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  2. Seems to be working fine on the Public Beta version, thank you for your help. Will the main version be updated to correct small bugs like these? Wondering if I should wait for an update before continuing this save.
  3. I love this! The first libero-tactic that I really works. One note: I struggle a bit to get the stirkers running. I've used it for two seasons with Arsenal and play Auba/Laca in front of Ozil+Miki. Even Ozil outscored Auba last season..
  4. This is the game save after the news item appeared. After 782M.zip
  5. This is the game save before the news item came up. Before 782M.zip
  6. This can't be right can it? When he's only valued at £6.25M.
  7. Can you please tell me what skin this is where you have the faces on tactic screen?
  8. wish i remember where it was, i think in the official feedback thread
  9. Has Ajax Amateurs ever given you anything wothwhile? Seems to always have been a waste of time for me
  10. Superb stuff, congrats on a heroic achievement! Maybe interesting to upload the save and for someone to holiday another couple of decades to see how things progress from there?
  11. Well just to be clear - the deciding factor here was the processor is much better - the graphics cards were similar enough in performance.
  12. Like was already said you definitely have too many possession instructions. The roles should be fine as long as your players suit them from what I can tell. With the same formation and positive mentality I've had success combining possession based instructions work ball into box and shorter passing with counter and counter press while having a fast AF upfront and giving a few of the best passers in my team more direct passing and take more risks as an individual instruction. I score loads of goals from counters either after a through ball to one of my wingers or more often the AF who either scores himself of crosses low for a simple tap in before the defense line catches up. And yet my team is playing patient when the opposing defence is settled and not rushing things due work ball into box and less crossing and longshots in personal instructions (they still cross plenty and I score loads of goals from crosses).
  13. I've only noticed it at the beginning of the current 2021/22 season. The 3 previous seasons I did not encounter this. Attached is a save from 5th Jul 2021, sorry don't have one from just before starting the new season. Real Madrid at this point have spent 28mil, and have no money left. But Man Utd, Chelsea, Barcelona, Athletico Madrid for example all have either no or very little money and have not spent any so far on transfers, just loans and free transfers. Bayern Munich only have 1.8mil. fm_save3.zip
  14. Thanks again, I decided on this... https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/acer-nitro-5-15-6-intel-core-i5-gtx-1050-gaming-laptop-1-tb-hdd-10181374-pdt.html 4gb RAM on the NVIDIA 1050 Graphics card was too good to turn down. Loving it, playing at "Very High" graphics capabilities now. Hasn't blinked... My life is complete.
  15. How can i add a background to the base skin?
  16. Ugh, it drove me crazy and is still something I struggle with - if I play 2 strikers they play together/off each other really well (hence my superb run at the end of last season), it's when I play a lone frontman that I struggle a lot more and obviously with my default setup being a 4141 it's an ongoing issue. I've obviously spent a fair bit of time addressing it but my solution has been more to spread the responsibility around the team (my wingers and MC Mezzala bearing the brunt) - not sure if that's something you can tweak/work towards? I do want to revisit the lone frontman thing and see if I can get one working well - I know the popular opinion is they just don't work as well in the current edition of the game but I can hardly subscribe to the theory when my strikers are either unsuited to playing a lone role (Meaney) or just bang average (the rest)! I did use a lone frontman in my FC United save to great effect - he was one of those guys with limited CA but just the right stats (super quick with great dribbling/finishing) though that I was very lucky my scouts turned up (as they were almost useless), but I kept him until the Premier League as he was still something of a super sub when everyone got tired. Irrespective his goal scoring record was very good (it does annoy me how this screen only seems to show total league goals, his first 5 seasons totals were actually 25, 23, 31, 26 & 12 - the championship was a step too far for him to be a regular but what a signing on a free!); Most of that save was pre-19.3 but strikers seem better post-patch than before so in that sense it should be easier to get them firing now? There might be a trick I'm missing, but as I say, it seems a little futile to spend ages testing when I know I'm working with 'flawed test subjects' Hopefully you can solve the issue as it doesn't sound like you're too far away otherwise? Our low bank balance is a result of our high youth costs with relatively low TV income from the lower leagues over the last few years, yes - that plus my blackmailing of the board for upgrades at every opportunity! We have two upgrades going on right now that cost a cool £2.5 million alone so I guess I'm kinda responsible? Our takeover didn't bring anything in investment wise either which was a touch disappointing, but the flip side is that if they put nothing in they'll (hopefully) take nothing out? We are paying close to half a million a year currently for our youth setup but I think it's totally worth it (with guys like Meaney & Kenyon coming through), it's just taken a while for us to reap the benefit, especially with such low average attendance and TV income (although low is also relative when compared to Makoto in Africa, Jimbo in France etc!). This seasons TV money & season ticket income has transformed our finances thankfully, we were hovering around the £100k mark for a long long time;
  17. I've now uploaded "Crash.flv" - it took a while for it to happen this time, but it has now. Let me know what you find?
