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  2. We're approaching the business end of the season now, and things are getting tense. We took 83 minutes to find the breakthrough at Tosno, the struggling side forcing us to wait for the win, and then at home Armavir we needed a goal from Valeriy Teslyuk - a young Belarusian brought in to give the first team some rest between European ties - even to earn a point against a side chasing European qualification themselves. Kuban were beaten 1-0 in yet another nervy affair, but in the final league game of the month we exploded into life in Rostov, embarrassing the hosts- who sit as high as fourth in the table - with a 7-0 thumping in which everything went to plan. Six to go in the league, and it's getting interesting. In Europe, we flew out out of the blocks in London to stun Chelsea, netting twice in two minutes early on to put us in a commanding positions. The Blues came back hard, but we defended resolutely, and they only managed to breach our defences once in retaliation. That meant we took and advantage to the Otkritie, and while we were far from our free-flowing best, we were imperious at the back. They couldn't break us down, we couldn't net on the break, and we progressed to a second successive semi-final. Waiting for us there were Celtic, in a match very few would have anticipated at the start of the campaign. With the home game first up we pulled off another rapid-fire double on the stroke of half-time to put ourselves in the driving seat, and the clean sheet that accompanied the win means we travel to Scotland in a very strong position to reach the final. We've been dreaming for a while now, but it's starting to look like it could actually be a reality. We dropped two points in April, and so did CSKA, so it's business as usual at the top of the table with six points between us and six games remaining. Zenit have fallen further off the pace and would need a miracle to take the title from here, so it's a familiar story and we have the edge. Two of Amkar, Tosno, Sibir and Khimki will be heading down, while there's something of a scrap for the remaining European spots. It's only the top we're concerned about though, and we've just got to hold our nerve.
  3. I would go for Gorka Gonzalez. Almost a starter in terms of CA and with improvement could do well. His high pace and finishing could be important although his mental attributes could be better,
  4. I think "improving" is the best way to describe it. This is a list of all the players at the club, (by CA), who can play centre-half. Not all of them are centre-backs, but they can all play there. (35b) Renault (Temp) * is the natural left back who is very defensive and who I prefer to play as a centre-half. Oier Villanueva (BAS) (F.Det) was a bargain buy at £250,000 and although he is a right back, he's 6'2" and I would be prepared to play him at centre-half against a rubbish team in Europe. Arteaga (BAS) (Driven) is a 22 year old centre-half who I bought for £1.1M from Bilbao. He's an important player for us. Bengoetxea (BAS) (F.Amb) is a 17 year old centre-half that I nicked off Pamplona for just £1.8M. I really like him and think he will develop nicely. Every game now is an investment in his and our future. (41e) Tanguy (Pro) * is a home-grown centre-half who is still a bit raw but who I really like. He and Bengoetxea (BAS) (F.Amb) are going to be big players for us. Jon Santamaría (BAS) * was a bit of a punt for £1M. He's more of a DR than a DC, but I think he will develop given game-time. Xabier Martín (BAS) was bought for £750,000 and the plan is to play him and turn a profit on him. Below that there is not an awful lot worth talking about, but you might just see a player squeezing on the bottom of the list. (42b) Alberto Ros (Res) is a 14 year old centre-half who looks REALLY raw. He's nowhere near 1st team level yet, but he's also only 14. He turns 15 in about 5 weeks so we have more than a year before he is able to even make his senior debut. Centre-half is still a little weak, but it;s only weak now because my 3rd and 4th choice players are really good young players and I want to give them a chance to improve rather than signing the finished article. Add the youngster (42b) Alberto Ros (Res) into the mix and I'm happy with the future in this area.
  5. Using a RMD and a poacher at the same time runs counter to basic football logic. RMD is nothing but a wide poacher, who looks to exploit any space from which he can act as a goal-scoring threat. So when you play with a RMD on a flank, your striker should be on support role and more of a creator type, preferably DLF or F9 (Firmino IMO is ideal for the F9 role). Because ENG is a rather static type of playmaker, meaning he needs more players around him in support. ENG is generally a lot better suited to possession football. And you play wingers on both flanks (sometimes RMD on the right), plus poacher up front and two standard CMs in behind. So your enganche is basically lacking good passing options most of the time. Don't use a role only for the sake of using it, or because it looks "fancy". He is not less of a ball-magnet, the problem is in what I've just explained above.
