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  2. First Game of a new season. Kylian Mbappé has played at STL, I don't think he has ever played AML/AMR when I pick the team and I pick the team something like 99.9% of the 94 matches he has played at the club. "Kylian Mbappé is currently playing as an inverted winger, with some claiming he isn't entirely comfortable there. Will he be carrying on there against Hajduk Split." I think he plays as AML on the French National Team, but it seems really strange if a press conference is confusing his position on the national team with where he plays on my team.
  3. I had the joy in FM19 that the new stadium got stuck in perma planning permission
  4. April was terrible but remarkably, we're in the FA Cup Final (v Liverpool), and still in the top 4
  5. Martinez should have gotten a 10.0. Silva would have scored more but I pulled him at HT.
  6. No, its not as exciting as that. I asķ who wants to join and I edit a manager into the game and randomly select the team. Then just record there results. They dont have to do anything
  7. Agreed! I loaned in Christie in a short Derby save and he was good. Southampton's Callum Slattery is a decent loan signing in midfield. I signed Matty Longstaff in a recent save (Brentford maybe?) and he was bang average all season. I'll have a think about goalkeepers. Good to have you with us.
  8. It doesn't work like that unfortunately, the coding for the ME is specific and any tweak can off set something else. I dont know alot about coding so I cant explain it but I remember a mod or someone from the SI saying that its not a revamped ME so bits are probably used from fm17, which? I dont know, quite strange seeing such a massive difference though, guess thats because of making these tweaks. I'll make one point though, realism in FM17 is somewhat a major downside, dribbles, tackles, interceptions reach levels where you wouldn't expect irl which maybe the route the SI took for 18+ as it seems to be a big deal with statisitcal comparisons.
  9. Also, I want to share my experience when it comes testing tactics in EPL… For example, when I test a tactic in EPL with a team that is outside TOP 5 by media prediction then my result varies with the same tactic by 30% or even more percent on 1 season length sample so I can finish the season with 70pts and when I replay the season with the same tactic and the same team I can end up only with 50pts so if you test with a team that is outside of TOP 5 then your results could be very volatile even on 1 season length sample, now could you imagine how it can be volatile if you take a shorter sample. P.S. Heh... I don't say that your result would be much less volatile when you test with a team from TOP 5 because it's still volatile as hell but when you test with a team that is outside TOP 5 then your result is extremely volatile.
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  11. Thanks for the suggestion lad but I think I'll try some other tactics now.
  12. I suggest taking samples at lease 1 season length anything is less than that is meaningless. For example: Take Tactic "A", save before the 1st match of the season and then finish the season. Then load the game save and plug Tactic "B", finish the season and compare the results
  13. Well..Good point isn't it? Back on my derby save (pre beta) I was using your raptor v1 with mediocre results first season.. Switched to vujevic 5-3-2 system and results were better. I should give some other tactics a try! I was bout 11th btw in the league finished 7th after that run. From february on I averaged 1.8 pts per game after I switched to that so who knows.. This was the run : I dunno if you meant any sarcasm ( and you probably did ) with that last post TFF , and btw I want to thank u for what your destroyer v1 did for me so far with the back to back promotions but results were Ass as of late and I need to try some other tactics now :). Thanks.
  14. Yes- we all make mistakes like that and that is why I rarely let my DoF negotiate with any player of importance.
  15. Here's hoping! If not then I'll probably end up doing it on another save I guess.
  16. Heh... Mate, then why you just don't take their tactics and start crushing EPL with Norwich, Birmingham and Crystal Palace ? … I can only image what you can do with these tactics if you pick a better team than Norwich ,,, probably, in that case you should get 100% win rate
  17. I've read through the last 10 pages or so of this thread and agree with the criticisms aimed at FM20 regarding the ME. However, one reoccurring praise I've noticed in this thread is that of the ME of FM17. Maybe I'm being a little naive here, but for the sake of the immediate future of the game can't SI just rerelease the ME of FM17 with certain tweaks to make it compatible with FM20? On a positive note I'm enjoying most of the non ME changes and new features for this current edition of the game. Asides from added board interference which just doesn't make sense at times; such as rejecting an offer I accepted for a player I've made clear isn't good enough for my team and I want him out of the club, only for the board to tell me the offer is marginally shy of what they feel he's worth and therefore rejected. And also, the private conversations with a player rarely working out in your favour and so much of the time other players of the team become disgruntled as a result. Other than those couple of minor things the added changes have made the game much more realistic and personal as a 'manager'.
  18. i have recently started a save with the Canadian National team, i want to hopefully win the world cup with them one day. One of the ways i thought would make this easier was convincing players who have received their Canadian citizenship through playing for Canadian MLS teams or even CPL teams to switch allegiance (especially since most of them are originally from big South American countries and dont have a shot at playing for their actual National teams). But, i dont seem to have an option to do that... i can ask a player who had their Canadian citizenship at the start of the save (for example, Ferdi Kadioglu, Liam Millar, Evan Bush.. etc.) as showed in the first 2 screenshotbut. But if its a player who didnt have a Canadian citizenship at the start of the save, then i just dont even have an option to ask him.. and its not like they declared for their country either cause i checked that too.. (as you can see in the following 4 screenshots). So, my question is.. Is this a bug or is there some sort of rule i am unaware of? i am genuinely curious and would love to find an answer.
  19. I reloaded my save from a much earlier point and found I could very easily move this guy and others around So is this a bug? Does something sometimes cause players not be movable because of issues with the game?
  20. unable to load the Last save overwrite game. fm 20.2.3
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