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  2. I'll have my IT guys look at it when I'm back home. They have saved a hard drive for me before, so I should be able to do that. Thanks for the suggestion! It is difficult - literally 2-3 players came be the entire difference between struggling and succeeding. The most frustrating thing for me is thinking I have a good/great Intake, and then the players just don't develop. Hate that!
  3. February and March 2032 A slight change to the fixture list as two games moved to the prime Saturday slot, clearly the preserve of those in the title race. And the results match the focus with us scoring four goals in four of the game, showing the benefits of the tactical changes. A little poor defensively at the end of the month which is a shame, especially as we lost one of our DCs for two games, but that was that Union Mertert and Titus Petange games, so his return coincided with the lapses in defence. Our tough mid season campaign of friendlies paid off as we were match fit for the tough game against Kaerjeng, whereas Dudelange were undercooked for their game with most players around 60% match sharpness and were undone by Fola Esch. That means we hold a small lead, and can afford to draw with Dudelange and keep in front as long as we match their other results. Being 12 points clear of third, and 17 clear of 4th helps, especially with there only being 21 points left on offer, as we could wrap up European football very early on in April. In positive news at the bottom of the table, Mamer came out of the winter break strong and picked up six points in the first three games back, and now have a chance of catching Rumelange for 12th and extending their stay at the top table. Progres have dropped away and have sacked their manager, with Racing (LUX) living up to the pre season expectations it looks like there has been a change in the mid table teams with Fola Esch becoming one of the strongest teams the behind the big three. April will be a busy month, as if we progress in the Cup then the Semi Finals will fall on Wednesday 28th, giving us a six game month. Our only loss this season came against Swift Hesperange, so we cannot look past them to the looming challenge of Fola Esch followed midweek by Dudelange away. The run up the the 14th April could decide the title winners, as if we can win all three games we will hold a minimum four point lead with four to play. Hopefully tired legs won't hurt us
  4. Only kindles are supported by the Amazon store for FMM, for all other devices please use GooglePlay.
  5. What exactly do you mean by "full potential"? Full potential in terms of results, or in terms of performance on the pitch (playing style, creation of good chances etc,)? Are you overachieving or underachieving relative to board expectations (and/or media prediction), or you are just in line with expectations? "Close down much more" - or extremely urgent pressing (which I suppose you are referring to?) - is a clear overkill - and a very risky one at that - when you play on much higher DL and LOE, with a high-risk mentality (positive in this case) and using counter-press in addition. Split block/press is a better and safer option. Tight marking as a team instruction can also be risky in this particular tactical setup, because it works better when you play with more vertical compactness (and generally more conservative football). But it is still less risky than extreme pressing. Your in possession instructions are basically okay for a possession-based style of football, but nothing outstanding (which is not necessarily wrong). So I guess the most important question here will be whether you chose right players for the roles (or vice versa).
  6. This logo is already present but without the blue background.
  7. yeah mate i have had similar with the board
  8. Not been able to play much (nor has anyone else by look of things) lately as moved to a new flat last week. Did get some time recently though. So after leaving Pirates and Ivory Coast it took around 6 weeks to get a new job, after a couple failed interviews in South Korea I did get a job in China with..... With a motto of "Be The Best Forever" there was no pressure here I took over in August with the club in 8th place but only 6 points off the top 4 (and champions league) so that was the aim. We went 9 straight games after I took over without conceding a goal, winning 7 of them. The 10th game of that run was away to the league leaders Beijing Guo'an and thanks to a 91st minute own goal we won, we followed that up with a 2-0 win away to 2nd placed Shanghai SIPG and with 2 games to go we were 3 points off the top and in a title challenge with 3 sides (the 4th side was Changcum who we beat 2-0 2 games before the Beijing game) another comfortable win in the next game saw us pull level with Beijing as they continued to stutter but were behind them due to head to head. The final round saw all 4 teams within 2 points of each other. All we could do was win and hope for the best. We battered Shanghai Shenhua nut could only draw 0-0 with me pulling my hair out. However our other 3 rivals all lost (to teams in 11th, 13th and 14th!) in a crazy final round of matches and we had won the league by 1 point! While this was a fun run it feels kinda cheap, I didn't really do much (though 13 games, 10 wins and only 1 conceded I'm happy with) other than pick the best players to suit my formation and didn't sign anyone but won the league. Does mean I can now focus on the cup and champions league next year though. Should add that Guangzhou were favourites for the title at the start of the season so that obviously helped when we found form. Career Progress Season Team Country League Position Notes 2018/19 Tshakhuma South Africa 1st Division 3rd Lost in playoffs 2019/20 Tshakhuma South Africa 1st Division 1st Promoted as champions 2020/21 Tshakhuma South Africa Premier League 4th Cup runners up 2021/22 Tshakhuma South Africa Premier League 4th Cup winners, left on 11/3/22 2021/22 Orlando Pirates South Africa Premier League 2nd took over in 5th on 11/3/22 2022/23 Orlando Pirates South Africa Premier League 1st League & Champions League winners 2023 Guangzhou Evergrande China CSL 1st Took over with 13 games to go. Won league International 2021/22 Ivory Coast World Cup qualifying, Nations Championship 3rd place 2022/23 Ivory Coast AFCON winners Challenge Progress Club 2/10 top domestic leagues (2023 South Africa – Orlando Pirates, 2023 China – Guangzhou Evergrande) 1/10 domestic cups (2021 Telkom Cup - Tshakuma) 1/5 club continental championships (2023 African Champions League – Orlando Pirates) 0/1 club world championship International 1/5 continental tournaments (2023 AFCON – Ivory Coast) 0/2 world tournaments ()