  6. European adventures (part 2) 2032-2033 The calendar flicks through the first round of qualifying, and it is not a rosy picture for Luxembourg Dudelange As expected they lost against Fenerbache, so drop into the Europa qualifying, and were the only team guaranteed another round. A trip to Iceland awaits, so I don't see much hope on the horizon Differdange Knocked out after a poor showing at home, but they do pick up two wins from four games. I am not sure if this helps the coefficient, but it is better than a swathe of red Progres They also have two wins, but unfortunately they came in the same tie, and are unpacking their bags after the jolly to Lithuania. Victoria Rosport A draw and a win against the Hungarians, with the draw giving us a nice away goal from the first leg too We were thoroughly outplayed in the first leg, but the Ujpest goal came in the 94th minute, so despite the domination we were strong. This was particularly nice as we lost (26f) Holtz to a concussion while playing a friendly match so this came with a rejigged defence where I dropped (26a) Payal back to DC to try and counter the fact that we were underdogs in the eyes of the bookmakers and media A much better view in the second leg, although we ceded possession again. We were depleted in defence again, but this time I went with (25h) Turpel at DC to have a full strength midfield, and with extra time looming we managed to sneak the tie in the 91st minute. A trip to Belgium to come, which will be nice for the bank balance as we shouldn't spend too much getting there, and they should bring plenty of fans for the return leg
  7. Season 2- November The long month of November is finally over It was the month we lost our 100% record. An 0-0 with Guingamp before the International break was a disappointment but we quickly put it behind us to say goodbye to Gigi who would retire on the 20/11. It was a sad few days were he got his last two games and two clean sheets (Actually 3 as he played against Guingamp too. Though he has retired for playing he has joined my backroom team as U19 goalkeeping coach. It is now 12 games since I conceded in the league meaning I'm closing in on the record set by Bordeaux back in the 92/93 season, can I do it? If I do break it, it will be at home to Lyon The current league table
  8. I can only tell you my own approach to the rest section of training, which I have been pleased with thus far: - after a match, I give one day of rest to each player whose condition is below 75% (which actually means 2 days of rest, because one is already there by default) - players with condition below 90% are set to half intensity (automatic) - I always follow physio recommendation (so if the physio says that a certain player should be set to double intensity, I set him so; the same goes for half intensity)
  9. European Golden Boot. Jun 2042. So it would seem that (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * was not only the top goal-scorer at the club, and in Ligue 1, but also in the whole of Europe, (which I find surprising as he only scored 24 goals I think).
  10. I tend to edit individually but you can bulk change by selecting all clubs you want to change and mass edit them
  11. No overrule, an inclination to do more of or less of, is a better way of putting it, unless they are playing in a position where they are hardcoded to behave in a certain way.
  12. The problem with Iosu Iriondo (BAS) (F.Det) is that there is no max asking price which suggests that Eibar don't want to sell. Oh.... hang on. There is a max asking price now and it's £5M I've just scouted him yesterday in game and it's updated. Inconsistent is a bit of a worry, £5M is ok I suppose, (depending on what the agent wants), but what I don't like is that I'm not going to improve him. We know he's only actually valued at £1.1M so am I going to be able to turn a profit on him? His PA is at 3.5 and quite possibly could be maxed out already. Is he good enough right now if I can't improve him? I suppose the answer is that we need depth and he provides that, but there is no future for him with us. I want someone to come in and compete for a starting position right now, or I want them to come in now as a back-up with the idea that they will develop into a future starter. I don't ever see Iosu Iriondo (BAS) (F.Det) being a starter for us. I also don't think that £5M is a good price for a player currently valued at £1.1M and who is about to get relegated from La Liga. I think I want to buy 2 strikers, but I only have £11.8M to spend and I think I would like to sell another player after that not so that I can buy someone else, but just to keep the money ticking over and so that I can swap transfer fee to wages if needed. I think I'm sold on JMM (BAS) (Bal) as the 1st of these. His max asking price has dropped from £2.7M to £2.0M over the last few days so they are obviously keen to sell despite being in the Playoffs to get promoted to La Liga. He would immediately challenge for a starting position and I think he's better value for money. He probably isn't going to improve, (he's 27), but if I get him for £2M then there is much more scope for making profit on him compared to spending £5M on a poorer player. So now I need to find a 2nd player.......
  13. I have not had chance to test the file yet as i accidentally deleted the file in the editor so am having to remake it from scratch to be able to test it in-game. I just wanted to update you on how i was getting on with testing the file but also to ask if you could possibly explain how to set up a future transfer in the editor please? I want to set up a future transfer for a certain player as i have seen multiple news articles about this player moving clubs but nothing actually confirming it and the player is still listed at his current club with no future transfer in the editor.
