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  2. Aug 2041. Pre-season didn't really go as pre-season goes because we hit double figure goals not once but twice. All that without (39b) Xabier (Res) * who was at the U19 Euro Championships with France. I didn't know what to think when we won the opening game of the league season 7-0 away from home, but 3 losses and a draw later suggest that it might have been a one-off. What i would say is that my young left winger (39a) Jesús (Fickle) (2039) * was injured for that game and didn't play, and where as he plays as an inverted winger, all my other left wingers play as normal W(s). He scored in the last game and I love him. He's going to be brilliant, but I'm not sure if an inverted winger is the answer when I'm already playing with inverted full-backs. I may have to just ask him to play normally, or even swap him to the right flank. I have a couple of good "righties" though so I think I will just ask him to play properly wide left. It should be added that (39a) Jesús (Fickle) (2039) * came through the 2039 intake ahead of (39b) Xabier (Res) * and that probably shouldn't be ignored considering the latest transfer. I got all excited with the opening day 7-0 demolition of Dijon, but we threw away a lead to lose at Montpelier and let a 2 goal lead slip against Sochaux so there is still work to be done. We have a great GK, great wide players and great attackers, but our central defenders and central midfielders mean that we have a very soft centre at the moment. I am going to have to spend some of this transfer kitty I think. It's hard though when you can only sign Basques.
  3. Do you have the game sort out the Cup draw's all at once or one at a time? or do you "manually" pick the matches? I always have the program do them all at once for the larger rounds but I always "manually" pick the matches for Quarterfinals or better (if I'm involved) And I find the Cup matches relatively balanced but I will pay attention starting this season.
  4. Sorry I don't. I could possibly provide a screenshot of the items in my inbox if that helps. This has happened twice, both times when the total offered amount was within 1m of the promised amount. So maybe someone should just give the code that does the comparison a look. It is possible there is some rounding error happening there.
  5. Yet more terrible man management. Every season the same 2 players throw a fit and stage a locker room revolt because I don't put them on the Champions League squad. They're not "first team", I never promise them I'm going to include them, and yet they are furious every single time. Yet somehow their unhappiness always runs out just in time for them to sign a new contract, only for them to throw another fit. It's so unbelievably tiresome.
  6. How would it be if you just start trying to help or alternatively just don't answering, instead of threatening me and other users and acting like I'm stupid, as you did before?
  7. Well, I'm back. Dewi Colbert 24f is the one I think can do well here. First season and he scored 6 goals. A solid start.
  8. Starting to get the movement I'm looking for now I'm running with a TM (attack) and an AM also on attack. The IW (a) is causing havoc. The TM stays central which is what I was looking for, holding it up for the AM to run into the area. We have lost some defensive solidity as you might imagine with those 3 on attack duties so that's something to address.
  9. China made the 2022 World Cup in my save 😮
  10. So ive done two 'careers' in fm19 so far and am getting bored of it but i still love the game, any suggestions for what i could do in the editor?
  11. Would rather keep him here to steer his training than loan out
  12. If you have a player that is ineligible but 18. Can he still play for my U20 or U18 until a slot opens up. future transfer, was expecting to sell a Non-Euro but change of plans. He’s a wonderkid from Columbia, but needs the tutoring (low determination) more than game time. Can he play in Cups?
