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  2. You need to keep in mind that a new player needs some time to get into the team. New players usually perform worse in the first few matches, so you need to give them some time. If your new player performs badly the whole season long, there must be something wrong with the way you're using him in your tactic, or maybe his personality or mental attributes are not good enough. It's really hard to tell without knowing more details.
  3. You sign good youth players to use them later in your team or eventually making money by selling them when they become decent players, nothing else. I would not invest big money, except if they have really good potential.
  4. I was excited to do one but had some other saves lined up. Would it work if I set one up saved it and stored it for a later time. \still think it would have been a unique challenge.
  5. What a game!! Outstanding performance from Utd in first half and City in second. City always looking for those little through balls even from inside penalty area, crazy.
  6. Very good post and shares my sentiments about FM20. I've played at least last 15 FM versions and apart from one or two bad first release versions this is the worst and made me uninstall the game despite winning PL with Liverpool.
  7. Switched to commentary only, bored of seeing the long ball over the top failures over and over, it;s been like this since FM19, IRL long balls over the top against good centre backs shouldn't work unless the ball is brilliant or there is a mistake but they work in game because the defenders react to a ball in the air far later than the attackers and it just looks stupid. No defender IRL would see some hit a long ball and continue walking forward, whilst letting the guy who he is marking run in behind, it's just dumb to watch. Pretty much every team does it, regardless of how they play, hoof balls from defenders acting like wonder balls because defenders act like brainless idiots , that or they are literally blind.
  8. good Sigames, when are you going to have this problem? it's very unpleasant to play right now. Your solution does not solve anything! I am about to reinstall the 19 because the 20 is for me in the state unplayable! React quickly because it's been a week since you go back the info and nothing changes
  9. Squad comparison Being promoted as champions is always a worry for me - firstly, because we were too good for the league below and I know that this won't happen again and secondly because I always feel guilty not trusting in the players who have got me into this league. I know that the step up to this league is going to be tough - there are some really good teams in it; Granada, Tenerife and Malaga have been relegated from La Liga and there is always a concern when you are facing the B sides of Valencia and Real Madrid as you never quite know who is going to turn out for them. Below is the comparison between our attributes and those of the rest of the league: ---- We have our brand of football and, as I've already alluded to in this thread, I am very much a style over substance kind of manager. We play, hopefully, a nice technical game with short passing that relies on good technique. We are nowhere near the level of some of the teams in this league but, when you look at the attributes that are the best - they are technique, passing, vision, flair and determination - pretty much exactly what I want us to be good at. We can never play a long ball game - as we are simply not physical enough and I would expect us to fair poorly in games against tough tackling and aggressive sides as we lack the bravery and aggression to match them. I am looking to set out a plan for teams that I would like us to beat and teams that I want us to remain competitive against - and see if I can almost predict this season ahead.
  10. Just wondering, Is there any real reason to have good u23 & u18 teams? Obviously, they're good for storing your younger players to get playing time. But, is it actually worth signing players and making sure that youth team will do well in their league? Is there any benefit from them winning things?
  11. Planning to update this one for FM20 Knap? This was the beast for me last year
  12. Hey guys, Just a quick heads up, that we have published a beginner's guide for FM 2020 Mobile. If you are absolutely new to the FM series, then you may find the information in this guide useful. https://www.levelwinner.com/football-manager-2020-mobile-beginners-guide-tips-cheats-strategies/ Best regards, LW
  13. If you use a F9 you ideally want someone who'll run into that space he's vacating. A TQ may do that, but that isn't really what the role is designed for. And both your flank players have a support duty. If you want to stick with a 4231 formation, perhaps the F9 / F10 (Shadow Striker) combination. And/or perhaps a Raumdeuter / IF(A). Of course it depends on the players you have available as well. Previously when I've used an F9 in the 4123DM formation I had an aggressive runner from midfield and an attacking flank player. Whatever formation you use, you need someone attacking the space which the F9 is creating.
  14. Plus the opposition basically camping in their own area. Rashford was basically a supporting left back.
  15. No usually I don't but I think AI tactics have improved a lot this years, game feels harder. Also AI's match dynamicism seems improved a lot, they will change formations, tactics. Only thing I don't like is AI being too defensive.
  16. Just an update - I have got the structure completed in advanced rules but unfortunately I'm encountering a lot of bugs with the file (teams not staying in correct divisions despite having regional divisions set, strange editor errors that don't make too much sense etc.) Even when in game the file struggles to load (or gets completely stuck during setup) no matter what start date I select I'm not sure if this all due to this being a file originally made in FM19 and it doesn't like getting carried over or if it is a bug in the editor as these methods of keeping teams in the right divisions worked last year. This means I have to delay the file indefinitely (unless there's some sort of miracle) I have no idea when it will be released now (I might even have to completely start from scratch - which may take months as I'll have to create close to 1000+ clubs and 100+ divisions all over again)
  17. How would you setup team to camp inside the penalty area, like City did yesterday in last half an hour? I see no other option than using attacking mentality + more attacking duties. It was perfect display of what FM considers attacking tactics.
  18. The board are blocking my sale of Phil Jones for 15m, because it's 1.5m short of what they want. I feel like smashing something.
  19. You're probably given the AI too much credit (and some of it is due, mind, in particular regarding its match dynamicism).
  20. I had the same issue, couldn't see the "create your own style" button. Thought I was going mad!
  21. If the aim was realism, they'd likely had it a lot easier to Limit Managers to making actually "realistic" Football decisions. This goes for the AI Managers too mind. As hinted at by @JEinchy, there's a bucket load of combinations possible that are neither balanaced, nor very much "realistic." They oft translate to something visibly you'll never see on a Football pitch for prolonged periods of Play, ever. And that's not counting the not that obvious contradicitions possible in the myriad of Team / Player instructions. For instance, sides going all narrow / keeping the pitch reasonably compact, and pushing everybody up against a Team parking the bus? And many more. What Manager in Football would do that. If Play, scorelines and data then would perfectly mimic what's actually going on out there, I would be hugely concerned about the Integrity of the ME as a whole from the ground up. Apparently it would come out with Feedback perceived as "realistic" even if the Input was anything but. Not a good sign... If the aim is Football, let managers make Football decisions. Would make the game also a lot easier to balance in the Long-term, likely.
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