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  2. I am very happy with the new features. Although a tactics revamp would have been nice. And I want more leagues available. Why is it different from ”big” FM?
  3. its the same in nearly every game getting a penalty awarded nearly every game, odsonne eduaord has scored 11 goals in 10 games 8 of which have been penaltys Partizani v Celtic.pkm
  4. @bowiespace - he looks superb! Can't wait to see how he will look in a few seasons. Here are my two best regens. The first is Williams' back up in the first team wide right; the second is in the B team/hopefully loaned out.
  5. This is a bug from FM19 - the same praise (training, last match etc.) over a short period of time i.e. a few weeks
  6. Yeah, I don't know if those 5 silver stars mean actual 5 silver stars or if that is just "he is a very good youngster and we rate him 5 stars"-kind of rating... At least I have the possibility of some money if he turns our good. I'll keep him on my watch list when he appears in game.
  7. ME2016 - Man Utd v Arsenal.pkm By the game's own stats, there were ELEVEN 'clear cut chances' between the two sides. By my overview of the pkm, there were SIXTEEN clear, one-on-one, or otherwise unmarked chances between the two sides. It ended 1-1. The Arsenal keeper literally broke the Premier League record for single game saves. 36 shots between the two sides, yet combined just 527 successful passes... This ended 1-1. Another example of an insanely unrealistic match. Same general trends as always before, insane keeper performance, inane attacker decision making and execution, so I'll just get straight into the pkm: 00:40 - Lautaro dribbles the entire pitch from his own half, makes it all the way to the edge of the 6 yard box, fires happily into the side netting with zero immediate pressure. The square or the far post were both options 02:35 - Not a crazy save, but this is to highlight that Leno would go on to make 15 saves in this match, breaking the Premier League record for saves in a single game 03:41 - Lautaro picks up a pass from midfield, dribbles the entire Arsenal defense, gets all the way to the 6 yard box, Leno saves 08:00 - Pepe has a penalty, I'm not fussed though as penalties are probably a 60% chance of missing, and miss he does 08:08 - Pepe follows up, as De Gea has spilled it. Still completely unhindered, Pepe blasts his shot into the advertising behind the goal 09:45 - Rashford is put through, could pass, could shoot far post, instead hits it straight at the keeper 15:10 - Rashford dribbles from the halfway line through everyone into the area, unimpeded, has his shot saved by inhuman reflexes from Leno, who is diving in the correct way at the same time the shot is hit 16:59 - Leno makes a superhuman save on a probably unrealistic first-time hit from Wan Bissaka 29:40 - Kolasinic is in massive space on the left, runs all the way into the box and absolutely blasts it wide 38:28 - Dias has a free header on a freekick into the opposition box, it misses badly. He could have headed square to ANY of 3 teammates, also unmarked. This actually looks like the red team are defending if you didn't know the context, such is the insane amount of space there is 39:54 - Rashford wins the ball in front of his own box after a set piece, dribbles the entire pitch, cuts through the Arsenal defense like it's warm butter, then blasts his 1-on-1 shot 5 yards wide without even threatening the goal 41:19 - Belotti is unmarked for a free header in the 6 yard box from a corner, heads it weakly straight to the keeper 44:45 - Hilarious. Telles with a routine throwin, chucks it over Maguire's head, who takes a full second to realize something is wrong and turn around, Aubameyang gets the ball, goes straight to goal and scores. Worse than your average Sunday league. Made even better by the fact that Aubameyang hesitates, allows Maguire to get back in position, beats Maguire again, hits the post, then scores only on the rebound. Hilarious, unrealistic 46:10 - Back to wingbacks blasting it for no reason. Telles is in space, and though Man Utd have 4 men in Arsenal's box versus Arsenal's 3, Telles turns down the chance to pass to a better positioned forward (literally all three of Man Utd's forwards are in the box) and hits it into the first defender he can find 48:42 - Rashford dribbles unstopped down the entire left side, still undefended in the penalty area he drags his shot harmlessly wide 52:00 - Pepe is completely unmarked on a free kick into the box, heads wide by probably 10 yards. Tbf this looks like he was trying to head it back across for a teammate, but the game tells me it was a shot attempt, so... 58:30 - Xhaka somehow wins a tackle at the halfway line and dribbles, with his 12 pace and 11 dribbling, all the way into the box without anyone catching him, dribbles until the angle is tight, drills the 1-on-1 straight at the keeper 60:51 - Wan Bissaka is in space in the box, hesitates, drills the shot into the single defender paying any attention. Forwards were all in great position in the center of the box 63:10 - Comical, completely comical. Pogba makes a ridiculous underweighted sideways pass to De Gea, the pass is intercepted by Ozil who has no one else around him and is 1-on-1 with De Gea, of course he doesn't score 63:18 - the follow up, from Smith-Rowe, is also completely free and unmarked and also fails to see the scoreline change 65:56 - Belotti wins the ball off the last defender who loses it far too casually, is through 1-on-1 on goal with no one within 3 yards of him, hits his shot straight at Leno 65:00 - James is unmarked and free in the box, hits his shot straight at the keeper 65:22 - Belotti meets a header, defender is nearby but does not challenge him for the header, it goes weakly straight to the keeper 69:58 - Telles is in space on the left overlap again, again chooses to blast it when Rashford ahead of him is completely unmarked and there are two other forwards waiting in the area. His shot goes badly wide and almost hits the corner flag 77:36 - Freekick into the area, Rashford is completely unmarked on the edge of the 6 yard box, heads it at a decent angle and not only does Leno save it, he HOLDS it. lol 89:12 - James is in space in the box, instead of squaring makes a dumb zero angle shot 92:00 - It's the 92nd minute of a 1-1 match between 1st and 2nd in the table. Instead of defending, Arsenal casually allow a 4-on-4 situation to materialize in their own box, Telles, the left back is again unmarked. Again, instead of looking for his forwards, Telles blasts it at goal... straight at the keeper. This entire sequence of events, and the context of this happening in the 92nd minute of a draw match, completey unbelievable Screenshots below. Not a single one of these were scored, and these are only some of the situations screenshotted. UTD (RED SHIRTS) ARE IN FACT ATTACKING HERE. They did not score or even get a shot on target.