  13. 50% isn't bad right? Definitely glad to see the back of January - six games doesn't sound like a lot for an entire month but the scheduling wasn't the best with far too many of the games bunched together with minimal rest. We got off to a dreadful start away to a Cardiff side that'd been tipped to finish first (and who've spent £55 million this season) - our side being very tired from playing just a few days earlier. We huffed and puffed but they were just too strong for us and I'm not sure we'd have got anything from the game with a fully fit, full strength team. The next game saw us ride our luck after Jared Kenyon (24A) was sent off for a tackle the assistant feels wasn't deserving of a red (needless to say the FA thought otherwise and upheld the ban) - thankfully we were already ahead at the time of the dismissal which meant it was a tense 2nd half managing the game in order to advance/avoid a replay - thankfully we won and were in the draw, sadly we were drawn away to Premier League Leeds which was pretty disappointing as I knew we were unlikely to progress further - at home we might have had a chance given their poor form (and likely morale) but away would be an incredibly tough ask, and so it proved, although their manager - a Mr Maurizio Sarri - gave us plenty of motivation by writing us off before a ball was even kicked; As a Man Utd fan obviously I had double motivation at the thought of knocking both Sarri and Leeds out of the cup but we just couldn't get near them sadly and did well to escape having conceded just the one goal, to Casanova of all people... The worst bit of all of this is that I rested a lot of players for the home game against Preston just to ensure we were fresh for the cup, but we ended completely empty handed - booooo! Bit disappointed to have got to the fourth round and it all to have ended on such a low note but I guess it's about par for our current level? If nothing else, the gate receipts will come in handy - not quite Man City levels but not too shabby! In happier news, the game away to Boro was really something with our new goalscoring youth keeper (Ian Pollock 22F) having a great game, saving a penalty in the 43rd minute before scoring one of his own in the 66th (with our young left back netting a winner in the 92nd minute!). He's only played 17 times for the first team so far, but that's now his second goal - 1 every 8 games for a keeper isn't a bad return! Only other news of note is that our one time first choice DC Matty Hughes has announced that he will retire at the end of the current season. At 32 he seems a tiny bit young to be quitting, but he's only played twice this season (despite being our best defender along with Quansah in seasons prior). We are slightly short on numbers bearing this in mind now at DC, so hopefully we get a decent youngster or two in the forthcoming intake (first one in the Championship so super excited!). Still got to be happy with our league position overall - yes we've dropped out of the playoffs but who here really expected us to stay there/win them anyway? I like my guys but wow, we'd struggle in the premier league right now so definitely a blessing in disguise! We're now just 5 points away from safety (with 17 to play) if our target is to be believed too - surely Preston/Ipswich can't catch us from here? The cup draw shows no signs of redressing the balance - I guess with how our luck has gone this season in general I can't complain too much but I can't wait to see how this miserable pattern may translate to the Champions League in season to come!
  14. That's good. Knowing what, when and how you need to tweak to improve your team's performance is sometimes more important than the starting (basic) tactic itself
  15. The long Goodbye. Aug 2041. I'm positive that I could have got more money from him, but the biggest factors for me were that I wanted to get him back on loan for not 1 but 2 seasons, I wanted a 50% of re-sale value, and I wanted him to go to a club like Benfica rather than a big boy like R.Madrid, Spurs etc etc. I could have got more cash from Benfica, and I could have got more everything from a bigger club, but I really like this deal. It means we are really well set financially for a while now, (we are obviously doing quite well for the board to not intervene on any of these deals), and I'm hoping to bring in some experienced players to strength the team in other areas. I'm hoping that we won't miss him to much....... but of course I won't be missing him at all because he's still going to be here this season and next season too. Get in. Really happy with this deal.
  16. Everything - including pressing levels, DL, LOE etc... - depends on how good (or bad) your players are in different aspects of the game, what system (formation) you use, how you set up roles and duties and so on.
  17. I was not talking about Arsenal but a general principle. And my comment was a reply to smeagol's comment, not yours. Btw, while Arsenal should be able to defend against teams like B'mouth or N'castle, the question is why would a top team play defensively against obviously weaker sides than themselves?
  18. XaW - Rhyl FC - 2024/25 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances So, two league titles in a row, could we make it a third? Well, to be up front about it, no, we didn't. TNS remembered they are a good team (And this fellow who scores against me EVERY DAMN TIME) and finally showed it to claim their first league title since I took over Rhyl. The season started quite good though, but TNS and Cardiff Met Uni also had good starts and the three of us soon left the rest behind. Going into the final parts of the season we had a good chance to win it, but we fumbled. We had some issues this season with losing leads, I don't have a count of how many times we were up by one or two goals, only to throw it away and end in a draw. All in all, it's not a bad season, but 10 draws is just too much. Our main issue is leaking goals when we should be in comfortable situations, and most of the time it's due to errors from the players, and not what I deem, tactical ones. Missed passes from defenders, dallying on the ball, missed headers, I almost tore my hair out this season. I suspect the damn inconsistency is at play, but I can't really do much about it. I did try to tweak the tactic, but that just made things worse, so I'm still on the 4-4-2 train. Roll on next season! This season has also been overshadowed by a takeover saga that lasted almost the whole season. I even got this message a few months before it was finally resolved. Yeah, we still had a few months with rumours before we had a takeover. The result? Nothing much, just a board that don't care much for investments and they brought a load of directors in. In the Welsh Cup we beat Monmouth, Newtown, TNS and Cefn Druids to reach the final. Here we beat Prestatyn Town to claim our first title in this competition. After the match, I had the chance of claiming to be a certain Portuguese manager, but I'm not that smug. In the Welsh League Cup we beat Goytre United, Penybont and Bala Town to reach the final. Here we beat Cardiff Met Uni to retain the title. In Europe we were once again in the Champions League and started in the 1st qualifying round against Qarabağ FK of Azerbaijan. A 2-1 win were followed up with 2-2 away to go through. In the 2nd qualifying round we drew NK Maribor of Slovenia. They thumped us 3-0 at their turf. In the home leg we gave it our all and at least won the tie, though only 2-1 to get knocked out. This meant we went into the Europa League and we entered in the 3rd qualifying round. Videoton of Hungary were beaten in both legs to go through. In the 4th qualifying round we met Zrinjski Mostar of Bosnia Herzegovina. A narrow 2-1 loss away and a 2-2 draw at home were not enough to go through. Still, we did very good and were not far of the group stages. The main players I would like to mention this season are: Josh Roberts 22d - He had a great season and has had monumental improvements in his attributes this season. Also capped by Wales U19s. Marc Worrall 21c - Been very solid on the right flank and scores a lot of important goals. Meilir Evans 23f - The defence is our weakness, but Meilir have stepped up and shown us what he is capable of. @optimusprimal82: My score for home/away draws are 23-18.
