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  2. The is it not the same type of logo. My mistake.
  3. We are headed into the Premier League's kind of final day (remember, we play a make up game with Chelsea May 22). Burnley with 27 points has been relegated. It does not look good for Bournemouth or Fulham. 16. 34 -29 Newcastle 17. 32 -21 Huddersfield 18. 31 -37 Bournemouth 19. 29 -28 Fulham 20. 27 -36 Burnley Newcastle plays at Aston Villa Huddersfield hosts Arsenal Bournemouth is at Tottenham Fulham host Watford Newcastle is pretty safe. They'd need Huddersfield and Bournemouth to win, and the and Bournemouth would have to make up 9 goals in the process. Fulham needs a win, and Huddersfield to lose, Bournemouth to draw or lose, and Fulham needs to make up 8 goals on Huddersfield as well. So in all likelihood Bournemouth and Fulham are going down. Meanwhile in the race for the last Champions League spot: 4. 73 +40 Manchester City 5. 72 +31 Chelsea 6. 71 +23 Arsenal City is at Wolves (who are pretty good, 8th place), Chelsea is at United, and Arsenal go to Huddersfield. Chelsea also has the game in hand against us. At the top, we have: 1. 88 +46 Liverpool 2. 87 +64 Manchester United 3. 84 +40 Everton We are pretty big Chelsea and Cardiff fans right now ... all we need is for both of them to at least get away draws while we go to Southampton and win. Easy peasy.
  4. Recently my cursor has this weird shadow and the screen occasionally flickers. I'm on mac and the problems only seem to be there in fullscreen.
  5. November 2018 Another exciting youngster signed up to join us in January. Will slot in perfectly as a BPD. Maybe not ready for first team football yet but great stats for a 17 year old- Italian too!
  6. Can you post a screenshot what you mean please
  7. Strange. When it comes to GTA and Witcher 3 - do you know if you're getting 30fps or 60fps with those settings? If it's 30 then I'd expect you to be able to do quite a bit better with that graphics card (I'm doing better with a standard 1050), so there's probably something wrong with the hardware or drivers. If not then we know it's specific to FM
  8. Trapped in Paradise Why won't anybody hire me! Not so much as a sniff of an interview. All I can do is watch the season go by and pray one of the teams pick me up. I'll take literally anything right now. So the current state of play is this. 3 countries down. There are only 2 teams I can go too in the Turks and Caicos Islands. There are more in the BVI but currently absolutely nothing. The last 3 are in the 2nd tier. I'll take a screenshot in December of the current league standings, see if we are going to lose any... We are in danger of losing the prude fat women! Id even take the Haitian Stars job at this point. There's a good chance it's Teachers or bust in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Please....somebody give me a job! After waiting patiently for half a season its time to go on Holiday and really speed things up. Old Madrid will be going up next season. I created my clone as unemployed and applied for all jobs to see if it would kick start something...it hasn't. For the first time teams have been taken off the list while in play. We will no longer be able to take over at Small World or Virgin Gorda. I'm devastated. An updated list of countries and teams I can take over. Finally! The fact its Virgin Gorda Ballstarz is just the icing on the cake. It does mean I'm skipping ahead of Turks and Caicos Islands but at this point beggars can't be choosers. And there it is!
  9. 2036-2037 In-Season Update 1 (Matchday 5) Same plan as last season to update roughly every five games, with extras at the end of 2036 and end of season, plus any major events taking place Our first three league games came while still playing in Europe, and we managed 17 goals in those games, although we did concede 4 goals which is a lot for us this early. A bit of a shame that the 8-1 shellacking away to Qarabag seems to have slowed us down, but we have managed wins away to Progres who were 3rd last season, against Kaerjeng who seem to be an issue for us, and then against Titus Petange and away to Jeunesse Esch, both of whom have joined the second tier of teams below the trio of ourselves, Dudelange and Differdange, in recent seasons. Overall not the most difficult five games we could have faced, but it was not a gentle start, especially with the travel to Austria and Azerbaijan between games. Obviously our perfect start puts us in the running early on, so in the next five games we need to ensure we keep the goals flowing Racing (LUX) should be easier than a few seasons ago, before the toughest away test against Dudelange. Mamer and Union Mertert provide the easier games in this batch of fixtures, either side of Fola Esch away who can be tough and have started the season well.
