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  2. This one finished 2-2 and 3 of the goals were set pieces. It doesn't seem to be the first instance - the ball will get cleared and when it comes back into the box, players seem to be finding themselves wide open. Sheff Wed v Leeds.pkm
  3. I've added this comment to an outstanding Swedish scheduling start date issue.
  4. Hi @danny2978, this is a known issue that is being reviewed however if you can provide a save just before this occurs, it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Apologies for my ignorance, but why does it being a beta mean no detailed change-list?
  6. Hi, So since yesterdays update my ME has been really laggy, I had this issue last week but managed to solve it by adding Fm to the Nvidia Graphics card, however that doesnt seem to do the trick anymore. Any suggestions on how I can sort it out?
  7. The only thing that Would cause issues issues imo is if SI are forced to mess with ID's or stop a path to modding the game, but that seems unlikely at this stage.
  8. Hi @iPlayNaked, this is a known issue however, if you can provide a save just before this generates, it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Hi @Dajoowie, indeed this is a new feature where some staff members if they are the right person for the job can chat with the players. Do you have a save just before the chat generates where you get the staff member to chat with the player? That definitely sounds like an issue as there should be some feedback about the outcome. Thanks
  10. Where are you being referred to as female? Could you post a screenshot please?
  11. The oppositions goalkeeper saved my penalty into the post, but it rebounded into the goalkeeper and the ball stoped on the line. The goalkeeper ended up standing next to the ball until the defenders managed to clear the ball of the line
  12. Can you provide a save @Dajoowie? Idealy just before the promise has been completed... Thanks
  13. @alexis OL Pour info nous avons l'équipe de développeur de FM a pris en compte ta remontée et l'a loggué comme étant un bug. Ils font des recherches pour pouvoir le corriger dès que possible. Merci de ta remontée.
  14. Hi @krisHeslop, do you happen to have a save just before you receive the chat news item?
  15. That's a good point actually - I think at the moment it just checks if a player is at the club and has played enough fixtures and doesn't consider those either out on loan or left to join a new club. I believe this is something the coding team have already been made aware of. Thanks for these. We'll get those lads their medals they deserved.
  16. I got to extra time in the spanish cup, but during the extra time the decision box, "would you like to confirm the tactical changes after the goal", about 10 times. Don't know why.
  17. I don't know how it works in this year's FM but irl poaching young players in England is restricted by the club's youth category. Cat One clubs can poach from Cat Two and Three clubs but not vice versa. Young players are like any other and will want to go to the highest level they can. If a top talent emerges in your youth intake they're not always going to want to stay.
  18. Hi guys, this is a known issue that we cannot reproduce on our latest code. Thanks.
  19. Bonjour @vistaaumax je remonte ça et je te tiens au courant.
  20. Hi @Rob Heckman, The user has upload (finally) his save on our cloud under the name "m.fm". Cheers,
  21. Hi @Rodis, can you perhaps send us a save so we can check this out? This sounds like something we are aware of but I would like to double check. Thanks
  22. Can you please attach any crash dump from 20.1.0 (so the latest version) so we can check? Would also be worth uploading a save game to use and letting us know the file name and an example of which team you've selected a job from in order to cause this to happen. Details on how to upload here - https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2020/238_how-to/241_pc/how-to-upload-files-for-support-r847/ Thanks.
  23. I suppose it makes it more of a challenge to unearth the next wonderkid. I like the way SI have made subtle changes this year to help prevent the easiness of users spamming the system.
  24. I cannot get this to reproduce on our latest code. I have checked this out with a number of examples with no luck. Can you confirm if this is still the case @thesharmz?
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