  9. *sigh*. I tell you what, as you seem to like making things public (I did ask you to PM me instead) I'll paste in your "entire text about the tactic" which I apparently deleted and I'll let everyone else make their own minds up on that. These are the three posts I removed after asking you to be constructive and warning you I would remove posts: First post: "How would it be if you just start trying to help or alternatively just don't answering, instead of threatening me and other users and acting like I'm stupid, as you did before?" Second post: "Lol what? I just asked for help and you're censoring my posts. Gonna write a mail to the Admins. Can't believe mods behave like this on here." Third post: "Hahahahhahaha this guy is unreal. You just confirmed with deleting that post that you're censoring my posts even though I just asked for help. I have screenshots proofing that, mail to the Admins is out." Perhaps my standards are slipping but I'm not really seeing an entire text about your tactic there. Those are the only 3 of your posts which have been removed. Now I've indulged you enough. Post constructive detail about your system as you have been repeatedly asked to do by more people than just myself, or stop posting here.
  10. It's the closest eligible stadium to Verviers in Belgium. that 10M loan is going to be a pain though... how many years on it?
  11. @knap, I see that the Volantes have different PI's. Should one of them be more defensive or does it not matter?
  12. Knap, do you have any 442 tactics with a targetman by any chance mate?
  13. Hi sorry not had chance to send save will do it this weekend. im now getting players annoyed denied a transfer because they want first team football. - he is in my starting 11 most weeks when fit. any news on when next update will be?
  14. Party Animal. Sep 2041. This isn't ideal, especially when he is one of my 2 starting strikers.
  15. Good potential for an underdog team. Holiday sim with Brighton, got 73 points and only lost once at home (to Chelsea). Scored the most goals in the league with 86.
  16. Of course it doesn't. But you yourself wrote this: Btw, defending is not just about where you will set the def-line. It's a lot more complex.
  18. I am pretty sure we did not really needed this at this moment, but I guess they are some requirements in playing in the first division. We are moving to Eupen for the season which is not really close, and will be hard for us at the first season in the league playing all the games away from home.
  19. Today
  20. hi I offer you the Arabic language file ready by 80%Arab experts are encouraged to continue developing the Arabic language for the game Futtbal ManagerAfter loading the Arabic language files you should put it in the following pathDocuments \ Sports Interactive \ Football Manager 2019 \ languagesThen select the language ... Choose your language arabhttp://depositfiles.com/files/nsr2nnrbihttps://www.mediafire.com/file/04454glm1etopgj/languages.rar/file
  21. Hi, Thanks for your answer, only in match. I did low the graphics to medium, used to be high.
  22. A real life manager has something far better. He gets to watch the guy everyday in training. If we didn't have attributes we would have to judge the player on animations that are very limited. Also real life coach gets to talk with the players everyday and they know what is expected of them. He don't have to shout every single thing, that is just something we have to do and it's how is represented to us as it is still just a game. I do agree that some things can be improved, you had a fine example with how trials are done. You should maybe post it in requests section.
  23. Erm yes, 'very well written' was precisely how I would have described that
  24. The curse of posting on the forum hitting me hard, as always. And we've dropped to 13th in the table as Frosi-no-one-gives-a-****-about-you-nonces are sitting on 7th.
  25. Earlier in the thread, I moaned about scouts continuously recommending players to me that we couldn't sign, a lot of them because of work permit issues, so why were they still saying I should sign the player 'whatever the price'? Turns out there's some issue here. As you can see, the recommendation to sign Gagliardini 'whatever the price' also came with a warning that we probably wouldn't get a work permit for him, even after appeal due to Brexit. Well, we signed him and he was granted a work permit straight away without the need for an appeal so was the 'no permit' warning a bug? Either that or it's due to my scout's ineptness, not being able to tell if the player would get a permit or not. I'd like to think it's the latter but have had so many scout reports for players from a whole host of different scouts, both great and not so great, with plenty of 'no permit' warnings that I think it's a bug. For the record, the conditions imposed in my save after Brexit: Bug or no bug?
  26. Frustrating... We have a goal disallowed wrongly, then we score a pen, miss a one-on-one with the keeper, then we concede after a perfect build-up from Frosinone. We keep composed and create another huge chance as Brinkman heads directly at the post, and moments later Zapata scores on a direct free kick to take the win. Bleh.
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