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  2. It does make sense though. If I tell a player to play a specific role ie. an out and out winger then it seems logical that they should not be cutting inside, even if they are naturally inclined to do so, because they have been specifically told to not play in this way.
  3. i actually want my inside forwards to be the main goal threat, not the CF, i decided to put two IFs to IFa, but i guess the problem is caused by CF role, but i have no idea how to create chances for two IF
  4. Season 2- October So October is done Still 100% Two comfortable 4-1 wins in the Champions League and 3 convincing wins in the league still only 1 goal conceded I'd like to say it's all down to Oblak but my defense has just been so solid though He has only face 12 shots in those 8 games. 5 points clear with a game in hand. last years challengers Lyon have lost as many games this season as they did last year. It's looking like Marseille will be the main chasers this year. Up next November, this shall be a sad one as it will see Gianlugi Buffon hang up his gloves. To say goodbye to him I've scheduled two friendlies during the International break with Italian opposition to act as a farewell (Though I suspect them to perhaps be cancelled once players get called up to International duty, we shall see) Depending on the result of Shakhtar vs Ajax a win against Young Boys will see me through to the next round top of the group with 2 games to spare.
  5. So I'm sorry for being so aggressive, this just annoyed and frustrated me so much, seing the op dominate Arsenal with West Ham and my team that won Bundesliga and Cup 1st season, 1 point short of Bayern and losing to a De Bruyne screamer in the CL Final 2nd season loses against Wolfsburg. I'll post the set-up underneath, but I'm not really sure what's that wrong with it, having such abysmal results without even getting near the possession numbers of the OP.
  6. 2019 – 2023 Cycle Verdict Well at times this cycle seemed like a real struggle, but we achieved our objectives in the end. We won a game in the Caribbean Cup and progressed via ranking into the second round of the qualification draw. We've also seen a crop of stronger players come through. Apart from Herby Glinton though they aren't going to be world beaters, but keep progressing as a team and maybe the nation will start producing more world beaters. This cycle also saw us say goodbye to Billy Forbes who retired, he will be remembered as an early pioneer of the Turks and Caicos Islands footballing journey. A real legend. 2023 - 2027 Cycle We wasn't too far from being seeded for that second round draw so the aim has to be to try and get seeded for that. We're going to need to win more friendly matches than we already do and get more competitive wins at the Caribbean Cup.
  7. Nov 2041. We've really started to click as a team and it's started to be shown in the results. We lost away to Monaco, but we're meant to lose to the likes of PSG, Monaco, Marseille and Lyon aren't we? You might notice that (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * scored a hat-trick against Havre and 1 goal against each of Lorient, Strasbourg & Monaco before not being on the score-sheet against Guingamp. The reason for that is simply that he's got a slight knock and missed the Guingamp game and is also likely to miss Lyon and Bordeaux before returning to the score-sheet against Lille. When one of our 1st choice players are missing I don't see it as a negative at all. I just think that it's an opportunity for the next player on the production line to come in and get some game-time. We're already 11 points clear of the drop and I must admit to looking up at the teams above us rather than down at those below us. We're 6 points behind Marseille in 6th, but that's after an awful start.
  8. Well, you aren't City, LFC, Utd, Chelsea or any of the top teams in England. You are Newcastle. I personally like NC, but in real life they aren't title contenders. To the contrary, they are fighting relegation. Sad but true. So you need to be (a bit) more realistic in your expectations. Wait a minute. You don't want DLP to be the main creator, but you want him to act as Jorginho or Kroos. Well, what are Jorg and Kroos if not creators? Btw, tactics creation is not (only) about what you want, but what you can do to get most out of the players you have at your disposal. I don't know Pellegri, but I do know Origi very well because I have him on loan at Brighton and he's absolutely fantastic in my team. He both scores and assists a lot. I play him in different roles, depending on whom I pair him with up front and what I want to achieve in a particular match or situation. And I do often play him as a DLF on support. I sometimes even use him as an IW on attack on the left (ML). My system is 442/4411 though.
