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  2. I got past 10 matches and the seems to have subsidized, luckily I had no need to remove graphics. The strange thing is that at a time RAM consumption skyrocketed to nearly 3GB, while now looks to be stable around 1GB, this makes me thinking that there are memory leaks or something similiar in the game. I'm sure it will come back again, because I already experienced this (a period of stability followed by a period of instability). I see that many users experience the same, hope it will be fixed with the next patch. For now I'll avoid the beta patch suggested by EdL, I won't like a possible corruption in my save (it's a nine year long save ). Thanks
  3. It's possibly a bug as they should be able to gain Indonesian citizenship after 5 years of residing there. I find the gaining citizenship bits in FM are very hit and miss as to whether it works or not. I know China doesn't have it, but that's fairly realistic as its almost impossible to gain Chinese citizenship IRL. Also players often take citizenship to "help their club with foreign player limits", I've got 2 players who are doing just that on my current save. Neither will probably play for the national team of their adoptive nation. I've got 1 player who has 40+ caps for his home nation who also took a second nationality to help with the foreign player limits.
  4. Tactic tested: ARGUS343IFP104FA, MCity season (2036/2037), patch 20.2.4 (beta). 3 losess - all competitions.. Great results. FM20.2.3ARGUSknap343IFP104FA.fmf
  5. ORLANDO PIRATES | 2022 SEASON | SOUTH AFRICAN PREMIER LEAGUE So after leaving Edmonton as soon as the season had finished I began looking around for where my next club would be. I thought that I had found the perfect job in Guangzhou Evergrande who's manager had just retired after winning the league. After a good interview and the fans singing my praises, they decided to offer the job to Dan Petrescu instead. After waiting a few more months the Orlando Pirates job came up and I decided to apply and then attend the interview without even looking at their current situation. It wasn't until I was discussing which current staff members I wanted to keep that I decided that it would probably be a good time to look at what they're up to. With 3 games remaining we are currently sitting in 11th with 2 games to go was not ideal, but the added bonus of this job was that they're in the Final of the cup. A great way to get everyone on board as manager by winning the cup! So I took the job knowing that it would be potentially a 2-3 year job, and that's if we win the league next year. Things got off to a great start as we convincingly won our first league game 5-0. What followed was massive disappointment as we lost 1-0 in the Cup Final. A complete game of 2 halfs. We were rubbish and got smashed in the first half and it was amazing it was only 1-0 at half time. In the second half we smashed them but we couldn't score. We finished off the season with a 1-1 draw to Kaiser Chiefs, which at least gave me an idea of where this team is potentially looking forward to next season. Finishing the season in 8th place adds a little bit of respectability to the season, but we have to be much, much better next season. In reality it might be a good thing that we didn't win the cup this year. It means that next year our sole focus is on winning the league, and maybe winning a cup. Personnel Career Clubs Managed: 2 Trophies Won: 2 Manager of the Year: 2 Career Earnings: 84K --------------------------------------------------- Club Career 2020 - FC Edmonton (Canada) 2021 - FC Edmonton (Canada) 2022 - Orlando Pirates (South Africa) ---------------------------------------------------- Challenge Progress 1/10 Leagues (2020 Canada) 0/10 Cups 0/5 Continental 0/2 Worlds Total 1/33
  6. Here the video of the exploit. an non-league team should find it nearly impossible to get a very large or even a large reputation team to play them in a friendly (at home at that) unless its an affiliate... Went from having 780k to 2million...
