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  2. Some late night additions here. Venezuela is the CONMEBOL addition, joining more obscure leagues that qualify for the CL, Togo and Iraq.
  3. Yeah, Turkey can be a real pain in the neck. I think I am going to have another crack at this in South America. I don’t think anyone has ventured down there this version?
  4. Saturday 14 December 2019 Liverpool 5-0 Watford Burnley 2-2 Newcastle Chelsea 3-0 Bournemouth 15:00 Leicester 4-1 Norwich 15:00 Sheffield Utd 2-1 Aston Villa 15:00 Southampton 0-0 West Ham 17:30 Sunday 15 December 2019 Man Utd 1-1 Everton 14:00 Wolves 3-2 Spurs 14:00 Arsenal 1-3 Man City 16:30 Monday 16 December 2019 Crystal Palace 2-1 Brighton 19:45
  5. June 2032 Two losses but we're still holding our own 9 points clear of the relegation zone.
  6. Enjoying being able to play lower down, top work pal, excited for Level 11 where I'm planning on a save in the Sheffield & Hallamshire Premier Division! Haven't found any issues with the database other than the sub rules being 3 from 7 rather than 3 from 5 past the Conference N/S.
  7. It took me a while to get an offer but I eventually landed the job at Real Kings in South Africa. Living in South Africa and having decent knowledge of Southern African football, I knew where to look and picked up some gems to quickly bolster my squad. By the fourth season, we had become so strong that we comfortably won every competition that we contested in. I also managed to pick up the Algeria job after they had a poor World Cup campaign and capped of an incredible year by winning the Africa Cup of Nations. After achieving such success and accomplishing the first part of the challenge, I said goodbye to Real Kings and accepted an offer to Hebei China Fortune. I never spent more than 30k on a player at Real Kings and now I had over 100m to spend on players. It was unreal. I managed to secure a third place finish in my first season at the club. It was now time to put my personal stamp on the club. The funds allowed for a revamp of the squad so I signed 17 players, including Lionel Messi (37), Toni Kroos (34), and Rodrigo (33)! Rodrigo was not doing it for me so midway through the season, I had to find a better player so I sold him for 5m and signed Sergio Aguero (36) in his place. We are currently top of the CSL and things are looking good. Messi, Kroos, and Aguero are unreal! I might not be at the club for long at this rate but I am enjoying every second of it.
  8. in some instances, these are not issues before the game comes out. think of as throwing a stone into a pond. one stone causes how many ripples? one change in game can cause so many other changes it it almost unimaginable.
  9. Rules are there so we can break them My file was playable but i was to lazy to finish it. Lack of motivation and free time was biggest problem. Now - big question is logical playability of this system because i can have many problems - coefficients for example. Im not sure how this system will effect nations coefficients. Also i dont like for example Southwestern division with french and portuguese teams but im not sure how to change system. If i add France and Portugal as single nation divisions - then i should add also Russia, Holland- maybe Belgium... I need to draw end line somewhere...
  10. yeah they definitiely need too look at that area. I bought in two pacey new cd´s with good anticipation but the balls keep flying in behind anyway. Could also be press related that the attacking teams players get to play the pass too easily and with too good precision.
  11. I have no issue at all with SI taking their time to ensure that whatever they do makes the game better not worse. However, it isn't communicated. At all. Why not just put a post up here, twitter wherever stating that these are the issues and they are doing something about them? Doesn't have to be an open thread can be locked. And, why on earth where these not seen before the beta even came out?
  12. Hi Ben Yes you were right its the Flut skin i'm using as tried another skin and all works. Have let Flut skin guy know and see if can fix it as do love the skin. Maybe in FM2021 SI can make better skins than the defaults
  13. 2025 Youth Intake An apparent 'golden generation' and one 5* potential player who's pretty poor. AMC isn't a position I use but he can be retrained to a MC. Beyond him this is pure dross.
  14. Defender (player) reaction to long/lose balls seems one of the major factors in guys being unleashed behind the lines this easily. You see this on the top levels too. In particular if the defenders have to turn as they were facing in the direction of the ball before -- their turn can tage what feels ages on the occasion. Which is likely also why SI won't just release a hot fix. Generally tuning player reaction/turning likely will create all kind of knock-ons all over the pitch, rather than just improving the defending of long balls. This looks like it may require longer term testing.
  15. Hi, I do not have Aorus, my gpu is on default settings and I was not using the -renderer line. Still same results....
  16. what issues are you referring to? In some of the posts here users seem to have issues with the 3D performance during matches, with players constantly moaning about training, and with PPM´s of players not at the club invisible, if I got that right, just off the back of my head. I at least did not encounter any of this in the Switch version.
  17. The game highlights well the important attributes for the role when you view player's attributes page. I would say the main ones to focus on are: off the ball, passing, vision, decisions and anticipation. I think most people who use F9 role are playing high pressing tactics. The F9 role doesn't drift around. He drops deep. That doesn't affect his participation in high pressing strategy. Of course, if you modify the role to have "move into channels" and "roam from position" this would mean that the player would have a lot more to do, thus he would need high work rate and stamina to perform the tasks in both phases of play. But if you stick with the default instructions, then you should be fine.
  18. Oh sorry, here's the tactics and team. Player instruction are as follows: Pressing forward support - Shoot more often - Move into channels Winger attack (left) - Cross aim centre Mezzala attack - Shoot more often Ball wining midfielder support - Shoot less often Wide midfielder attack (right - Cross more often - Cross from byline - Cross aim centre - Dribble more - Shoot less often Wing back attack (left) - Cross aim centre - Shoot less often Wing back support (right) - Cross aim centre - Shoot less often Centre backs and goalkeeper - N/A
  19. Hi Connor, I noticed the same. I'm using instant result with my own created match plan. What happens is the following: -I see Ajax-PSV 1-0 goal by Neres -I click on the match to view the goals -I see the goals, but its Veltman who scores in a different minute, and even more strange I see another goal by Tadic (2-0) So the match results don't match up with the highlights! Btw. I only see this in the matches of the club im managing, so not in the other simulated matches of the game. Uploaded my save as well: Eerste stapjes (v02).fmt
  20. Looks like his defenders can't manage 1v1 situations as well as Welsh amateurs, anyway - at least in FM20. I've also never had any problems with 1v1 conversion rate, and I've played only with lower league teams in FM20 (except Singapore Premier League, but it's crap anyway). My own experience and comments in thread have made me suspect that higher level teams struggle with 1v1s MORE than lower level teams, but there isn't enough data from lower league managers for me to be able to make such assumptions. And if there is, I haven't noticed that.
  21. I always used to stick to the same few teams to manage on early versions, then quickly found it boring and repetitive, until I ventured into the Challenges forum. There's plenty of ideas in there for saves and "rules" and plans for the save.. whether it inspires you to sign up for the challenge or just try something along the same lines, it't worth a look I'd say
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