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  2. @mark wilson27 - tks Bodymoor Heath, Thursday 25 November 2038, 07h30 Cynthia had to ask for a change of plan to Brad so she could be at the training grounds earlier. He was a tough negotiator; he asked for stuff in exchange… She still smiled in the car when thinking about it! The smiling didn’t change the fact that she had some trouble falling asleep last night, and it wasn’t because of Brad. Stress and nervousness was slowly creeping up; she knew… As she pulled in her parking spot, she saw that Rudy (Heylen) was already there, walking toward the main entrance. He waited for her right at the doors, smiling. Both of them started to walk straight for the cafeteria. The kitchen staff smiled to them when they noticed they were there. It was Rudy that talked: «Bring her the biggest breakfast she ever asked for! And for me, bring me the same but with more marmalade!» He made them a big smile and they laughed. He pointed to table that got the window giving a view of the number one pitch. «After you ma’am…» he said with an overdone ceremonious gesture. She laughed as she sat down. As soon as he was comfortable, someone from the kitchen brought them a pot of coffee and some pieces of pineapple. Both started to eat the fruit while adding sugar and milk to their coffee. «I saw the one-on-one interview you made; it was good! - Thanks. It was easy…» she answered. - «I wanted to talk to you a bit about her…» Cynthia frowned a little. «Penny Stiles, she’s a hell of a manager, I can tell you that, but there is something that she hates about her jobs; it’s the media… - I know that! Jessy told us! - Nope…» he said before taking a sip of coffee. «Whatever you know, or what Jessy said, it’s not half of it… I’ve been with her a long time, as you already know. I can tell you that this week? The week before the game? She is in the foulest mood right now… - Really? - Oh yes!» and he laughed. «Everything you said about her in the big interview? Well, it is exactly everything she hates… and I think that hating is too weak a word for that… loathing is probably more accurate…» A lady from the kitchen staff was bringing them the plates of food. Rudy was surprised to see the plates full like that! Three eggs, cheese, bacon and potatoes… He looked at her and she laughed… After thanking the woman, he continued. «Anyway, once that is said, she knows how to play the game. I know you a bit now, and I don’t think you said anything you didn’t think for real. Nonetheless, my guess would be to probably be a bit less… enthusiastic…» Cynthia looked at him and thought hard while chewing a piece of bacon. - «You think I am playing a mind game?» Rudy finished his toast before talking. - «I think so, yes, well... maybe. But if she does think it's the case, she’ll come at you in the same way… She might be in a foul mood, and it might have an impact, although probably limited since I know that the Villans who are playing for her will shield her good, but she also can play tough mind games too…»
  3. Caribbean Cup 2024 Despite the improvements with the team I still have the meagre expectation of achieving just the one victory at the Caribbean Cup. Having been drawn in a group containing the Cayman Islands, Martinique and Granada, maybe my expectations will be surpassed? Turks and Caicos Islands Squad Goalkeepers: Syed Brumvert, Ajah McKnight, Duane Rene Defenders: Peter Brumvert, Kevin Cook, Ian Coulton, Events Fletcher, George Fletcher, Marc Hamilton, Christopher Hassad, Spentz Hassad, James Rene Midfielders: Lee Bryne, Ian Collis, Duane Fletcher, Herby Glinton, Marc Hassad, Christopher Jones, Lagneau Rene, Marc Singh Forwards: Ian Cook, Charles Brown, Kevin Lowery The Group Opponents (Rankings in Brackets) Cayman Islands (132) – Weaker team than us, but ranked 132 in the world. Very impressive. Grenada (171) – Bogey team with a couple of players outside their one star rated domestic league. Martinique – Completely made up of players from their one star domestic league, look weak compared to some of the other French colonies. Caribbean Cup First Round - Cayman Islands 1 – 1 Turks and Caicos Islands The game started off end to end with both teams creating chances before calming down a bit, the first half went drab after the first 20 minutes. The second half stayed like the latter end of the first, drab. This was until our defender Ian Coulton quite harshly had a foul in the box ruled against him. Alfredo Williams duly dispatched the penalty and the Cayman Islands were 1 – 0 up on the hour mark. We were fatigued and it was showing as we created next to nothing, it looked to be one of those matches when Herby Glinton whipped in a free kick on his second attempt when pressure from Lee Bryne forced Seb Cupid to put it in his own net in the 90th minute. A point was well and truly stolen. Caribbean Cup First Round – Turks and Caicos Islands 1 – 2 Martinique Well this game didn’t start well, Martinique striker Kevin Sery scored twice in just under 15 minutes from some pretty dire defending by us and was unlucky not to finish the job when he missed a decent chance