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  2. 1. Since it is html, you don't need each file, single one has all five pages. 2. Zoom is your friend. 3. What are your thoughts of putting the Penetration, Solidarity, and Support ratings for each position, along with a calculator? Attacking Structures
  3. Ok then, I'll be uploading a 6-page quick introduction to these concepts, also based on guidetofm.com explanations
  4. THE TACTIC HAS BEEN UPDATED TO V2 Changes: - changed the mentality from "Attacking" to "Balanced" - tweaked the role and PIs of MCL position - tweaked the PI of MCR position - tweaked PIs of DL/DR position - tweaked some TIs
  5. @sedge11 What role are you using Rashford in? Not started my save yet but I'm seriously considering starting with the first window transfers off, even though it will be painful. Never done that before in any FM though (as well as having attribute masking on which I'm definitely doing for the first time).
  6. I don't think people understand concepts like "core style", "number eight water carrier", etc. Also, you can't choose fluidity anymore. The game sets it for you.
  7. January 2030 A very difficult beginning to the new decade, but a good win against Wycombe restores some morale. Transfers 2 keeprs on the move this transfer window, sold Debenham-Waterfall to Championship side Oxford, so perhaps he's got some potential. I managed to negotiate a 50% sell on fee just in case.
  8. I just had 2 goals where the striker dribbles around the goalkeeper, first time i saw it. Hope the colour of the crowd will change at the next update, tired of seeing 50% wearing brown or orange jackets
  9. PLEASE TELL ME THAT WAS UMAR SADIQ ! LOL biggest flop ive ever seen in a football shirt lol.
  10. I got Tobido unsettled at Barca and got him for about 30M, he's quite good so far. I'll also mention Javier Montero from Atleti. Atleti have Nehuen Perez who looks good but I've not used him. Merih Demiral is available for about 20M after the first season in my game too.
  11. As afirmações (1) e (2) estão corretas! A versão do driver da Nvidia que funciona no FM20 é a 436.15 (27/08/2019)! Todas as demais versões acima desta, o jogo não funciona. Fica na tela preta. Por exemplo, a versão mais atual do driver da Nvidia, 441.66 não funciona! Segue meu DxDiag --- Statements (1) and (2) are correct! The Nvidia driver version that works on the FM20 is 436.15 (27/08/2019)! All other versions above this, the game does not work. It is on the black screen. For example, the most current version of the Nvidia driver, 441.66 does not work! DxDiag.txt
  12. Getting that itch to play again, but these bugs just won't let me enjoy it. Maybe I'll reinstall 19
  13. you have to believe that injuries in one club will be bigger and smaller in another, maybe you have prepared the players badly for the season or something like that. Look at this: https://www.flashscore.pl/mecz/0Glu8uEj/#szczegoly-meczu 4+2 vs 4+1 injuries Here Everton 9 injuries: https://www.flashscore.com/match/p4OrS05M/#match-summary
  14. We did lose twice in October, but only once in the league, winning the rest but that was only enough to reclaim the playoff spot we lost in defeat at Sunderland and we'll need to beat Southampton in the Leasing.com Trophy, as the board are demanding we reach at least the third round.
  15. How to use .fmf Files: Place in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\editor data folder. Start a new save. When selecting the database(before Advanced Setup), be sure to select the checkbox to enable the file. How to use Facepacks: 1. Place images in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\graphics\faces. Overwrite any current images. Open fmXML. Click Browse, and select the Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\graphics\faces folder. Select "All filenames are IDs". Press GO! Say Yes to overwriting the current config.xml file. This will add the new faces, while keeping your previous downloaded facepacks. 2. Load your save, clear the cache, reload the skin.
  16. My friend, I already did that.It does not work!Still the black screen!
  17. Hello SI Team, Everytime I quit the game and exit, I get a staging error. I think its been happening since I got the game. Not the end of the world as it doesn't effect gameplay, but it would be nice to sort. I attached my dxdiag file. I can attach a dump file too, but it says it is too large to upload. Thanks! DxDiag.txt
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  19. December 2029 A tough month in which we played superior opponents, but we've made the 3rd Round of the FA Cup and still hanging around the playoffs. We are also in the midst of a takeover as I have done our best to cripple the club financially and the chairman has had enough.
  20. Hi guys, I was wondering if there are any youtubers who play FMT? I was struggling to find anyone online?
  21. Oof, love the attention to detail but not an amazing intake there.
  22. The propose of the in-game highlighted attributes for the roles is similar to "default preset tactics" … it just gives new FM players some "footing/orienteers" but we all know that the efficient of the default preset tactics are far from what you can get and the same story with the in-game highlighted attributes for the roles… Only you can know what "job" your players do in your tactic and what attributes they need to do that job well… For example, both MCR and MCR plays important role in the attack and in the defense so they must be somehow balanced.
  23. If you consider that there is an issue with the in game rules, then please raise it in the relevant Bugs forum- please however, ensure that you do so in the proper manner
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