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  2. You lot sometimes forget the role of facilities and league reputation - when both these thing rises, the general level of league rises, tv money rises and clubs have more money to invest/spend. A lot of countries have limited man-power potential so even if they have excellent facilities they won't produce as much good regen as better countries. I agree that there should be few changes to some countries ratings but the overall level of newgen players is preety good. There was few experiments with regen quality in countries and how much changing some aspects can change quality of regens. For now, it's okay. And as in every topic to discuss - we need proof and examples of things that can be improved/changed.
  3. Normally I choose 2-4 key attributes and start at 10. If there are many options I start raising both attributes, one higher at a time (11, 12, 13...), and this usually shows me the best target. I believe that if you look for too many attributes your search could be harder at times, because the majority of players are good on some aspects and not so good on others. Finding the balance on the team may be a key to success. When I think about a BWM, I see a roaming player that moves all around the field looking for the ball and trying to recover it, and when in possession, he does simple passes and try to start attacks/counterattacks in a very simple way (not a creative one). So the natural alternatives would be other roaming roles, that is, the box to box midfielder and the roaming playmaker. However a playmaker is usually a more gifted and creative player, so if you don´t want this, the BBM would be your man. Alternatively, you could use a CM - Support with roaming and pressing instructions. He would behave in a very similar way to a BWM.
  4. Well I disagree with the bolded. If an AMC can make a break through with any of his teammates is what I'd care about. If he can find the winger free, the winger crosses for a tap-in from anyone else, that's good playmaking because he found the most high percentage way of making the team score. There's the vision, anticipation, quality passing and understanding of the situation in a single pass. I understand what you're aiming at, but I think you shouldn't be considering it that way.
  5. Can you provide a save @jack1980reacher?
  6. Hi @Hovis Dexter, I can confirm that this does not reproduce for us on the latest code. Thanks.
  7. Do any of these tactics use the throw in exploit like tff? I want one without.
  8. I would say ARGUS 343. Testing a 352 today, but I am mostly avoiding the exploits.
  9. A FM 12 save. I started as usual on the lowest standard league level and in this save in Denmark with Thisted FC. I ended as runner up and was a bit frustrated because only the winner could be promoted. So I looked for another club and only a 6th league team in UK wanted me, the newly promoted Kingstonian FC. The team was technically a nightmare, physically fine and mentally outstanding or with other words: They could not play but run and never gave up. Exactly what I love. I was 11 saisons with the team, achieved 2 promotions and finally turned professional. Then, I thought I should do something different and went back to Denmark. With Blokhus FC I set-up my personal record of 25 following victorious games. And then the save broke down.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. This is an issue we are aware of and the dev team are currently looking into the problem. Cheers, Ben
  11. Hi @jack1980reacher, if you could provide a save of this latest issue just before you reject the transfer offer it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. Without having a look at your save game it's hard for us to tell what could have caused the issue. It isn't something we have encountered internally before. If you have a save game from just before you were given £53M as your transfer budget would you be able to upload it to our cloud service. Details on how to upload can be found below. Cheers, Ben
  13. I guess you could say that "offense is the best defense", yeah. Especially on this year's edition of the game I did notice that higher mentalities tend to better defensively speaking, but I was trying to see if maybe I could get away with playing a Low-Intensity / Cautious (simple / boring) type of football. I don't know how much the intensity really affects the game, but I don't like that bar to turn red(ish). Unfortunately I can't post any screens of this since I abandoned the save in the meantime, but I did mention some details in the first post. It was basically a standard flat 4-4-2 with a slightly modified Direct Counter style, hardly any PIs. Roles were set-up like this: Po (A) TM (S) WM (S) CM (S) CM (D) W (A) FB (S) CD (D) NCB (D) FB (S) SK (D) Cautious Sligthly More Direct Passing Slightly Higher Tempo Regroup / Counter Lower Line of Engagement Lower Defensive Line Thinking I can sit deep and draw out opponents, I used the Lower Defensive Line and Lower Line of Engagement setting, along with the default pressing setting, without Getting Stuck-In or Tight Marking. I was thinking to make it hard for the opposition to find space / break down my positioning instead of aggresively chasing them, but they did manage to find their way around using some balls-over-the-top a few times, which as I said made me wonder about the Defensive Line. I was thinking that these lower settings would at least work a bit better against that. Anyway, I appreciate the feedback and I might give it another try sometime.