from more slack defending. We managed to get a foothold in the game but didn’t create any chances and were just thankful to be 2 – 0 down at half-time. Despite being given a rollicking at half-time we still didn’t look like we were up for the fight in this match, however things changed when Marc Hassad pounced in the box to make it 2 – 1 with 25 minutes still to go. Suddenly we did look like a team, but ultimately we huffed and puffed to a closer defeat than I expected after the diabolical start. Caribbean Cup First Round – Turks and Caicos Islands 0 – 3 Granada Nothing of any real note happened in the early stages of the game, we missed a free-kick and they had a corner cleared. However on the 37th minute Kharlton Belmar got his customary goal against us beating the defence to put away a well whipped in cross. We exerted some good pressure and almost hit back but it was Granada who would go into half-time leading. It was Granada who would continue to fashion the chances too and when Belmar headed in from a cross to get his second and Granada’s second, I didn’t hold much hope for a comeback with just over 20 minutes to go. A Van-Basten style volley from John Jules on the 76th minute put a nice deserved shine on the result for Granada, 3 – 0 it was to finish. Caribbean Cup 2024 Verdict Normally I would’ve just conserved all my first-team players for the final match against Granada, but the lure of playing a Cayman Islands ranked 132 in the world with my first team was too good to resist. A win would’ve done wonders for our ranking, but a draw coupled with the Granada result will probably see us drop a few places. If my team came into the tournament fully rested then playing the Cayman’s with the first teamers wouldn’t have been such a dilemma, but ultimately I messed up the rotation and we paid for it with this lacklustre showing. Cayman Islands topped the group with 7 points, Granada managed to qualify in second with 4 points and we finished bottom with 1.
  4. I'm using the 442 from the original post and am scoring goals for fun but haemorrhaging goals at the back. I've tried dropping the mentality to cautious, tweaking the defensive line, etc, does anyone have any advice for tightening up? I'm Sunderland in 22/23. 2nd season back in the Prem after finishing 11th last season and sitting around 12th most of this season
  5. We'll be playing the same libero tactics employed at Celta (screenshots below). Once they're fluid, I'll put up a few screenshots showing how they play.
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  7. Mark Lawrenson, Adrian Chiles, Ian Wright and Robbie Savage are personalities in a dull lifeless void. They're always the ones others find annoying but I'd rather them than Shearer and co. (or worse: the Townsend and Earle era).
  8. Nottingham Forest: Season 1, September So, I know I said it would be back to Sheffield United but, as much as that save appealed, I realised that I'd been talking about a Forest save for more than a year and never got around to it. So, I decided the time was right... The squad Normally at this point we'd be talking about all the great players I'd signed to make up for all of the holes in the squad. Forest present a rather different problem - the squad is ridiculously large, with a number of loan signings who aren't much (if at all) better than players already at the club, and we were paying a huge amount of money for them. In central defence we had five CBs on the books and had loaned in Molla Wague for an extra £10k a week - perhaps justifiable if we were going to play three at the back, but we don't have the wingbacks to play that setup. Wague was sent home. Speaking of wingbacks, we have two decent-ish RBs, including loan signing Saidy Janko, but had also loaned in Sam Byram from West Ham, for whom we were paying around £30k a week in wages plus loan fees making him the most expensive player in the squad. And he starts with a long-term injury. Bye Sam! In midfield, we have more than enough bodies to cover either a 442 or 433, but had loaned in Pele from Monaco for £33k a week. Good player but a luxury we can't afford. Terminated! For reasons known only to the idiots on my board, we were also paying £35k a week for the services of Jack Colback. Er... no thanks! On the right-wing, we have Joe Lolley and Matty Cash, two good players, but have also loaned Diogo Concalves from Sporting Lisbon. Unfortunately, his loan can't be terminated; fortunately, he's only costing us £4k a week; unfortunately he's the worst of the trio, so we just have to live with it. Up front, we are also paying a fortune for the loan services of Leo Bonatini from Wolves. Leo has good days and bad days, but not enough of the good ones to justify paying Wolves £26.5k a week. Sadly, since I'm resolved to play a classic 442 with Forest, I need him as a fourth striker and can't find anyone better. Reluctantly, I allow him to stay. The only alternative was to put my faith in an ageing Daryl Murphy, and having managed him at Ipswich last year I had very little faith. When US clubs started showing an interest, it was easy to let him go to DC United