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  2. Well first game I got hammered 5-1. 3 long shots, 1 free kick and 1 own goal. They managed 35 shots compared to my 6. Not off to a good start
  3. SEASON 2031/2032 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2032 SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE Promotion battle is huge this season.With 6-7 clubs(Castilla and Barcelona B can't get promotion) fighting for it.If we were more stable we could have take difference from the other contenders.... NATIONAL TEAM ANDORRA'S 2031 BEST XI WORLD RANKINGS No games for national team so we remained 165th.. OTHER INTERNATIONAL NEWS FOOTBALLER OF THE YEAR Mbappe became 32...
  4. The thing I'm still struggling with this year's game is this attacking mentality. Do people really leave it on 'attacking' when they are 1-0 up away from home and there are 85+ mins on the clock???
  5. Thanks mate.This will be our first target + some good results in nations league and European quilifiers.
  6. Good to know. I was hoping that a ball winning midfielder could provide some protection for him, would this work? Here's a screenshot of Barella. I had a Mezzala in my head because of the inside forward on the left flank, but I think support duty would be better to ensure they aren't operating in the same spaces? Thanks, I'll avoid adding the overlap instruction for now as my wing back is aggressive enough as it is. Farago has the PPM of getting in the opposition area already. I want to play a good defensive game as if you don't concede you can't lose. Defences win titles. So I'd like a good counter attaching system. Despodov looks really impressive in my opinion, but I think he can improve on balance.
  7. @CleonCan You advise me how to set up training intensity scheduling under training - > rest option. There is <59% 60-69% 70-79% 80-89% >90%.
  8. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! you havent missed anything in FM19 mate. Count yourself lucky to still have the cash in your pocket. Having watched Barcalona absolutely wreck United on Tuesday and seeing the poor state that the squad is in I decided that a new FM18 save was needed. One where I actually planned out and implemented a philosophy, bringing through the youth teams in the right way to maximise thier ability and also my revenue stream. To that end, not one of my players will go on loan until they are 19 and have had a full season in the U-23's, to ensure that all personality and traits have been sorted out the way I want them to be. I have completely overhauled the coaching staff to ensure that I am at 4.5-5 stars for everything from the U-18's up, including Physio. I have a plan for training my U-18's. Tutor first, for personality and hopefully some traits that are useful. I am going to run the training on a 3 Week Tactical, 2 Week Physical, 3 Week Technical pattern, with individual focuses being assigned to match the 8 week cycle. I want to develop some well rounded players, able to compete physically in the EPL and yet also be technically very proficient and mentally first rate. No pressure there then.
  9. Thank you Ben. It has happened with all of the competitions I have assigned them to. Currently I have my scouts watching the U19s of Serbia, Croatia, Scotland, Ireland, England, and England U23s. Best, Aaron
  10. It can get even better. I now have two direct qualifiers and PSV even managed to survive the group stage by finishing second in a group with Barça, Bayer Leverkusen and Sporting Lisboa. Only one point behind Barça too!
  11. It was the disc version. Appears to have sold out now, maybe I was lucky and they were getting rid of the last few.
  12. A regista as a lone DM can be risky defensively, because it's a roaming role that is primarily concerned with playmaking (creation), as opposed to holding defensive-minded roles (like anchor, DM, HB). It can work of course, but you need to make sure somebody will cover for him defense-wise. You can use an IWB on defend on one of the flanks, for example. Mezzala is a great role, but only if you have the right player (look at attributes and traits). You don't need overlap/underlap on the right flank, because you already have a natural overlap there (with the AP on support and the WB on attack). Bear in mind that overlaps and underlaps increase the mentality of the fullbacks/wing-backs, so be careful when using the instruction. A very important question: do you have a clear idea what style of football you exactly want to play? Is it some possession-based football? Or a fast attacking style? Or more defensive-minded with counter-attacks as the main attacking weapon? And also consider the quality of your players - are they good enough to play a particular style of football?
