo Monstrous Prospect. German Cup Meanwhile in the Cup we played Sandhausen, 18th in the Bundesliga and struggling, hosting them at home while we were riding a wave of momentum. Absolutely ran away with it. Which makes me wonder how many transfers I actually need to make next year. We then beat Hertha Berlin, a bigger challenge in Extra Time and statswise we dominated the match. Two Bundesliga CLubs up, Two down and into the Semi-Finals we go.
  3. i have a question. in PGE program Harry Kane's Uinque Id is 28049320 but when i save it as xml file, Harry Kane's DB Uinque Id is 120470912103088040 what is diffrence between two Id?? how can i find person's DB Uinque Id?
  4. Have they fixed OFC Champions league this year so i dont have to make a entirely new OFC Champions League for to to draw nations from teams correctly? Last two years its been random. Im gunna find out eventually but figured someone has gone done it before me
  5. I hope to go Leverkusen at some point in FM20.
  6. The Manger I'm a wimp and not nearly good enough at FM to start out with no qualifications whatsoever, so I ticked the boxes for the proper qualifications for the club's level. I made sure to emphasize youth when it came to distributing my points, as you can see. The Tactics I've decided to go for a 4-3-3 gegenpressing tactic, though I do also have a direct counter-attack version set up as well since I doubt we will yet be able to gegenpress our way to victory at the Parc de Princes. This is similar to how I have Manchester United set up in my save with them, though the player quality is quite different and that may force a tactical change. I considered playing a 4231, but having M'Vila in his preferred position at DM seems like it may be important for out chances, and will help allow Trauco and Debuchy a bit more freedom to venture forward. I've yet to settle on what my third tactic will be for the squad, but there's still time yet. The Players I would be remiss if I were to start this section with anyone other than the club captain and one club man, Loïc Perrin. He joined the club in 2001 at the age of 16 and has gone on to make 369 appearances overall. He is currently listed as favored personnel, but I would certainly love to find a way to get him bumped up to club icon. Maybe captaining a side to some silverware will do the trick? Though he is getting older, Stéphane Ruffier will be pivotal to our side's success this year. Entering his 9th year with the club having made 293 appearances, surely he will be looking to find his way to his 350th. With excellent reflexes, communication, handling and concentration I will be looking to him to aid Perrin to keep the backline organized and squad under control during matches. With him sitting at the base of out midfield, I will look to do what the likes of Roberto Mancini and Big Sam Allardyce couldn't; get the best out of Yann M'vila. Back in his native France after trips to Russia, Italy and the UK with the likes of Rubin Kazan, Inter and Sunderland respectively, he'll be charged with supporting the backline as Trauco supports the attack from the leftback position, and with helping to recycle the ball when we reclaim possession. Former Tyneside playmaker Yohan Cabaye is another player returning to his native land after a journey across the channel (and then some). After leaving Lille for Newcastle United in 2011 (what days those were for Newcastle), Cabaye has spent time at PSG, Crystal Palace, and most recently Al-Nasr in the United Arab Emirates. I wonder how many frequent flyer miles he racked up in all those trips across the channel. He'll be in charge of the playmaking duties, as he still possesses very good technique and good passing, vision and positioning. At the age of 33, he certainly finds himself in a fight with father time, but he has an immense 17 for natural fitness, so he may just manage to see off the struggles with age that many players face around this time. Maybe he'll go on to be our Pirlo. Yet another player who has spent time in England, Wahbi Khazri is a fresh signing for this season. Coming from the other side of the Tyne-and-Wear Derby, the former Black Cats attacker scored 13 goals in 32 appearances in the league for Les Verts in 2018-19, and I will be looking in his direction for creativity and goalscoring througout this season as well. He's pretty pacey, and possesses very good technique and dribbling, so I'll be hoping he can force some struggles from opposing right backs and make use of his 15 vision to make an incisive pass. While not really a former Premier League talent like the last three players, William Saliba may just find himself out to be a future one. After agreeing to let him leave the club for 27 million GBP, St. Étienne will be retaining his services for the 2019-20 season on loan. While not quite good enough to break into the starting XI at the moment, he's not far off and will certainly see his fair share of rotation play and chances in cup games and matches with lower-table opponents. \ Though Arnaud Nordin is only capable of playing at a Ligue 2 level at the moment according to our backroom staff, he is someone that I will be looking to to capitalize on the opportunities that he gets and make the most of his chances. With plenty of pace and good dribbling, he looks more than capable of covering for Khazri and going on to become a real threat from the left wing position.