  9. I know I wasn't exactly too meticulous with the rules, but Roda JC Kerkrade doesn't qualify because their predecessor Rapid JC won Dutch title in 1955-56. Basically the rule here is that club to be eligible must have finished runners-up in their league when it was "proper" one group league (so in Netherlands case it's 1956–57 and later) and never have won the title no matter the system of the competition. Thirty is already a huge number of titles to be won and I had to draw the line somewhere. Probably the most obvious team that otherwise would be eligible is Schalke 04, who have 7 German titles, but all of them before Bundesliga's creation. So sorry to disappoint you, but I won't be managing Roda in this save. @Janiculus Thanks for the good luck! @ManUtd1
  10. Having got myself a new laptop, I'm giving this a go again with Bamber Bridge! The best I've done with this challenge is making it to League 2, two years ago so hoping to beat that.
  11. August & September 2019 Union Sportive Concarneau A tough start to life in the second tier was followed by a fantastic seven game unbeaten run that still stands at the end of September. I am relieved to see that we are more than competitive at this level, and aside from the season opener at Le Havre we've had a chance of winning every game. The club's first ever foray in the Coupe de la Ligue ended swiftly at the hands of Troyes AC, but we weren't expected to progress further than the first round anyway. We impressively sit in 5th place in the league, well above our preseason expectation of 19th. Tactically we are set up similarly to last season, though Valentin Lavigne now plays as the central striker in the absence of former loanee Andrew Jung, with late goal specialist Marwane Elaz taking up Lavigne's former berth on the right wing. The only other significant change is that right-back Maxime Toupin lost his place to Fred Salem after a poor start to the season, and Salem has thrived since coming into the team. I think we've got more than enough about us to stay in this league, so a safe season of consolidation while we sort our finances out is my aim.
  12. Been reported in the bugs forum a couple of times, so SI are already aware
  13. Update: My B-Team has vanished from the league after the first season, going to it still tells me it's in the Liga Ledman but it has no matches scheduled and it's not in the league table. Anyone know why?
  14. Have you tried editing the first post? I'm sure you can change the title there
  15. @nie jem frytek Does Roda JC not qualify? I mean, I'm not saying I would like to see you at Roda, but- who am I kidding, I would really like to see you at Roda!
  16. I would also play them on the same sides like you, but would swap duties. In my setup Bailey/Marin would be IF on attack (AML), and Foden/Malcom would be IF on support (AMR). The mezzala would then be moved to MCR, to give more balance. Btw, I wouldn't be too obsessed with possession if I had players as good as yours.
  17. Wow... I feel dumb about that one. Thanks so much for the fast reply - that certainly fixed it.
  18. This is great news! Thanks so much for sorting this. I can't wait to test it.
  19. Individual Training Position automatically changes to there playing position randomly this is a bug hope someone has reported this
  20. Big Money. Nov 2041. I knew this was coming but I'm even less of a hurry to sell (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * than I was to sell (39b) Xabier (Res) *. (39b) Xabier (Res) * had 2 years left on his contract and was never going to re-sign, so I got the best deal I could. (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * on the other hand still has 4 years left on his contract, so whats the rush to sell? He's absolutely smashing the goals in at the moment and leads the Ligue 1 scoring charts with 12 goals from 13 appearances. He is going absolutely nowhere, (but lets see what sort of fun I can have with those who want to buy him). Besiktas have actually offered a straight £20M cash for him, but want us to pay £13k per week of his wages. They're taking the mick. I've upped his valuation to £25M. In fact no, I'm going to up it to £50M. He's going nowhere and I wouldn't even sell him for that. We don't need the money.
  21. Today
  22. Looking at the screenshots of the 4 front players, I would probably play Coman as IF support on the left, Hazard as a TQ on the right, Isco as a SS and Werner as a PF on support. And then the rest of the team would be adapted to them in terms of roles and duties.
  23. Mirror version which ended up exactly the same result. !!!!!FM19.3.4WULFVOL4222IWAFKnapMirrorP105ALLCUPS.fmf
  24. Very seldom use a TM in a tactic. There is no reason to use a TM unless it is a very specific style, and in general is restrictive.
  25. I only added the "work ball into the box" instruction after losing the community shield to Man City in a rather humiliating way.
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