  13. As I suspected might have been the case, we needn't need to lift a finger to claim the title. CSKA couldn't break down Zenit in the earlier of our two matches, held to a 0-0 draw in St Petersburg, giving us an unassailable lead at the top of the pile. To win back the league at the first attempt, and with such a large margin of victory, is hugely pleasing. With the league wrapped up, we went out and played with freedom against Khimki, winning 3-1 in the Moscow suburbs. We then did what CSKA couldn't, hammering Zenit 4-1 and then giving Tosno a pasting for good measure. With a good numbers of youngsters on the field we fell to a third defeat of the season in Krasnodar, but a similarly youthful side ended the season in style with a thrashing of Yenisey, and the future looks every bit as bright as the present. 13 points is the final margin of victory, CSKA left trailing in our wake. Krasnodar won the fight for third comfortably in the end but are still some way off challenging for the title, while Armavir were surprise Europa League qualifiers ahead of another couple of strong seasons from Ufa and Khimki. Zenit had the worst campaign of the big sides, finishing down in 8th with fewer than half our points. At the other end, Kuban dodged the play-offs by a couple of points, Rubin by far the biggest side at risk of dropping down. Amkar were doomed from the beginning, while Tosno were the victims of Yenisey's late-season surge and falling through the trapdoor. These are the men who won the title back, and the first thing that jumps out at me is the number of goals we scored this season - four men into double figures for the campaign, and three of those netting 17 or more. Vorobjov was the focal point of our attack more often than not, the big signing showing why we were willing to spend so much on him, but Kolosov and Kostenko backed him up ably as the three strikers rotated. Behind them, our defence was also excellent. Borovkov was a revelation up and down the right, grabbing 11 assists as well as defensive security, while Ivashin was immovable at the heart of the back line, his imperious presence helping us keep out opposition great and small. There's also a good number of youngsters coming through - something I'm keen to add to throughout my tenure - and it seems we're in a good place to push on. Looking to next year, retaining the title has to be a priority. Spartak haven't managed that this decade, and back-to-back league crowns will put us on the way to establishing a dynasty in red and white. I'd like to see us go further in the cup - if we win the league there's no reason we can't do a double - while Europe will no doubt be slower progress. It was great to see us in the last 16 this season, and knockout football will once again be the focus in the Champions League. Once we get there, who knows what we can achieve? -- Spartak were once again kings of Russia, and convincingly so - Saparow leading his side to a double-figure league win to claim the domestic crown in emphatic fashion. CSKA had been firmly dethroned, and his first season at his boyhood club could hardly have gone better. Our Turkmen hero would not be resting on his laurels however. Europe remained the ultimate goal, and the Champions League would not conquer itself. Not only that, but a single league title was nowhere near enough for Bahtiyar and his insatiable appetite for success. It would be another busy summer in Moscow.
  14. Just started up a save with Sunderland, going to look to take them back to the top! Definitely aiming for automatic promotion in the first season. Looks like I'm going to be needing to make some staffing changes with the Assistant Manager, HOYD and Chief Scouts all looking quite poor. Got a few good youth prospects including Bali Mumba who I'm hoping I'll be able to keep hold of.
  15. Founded in 1901 Club Atlético River Plate are Argentinian, South American and arguably World footballing royalty. Domestically they are the most successful club in Argentina with 47 titles, with La Nation naming them El Campéon del Siglio (Champion of the Century) in 1999. Not one, but two of their greatest teams have nicknames - Los Millonarios in the 1930s and La Máquina in the 1940s. With 4 Copa Libertadores titles, 2 coming under current manager Marcelo Gallardo (the latter not reflected in FM19) they are joint with Estudiantes as the 4th most successful team in the competition too. The club's home, Estadio Antonio Vespucio Liberti, otherwise known as El Monumental, is the largest in Argentina and currently holds 66,266 fans. It is also the home of the national team, and hosted the 1978 World Cup final. The club have also had a thriving youth setup throughout their history. Seriously, go on their wikipedia page and just look at the ridiculous number of talents to have either been developed from an early age by the club or to have joined very young, it's on a level with the likes of Ajax in Europe. Two of the most famous are Alfredo di Stéfano (afaik one of only four players to win the European Cup / Champions League five times, along with his teammates Francisco Gento and José Maria Zárraga, and Cristiano Ronaldo) and Pablo Aimar. The club's kit is, like their rivals Boca Juniors', iconic and has lent them the nickname La Banda. When reinstating it in 1932 the stadium's namesake, president Antonio Liberti, is reported to have said "Take care of it...for this is the River Plate shirt".