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  8. You're gonna need a bit more than that if you want any help Other useful resources zonalmarking.net spielverlagerung.com and of course YT if you need any further info on a certain tacitc
  9. January 2036. The winter break is always lovely in Belgrade. Opportunities to rest, rejuvenate for the stretch run, scout young players...and spend some downtime with Stana. It has been more than a year since Selene appeared -- and then disappeared -- so suddenly. For a time, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, for her to appear out of the blue at an inconvenient moment, when my failure to tell Stana would come back to bite me. But the other shoe has not dropped. And for all the times I thought I saw her out of the corner of my eye, our paths haven't crossed. Until tonight. Stana and I were out for a nice dinner, and there she was. Unmistakable. Sitting 2 tables over, alone. Watching us, a wry smile on her face as our eyes met. A soft chuckle and a knowing wink. That sinking feeling in my gut returns... This cannot end well. When in Serbia, the winter break always is a good time to reflect. The squad is generally in great shape, and there isn't much we could do to improve it (at least in the near term), without spending money I'm not willing to spend. Domestically, we're unbeaten for more than 2.5 years -- our last loss in the Super Liga or Kup Srbije was in July 2033, against Vojvodina, a run of 114 games (93 in the Super Lige, 21 in the Kup). Although our attack is off the boil somewhat (42 league goals, 1 behind Cukaricki), our defense remains ridiculously solid (only 4 goals against in 21 league matches). We just need to take our domestic dominance to the next level by being more ruthless in front of goal, and crack Europe.
  10. We're getting there, slowly but surely... A good run in the Europa League would leave me satisfied, in terms of improving our coefficient and (hopefully) moving up to a 2nd seed, and eventually push Serbia's coefficient high enough so that we earn a 1st seed automatically.
  11. I think the game breaks because you are a real club, that was my experience with Barca because I forgot to load the Barca B league, the B team had zero matches and all players got magic 100% match fitness without ever playing any games. Now B clubs is horrible broken to begin with, you can place job adverts, but they get hidden, the Chairman is supposed to hire the manager, but never does and without the team in a real league it just seem to go from bad to insanely broken. Now my B team was in the third league, so only one league away from 2nd that was running and had promotion and relegation, there must be some kind of code to pick the promotion teams (The team didn't get promoted), but in this case there seem to be many leagues between the B team and the simulated leagues, so I wonder if there is anything done at all. Checked the Third League in Portugal, without 2nd league loaded either and the last winner was 18/19 (So hard coded real world data), no winner or loser after that, because there was no 2nd league to promote into. 2nd League into a playable 1st league on the other hand has 1st, 2nd and third place records for all years, because it needed that data to create promotion teams.
  12. I want to be able to see a clearer overview of Agreed Playing time by position and formation. Could be a separate screen or done in a similar way to the team report/squad depth view. Would make squad panning so much easier.
  13. Update: It just said Oyarzabal has returned from "a leave of absence" in Spain and now it works properly a week later, so I suspect this was the issue!
  14. I've played multiple versions of FM over the past 15 years and I always had that same issue with Real Madrid every season for the Super Cup. I just tried the 2017 version and could not get past the Super Cup, as there aren't enough players available. I moved guys around from the B team but they are unavailable as well. Only 9 are available and there's no way around it. I am not playing again after going though preseason planing for nothing. Worst bug encountered in a game.
  15. Is public beta 2.4 the last update before 3.0? Surely an official 2.4 will be released right? If it is the last update before march.... might just go play some other game
  16. It was an Euros Qualifier against San Marino and he was subbed on in the 73rd minute! No assists/goals but he completed 17 out of 17 passes!
  17. You guys were all helpful, thank you! I forgot about starting at regular season. I'd still like to see a single game coach now mode for the base game. In addition to learning tactics, it would be cool to manage a team versus a team you want to manage against for one single game to see how the matchup would play out, versus having to play a full career mode campaign just to get there. @Lucas I already have FM Touch download. I am looking at the main menu screen, where is it at? Or did I confuse you about what I'd like to see?
  18. For the past few years, a file I created has league names that disappear after a few seasons. Is there anything that would cause this behavior in the settings? I suspect I just need to rebuild the file from scratch, but wondered if anyone else had ever seen an edited file where the league names vanish and become blank. (I have the editor, so I can fix it, but not sure why it happens.)
  19. And there are comparative statistics of 2 files on the number of injuries? Standart FM20 vs Reduced Frequency vs Realistic Injures.