  14. 2028/29 Table | Squad | Transfers Started the season strongly and was challenging for the title up to xmas. The form fell away and only a strong finish allowed the club to make the playoffs. Beat Plymouth 3-2 on agg which was more comfortable than it sounds as the club was 3-0 up at one stage. The team beat Rochdale 3-1 in the playoff final. The cups were a write off. Lost 1-6 at home to L2 Ebbsfleet in the league cup and 0-1 away to VNL Boston. Also made no progress in the checkatrade trophy. Finances were reasonable mostly thanks to selling Giamattei and Bytyci. Managed to strengthen the squad well with Hammond doing really well at right wing up to Xmas but could not get him back on loan afterward. Towers came in up front and after a slow start got the club over the line. Record signing Boiling, Woodyard and Mottram all proved to be important signings. 2029/30 Table | Squad | Transfers Spent all season just hovering above the relegation spots until 10 points from the last 4 games made it safe. In the cups the team lost 0-2 away to L2 Port vale. In the FA cup the team lost 0-2 at home to L1 Fleetwood which was disappointing as the 3rd rd was in sight and the team was in reasonable form. No progress again in the checkatrade trophy. Finances improved thanks to selling Jarc who was rated as a future premier league player, i also persuaded the board to improve the youth facilities and youth recruitment. I sold Agbontohoma who had made nearly 300 appearances for the club, Tilt and Dongda He also left after playing over 200 times for the club. In terms of the squad Mottram and Woodyard again were the best players. Managed to pick up Hammond on a free after his release from Watford. Up front i had Probert who finished the league top scorer in spite of missing the last 10 games through injury. The step up proved too much for several long time players like Klass, George and Grantham. Allen went from a 2 star player to a 4 star player over the season to be my best player. Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy Achievements/Notes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 Vanarama South 7th 4th Q Round 2nd Round Playoffs 2020/21 Vanarama South 1st 1st Round 3rd Q Round League Winners, Promotion 2021/22 Vanarama National 10th 2nd Round 2nd Round None 2022/23 Vanarama National 13th 1st Round 4th Round None 2023/24 Vanarama National 15th 1st Round Final FA Trophy finalists 2024/25 Vanarama National 12th 1st Round 1st Round None 2025/26 Vanarama National 3rd 2nd Round 2nd Round Playoff winners, Promotion Season League Position FA Cup League Cup League Trophy Achievements/Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2026/27 League 2 10th 2nd Round 1st Round 1st Round None 2027/28 League 2 22nd 1st Round 1st Round 2nd Round None 2028/29 League 2 6th 1st Round 1st Round 1st Round Playoff winners, Promotion 2029/30 League 1 16th 2nd Round 1st Round 1st Round None
  15. Neil I have tried the public beta many times on different settings and it is 100 times worse than the non beta version of the game On the beta, even on the lowest settings I have lag in match and even when navigating around different menus out of the match screen On the non-beta version of the game I previously played on mostly medium settings with crowd and shadows on low and it ran perfectly smoothly. This is still possible but I have to change the Mac’s resolution to 1440x900 to achieve this
  16. https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/FX504GD-E41275T-ASUS-TUF-Gaming-FX504GD-E41275T_2458989.html
  17. Hello, I am using the original skins(Football Manager, Light and Dark) and I wonder if there is a way to change the text color of the club you are playing with and my affiliated clubs. For example on the Player-tab and then "History" I just want the club name to be white like the player's previous clubs f.e. I just think it looks better. How do I change this if it's possible? Don't ask why, it's just a feeling I got.
  18. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Game Season 65 - 2079/2080 Season 1 with Tottenham Hotspur ___________________________________________________________________________________________ I have retired myself as manager and now will play as the Stopsley Utd Legend. Tottenham are currently in League Two and haven't been in the Premier League since 2035.
  19. Just found this. Do i have to do each team individually or is there a way to do it bulk?
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  21. teams in regions menu only shows team that are likely to go to that division and you set regional divisions individually in club menu under competition tab.
  23. So this could be the issue as i havent set any geographic locations for the divisions. When i look at the Conference North/South there are teams listed in "Teams in Region", but i cant seem to add teams here. Ive tried putting division boundaries but i still get the issue with teams well inside the locations, with that division short on numbers. Is there a way to set the locations and how does this work with fixing up the divisions each year to ensure the best split?
  24. Coefficient watch 2032-2033 Based on the development of the save, I am thinking of changing the update frequency, and expanding on key themes. This avoids posting a month of wins where nothing exciting happens as Dudelange does the same. So while there are teams fighting in Europe I am going to track the results to see whether there is any improvement or not. We went through fairly easily against Juvenes Dogana, with their goal coming with us 4(6) up at the end of the tie Differdange managed to go through 4-2 on aggregate and will face Shamrock Rovers next time out Progres also go through with a 5-0 final score, and are off to Lithuania to face Zalgiris Vilnius In the Champions League, Dudelange are playing Fenerbache first up, so it looks like at best we will have four teams in the 2nd Europa qualifying round
  25. Decided to give this challenge a go. Below is to show I've not disabled attribute masking and also prevented use of editor. Here is my manager profile And after months of simming I've eventually got a job. I'm starting in Malaysia with 2nd tier side Federal Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority Football Club,or Felcra FC as FM knows them! I've taken then job right at the end of the first season, we have 2 games to go and are 9th, we need 1 points to make sure we don't get relegated.