for £100k. Also leaving was Liam Bridcutt, a decent player but good for only a DM role, which I had no intention of using; he went to West Brom for £2.6m. Also aboard the outbound train was 32-year-old Jamie Ward, who joined Orlando City for £400k. All told, we raised more than £3m in transfer fees, and freed up more than £150k a week in wages. Did we actually sign anyone? In fact, we did. On first joining, the squad has no LB, with only Colback providing makeshift cover. Languishing in the u23 squad was 24-year-old Jack Robinson, who looked to me more than capable of doing a job. No sooner had I brought him back to the senior squad than Middlesboro and Swansea showed transfer interest, which was duly rebuffed. But that still left us short of cover. There was talk on the (virtual) street of a hot young Spanish LB at Real Madrid who was available for loan. Enquiries were made and quickly Sergio Reguilon was lured to the exotic realm of Nottingham (@Jogo Bonito: cheers, buddy!!) Early form Pre-season presented the usual lack of obstacles and nothing is to be read into the results. Except, perhaps, the fact that in 7 games we scored 33 goals and conceded only 3. Whatever... Happily, we carried that form into our first competitive game, beating Sheffield Wednesday away. Less happily, we followed that with a pretty dismal home draw against a poor Ipswich side who did just enough to prevent us finding the net for the first time since I took charge. By the beginning of September, we are unbeaten in the league and with just a single defeat - in R2 of the Carbao - to blemish our record. So, third place - got to be happy with that. Board expectations are top-half finish; media prediction is 8th; my own expectation is a playoff place but, inevitably, hoping for better. The only downside so far (apart from the early Carabao Cup exit) is the form of Lewis Grabban up front - despite tipped as a candidate for the league's top scorer, he's found the net only once, and that from the penalty spot. Well, that and the performances of CB Yohan Benalouane, who thinks he's god's gift to football but in fact has the worst record of all our backline. Two players who need to buck up their ideas!
  9. The penalty taking attribute is only one of the important attributes for penalty takers
  10. We are not creatures of destinations. It is the journey that shapes us. Our callused feet, our backs strong from carrying the weight of our travels, our eyes open with the fresh delight of experiences lived. Malmö FF -- September 2050 When the club announced to the media that their new manager would be unveiled at a press conference that afternoon, few if any believed the rumors floating around the darkest corners of the internet. Surely, the managerial trio who just conquered Europe and then the World...again... Surely they would not be rocking up in Sweden to take the helm at a wayward club, far from the glory and bright lights. After all, Jean Bleu had failed miserably in his short tenure with the Swedish national team all those years ago...what could possibly tempt him back to these shores?! And since few believed the rumors could even possibly be true, few showed up at the press conference. But the lucky few who were there witnessed history. Bleu, stoic in his determination to bring Malmo back to glory. Zlatan, shirtless and in tears, unable to speak coherently...overcome with emotion. Drake, his flinty eyes staring daggers into the local pundits who still think there's a chance that this is all a farce, a joke at their expense. But it is no joke. Bleu has arrived. Malmo will never be the same again.
  11. Start of the 2021/22 Season My 1st competitive match as Manager of Plymouth Argyle F.C, didn’t get off to a good start, as Ebbsfleet United gained revenge on me for relegating them from League 1 last season. We made a slow start to this match and were 2 down within the 1st half hour. Jordan Cox pulled a goal back for us 15 minutes from the full-time whistle, but Ebbsfleet United hung on to all 3 points. I hope it’s just a blip. In the Checkatrade Trophy, we’ve been drawn in Group F, alongside Colchester United, Swindon Town, and Brighton U23’s. Our 1st match in the group is against Swindon Town, on the 31st of August. Jamie Proctor scored twice in the opening 15 minutes, to give us a comfortable victory in my 1st competitive match at Home Park. The 1st goal was from the penalty spot in the 10th minute, and then 3 minutes later he scored again, after being put through by a Tommy Doyle pass over the top. My 1st win as manager of Plymouth Argyle sees us on the board with 3 points. Three days later, we increased our points total to 6, when we had our 1st away win of the season, against Southend United at Roots Hall. Canadian International, Cameron Sangster gave us the lead in the 18th minute, when he rifled in a shot from just outside the box with his left peg. Southend’s Cypriot left full-back, Harry Kyprianou, nodded past his own ‘keeper in the 26th minute, to put us 2 up at half-time. Ten minutes after the restart, Mason Bloomfield put us 3-0 up, when he nodded in Cameron Prings cross from the