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  2. Champions League Final, May 2050; Ataturk Stadium On paper, this was going to be a big ask. Monaco have more experience, more titles to their name, more... Whatever. None of it matters. We play in our counter-attacking setup, looking to contain their attack and hit them in transition... And Mukiele's lads go down hard. 5 finals, 5 losses for Mukiele. 3 of them at my hands. **** it, Nordy. I'm your hat daddy now. Given the issues with my laptop, I've given Jamie and Gary the evening off and am stuck with subpar screenshots. Never fear, Gar-Bear, Jamie-lad and excessive screenshots will return in due course.
  3. Every screen is very low.. cannot play like that. Please help. DxDiag.txt
  4. Okay then nevermind, thanks again
  5. I signed Declan Rice and have loved having him, though I would suppose his pace is probably too close to Matic for you.
  6. "Don Garber says final decision on teams 28 and 29 will be decided around time of this summer's All-Star Game. Will likely enter league around 2021/2022. #MLS — Jeff Carlisle (@JeffreyCarlisle) April 18, 2019" https://www.starsandstripesfc.com/2019/4/19/17960646/the-current-state-mls-expansion-30-teams
  7. I've really enjoyed my Dortmund save - you're up there, but equal with 2 or 3 other teams, so you still need to try hard, plus you have desirable players that you may need to try to keep hold of, and the Bundesliga has a tendency of having one or two teams surprising you and managing to break into Europe when they'd been fighting against relegation the season before.
  8. You're right; it would be easier with Ajax. I was thinking about picking them because I'm an Ajax fan. If I picked another Dutch club, I'd probably go with a team in the Keuken Kampioen Divisie. That might be even more fun. Thanks for the idea, Stevicus.
  9. That's a good idea, too. Perhaps it would be even more fun to "require" those players to come through the club's youth program. That would be fun with any club. Thanks, 1magine.
  10. Oh, that's another good idea! It's definitely something to think about...and a very tough task. Thanks, isignedupfornorealreason.
  11. Not amazingly so no - it's a problem that seriously bothers me but I only mention it sporadically as I don't see there's an awful lot I can do about it in this type of save - at least in the short term. According to the mentoring panel, these are the most significant 'influencers' in my squad; Yet a quick perusal at their stats show how deep the problem runs with very average determination across the board; John Jeffs is possibly my best hope here but is only classed as an 'average' influence right now so might be decent as a mentor but not legendarily so (and putting him in a group might backfire and reduce him!)? The problem is that away from mentoring the entire squad now influences each other and the trend for determination in my squad as a whole has been a depressing backwards one, with Grant Doran being a poster boy for the problem, starting at 18 when I first took over and now being rated at 12 - no specific mentoring, none of those random 'event drops' that sometimes occur, just gradual and painful decline! Determination is the one thing we really can't upgrade from a HoyD perspective either; I guess in some ways I'm paying for having played people like Morgan James since the start of this save - I mentioned in one of my very first posts about how his super low determination rating is everything I hate in an FM player, yet he proceeded to continually play well to the point I couldn't leave him out (which taught me a lesson too), the issue then of course is as he's improved, so has his influence which in turn means he rubs his 'dirty low determination' all over the other lads which no doubt brings them down towards his level (which is a dismal 3). I've learnt to relax a fair bit more in this save about the personalities/mental stats than I ever normally would purely because I'd go crazy otherwise such is the limit on my powers of being able to do anything - I don't have many options to improve on my staff and I obviously have no ability to buy in decent role models etc so it's got to be a slow and gradual improvement which means frustration and some high PA youngsters may fall by the wayside but heck, I guess that's why they call it the Academy challenge!
  12. Today
  13. It wasn't hidden by a member or Mod, so I can't tell who hid it- it may have been an admin, perhaps in error
  14. I want to try a new formation with Arsenal. I’ve been advised not to do it as I’m not tactically competent enough. I want to try it anyway, and see how I go. Here is how I have set up, thoughts?
  15. iMario, First of His Name, definitely has a place in the FMCU Pantheon of Gods, next to urCristiano, The Midget Beast, theZlatan and ourAjax.
  16. When do I know when I’m ready to try it?
  17. For the last 15 minutes I changed to this setup: With "fairly narrow" and "more disciplined" on standard, flexible, and then we just steam rolled them. Not a chance for them as we hit the crossbar, the post, as well as a couple cccs and a couple shots that forced huge saves. We just crushed Napoli. With Balotelli in goal from the 20th minute. And he ended with 7.1. A legend is born. iMario is born.
