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  2. I loaded up this in the editor and when tested its valid. Yet if i just click on convert to advanced rules, without changing a thing, when testing this message comes up? And i can't use the file in the game. (Because it must be tested) I want to disable brexit basically.
  3. Hoping someone can tell me the best way to approach the following problem: I want to create fictional league structures in multiple countries using the basic editor. To do this I need to create new leagues/cups. When I do this, it creates a new league/cup with a unique ID (usually 100000024 etc). When I do this for the first country everything is fine. However when I reload the database to do the next country, any new leagues/cups I add use the same unique ID's as the previous country. This means I cannot load the two files together in game without an error. What is the best way to overcome this issue?
  4. Ok i understand now, and about player rest, can you help me about that. When should players train normal when half intensity and when rest.
  5. I can't find any schedule on 2018, the latest match on 2019, please help
  6. Decided to give this challenge a go! I'll be taking over Kingstonian in Vanarama South - they went up finishing 7th and winning the playoffs. Manager info Club info I will be posting updates at the end of every season. We are predicted to finish 13th, which I would absolutely take for my first season in this league. Fingers crossed we can stay up!
  7. I’ve changed my mind and gone for a 4231 in a new save.
  8. Good luck with Forest @warlock enjoyed my short spell there. Some good HG players to build around for sure.
  9. No, that's not what I said. They will not train for their tactical role and position if you don't touch individual training. They will only train for a role and position if you do touch individual training. If you don't touch individual training your players will just focus on their General Training.
  10. Hi Guys I've been battling away on FM for years but despite only generally playing English League (conference south to prem) and generally being happy on 2d (maybe watch the odd replay on 3d) the thing is slower than me running the marathon! Budget is abit n the tight side, maybe £450-600, any advice would be very welcome. Anything to stop my season being about 10 hours would be a bonus! Thanks in Advance
  11. A big expansion? Do you expect to fill it? I’m always finding stadium improvements seem to hang too much debt around the clubs neck in short term, with Freiburg got a new 35k seater stadium (original is around 25k) with a lot of room for expansion but it’s not likely we’d ever need it all given the size of the city. I didn’t like seeing one of the few debt-free clubs around suddenly have a £30m debt though. It did give me an excuse to sign pretty much every 18 year old in the former Yugoslav countries and loan them out for fees though!
  12. Does anyone know how to add a instant result button to a skin please?
  13. @warlock Good work with the clear out! I’m sure your finances look much healthier now. All the best with your quest to reach the playoffs
  14. Today
  15. @zZzZzZzZzZzZzZz I don't think you're using the right roles and duties. A lot of what you have is too ambitious, attack duties. mezzalas, attacking wing backs and ball playing defenders. If you compare to Spal you'll see there version is much more toned down in term of what the roles are asking of the players. I think that's the route you should go down.
  16. I used to play on high 3D, and I have now tried to play on low and very low 2D, but my game is not playable. I have constant lag, and after half an hour the computer get very warm. Macbook Pro (15 inch, 2016) 2,6 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 2133 MHz Radeon Pro 450 2048 MB / Intel HD Graphics 530 1536MB I play other games on my MacBook and none of them have any issues.
  17. League record for overall goals also lost.
  18. We're back and, let's not beat about the bush, we're through to the Champions League quarter-finals. Sporting gave us a bit of a scare in the home game by scoring with thier very first attack, and although we fought back to take a lead to Portugal, it was only a narrow one. However, we needn't have worried - Vorobjov got us off to a flyer by cancelling out their away goal, and seven minutes later Kostenko almost broke the net to make it 2-0. Again, Sporting fought hard and were level by the hour, but we struck late on as they pushed forward to seal the win, and we're in the last eight once again. Chelsea await us, and it would be ideal time to get revenge for my first-year elimination. In the league however, our European exploits seem to have taken their toll. After taking Sibir apart at home and then putting in probably our best domestic performance of the year - thrashing CSKA on their own turf and hearing them leave the field to a chorus of boos - we then collapsed to defeat in Krasnodar, our unbeaten record ended after 19 games of the season. We followed that up by firing another blank at home to Zenit, and we'll need to find our form again if we aren't to risk derailing our title bid. However, for now we remain six points clear - our win over CSKA giving us breathing space which we promptly used up by dropping points in two consecutive games. With 10 games remaining in April and May, as well as our European commitments, we're in a strong position with both games against CSKA, Zenit, and Krasnodar under our belts. We can't be complacent of course - we still play other sides in the top half - but unless we blow up down the home stretch, we should be champions for a third time in a row.
  19. Goal scored by club are also bugged.
  20. No, I've had far larger amounts than that without a tycoon but with FFP rules there cannot be too much put in if your revenues are low - once prize money, sponsorship etc goes up more can be pumped into the club - you may not have a massive bank balance hence the limited amounts despite having a tycoon. Also they type of tycoon matters too. Front end - pours a bottomless pit of money into the club Back end - will help the club progress to the next level (or two) and then back off. Underwriter - will clear the clubs debts at the end of each season (iirc)
  21. Excellent so my players will train for tactic role and position if I dont touch individual training. Thats great. Can you help me how to set player rest, happened to me that biglia recovered from injury and next day injured again in training. Should I put players <90% condition to rest? Thank you.
  22. The cut off date for FM19 is 2002/08/31. Elliott was born 2003/04/04.
  23. European Travails After failing to win the league we start in the Europa League this time around, but the nation is struggling so the journey gets harder We lost places last season affecting the Europa League start points, and this year drop in the Champions League We need to catch Estonia to claim back the first round CL slot, and catch Malta to get the EL first round spot back, with Lithuania the goal to get all of the EL spots being first round Based on the coefficients we will struggle without some good runs in Europe, and teams from Luxembourg have a habit of going out in the first tie they play which doesn't help. Lithuania are currently a whole 1.000 ahead of us for next season, before we play any ties this time around What makes this worse is we are trying our best to improve the situation and are just not getting the support We already have a better coefficient than the teams above us in the screenshot for next season, so will rise again, and hopefully make a difference for the national situation Within the country we are well clear of Dudelange and really need them to do well to help us out in regards to the European places, but if they take the CL spot again I can see us falling further away. With all that considered, we had news of the first ties this time around First up is San Marino, in the Preliminary Round, which I would expect to win based on our previous European exploits, with a trip to Hungary awaiting the winners Differdange are going to Malta, with Progres going to Andorra, so all of these ties are winnable, hopefully giving us a boost
  24. With the end of January comes the annual deluge of friendlies, and while our home friendlies were against a slightly lower calibre of opposition this time round, easy wins over Zilina and FCK give us confidence heading into our European clash with Sporting. Three local sides were then dismantled in the traditional fashion - Torpedo really have fallen far - and we're as ready as we're going to be for the Portuguese side. With no transfers in or out, academy graduation day was again a highlight of the winter period, and this year our youth staff seem to have been working particularly hard on our defence. Volkov looks like a decent holding man in the making, Gamkrelidze and Sychev could end up competing for a first-team berth on the right, but the star of the show is Kozhemyakin. A brave, determined, hard-worker of a full-back, he's got the early signs of a potential star in the making. It's up to me to unlock that potential.
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