left. Southend’s left winger, Stephen McLaughlin, got one back for the home side in the 66th minute, when he clinically finished a swift counter attack. The game was up for Southend United by that stage, and we seen the game out comfortably. We went out of the League Cup at the first hurdle, after Gillingham knocked us out on penalties. We went ahead after 6 minutes, when Proctor poked home a cross from the left by Cameron Pring. We held onto the lead until the 80th minute, when Regan Charles-Cook equalised for Gillingham, after the ball pinged around our box after a corner. That goal was enough to force it into a penalty shoot-out, which got off to a bad start, when Proctor crashed our 1st penalty off the bar. Gillingham didn’t miss any of their penalties, which meant all the pressure was on the young Jordan Cox, when he took our 5th penalty. Their goalie saved it and won the tie for Gillingham. Although I wanted us to go further in this competition, we played well against a League One side, and were unlucky to exit on penalties. The following Saturday, we’re back at Home Park to play Blackpool. Mason Bloomfield opened the scoring after 23 minutes, when he bulleted in a header from a Zak Mills cross. Jamie Proctor came off with a torn hamstring in the 37th, and was replaced by Summer signing Joe Quigley. Three minutes later, Quigley scored his 1st goal for Plymouth Argyle, when his header from a corner went in off the underside of the bar, to give us a comfortable 2-0 lead at half-time. Fifteen minutes from the full-time whistle, we were awarded a penalty, when Alex Whitmore was obstructed trying to attack an indirect free-kick. Bloomfield stepped up and converted for his 2nd goal of the match, sealing our third win of the season in the process. A Tommy Doyle goal from the penalty spot in the 23rd minute, was the difference between the two sides at Home Park. This is our fourth consecutive victory in the league, and we’ve now got 12 points from the first 5 matches of the season. Wrexham inflicted our 2nd defeat of the season, by coming back from a goal down to win 2-1. For the 2nd consecutive match, Tommy Doyle gave us the lead after 13 minutes, when he was played in by Mason Bloomfield. Just when it looked like we were heading in at half-time with a 1-0 lead, Wrexham equalised through Calum Dyson, to leave it 1-1 at the break. In the 2nd half, the 18 year-old striker, Kieran Wynne hit what proved to be the winner after 64 minutes. This ends our recent run of 4 straight wins in the league, leaving us in 4th place after the opening 6 matches. In the week after the defeat in Wrexham, we received the bad news that our No.1 ‘keeper, Mike Cooper, will be out for the next 4-5 weeks, after getting injured in training. It means I’ll have no other choice, than to hand a debut to Summer signing Andrew Fisher. A week after losing in Wrexham, we got back to winning ways by beating Oldham 3-1 at Home Park. We were forced into an early substitution, when Tommy Doyle twisted his ankle and was forced off after 13 minutes. Joe Quigley put us 1 up, after 23 minutes, when he was set up by his strike partner Mason Bloomfield. Bloomfield doubled our lead from the penalty spot, 4 minutes after the restart of the 2nd half. Substitute Alex Babos, gave Oldham hope of a fightback, when he scored in the 73rd minute, to make it 2-1. Those hopes were squashed 7 minutes later, when veteran central midfielder, Jimmy Ryan smashed in a free-kick, to seal the win. Our fourth win in Home Park this season, maintains our 100% record at home, moving us up to 2nd in the table, a point behind early leaders Lincoln City. In the 1st match of our Checkatrade Trophy Group, we recovered well from going a goal down, and coasted to a 5-1 victory in the end. The home side went 1-0 up after 12 minutes, when Tyrese Campbell nodded in a Tyler Reid cross from the right. Ilias Chair, the makeshift striker, equalised on the half-hour mark. Five minutes before half-time, Joe Quigley put us 2-1 ahead going in at the break. Quigley scored his second goal, 5 minutes after the restart of the 2nd half, to put us 3-1 up.He then had a chance to complete his hat-trick from the penalty spot on the hour mark but missed it. Joel Grant scored after 79 minutes to make it 4-1, and Quigley finally completed his hat-trick in the 89th minute, after being put through on goal by Ilias Chair.This win sees us top the group, after the 1st round of matches, ahead of Colchester United, courtesy of goal difference. Overall, we’ve made a strong start to the season, with 5 wins out of 7 in the League, and an unlucky exit in the League Cup. Next month, we kick-off the first of six fixtures in the League, by taking on Forest Green at The New Lawn. The following Saturday, we travel north to face Accrington Stanley, before a midweek fixture at Home Park against Morecambe. Three days after that, we travel to Huish Park to take on Yeovil Town. Our 2nd home game in September happens a week later, when we face Scunthorpe in Home Park. Then the fixtures for the month are completed, when we travel to East London to take on Leyton Orient on a Tuesday night.