  18. Sry I think i uploaded a wrong version, but just a small change an MC to DM as DLP D, basically team instructions are the same.
  19. Hello there, I always get a crash dump if i open a mail about financial situation. If i try to skip the message and just move on, the game crashes in the next 1-2 days as soon as i get back into the mails. The Date is the 12th June of 2022, WM just started (maybe thats the problem?!) but overall its more about the email instead of the date. I didnt used the ingame editor. I used this workshop content for this save. I uploaded my save to the SI Cloud Service, the name is Florian Flatzn - Hertha.fm. FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.04.18 15.45.36).dmp
  20. If you manage to win the second period as well there won't be playoffs. You'll get instantly promoted
  21. I am playing FM 19. I think it might be programmed in game and here is why. I made a bid for Callum Hudson Odoi from Chelsea to be turned down. Callum Hudson Odoi is now unhappy at Sarri. (Chelsea are 2nd in the league 2 points behind us.) Loftus Cheek is the same from Chelsea. Made a bid for him which was turned down. Loftus Cheek is now unhappy with Sarri. Same at Liverpool with someone else. Name escapes me who right now. Failed bid and now player is unhappy at Liverpool. (Liverpool are like 7th in the league 16 points off us. Aston Villa sit sixth.) Tested it out with a player from Watford, Troy Deeney. Same deal. Troy is now unhappy at Watford asking for a transfer. All of those bids were for squad rotation players. Could be something in the programming for FM19.
  22. As far as I'm aware, the nation filter is only for filtering by clubs in that country rather than nationality of the newgen. So you have to trawl through the French club intakes to find Basque players. No easy way really that I know but Aviron Bayonnais are Basque and I think there is a Biarritz team but they are both small clubs but worth check their players out just in case. As an aside, Aviron Bayonnais always interest me because I feel like there would be a good opportunity to make them a big club as there are no big clubs in the French Basque country. The only problem is they start in a non-playable league (although they got promoted in my save). I think it would be a good challenge to make them a big club and try to increase the size and quality of the Basque talent pool. Once you've made them a force, move to Bilbao and reap the benefits. I reckon the challenge could be made harder if you follow a Basque only policy with them as well.
  23. Prologue "Choose the best player for each position and you'll end up not with a strong XI but with 11 strong 1s" Mr. Cruyff has always been my managing Idol along with Lobanovskiy and when I find myself facing difficulties in the game I will usually refer to his adages in search for a solution. This quote in particular struck me deeply as a kid. I was not a physically amazing kid and I lacked technique on the ball so my approach to football was since the beginning a tactical, intelectual one, in the playground and sports class I would try to lead and aid my companions by directing them ( with mixed results and little discipline, when you are a kid you absolutely must be a horse to be a jockey). One of my obsessions was the formation of a Dream Team: 11 players all amongst the best at what they do who can work with each other as a team. Thus I will rephrase the previous quote as: "To have the strongest XI you need to have the best players in each role of a working system". In this Topic I will present my way of achieving such a thing. Archetypes in football I define Archetype as the pinnacle of a way of playing a particular position in football. As an example: the archetype for a deep playmaker who plays behind the midfield line is Pirlo, the archetype of a bombing wingback is Cafu, the archetype of the complete footballer is Cruyff. Archetypes can therefore be seen as the idealised version of a particular player, the best of the best in the history of football leave behind a blueprint of how the game should be played that lesser players seek to imitate. I believe that in order to build a squad one must select 11 archetypes and sign, scout and develop players to fit a particular idealised 11. Given that the greatest teams in history have all been about adapting 11 players into a system rather than adapting systems for 11 players it stands to reason that the system must take priority over a particular player. My Dream Team As a disclaimer I will say that I do not believe this eleven players to be the best in history but rather the best at 11 particular things I want my players to do. The Sweeper-Keeper Archetype, Manuel Neuer: A keeper that could play as a midfielder amidst an injury crisis, when he is not making great saves he is always there to ease the pressure and recycle the ball. I want my keeper to be confident when given the ball since I play with a highline and don't want long risky passes from my backline. The Railway Train Archetype, Cafu: A wingback that contributes in attack with