  8. same here playing as celtic and one game in European qualifier team I was playing had four men sent off and five penalty kicks, all of which was scored
  9. October/November 2021 With one game away from the half-way point, we find ourselves in an incredibly good league position and are currently on a ten-game unbeaten streak. The board are still not too happy about the lack of 'exciting' football but clearly they are clueless to the wonderful off-the-ball movement and short, slick passing that we are currently employing. I envisage that we'll struggle at some point this season - we have already matched the amount of wins that we had in the entirety of last season and we have been very lucky with injuries to date. We started the October off with a hard fought draw against Osasuna's B side - who attempted to kick us off the park. All 25 of our away attendance watched an incredibly dull match that saw a share of just two shots on target in the match. It's these kind of performances where I need to have that extra bit of tactical nous to 'find' us that goal from somewhere. Consecutive wins over Tudelano, where we had 73% of possession, Llieda, where we restricted them to just one shot that was off-target and Cornelia, who were top at the time - saw us climb to these heady heights. Another one of those 'what-if?' performances followed where we clearly were the better side against Tafalla and they were happy to attempt to contain us but we were poor in front of goal and Pena, in particular, squandered a lot of chances. Despite a missed penalty against Getxo, we saved a point late in the game, which was probably undeserved due to our rather average performance. A big win away at Olot shows the difference from this season to last - we'd have rolled over against bigger teams away from home in the past - but we deserved at least a point fro this one. Another five points from the next three sees us hot on the tail of Andorra, although they did demolish us 3-0 earlier in the season and we do need to go to them. --- Things are ticking over very nicely - a few first team players have now developed traits that I wanted - in particular, I now have none that are classed as 'Left Only' or 'Right Only' through developing their weaker foot - a particularly positive step when I want to be able to control possession and have technically skilled players. Julio, the central midfielder I signed in the summer, has added the 'Plays One-Twos' to his game, which I hope will work in connection with his more aggressive running game, leaving Tiago Rodriguez as the 'passer' from the central midfield role. Felix Rangel is also progressing well as I look to turn him into an Inside Forward from the left flank. --- Lastly, I signed a one-year contract extension:
  10. Yes, you activate the game through steam, by adding it to your library.
  11. yeah all maxed out! its the mechanics of the feature which is the issue that could do with tweaking.
  12. I think I remember a feature announcement that it’s now possible to ask the board to start an u23 team if the club doesn’t have one can someone please confirm and if so how is this done?
  13. just lost my first game of the season. dominated the match, they only had 1 shot on target and scored it but it was against A. Madrid so can't complain too much
  14. That is perfect, thank you! If I was to use the code supplied with the box, how do I use it? Do I go to steam and enter it from there?
  15. I think you've just discovered why Google Stadia might not even survive to launch FM21 haha
  16. Link to continent instructions here: https://community.sigames.com/topic/223995-how-i-can-create-a-new-nation-in-fm-2012/?tab=comments#comment-7315336 Examples: Example 2012 Nation Written guide
  17. In League Two you were paying an average of over £2k p/w. Two promotions later, I'd imagine most players have had wage increases, due to promotion and/or appearances, or even signed new contracts on better wages. Not to mention new signings made at League One and Championship level will have been on wages more befitting of the division they were signed to play in. Football has changed a lot since the last time you were in the Championship, and that includes the average wage. You still have the lowest wage budget in the league on FM20, although I would be surpised if you were paying so much of Izzy Brown's wage.
  18. Season 2024/25 - SM Caen - Ligue 1 - France After our surprising promotion the mission was clear, stay up at all costs. So my task was to rebuild the squad and make it competitive in Ligue 1 against teams like PSG, Monaco and Marseilles. Ligue 1 Table - It was a good season. We even looked to finish higher in the table but in the end I'm happy with our performances. Coupe de France - PSG were unbeatable. Squad - Only half of our players are good enough for Ligue 1. I'm not a big fan of loans but Dimo Krastev was a solid player. Transfers - I think this was solid business. But other teams kept signing my youth players and I couldn't do anything about it. Thibout Garnier - Topscorer but struggled a bit. But give the overall team performance he was still good I think. Stanislav Ivanov - Bargain signing. The bulgarian winger had the most assists. Deji Sotona - The newly signed left winger who played previously in League One got some goals despite his poor finishing ability. Jayson Molumby - My top signing and top earner. He was very solid in central midfield. Manager Profile - Studying for a Continental C Licence and my French is now fluent, haha. Job History - Manager Of The Year, I'm honored. Next Season - My contract came to an end, so I decided to leave Caen and head to germany. I'm the new manager of Heidenheim.
  19. Perhaps the best thing you can do then is start a new thread, detail your tactical system saying what issues you are having and someone may be able to help.
  20. Did you Did you max your manager determination to 20? It makes it easier to get your will through with the board.
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