  20. I'm updating this today. The problem is I mistakenly made some clubs "all-star clubs" which was just an accidental tick. I'm going to release a new version of the file with that fixed and hopefully it'll make teams manageable again.
  21. This might be the case, as I always play with a large db. Still, I think there is something wrong with the transfer logic there. It's not like Liverpool said, "Let's not buy Van Dijk/Alisson for 70+ million because we can get Vestergaard and Guaita for a fraction of that price."
  22. cheers buddy ..if you need earlier files like 2 or 3 files before the one i sent you i can provide those too if the one you have does not work
  23. Per title, season finished and multiple players were jaded and recommended to be sent on holiday before beginning pre season so sent 7+ away for 2-4 weeks. Club organised a training camp during the time period which they are on holiday and as such they were ineligible to be registered for the training camp and as soon as I submitted the camp squad, a number of players were unhappy at being left out of the squad despite them being on holiday for the duration of the training camp. Will attach images and a copy of the save file before the players raise their concerns to me. edit: cannot add my save file as it exceeds the maximum upload size of the post.
  24. Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I started a proper thread. About Searching The Stats: STS is a way of playing the game by recruitment players only base on their statistics and form, while not paying attention to their actually attributes. Some of you may remember that I had a similar save back in FM18: While back then I started unemployed and without badges and reputation, this time I intend to make this save a little bit more personal and start the journey in my hometown. Also this time I may pay attention to 3 attributes that are not reflected in stats but that are easily spotted in real life, those are: first touch, bravery and determination. In short, I will try to build a strong squad around statistics and try to change my hometown team fate (at least in the game) because right now goes through a disastrous management. Welcome to Romania. Welcome to Iași A brief history The City Iași (UK: /ˈjæʃi/ YASH-ee; FR: Jassy or Iassy; GER: Jassy; IT: Jassi), is the second largest city in Romania and the seat of Iași County. Located in the historical region of Moldavia, Iași has traditionally been one of the leading centres of Romanian social, cultural, academic and artistic life. The city was the capital of the Principality of Moldavia from 1564 to 1859, then of the Romanian United Principalities from 1859 to 1862, and the capital of Romania from 1916 to 1918 (during the WW1 when Bucharest was under German occupation). Located in the North-East of Romania, Iași used to be the crossroads place of the historic trade routes that passed through Moldavia coming from the Kingdom of Poland, Habsburg Monarchy, Tsardom of Russia, and Constantinople. Home to the oldest Romanian university and to the first engineering school, Iași is one of the most important education and research centres of the country, and accommodates over 60,000 students in 5 public universities. The social and cultural life revolves around the Vasile Alecsandri National Theater (the oldest in Romania), the Moldova State Philharmonic, the Opera House, the Iași Athenaeum, a famous Botanical Garden (the oldest and largest in Romania), the Central University Library (the oldest in Romania), the high quality cultural centres and festivals, an array of museums, memorial houses, religious and historical monuments. By its placement (built on seven hills with altitudes varying between 50m and 400m), Iași resembles Rome and falls into the select category of legendary cities so called: "City of the 7 hills". Who wants to discover Iași will enter here as through a huge gateway to the history of the Romanian nation. In Iași "every stone speaks of the past". The Team Fotbal Club Politehnica Iași, commonly known as Politehnica Iași, or simply Poli Iași, was founded on 27 April 1945 by a group of students. The club was established at the beginning as Sportul Studențesc Iași and first received the name of Politehnica one month later (Asociația Sportivă Politehnica Iași), named after the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iași. They played in the first league for 28 seasons during the periods: 1960–61, 1962–1967, 1968–1972, 1973–1981, 1982–1990, 1995–96 and 2004–2010. In all this time their best position in the league was only 6th in 1965–66. The home stadium is Emil Alexandrescu Stadium, placed on Copou Hill next to Botanical Garden - a beautiful place to chill and watch football- and has a capacity of 11.390. Not having a proper owner in all this years, being financed by the county council and the city hall, the club was always the subject of corruption and blackmail. Almost all the mayors took advantage of the citizen’s love for sport and football. In