  14. I've seen that before. It's when one of your players has complained about squad depth lacking in an area and your response has been along the lines of 'it's fine, we have a load of kids coming through' - not sure how you actually resolve the promise; I assume something to do with playing a youth prospect regularly. Personally speaking, I have never failed this promise but that's largely because my teams are always very young, full of wonderkids and win regularly. I would assume a combination of playing kids and winning things would count as fulfilling this promise. Bit nebulous though.
  15. I actually think you can get quite far using intuition in FM. Of course, research and study makes you better, but it's the same for all games. You don't need to know about how players train to be successful, if you see a player is marked as a professional, you know what that means if you compare that to a player with the description "Slack". You don't need to research it to know who will train better on average. But there is a balance act SI needs to carefully handle. How much help to too much and how little is too little? How much knowledge should they expect from the player? Do we need to explain the rules of the game? Do we expect players to understand how a 4-4-2 defends compared to a 3-5-2/5-3-2 wing back variant? It is a tricky thing that, in regards to strategy and simulation games. I've seen a lot of tactics in here that players claim should work when they have, in my opinion, glaring holes that is easy to spot. Like lack of a pivot-type player to recycle possession, or lack of lateral movement between the lines (two of the main issues people struggle with as far as I've seen). But while that might be easy for me to spot, it's almost impossible for new players who aren't familiar with football from a tactical point of view. If you have only seen football as an enjoyment of goals and skills, then it might be very hard to spot. And I've come to terms with being one of a few who can really enjoy a 0-0 match with few chances because of how the managers are aiming to disarm the other team. That said, I think the game lacks a bit of contextual advise to players who don't know such things. Not just what to change but why. Of course, everyone can find this out by trial and error, but that tenacity isn't all that common. And I know that this is not an easy task and also reflects back to the earlier point, how much help is enough? Personally, I like how it is, but that might be because I've played the game for so many year that I'm used to it. Or that I'm not one for instant gratification and despise all the whistles and bells of mobile games.... I just realized how old I sound... sigh....
  16. RKC Waalwijk 13th March 2030 UEFA Champions League First Knockout Round, Leg 2 KLM Flightpath Arena, Waalwijk RKC Waalwijk 1 - 3 Bayer 04 Leverkusen (Bayer 04 win 5-3 on aggregate) Really, really poor. Mark Wijks' red card killed the game off, when my poor tactic selection put us on the brink. *SIGH*
  17. Today
  18. I used this tactic with Ibiza in la liga and finished 4th with probably one of the weakest teams in the league and no transfer budget
  19. Thanks! I find it is easy to keep things simple, it is just hard to do it in the face of what feels like overwhelming complexity. I am a scientist, and when we have complexity (which is all the time) we try to break it down in manageable simpler problems that we can understand individually and then put together to understand the whole. That is pretty much what I have been doing here. I think also just having a plan helps.
  20. Hi there guys. Not played much the last few weeks but ive since switched it on and it seems very laggy since i last played,is there anything i can do to rectify this as its very frustrating as you can imagine. Ive enclosed my DXDIAG for further info Hoping to play again soon please help!! DxDiag.txt
  21. What is the player on the right of the striker? The other way to convert this chance would be the striker to play a ball to his right into space for the other player to run onto.