  19. If you don't like my response perhaps don't be rude to people in the first place? Corrected that for you. If you want to carry on being obnoxious you'll be treated accordingly and I'll remove further such posts. Continue doing it and it's much easier to simply remove you. On the other hand if you'd like some help then post in a constructive manner because all we've had from you some far is "this doesn't work", followed up by sarcasm and rudeness.
  20. But the principles do work, it's all logical stuff when you think about it. If you copied Herne's "tactic" of course it may not work for you, it was setup for his team (hence why the title is "Developing my 4-1-2-3 DM Wide") and you're not playing as West Ham. Therefore you'll have different players, with different attributes and PPMs so they'll interpret the roles differently. If you do want some help perhaps upload a screenshot of your tactic so people can see where you're (potentially) going wrong?
  21. News report says I've seen ingame are a year behind on Celtics title winning exploits I.e. Claims we're going for 9 in a row when really it's 10
  22. I'm in no way a tactical genius, in fact I struggle myself quite a bit but I've seen quite a lot 4231's come through here over the years asking for advice. I find the bottom of your midfield static. You have 2 holding midfielders in there. You could try and change it to CMd --- BBM/CMs (get further forward) or you could even try it with a DLPd --- BBM/CMs (get further forward) Also, Hazard is terrifying with the ball at his feet. I'd give him a go as Trequartista in that spot and see how it all links up. In terms of TI's: most of them seem decent. You got to remember you're the biggest team in Germany and everyone will sit back and soak up the pressure. I'd drop the defensive line to just higher (because they will go direct from the back and hope you to catch out your defensive line) and drop the Line of Engagement down to higher or even standard.
  23. Today
  24. The draw for the Euro32 qualifying campaign has given us a tasty group. We will need to take the Nations League knockout games seriously, given that they offer a chance to qualify for the Euros and we might not win this group
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    December-March A major topic I spoke about last time was that of Tourinho and my uncertainty of what to do with him but alas we have another transfer window gone and he's still here as Real Madrid look to be going down their usual long and drawn out transfer process. I was shocked that Tourinho didn't win the Ballon D'or and only made the bench for the World XI, his stats were considerably better than the rest as well. Tony Herd earned the European Golden Boy award though so that was some good news. Now to Europe; I mentioned previously about hoping to avoid Barcelona in the 1st knockout round of the Champions League, did we do that? Nope! I decided that this time I wouldn't treat them so kindly by switching our play like we had done last year, no, we went for it with our usual 4-2-2-2 attacking system. In the first leg it was starting to look like a mistake after 30 mins but we managed to pull one back and make it a respectable scoreline. The follow up tie went so, so, so well for us, we battered them and had a 3-0 lead up until they pulled one back which looked likely to send the tie to extra time but we were awarded a very dramatic late penalty and Tony Herd stepped up to put us back ahead, then following up with another to completely kill them off and sealing his hat-trick. Surely one Spanish giant would be enough though? No? Ok.. Real Madrid next! We got another nice youth intake this year and have a great young wonderkid youth through our affiliation with Columbus Crew in America; Reese Camm. He has all the potential in the world and has great current ability for a 16-year-old too. His only downside is that he has no flair whatsoever, yet all his other technical, mental and physical stats seem to be really good, we shall see how that fares in game. We got another youth through an affiliate, another young goalkeeper! We have a plethora of those it has to be said. Still, a decent pick up through our partnership with Socheux. Interestingly Celtic dismissed another manager in their hopeless quest to topple me at the top and this time Roger Schmidt was shown the door. Schmidt came in and started really well, played some good games against me and also led Celtic to a first 2nd place finish in 3/4 years but failed to convince the board. Next in was a very close friend of mine, Robbie Stockdale, I brought Robbie in as our reserves assistant manager in 2019 and then gave him the Scotland under 21's managers job during my stint in charge there too. He was with us for six years before making the move to Nottinham Forest to become his own man, he was doing a decent job there too. Now he fancies a crack at me? Going to be gutted getting him the sack! On the plus side another of my former colleagues replaced him; Michael Beale taking up