this manner the club became a political machine: with every relegation the promises of promotion has appeared and with every promotion the blackmail of cutting down the funds and going down again. The club slipped into a nasty game for personal fame, power and votes. In the season 2009-2010 the bubble of lies exploded after the club relegated in the second league. With 3M euro accumulated debts during the years, the club has forced to declare bankruptcy. Massive protests began in town demanding the county council and the mayor to resign. Being under pressure they started quickly to find a solution and in august that year, Tricolorul Breaza merged with Navoby Iași and formed a new team ACSMU Politehnica Iași that took Tricolorul Breaza place in the second division and relocated in Iași, with the promises that someday the record and the history of the old FC Politehnica Iași team will be regain and transfer to the new one. In 2011 the club was forced to change his name to Clubul Sportiv Municipal Studențesc Iași being banned to use the name Politehnica, the old colors and the logo. The supporters split into two: those who didn't agreed with the presence of a new team in town, a team without historical name and record and so they started to boycott the games and those that for the love of football and city continued to come to stadium and support the new team. After 2 seasons, in 2012, the new team managed to promote to first league: They didn’t managed to stay up and relegated in 2013. In 2014 they promoted again and since then they are playing in the first league. In 2015-2016 they actually managed to qualify to Europa League even if they finished 7th because of the big financial problems of the other teams. Unfortunately they have been stopped in second qualifying round by Hajduk Split. On 11 July 2018, the club announced that it earned the right to use the FC Politehnica Iași logo and name, which was considered to be the first step in the plan of regaining the club's full identity, the next one being the recovery of their record. As you can see is a long and struggling history of a club that never managed to equal the greatness of the city. Being the second city in a country with over 19 million peoples this team should fight every year for winning the league. Present situation of the club Unfortunately even if we can use our real name and logo, without history, we are still a relatively new team formed in 2010. Also we still don’t have a proper owner and we are further at the mercy of the county council and the mayor. We are playing in the first league but the situation of the club right now is not so great. With 1.5M euro debts and 2 point away from relegation, the situation seems a little bit similar with the one in 2010. The only hope is the new manager –Mircea Rednic -appointed this winter. The county council has in project to build a new 20.000 seats stadium, but with so many promises during the years and with that debt, sorry to say, but I don’t believe this s*it. On paper it looks really nice, but let’s not forget that this year is an election year, if you know what I mean. The rules and goal As I said, I will bring in players only base of theirs stats and 3 attributes: first touch, bravery, determination. I will also pay attention to my scouts reports, of course; As usual I will “go on holiday” for 1 season before taking charge of the team so that I will have enough data to play with; I have attributes masked so that I will not be tempted to make any transfer decisions based on them and also I have disabled the first transfer window for a little bit of realism, to see where the team will situate at the end of the season without a proper summer transfer window (hopefully they will not get relegated); Even if I bombed you with so many details, it will not be a one-team save. I will try to win everything with Politehnica Iași but if something go wrong (and it is possible) and get sacked the save will continue as a journeyman type of save. This year I have started with my hometown team to have some extra motivation to play the game. I will try to implement my vision and also I have a personal transfer policy. Being the second city in the country and situated in one of the largest region, Moldavia, the area of selection is huge, so I will be looking: First - to grow and promote my own players from academy; Second - to bring in players born in the historical region of Moldavia (and here I include also our brothers from Republica Moldova); Third - if I can’t find any quality in my academy or region, I will bring in any Romanian players; And only in the end I will be looking at foreign players. We will not be an “Athletic Bilbao” kind of club, but I will be looking much more carefully in my yard first before making any move. In the next post I will take charge of the team, we will be looking at the situation of the club, we will analyze the squad and make our first shopping list. Cheers!
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