  10. October 2018 As part of my new contract I managed to get a larger wage budget which in course helped me improve the transfer budget. I have sent a number of scouts over the world and this was a find that excited me massively. Yes it's a lot of money for a 16 year old but in the future I am hoping he can be a great replacement for Rodrigo Palacio. He will join us at the start of January.
  11. October 2018 Really happy to get a new contract sorted so early. Signed an extended deal until the end of next season.
  12. - The crash dump file is provided - The save game file name is Dylan Fernandes - MK Dons - 66k - The in-game date when the crash occurred Aug 21st 2021 - in-game editor is enabled but not used during the save game - used some customized database files FM 2019 v19.3.5.1225655 (2019.06.16 03.57.38).dmp
  13. August & early September All looking very nice domestically, although we're about to get into a horrendous period where we play seven games in 17 days, so I'm not taking anything for granted just yet. I'm contemplating a change of style for next season too, as we should be scoring more goals. We may have a +30 goal difference, but that's because we've only conceded 11 in the league all season. I'll decide on that in the coming days, though.
  14. The buttons to subscribe or restore purchases do nothing. Anyone looking into this? Going by reviews this is an issue for alot of people.
  15. Today
  16. No, in case of Bayern, it are all official matches in the Champions League. 9 matches are being displayed under eachother, 9 matches are counted for both teams in the "between clubs standings", but 6 wins + 2 losses = 8 matches. The draw (4-4) is not being counted. I have checked other teams, both with flawed and correct standings. Draws are being counted there. I have no idea what is causing this. See this image:
  17. The 442 P106ALL CUPS is IWB which was working fine in 19.3.5 Also PILGRIMAGE 4141 !!!!!FM19.3.4BEOWULF442KnapP106ALLCUPS.fmf !!!!!!!!!!!19.3.5PILGRIMAGEKnapIWB4141P103ECCC.fmf
  18. And it happened two more times, now with different teams than Celtic. Savegames are uploaded. "strange manager news" and "Rijn-Main-Donau - manager Roma"
  19. It's a shame about the Naylor injury & the snub from Benatia, but it's a massive positive that Igor's looking to sign CB's already. At least he's showing he understand where your problems are, not always the case with a DoF!
  20. October Season 3 Brilliant in the league and a straight forward win in the Taca but I have it all to do now in the Champions League and I'll be hoping Guimaraes mess up against Chaves while I put goals on the board against Leiria This is the group at the moment I the Champions League In the race for three in a row It's going to be a big November Not only do I have two key Champions League games I have the Lisbon Derby. Player of the month for October Has to Jovane again 5 goals during the month, he has turned into a World Class winger.
  21. FM 07 Club Name of the Day: Oxford United Stars from... Derry, Northern Ireland. No explanation on Wikipedia for the name and logo...
  22. FM 07 Club Name of the Day: Oxford United Stars from... Derry, Northern Ireland. No explanation on Wikipedia for the name and logo...
  23. I feel your pain, and tend to agree. We have to be extra careful right after scoring a goal. I do all sorts of things: I shout "tighten up", set tactics to "Cautious", increase Time Wasting slider, change mentality of wingers to support, etc, etc. etc, If I don't take some of such counter-measure actions, I'm bound to be scored against... Good luck.
  24. I had a little chat with Kasper the next morning:
  25. Strange as your laptop has good graphics. As others suggested, ensure FM is linked to your Nvidia card: check/use GeForce Experience I've been having some minor lag issues with recent FM *and* Windows updates. Maybe try to use a System Restore on your Windows back to before your problem started... Also, how many leagues are you running? This easily has a major impact on game performance, and I lose many stars there, (though I understand you are referring to the graphic not game speed performance) Finally, make sure it's not a hardware issue... (A bummer...)
  26. March 2019 Four games remain and we're 8 points clear, fingers crossed we don't royally screw this up!
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