  22. Honestly, I think it is entirely possible to use intuition in the game and still be successful. Indeed, I think it is vital. People see complexity and think it requires complexity. Which is exactly what it does not need. If this were science (and I am a scientist, so I think this way) you would break a complex problem into a series of isolated simpler problems. You can absolutely treat FM this way (although really most things are linked so they are not really separate). When it comes to training, I just get a competent AM who has coaching ideas similar to my own, and leave him to his devices. I am not yet at a stage where I want to tackle training, so I just ignore team training. It is on my to do list. I sign good coaches (or as good as I can get just looking at the stats, you do not need to research everything first, just go with your gut), and do individual training (which I do care about). I have consistently great feedback from players on the training, and everyone gets better as appropriate. So delegation is a genuine solution here. In terms of how it works, like I said I have not really played around with it. I would say it is quite straight forward though, just time consuming. You train your players in the way to make them play your tactical style better. If you play passing football, you make that better. If you are Pulis, you aim to create a team of muscular giants, etc. It comes back to my first point. It looks complicated (and very daunting) so you think you should answer with complexity. Do not. Go at it simply and see what happens.
  23. When I manage (no tactic issues) club and can't take decision, I think 'What would Sir Alex Ferguson do in this situation?' He is a reference how to take a discipline and a reference how to impove club. Pep Guardiola looks like him, but Pep didnt work a lot of times in one club yet. Legacy of SAF is wonderful, its not only club, its Empire. I read his biography twice
  24. I know, it's all about 4-4-2 and 4-1-4-1 but I want to play something different so I'm looking for the best out of a bad bunch. GOODBYE3412 and ARGUS343IF seem decent so far in my testing.
  25. Well if you thought last summer's transfer window was impressive this one might just take the cake. 1. (Regen) Casper Bengtsson 21 year old Striker from Brondby IF - 6 mil With Marriott and Cunha I really didn't need another striker but yet here we are. This Danish striker is incredible 17 dribbling, 17 finishing, 16 heading, 16 Technique, 17 Strength, and 15 agility and acceleration. He's a crazy good Complete Forward who convinced me to sign him over Fiete Arp. Cunha can slide into rotation on the Left Wing or move back to striker if Marriott or Bengtsson go cold. Considering what Marriott has done in his 3 seasons in the Premier League I can't wait to see what Bengtsson is going to unleash on this league. 2. Renato Sanches 24 year old CM from Bayern - 36 mil Another player I didn't really need but I could afford him and haven't been able to pry him off Bayern since FM 16. He's going to start at the box to box role as I move Schlager over to the Deep Lying Playmaker spot. While his attacking attributes aren't the best in the world his physicals are very close to be. 19 balance, 16 agility, 16 strength, 17 natural fitness, 15 strength and acceleration. He's going to be part of our midfield for years and I can't to see how he preforms. 3. Pablo Maffeo 24 year old RB Bayern - 32 mil My biggest need was RB and he got one of the better in the world and he was available very cheaply for his quality. He's incredible quick; 16 acceleration, 18 agility, 15 pace. While he's not the greatest attacking forward he's very good defensively 14 marking, and 16 tackling. He's the perfect RB to pair with the more offensive minded Poulson. Bogle moves to the back up option but he will still get his chances. My defense is starting to tighten and tighten and we are starting to compare with the big 6. 4. Mason Mount 23 year old CM - Free He's already spent 4 years here at Derby so seeing that his contract was up I decided to sign him. He's coming off an amazing year, he fits my my scheme very well as the main attacking midfielder. 21 goals and 31 assists all time here at Derby. While his physical attributes aren't amazing, his technical attributes are quite good and well rounded. I'm very happy to be able to bring Mount on a permanent deal here as we will continue to leads us to great heights. 5. (Regen) Sergio Casaprima 22 year old CAM - Free The young Argentinian is much more of a playermaker then a goal scoring threat. Very good all around stats, his finishing could be better then a 9 but we'll live as he slices open defenses in the final 3rd getting the ball to our talented attackers. Not sure if he kept rejecting contract extensions or not but I'm glad he's here. He'll be rotating with Ruben Loftus Cheek at the CAM position but he might have to go on loan if we can't get the work permit. We are now very deep all over the board, another Europa League challenge and a big battle in the Premier League. Our expectations from the board is pretty high but I now I have the team to take on the challenge.
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