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  2. Is this what you're after? Model Name: iMac Model Identifier: iMac17,1 Processor Name: Quad-Core Intel Core i5 Processor Speed: 3.2 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 6 MB Memory: 8 GB Boot ROM Version: SMC Version (system): 2.33f12 Serial Number (system): C02RH0EFGG7J Hardware UUID: FB675756-E5AF-58E2-BFBA-AC04D838C4F3
  3. My sample was from a weekend of premiership fixtures so includes mostly ai games, I know it’s a small sample size however I’ve viewed many ai matches and the trend is the same.
  4. Game crashed using the new hotfix. Happened when i was on holiday to get to a future date. Its the only crash i have had using the new patch. Matches etc have been fine GPU_info v20.0.4.1311627 (2019.11.11 20.50.11).gpudmp
  5. 37yr old Hugo Lloris is managing Szolnok in the Hungarian 2nd division...... and trash talking me in the press.
  6. I've attached a file of a game I played against Arsenal, the amount of 1 on 1's their quality forwards missed felt insane to me at the time. This is the worst example I've seen of it happening so far, but will look for more when I have time. Balls over the top.pkm
  7. I've attached one of the worst games I've seen for it, even though I tried dropping my line and was also playing with a defender on cover duty and 2 wing backs set to defend, Arsenal created so many chances just by hoofing a ball over my square defenders. Also shows the amount of times they missed 1 on 1's in the same match. Balls over the top.pkm
  8. any update on the likely arrival of this no doubt masterpiece?
  9. Summary: Penalties shootout nearly 50% missed Description of Issue: penaltie shoots FC Bayern vs BVB was 19 shoots and 9 missed. Steps to Reproduce: Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Borussia Dortmund – FC Bayern.pkm
  10. The license holders win. If FM sales drop, it doesn't impact them at all - they're not making anything from it anyway. But potentially, it forces SEGA to pay up for the license, or a portion of FM players switch to a different game that will pay (e.g. a new FIFA Manager, or even just a only artificially similar game like FIFA's Career Mode), and they have a fairly substantial win. It's a very similar argument to game piracy. The pirates will point out that them playing a downloaded copy of the game costs SI nothing, which is true. And the majority of them wouldn't buy the game if it couldn't be downloaded for free. But a minority would buy it rather than not play, and it's entirely legitimate for SI/SEGA to oppose the entire practice on that basis, even though it might have some edge benefits too (e.g. children or financially unstable adults who pirate the game, love it, and end up buying future copies when they're able to do so).
  11. My manager, chose Ashton United as of the prommoted sides it was the closest to the place I was born https://imgur.com/a/7s3nflm Starting squad, an almighty 0 LBs https://imgur.com/a/8tQ0D21 I wonder how quickly ill be sacked
  12. Hi Iwordy I can assure you that in the database i have it set correctly to 23/10/84. if it truly says "2984" on your save then this could be a bug - perhaps look to raise it as one? if you've just made a typo here then i'm not sure why you're seeing a different birthday. Hi Wednesday User. Again, i can assure you that i'm up to date with all the latest accounts and dealings with the stadium and it is set in the database as "rented" and not owned. i would perhaps request that someone like @Gripper comments on why it may not be reflecting properly in your save. Also, i dont believe this has reduced our loan debts all that much if at all. The sale was to counter the implications of FFP over the last 3 years (i.e. overspending on players and wages), and wasnt to reduce any loans imho. The accounts still list the debts repayable on promotion to all of the old debtors for example. With regards to Harris, and in addition to what RetroKid stated about the implications of increasing his pace, his stats are as set by the Cardiff researcher and not myself as i had not seen enough of him before the last review of stats to be comfortable changing anything. When stats are next reviewed i'll work with the SI research staff to set some appropriate numbers in context of all the other abilities and the rest of the league. Cheers
  13. No idea if they have fixed PA or not but some U21s to look out for are: Brandon Williams & Reece Devine (Man United) Ruben Vinagre (Wolves) Aaron Hickey (Hearts) Francisco Ortega (Velez) Vitaliy Mykolenko (Dynamo Kyiv) Josha Vagnoman (Hamburg) Owen Wijndal (AZ Alkmaar) Alex Centelles (Valencia) Marc Cucurella & Juan Miranda (Barca)
  14. Yeah but how many times without match engine exploits did FM enable messi scoring 50 goals a season...so messi was doing that in actual football but no proper football style in FM was allowing messi to play like messi...only exploits allowed messi to score like in actual football
  15. I know I’m not the only one who’s noticed, but it’s unbelievable how jittery the match engine is. I have the highest spec custom built MacBook Pro, the recommended match engine level is very high... and when on low, the game is jittery. Crazy, after how many years, this is still an issue. My Mac could run the Pentagon, but I guess just not football manager..
  16. Glad to have you along! At least this season has built a base for growth, we know how good we can be, but clearly we can't do it in one off games, having lost all our knockout games this season. So we will just have to win the whole thing I guess!
  17. Hopefully I spoke to soon about Stoke. Suddenly we have made one small but significant step on the long road to survival.
  18. It's Monday. I've had a shandy and am feeling saucy. So what players didn't or haven't quite lived up to the promise that their early FM days promised? ...I'll get us rolling: Carlos Fierro ... Here is the Football Manager 2012 equivalent at a similar age:
  19. You could, but only if you do poor to begin with. My team have a vision of signing players to sell for profit, and I've signed none.... And I'm still keeping my job.
  20. Hey guys I dont have Beta ! yet but This kid has made a huge impact in real life. my question is whats he looking like ? any one got some news on him ? in FM20
  21. Second time lucky with the playoffs. Well done.
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