the job after his recent dismissal by Sheffield Wednesday. Domestically we are absolutely flying as we extend our unbeaten run to sixty-six games. We are just six games shy of beating our previous record of seventy-one games unbeaten. With just seven games left of the league campaign I'm hoping that we can secure a second invincible season under my leadership of the club. We have come close to a further two invincible seasons but had one pesky defeat in each of those campaigns. We sailed through three Scottish cup ties and Hibernian lie in wait for us in the semi finals. Hopefully another domestic treble en route to Ibrox as we have already secured the Betfred Cup by beating Celtic in a thoroughly spectacular game in which we came from behind to win. I also must reserve a special mention for that Aberdeen result, wow! Interestingly Tourinho became the second striker to bag a hat-trick that game yet he actually only came on with twenty minutes to play, a glorious feat. League table
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    Rangers Now into my eighth season with Rangers (my longest ever with them) I actually don't think I've ever enjoyed a save so much. It has helped that I have been playing it in bursts as I've had a fair few times away from the game this year. I couldn't have started any better as somehow we tore it up in the first season and went on to win the treble! I didn't even add to the team until January but tbh there are a fair few players in the team from the start that you can do a lot with such as, Alfredo Morelos, Connor Goldson, Borna Barasic, Nikola Katic, James Tavernier, Ross McCrorie and Glenn Middleton. Middleton and McCrorie are class young players and perform amazingly right from the off and the same can be said for the rest of them. Lining up with a 4-2-2-2 seemed to work really well and I'm glad as I've always liked playing two striker as opposed to the 4-5-1/4-3-3 everyone seems to favour. Goals, goals and more goals that's what our success was down to. We only improved from there and now I'm halfway through my eighth season with them on schedule to complete the treble again and in the last 16 of the CL. I thought I'd share my team on here as a way of looking back on how the career has gone. I went with the usual method of bringing in free transfers, bargain buys and potential wonderkids with the view to loaning them out and/or selling them to make loads of money. It's a method I've always followed on FM as I've always had success doing it. I've managed to bring in £1.2bn by selling/loaning players so clearly my team is very rich. When I got into the CL final and lost in the third season and then won the EL in the fourth season I was thinking this is going to be far too easy. So I decided to change my approach and start to develop home grown talent with the intention of fielding an almost entirely Scottish team with maybe a few UK based ones too. I think that was in season 4/5 I started that and now my team is very close to only Scottish players apart from a couple foreign ones. Although I wanted a home grown team I had spent years building and buying a team, or several teams, so it was going to be hard getting rid of all of the players especially since I didn't want to let them go for less than what they were worth. As such, I have kept a select few players over the years like Moritz Hollerieth, Erkan Eybil, Isaias, Vincent Njoku, Alfredo Morelos, Nikola Katic, Svetozar Markovic, Federico Zapata, Yuri Alberto, Alex Bielsa, Roberto Navarro, Matonense and Tourinho. Nowadays Alex Bielsa has Scotland as a second nationality whilst Navarro is less than a year away from the same. That being said I will probably accept decent bids for them unless I get the Scotland job(again) and manage to persuade them to declare themselves for us! Matonense is a really good winger but I'm not really fussed on him for some reason, even though he is amazing. Now Tourinho on the other hand, that's different, he has become a phenomenal player for me and arguably the best striker in the game too. I would be really surprised if he didn't win the Balon d'or this year. I rejected a £100m offer from Real Madrid for him last year as it had too many clauses in the deal and I expected them to come back in with another offer which I would no doubt have accepted. With my young Scottish striker Tony Herd picking up a couple month long injury I decided to just keep playing Tourinho this season and he has been unplayable, completely. So now I'm stuck with a dilemma.. Do I let him leave or keep him as a bonus foreign player? Who knows?! I've stuck his valuation at £200m as Real Madrid have been scouting and expressing interest in him all season so will see what happens I guess. In two more seasons both he and Matonense will also have Scottish nationality so there's that, although both have been capped by Brazil. Let's see where the rest of the season and the transfer window takes us eh? Current season Squad Fixtures League
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