  16. Welcome to what is my 3rd (4th if you count the 4th season youth reboot in the 2nd) River Plate career! Although I enjoyed a few seasons last time, I haven't been able to have as much fun as on FM18. Partially this is because I was playing on the set piece-heavy version of the ME, which would have been much more fun if I was trying to replicate Stoke circa 2010 rather than play passing football with a narrow formation a la Marco Giampaolo. But also because, in an unrealistic turn, it was impossible to get Juan Fernando Quintero to join permanently, meaning a primary motivator for the save was gone 6 months in. The winter update has rectified this! Hopefully there will be a lot more of this!
  17. Hi Neil, I am on the public beta and the game still lags on lowest quality and no crowd on any of the camera options including 2D. Specs: MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2012); Processor - 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5; Memory - 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3; Graphics - Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB Thanks
  18. Create a separate thread/topic and explain what you want to achieve in as much detail as possible (preferably post a screenshot of the tactic you are contemplating), so that you could get some more meaningful advice/suggestions. Because this SQ thread is for a different sort of questions
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  20. You don't need to use high (more or extremely urgent) pressing as a team instruction when playing on a high d-line (because it can be extremely risky). Instead, you can tell your 3-4 front players to maximize their pressing intensity in their player instructions (which Rashidi calls "split press" or "split block"). With a deeper d-line you are inviting too much pressure from the opposition, so your players need to be very good at defending.
  21. In terms of the players mentioned - Miguel Real and Eric Llopis. Miguel Real is an AMC from Silva in the Lower Leagues and Eric Llopis is a Winger from Binefar. Both available on free transfers and are easily good enough for a few leagues above.
  22. April 2021: The month began with a game against Eastleigh and despite starting the better it was Eastleigh that grabbed the lead as E.Vasalo ran from the wing and curled the ball past G.Spencerzyk who was unable to get a hand to it. We reacted well though and didn't let our heads get down as we started to pressurise the Eastleigh side more and just before the break B.Beck slotted in from close range after some great team play. The second half was all us as we controlled all aspects of play and on the 77th minute we got the winning goal with T.Owens rising above the defence and heading a B.Beck corner into the net. We carried on from the previous game as we dominated Solihull Moors and on the 3rd minute we took the lead with Rien102 sprinting with the ball and wasted no time in firing with power under the keeper. Solihull weren't getting near the ball and just before the break we were awarded a penalty after CFuller was brought down in the area, however C.Horse fired wide with the penalty. The second half was too easy for us as we controlled everything and on the 69th minute we added another goal with B.Beck finding the back of the net from outside the area. Three minutes later I was forced into a change with T.Ashley coming on for the injured P.Bezborodov Solihull never threatened us after the game I was informed that the win means we cant get relegated this season Our next game was against Bromley and they started the better with some excellent play which we couldn't cope with. Despite their domination it took till the 37th minute for them to score as H.Brockbank headed home ten yards after some poor defending. The second half was better for us as we actually started to play and on the hour we grabbed the equaliser as B.Beck continued his great scoring form for the month with a fine strike which gave the keeper little chance of saving. We were dominating the play a lot more but we failed to get past a very stubborn Bromley defence. Our penultimate game of the month