  12. I'm having the same problem. Eden Hazard (attribute 19) marks only 50% of the opportunities. Higuain (attribute 15) completed only 40%.
  13. As a huge fan of instalments, both outgoing and incoming, I enjoy seeing someone else use them so much. I started to do it after I got a Norwegian team into a dominant financial position a couple years back and noticed we were paying huge tax bills because of our transfer revenue, I've never really managed a club with FFP issues though. I also like to spend using instalments when I need to have a big window. Better to overpay and pay it off over 4 years than miss out on the one guy you really need in the here and now.
  14. I can't recall ever seeing Liverpool win the Champions League in one of my saves haha They're probably one of the 5 best sides in Europe right now, if they didn't do well in a lot of saves we'd have a problem.
  15. That moment when you declare your interest in a job you really want...and the manager gets sacked.
  16. What's happened to fouls and cards since the last patch? In 5 seasons I've only been fined 2-3 times, but in three quarters of this season - all since the latest patch - I've already been fined 4 times and been close to a fine a few more times. I haven't changed tactics, don't play gegenpress or dive into tackles. Why the sudden change? I can check results back a couple years and it looks like fouls have gone up a bit, but cards have seen a massive jump. I used to get one or two every few matches, now I seem to be lucky to get less than 3. The AI has only picked up 3 yellows in the last 6 matches, despite committing quite a lot of fouls (although admittedly less than me). I've had 20 and a red!
  17. I'm trying to rebuild the World Cup and European Football Championships, but as noted in the title I haven't been able to automatically make the host qualify for the main competition. I have not been able to prevent them from playing the qualifiers either. I thought that by using the "Ignore Team" function in the qualifiers and calling the host in the main competition, I would've been able to make it work. But it doesn't work the way I want, and I didn't quite understand how others from years old version managed (or not how to do it) when I searched for answer. So here we are; I'll post the relevant database(s) below. They're using the 19.1 database as it was what i was using when I started modifying those files... over a couple of months ago. Turns out time does fly. Conf.fmf World Cup and Euro.fmf
  18. Hi all, On last years game I played as Roma with a rule that everyone of my three tactics had to make use of a trequartista. I built 3 systems with good results but my favourite was the one I based the attack off the Roma side in 2001. CF(S) P TREQ. Totti's role for me had 20 plus assists a season and Montella (P) 40odd goals a season. Now, on this years game I am struggling to make my playmakers in the AM strata have the most impact on creating chances, and the link up play with my AF/P or sometimes a DLF (A) doesn't seem as lethal as the setup I had last year. So, my setup this season from my memory as I am at work at this time, is this... GK FB (S) CB (D) CB (D) WB (A) CM (D) CM (S) W (A)/RMD EG (S) W(S) P (A) I left TI's set to basic, as I wanted to see what type of football was being achieved. I set my Enganche to play more direct passes in hope that he plays more through balls and shoot less. my three playmakers are: Dybala Thiago Almada (sp) Phil Foden all three have different PPMS, but all have tries killer balls. My poachers Roberto Firmino (I get he is more of a CF or DLF but he seems to do ok in the P role) Regen striker with moves into channels, rounds keeper and tries first time shots. Brewster with tries to beat offside, and tries first time shots. During the matches im not seeing my Enganche being used as the main creator, a lot of my best supple is the flanks even when I tick through the middle. I tinker on a game by game basis the pass into space option depending on how the AI set up. Do you think that if I put both of my full backs to FB (S) it would make a difference? Also, is the Enganche less of a ball magnet than say AP or Treq? Also an Idea I am toying with is setting the shape to very wide, but focus play down the middle so I can give my playmaker even more room, and considering setting it to be more disciplined, in thinking that would leave my creation down to my creative player?! **side note** I think my favourite players are those with no PPMS... Gravenberch has been immense for me and he has none, but creates and scores.
  19. Ajax on updated DB - some players are better but Magellan is worse than Wöber and de Jong leaves after a year, with no money actually coming into the club despite his fee. Or try South America. River Plate are fun, Argentine league structure changes the first three-four years. On the original DB you still have Pity Martinez, on the update Quintero joins permanently and is one of the best players on the continent. They have decent money relative to app but the big Brazilian teams, and I managed three consecutive Copa Libertadores so it’s not too challenging, Club World Cup is though, and non-European teams actually care about it!
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