pace dribbling and crosses, playing two roles at the same time as part of the back four and the attacking unit at the same time. I want my wingback to go high up the pitch and provide width along with another attacking option but also have the work rate to run back and defend when we lose the ball. The Tower Archetype, Vidic: A tall, strong, intimidating centre back that can win any and every physical challenge even against the bulkiest Target man. I want a stopper who can intercept the ball and leave the Ibrahimovics a Drogbas ball-hungry. The Kaiser Archetype, Beckenbauer: A technically gifted defender that can both win the ball back with an inch-perfect challenge and distribute the ball to his teammates with confidence and assertiveness. I want a player who I can trust when bringing the ball out of defence and who can balance the deficiencies of the Tower. The Tractor Archetype, Zanetti: a truly complete defender who can be trusted with every task on the pitch, the defensive equivalent to Cruyff. I want a wingback that can mark, tackle and intercept any chance that could be born on his side on the pitch and also help the midfield when possession has been won. The Regista Archetype, Pirlo: The playmaker of the Team, what he lacks in physicality he makes for in technique and vision. A man who can win entire seasons on his passing alone and will always find the space to create a clear-cut chance for the strikers. I want him to concentrate on passing the ball around and creating chances for the men in front. The Workhorse Archetype, Neeskens: The hardest worker in the pitch who can both stop an attack short on its tracks and smash the ball inside the net with an accurate powerful long shot without breaking a sweat. I want an all arounder that can sit deep, carry the ball on his feet and finish play during 90 minutes for 40 or 50 consecutive matches. The Magician archetype, Mathews: The man who no one can take the ball from receiving in midfield and only letting the ball loose inside the opponent's area. I want a dribbler that can bypass any defensive line while making the ball look like a sticky bomb The Roadrunner Archetype, Gento: The man no one can catch, he will outrun everyone and leave even the cameraman behind. I want a pacey runner with an excellent capacity for crossing. The technician Archetype, Zico: The number 10 of the team, the technical miracle who can make something out of any ball given and drive whole teams insane with his unpredictability and sheer talent. I want a gifted midfielder who can dribble, pass and shoot with equal ease and majesty. The Goal Machine Archetype, Sanchez: A striker with a seemingly endless repertoire of finishes who can score even the most pathetic of passes with with a single touch. I want a poacher who can score with both feet and his head beating his markers with good anticipation and off the ball movement and a clinical finish. Formation and Roles These are the roles which I believe will best help me achieve the combination of archetypes I want. SK-s= I don't think I need him on an attack duty since he can do his job when we are on the ball without taking extra risk. CWB-a= He will provide the width in attack and occupy the space left behind by the IF-a. BPD-d= He will be in charge of bringing the ball out of defence. CD-d= having him as a stopper would ruin the offside trap, he will work as a stopper because of his attributes not because of the role. IWB-s= He will cover the space left be the BBM when he goes forwards. DLP-d= My midfield creator he should stay the deepest and have no less than 6 options to pass the ball to (midfield partner + wingback + attacking midfielders + striker) BBM= The roaming midfielder to my holding creator, a multi-purpose tool. IF-a= a scoring and passing threat from wide, he should make things happen from inside the opponent's area. AM-s= I don't want another playmaker he will act like one when he gets the ball thanks to his PPMs but he won't be a ball magnet like a AP-s W-s= The will provide the width the IWB won't and add another option to our attack. DLF-a= by being deeper he should theoretically challenge their defensive line better, I am not sure about this role AF and P are both possible options I will try. My four attacking players and the BBM have the Close Down More PI, inspired by Lobanovsky. Team Instructions I tend to use roles and PIs over team instructions so there are only 6 things I want my team to do and which they won't do on their own. Positive Mentality= I will be playing a strong team so this will be my default. Shorter Passing= to help with possession and team cohesion. Play out of defense= I very much dislike long passes from the back line, this isn't american football. Distribute to centre-backs= consistent with play out of defence. Counter-Press= I want my team to attack the ball as soon as it is lost. Much Higher defence line= to aid with the pressing. Use Offside Trap= if the pressing works then my opponents will have to try long balls, this is my counter measure.
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