  7. I wanna just rip out everything in NZ and replace the entire league with an identical copy of the Mitre 10 cup (only real NZ homies know what i mean) Would anyone be interested in a much more streamlined regionalized NZ football system with just two leagues? Probably also add Heartland championship teams for a Cup.
  8. OK thanks - our QA team have a look on a similar device in the morning - if there is anything else unusual about your setup do let us know.
  9. SI have said quite specifically that there are no update notes as this is the main game release. There will, presumably be update notes for any updates from here.
  10. From my understanding if you change a players' CA/PA in the Pre-Game Editor then his stats will improve from the start of the game but if you edit his CA/PA in the In-Game Editor then I believe it will improve gradually. Could be wrong on the last one though but I don't think the stats automatically go up as soon as you increase the CA in game.
  11. Hello I can't load a new save. I purchased the game a few hours ago and it freezes once i pick the leagues i want playable in advanced settings, specifically at loading cups and leagues. Has anyone else had this issue or know a way to resolve it? i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and it still does not work. Any help would be appreciated!!
  12. I am unable to enter first name and last name to continue in carrer mode .not showing the key pad to type the words
  13. Just completed an invincible season with Liverpool and the achievement has not triggered. I went ahead a few days to see if it would but nothing. Uploaded a save for this with two games left before the achievement should have happened, named "Liverpool no invincible.fm"
  14. This has already been reported and is under investigation and review by SI
  15. Post a thread in the Crashes and Technical sub-forum of the main FM 20 Bugs forum and the SI staff will have a look for you. Best to attach a dxdiag report as well.
  16. Hi guys. My problem here is I made tactical changes in the 2nd minute of a match but they just never went through. This meant I couldn’t make subs or any sort of tweaks throughout the entire match because the game was waiting for the break in play, which of course arrived plenty but it didn’t happen. Half time even I couldn’t change anything. I did try saying cancel tactical changes after a goal was scored but it did nothing, as did trying to edit or cancel the chances on the bar that shows up. http://
  17. I’m an Arsenal supporter too so have watched him. Think it’s a shame he wasn’t upgraded, it’s not just an Arsenal fan overhyping a player, Klopp who’s 1 of the top managers at the moment has spoken about him in glowing terms and also he’s scored 7 goals already I think. It’s a shame cause originally I had planned to make him a key part of my team but I may need to sell him now cause he doesn’t look like he’s really going to become the player he looks capable of being. I was even considering selling Lacazette and playing him with Auba in the game. May need to sell now, either that or use the editor.
  18. I am using the custom database that comes with the game. i haven't added anything else. is there any chance you would know a resolution?
  19. My only complaint is that the demo was released during exam week, and the full game was released on the first day of summer school. SI are really testing my dedication to my study, that's for sure, as I can't wait to get started on my NZ league editor file.
  20. Are you using a custom database or the editor- if so you would be best to raise this in the Editor's forum.
  21. What a nonsensical reply. It isn't our job to develop a game for a full year and then give half-hearted responses to user-found bugs from days ago upon the game's full release. How they missed such a massive bug and to not have corrected it by the time of the full release is not only extremely disappointing but also completely open to valid criticism. Their attitude shown toward the justified frustration from users only makes this worse.
  22. That thread title will undoubtedly make sense to your skinning gurus- it may not to ordinary users ( like me, who have no clue!) who want to know why their game is not working- lets see how it pans out. I suspect that the skin creators will all be onto the fix pretty quickly and have updated versions released before it becomes too big an issue.
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