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  2. ça crash aléatoirement, pas vraiment de moments précis... DxDiag.txt
  3. I'll get working on it! Few crackers this year... I could actually do a South American one aswell as I've found a few none Argie/Brazilian talents this year. That could work though, a non-powerhouse thread... As for Quevedo, I managed to get him to Rangers on appeal.
  4. Maybe it has something to do with the following .NET Frameworks which got installed on the same day my problem started (together with the hotfix auto-installed):
  5. Of course I understand when to do a substitution or switch to a defensive tactic or defense + waste time when IA attacks but this should not be the way to win the match against a smaller team, and sometimes this don't work and the opposition scores anyway, the game rules are far from what happens in a real match , Brazil does not switch to defensive when they are 3-0 winning and suddenly Scotland or Iceland switch to an attacking formation, Brazilians probably laugh of that. I think you play the game with the game rues, which is good, but those rules are note set for a real game, the problem of the bad form is a trending topic here, there are dozens of people complaining about that.
  6. I'm struggling badly so I'll try anything. Just stayed up by one point in Vanarama South on the final day. Saved a penalty and an offsides staved off another goal in the final five minutes of the final match of the season to allow us to draw and stay up by one point. I'll give this a go in my upcoming season.
  7. just to add, why is it not possible to play attacking with high lines and high pressing and still be solid why do we always have to drop the lines and drop this and that, fair enough maybe few less instructions as positive adds some risk anyway, but look at liverpool and most other teams, 2 CBs and a DM near the halfway line is more than enough to deal with counters, why cant it be this way in game, id like to see on average how many times liverpool concede on the counter or a city or someone who leave 3 back and let the other 6 go forward
  8. Yeah fair enough. Would you say this one is any better? https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/grade-a1-medion-akoya-p6645-core-i5-8265u-8gb-1tb-hdd-15.6-inch-geforce-m-a1-30026121/version.asp
  9. I had a similar thing, was charged with being "best of the rest" when I hovered over it it said to be top 6, going into the end of the season I was in 7th level on points with the 2 teams in 5th and 6th, with a game in hand and my rating from the board was a "C". I lost my game in hand, so was then joint 5th and went from a "c" to an "F", played the final 2 games and finished 6th, still an F, got to the cup final, got beat and sacked for not being best of the rest, even though, I finished 6th and that was my target. The news report then said that I had experienced a dissapointing season, flirting with relegation, when in fact I had not been below 9th at any point. This seems like a bug to me
  10. I've been reading the Guide to Football Manager tactical guide, and while the guide provides excellent information about roles & duties, it provides it in an extremely unreadable fashion. So I decided to take that information, digest it and make it as readable as possible. This is the result. (I used draw.io for the "map".) Hope you guys find it useful. Any input is welcome Roles Map - Central Attack.html Roles Map - Central Midfield.html Roles Map - Flanks.html Special Roles - Caveats.html
  11. This Flamengo problem happens only in the first season (2020)?
  12. Is there a screen on this years version that shows you what your knowledge of countries and what languages you can speak. I know it doesn't make a great difference but I like to see it and cannot find it anywhere!
  13. Also when you select a league from the main menu (default one)..let's say English Premier League and then go to custom DB and select again English Premier League...which one is taken into account? The default leagues are overriding the same leagues in the custom DB?
  14. Yesterday
  15. @knap Using Sicilian as Liverpool could Mane play on the left or would he have to be retrained? In general do you usually retrain players who play as inside forwards to the ML/MR positions?
  16. weird to be selling all of them Saka, Smith-Rowe and Nelson are good enough to be regulars. Willock, Holding, Chambers and Niles can easily be squad players or even more depending how you develop them
  17. Yeah when I said drifts around I meant that he drops back into space, essentially he doesn't necessarily 'lead the line' like a more attacking role would so I was wondering if him dropping back would contradict a high press. Thanks for the answer.
  18. i do my own tactics which has got me the sack after 17 games.
  19. wish you do make awesome thing to make injury be more reality like you do in weather and language please soon
  20. My actual name only thing I change is I add 10 years to my age so I'm 38 rather than 28 for a bit of realism
  21. I pay no attention to the star ratings, they change often and are not always accurate. the best way is to set it up yourself, and work around what you are happy with. ignore the stars and use what you think..
  22. April 2023 I have to say we tried our hardest to throw promotion away, but in the end Bradford tried harder and somehow we managed to secure 3rd and a place in League 1 next year! Going into the last game, it said we were 20th in the form table, but somehow Bradfords form was LLLLW at the end of the season so we pipped it. The Plymouth result was frustrating because we scored early and they went straight down to 10 men - probably shouldnt have thrown a 17 year old up front but oh well... I gave him time in every game just to try and kick start his development and in the end I got away with it. I'll have a look at the market and do a end of season type update tomorrow. Last season I knew there was only 1 team that could have stopped me, Northampton, how they cocked up the play offs I will never know... This season I beat Plymouth once and Crewe twice, but other than that, I struggled facing the top teams in the div. I have a problem coming up! Especially with the finances plummeting month by month...
  23. Just as long as a bunch of new transfers are aren't needed. Pretty dry in the funds department right now
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