saw a complete wash out against Grimsby with some real dire play. Throughout the first half their wasn't a single shot on target. The second half didn't fair any better for the fans that came with some real poor play by both sets of players. The only thing of note was that Grimsby managed to get all but one player booked with no sendings off The final game of the month saw us facing Gateshead and on the 12th minute we took the lead with CFuller running through the defence onto a T.Ashley through-ball and wasted no time ion firing past the keeper, We carried on piling forward but had to settle for a couple of rattled crossbars for our efforts in the first half. The second half was much the same with attack after attack and on the 87th minute we finally got the killer goal with CFuller playing a one two with Salkster fire in under the keeper. Monthly Results: (Vanarama National League unless stated) 2/4/21: Eastleigh (41/46) (a) 2-1w B.Beck, T.Owens / E.Vasalo 5/4/21: Solihull Moors (42/46) (h) 2-0w Rien102, B.Beck 10/4/21: Bromley (43/46) (h) 1-1d B.Beck / H.Brockbank 17/4/21: Grimsby (44/46) (a) 0-0d No Scorers 24/4/21: Gateshead (45/46) (h) 2-0w CFuller (2) Team: | Name | Position | Apps | Gls | Ast | Clean sheets | Conc | Yel | Red | Av Rat | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Georgez Spencerzyk | GK | 21 | 0 | 0 | 5 | 36 | 0 | 0 | 6.86 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Panpardus | GK | 20 | 0 | 0 | 5 | 49 | 0 | 0 | 6.70 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Martin. A Powell | D (R) | 30 | 2 | 2 | - | - | 3 | 0 | 6.67 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Manxie Ash | D (C) | 40 (4) | 1 | 2 | - | - | 6 | 0 | 6.85 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Mark Catterall | D (C) | 9 (5) | 0 | 0 | - | - | 1 | 0 | 6.61 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Rien102 | D (C) | 28 | 4 | 0 | - | - | 6 | 1 | 6.99 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Petr Bezborodov | D/WB/M/AM (L) | 8 (3) | 0 | 0 | - | - | 1 | 0 | 7.03 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Tom Ashley | D/WB (L) | 8 (3) | 0 | 1 | - | - | 1 | 0 | 7.04 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Terry Owens | D (RLC), WB (R) | 27 (3) | 3 | 2 | - | - | 3 | 0 | 7.19 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Marco Van Bas Turd | DM, M (C) | 23 (3) | 3 | 2 | - | - | 6 | 0 | 6.98 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Neilhoskins | M (R) | 28 (2) | 10 | 12 | - | - | 6 | 1 | 7.40 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Sherm | M (C) | 22 | 6 | 2 | - | - | 6 | 1 | 7.16 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Greyfriars Bobby | M (C) | 21 (4) | 1 | 3 | - | - | 5 | 0 | 6.89 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Ben Beck | M (L) | 23 (1) | 4 | 4 | - | - | 3 | 0 | 7.12 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Terk Jr | M (RC), AM (C) | 16 (5) | 1 | 3 | - | - | 5 | 1 | 6.69 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Faramir | M/AM (R), ST (C) | 33 (5) | 9 | 5 | - | - | 5 | 0 | 6.94 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | WLKRAS | AM (RL) | 12 (6) | 2 | 2 | - | - | 2 | 1 | 7.00 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Copper Horse | ST (C) | 29 (3) | 2 | 5 | - | - | 2 | 0 | 6.62 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Salkster | ST (C) | 15 (9) | 11 | 4 | - | - | 1 | 0 | 7.00 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | CFuller | ST (C) | 34 (7) | 18 | 5 | - | - | 4 | 0 | 7.04 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Balthazars | ST (C) | 17 (9) | 11 | 5 | - | - | 4 | 0 | 7.09 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Other News: An unbeaten month sees us rise to 12th and safe from relegation with 61pts. With one game left to play we cant reach the play-offs and will finish the season in 12th. Injury news saw P.Bezborodov out for the rest of the season after breaking his ribs in the game against Solihull Moors. CFuller's goal against Gateshead was his first goal for more than 15 hours of play much to his relief.
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