  18. For twenty years, Madrid have dominated Spain. The last two years we've been positioned to dethrone them, but fell short in the final stages. This year, Madrid blinked, losing away to Sevilla and Barcelona on matchdays 36 and 37, handing us the title. But that's not enough. We've got a Champions League final to play. A chance for immortality.
  19. Hahahahaha! Balo is on 7.0 and we are taking a bigger lead!
  20. Well as someone who has watched 95% of Bournemouth’s live matches home away over the past 4 years I’m probably better placed than most to comment! I’ll try to describe how we are supposed to play rather than the utter tactical nonsense Eddie Howe has been producing in the last few months... The basic shape I’d describe is a 4-4-1-1 with 2 DM’s. The idea is to sit deep and hit teams on the counter. Not sure if this would be the strongest XI in FM, but it would be IRL Begovic GK(d) Smith FB(a) Cook CB(d) Aké CB(d) Daniels FB(s) Cook DLP(s) Lerma BWM(s) Brooks WM(s). Fraser IW(a) King SS Wilson AF(a) I’d agree with a balanced mentality with a slightly lower defensive line. Tempo and pressing are about average really. We do appear narrow in attack, but this is mainly due to Brooks and Fraser’s roles rather than the actual shape of the team. In fact I’d argue the initial focus of our approach play was down both flanks. The main penetration is through the individual pace and dribbling ability of Brooks, King and Fraser. It’s certainly not a team instruction to dribble more, it’s individual instructions for these players. The difference between Brooks and Fraser is that Brooks starts from a narrow position and roams. He’ll also look for a through ball and rarely try a cross. Fraser on the other hand is like a traditional winger who stays wide early in the attack. He’ll then cut inside as he reaches the final third. He is a right footer who plays on the left, but since his crossing off his weaker foot is among the best in the PL, I feel the Inverted Winger role suits him perfectly in FM as he’ll definitely put in a cross from either foot if he can.
  21. I saw that, but there is nothing official; no official announcements on clubs or when the expansion(s) will officially occur.
  22. i train my young strikers as complete forward attack and usually attacking movement
  23. Minutes later But it's all okay. We got this.
  24. London Colney Training Grounds, Thursday 25 November 2038, 07h30 Penny entered her office grumbling. She just got one of those bad nights… She knew that bumping her ankle right before going to bed was a bad omen… She sat at her desk and started to work. Despite all that crap about the coming game, there still was the usual stuff she needed to go through. Later that morning, it was a scouting meeting but also, Niall (O’Connor), the Head Analyst wanted to have a word with her; he thought of something and he wanted her comments on his idea. Around ten, a knock on her door took her out of her work; it was Kim Franssen standing in the doorway: «Do you have a minute? - Sure ma’am» Penny answered as she was starting to get up and meet one of her boss. - «No, no, stay there, I’ll come…» said the Directing Manager. «I just wanted to tell you that I looked at the footage of yesterday's interview…» Penny was wondering if that was good or bad. «I liked what I saw! - I’m happy to hear it ma’am. - Honest, it was good. I personally liked the way you talked about Villa, the history and the memories you have from there, the respect you showed… Very classy. - Nothing but the truth ma’am. It’s always like that with me». The Managing Director smiled. - «It is why I enjoy having you here so much. Being real is something I like about you…» Penny was on the verge of reddening a bit but, luckily, the boss changed the subject. «I wanted to convey to you, a demand from the PR and from FA.» If she would have to care about reddening, it was gone now. Penny knew she wouldn’t like the next part of the talk. - «Which is? - The match will be televised, as you already know but they, we, would like you to be available for a photo op alongside Mrs. O’Flaherty». It took half a second for Penny to respond. - «I knew it would come. I only want it after the game. - Why not before? - Because I want it to be done on the pitch, in front of the crowd, with the players too…» Kim thought about that for a few seconds before speaking. - «Can’t be done Penny, the players will be all sweaty and their kits dirty… - I’m not talking about the players being in the pictures. I mean the players being the witnesses that all of this happened, for real… I’m sure the pictures will look better with fans in the background too!» Kim got up and went to shake Penny’s hand. - «All still on condition it is to FA’s liking but as far as the club is concerned; I yield to your idea and desire».
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