  26. May 2021: The final match of the season saw us struggling to get going and on the 18th minute R.Dawson fired with pace past Panpardus to give Ebbsfleet the lead. They carried on with the better play but my defence played brilliantly to deny them the chance to score. The second half was pretty tight in truth but on the 79th minute we grabbed the equaliser with Faramir hitting a great free-kick into the top corner after CFuller was fouled. In truth the game was a bit of a damp squid with little for the fans to get excited at. Monthly Results: (Vanarama National League unless stated) 1/5/21: Ebbsfleet (46/46) (a) 1-1d Faramir / R.Dawson End of Season Squad: | Name | Position | Apps | Gls | Ast | Clean sheets | Conc | Yel | Red | Av Rat | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Georgez Spencerzyk | GK | 21 | 0 | 0 | 5 | 36 | 0 | 0 | 6.86 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Panpardus | GK | 21 | 0 | 0 | 5 | 50 | 0 | 0 | 6.71 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Martin. A Powell | D (R) | 30 | 2 | 2 | - | - | 3 | 0 | 6.67 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Manxie Ash | D (C) | 40 (5) | 1 | 2 | - | - | 6 | 0 | 6.85 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Mark Catterall | D (C) | 10 (5) | 0 | 0 | - | - | 2 | 0 | 6.61 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Rien102 | D (C) | 29 | 4 | 0 | - | - | 6 | 1 | 6.98 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Petr Bezborodov | D/WB/M/AM (L) | 8 (3) | 0 | 0 | - | - | 1 | 0 | 7.03 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Tom Ashley | D/WB (L) | 9 (3) | 0 | 1 | - | - | 1 | 0 | 7.02 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Terry Owens | D (RLC), WB (R) | 28 (3) | 3 | 2 | - | - | 3 | 0 | 7.18 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Marco Van Bas Turd | DM, M (C) | 23 (4) | 3 | 2 | - | - | 6 | 0 | 6.97 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Neilhoskins | M (R) | 28 (2) | 10 | 12 | - | - | 6 | 1 | 7.40 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Sherm | M (C) | 23 | 6 | 2 | - | - | 6 | 1 | 7.13 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Greyfriars Bobby | M (C) | 21 (4) | 1 | 3 | - | - | 5 | 0 | 6.89 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Ben Beck | M (L) | 23 (1) | 4 | 4 | - | - | 3 | 0 | 7.12 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Terk Jr | M (RC), AM (C) | 17 (5) | 1 | 4 | - | - | 5 | 1 | 6.70 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Faramir | M/AM (R), ST (C) | 34 (5) | 10 | 5 | - | - | 5 | 0 | 6.98 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | WLKRAS | AM (RL) | 13 (6) | 2 | 2 | - | - | 2 | 1 | 6.97 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Copper Horse | ST (C) | 30 (3) | 2 | 5 | - | - | 2 | 0 | 6.61 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Salkster | ST (C) | 15 (9) | 11 | 4 | - | - | 1 | 0 | 7.00 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | CFuller | ST (C) | 35 (7) | 18 | 5 | - | - | 4 | 0 | 7.03 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Balthazars | ST (C) | 17 (9) | 11 | 5 | - | - | 4 | 0 | 7.09 | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Other News: The start of the month saw B.Beck winning the Vanarama National Young Player of the Month award after an impressive three goals in four games This seasons Vanarama National has been won by Barnet. Neilhoskins average league rating of 7.43 sees him breaking the record for the Vanarama National League, beating the previous record held by Nathan Pond who's average rating was 7.30 With the season for us ending the club had its annual awards night. Fans Player of the Season: CFuller (39%) Young Player of the Season: T.Owens Top Scorer: CFuller (18) Highest Average Rating: Neilhoskins (7.40) Most Assists: Neilhoskins (12) Best Pass Completion: Greyfriars Bobby (86% Player of the Match Awards: CFuller & Sherm (4) Most Yellow Cards: Sherm, Neilhoskins, Rien102, M.Van Bas Turd and M.Ash (6) Most Red Cards: Sherm, WLKRAS, Neilhoskins, Rien102 and Terk Jr (1) The season performance review sees us finishing 12th in the lead which is pretty good to say we were in a potential relegation fight halfway through the season. In the FA Cup we only managed to reach the 4th qualifying round which was disappointing. The FA Trophy saw us being knocked out in the 2nd round and in truth I was hoping for more of a run. The crown hasn't let us down despite our up and down form with an average attendance of 5,085 which is 92% of our capacity. Squad dynamics wise sees CFuller and Neilhoskins as our team leaders with WLKRAS and Rien102 being our highly influential players.
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