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  2. Thank you for the reply! I had tried this location earlier and have moved the files back there, but still no dice. Other than the location and the clear cache/page loading times/reload skin sequence, is there anything else I could be doing wrong?
  3. Sounds like your season's going really well @warlock! Have you had a chance to give Jude Bellingham any minutes yet? Intrigued to see how he develops. Just looked to see how he's getting on in my save (which I will be updating on shortly) and he's just made his Championship debut and got given MOTM for his contributions. @Rollin93 Hopefully just media speculation as it sounds like you are currently overachieving!
  4. Predicted to finish mid table but managed to lose the first seven matches.
  5. Avile has an avarage rating of 7,62, because he score 9 penalties. I have some case in the rigth back. And more... I want to know why and ask for some help. A keep them together and rotate, but want to know why is that ...?! Thank you for your advice
  6. Only after 7 games :o This is rough. I guess it is due to our manager reputation when we start without badges.
  7. Right guys, I have a barebones working file but the U19's aren't setting up properly. I've created a thread, hopefully I get a response soon, when I do I'll fix it and upload.
  8. August 2029 Four more points but we need to improve fast because Zenit Tallinn are in great form.
  9. <icon not found> Youth intake 2021 Any intake would be a great intake, but this was quite something. I got in some fullbacks, and two great talents. An amazing striker with one drawback, he can't finish... Great physicals and a professional personality, and the coaches rate him.
  10. It's supposed to be the same as the original FMT skin. It does not change anything.
  11. Got fired of maniaspor in Turkey after 7 games, retrying in Belgium
  12. Looks like nothing has influence on the players. Have a 4 star player with good finishing , misses almost every one on one. His individual training is stand on "afwerken ( probarly finishing in English version ). So i tried to plan 5 extra sessions "finishing" the next week to help the team finish one on one and guess what. 7 one on one and 7 times he miss. lmao. I miss the FM18 match engine.....
  13. I don't see anything inherently wrong. My personal recommendation would be to push the wingback into a support role, otherwise you're lacking width on that left hand side with the inside forward coming in. I'd recommend playing a few games and seeing what you observe. I'd look out for how the midfield progresses the ball, with the DLP ahead of the MC(D). In most cases (not all) find the playmaker more effective as the deepest midfielder, but that's very much personal preference. Thank you I push right up. I've got good, quick defenders and the team has been pressing effectively for years. Could do. I'd need to find the time. It's certainly been requested a lot. In fact, probably more than any others. I'm uncertain about how much interest there would be given I'm still using FM2018. I'm not seeing much sign of improvement in the tactics creator for FM2020 unfortunately.
  14. In response to the first post, the B teams will have 'Cannot Play in Same Division' checked in 'Current Affiliations'. Does unchecking this for each team allow them to enter the playoff?
  15. @Chevie Good to see you back on track after the slip up against Zwickau! Now you are almost 15 games into the season, who have been your key performers so far?
  16. How much does the individual player attributes actually matter? It seems that one-on-ones are a big problem this year, and even Messi can't seem to convert them enough. Have anyone run experiments with, let's say, taking a fast striker who scored a lot in the Vanarama (sp?) league and put him as a striker on a top Premiership team? Would his fast pace be enough to make him do good enough over the entirety of a season, or would he totally bomb? How is his conversion rate on 1-1's compared to the regular strikers? How is his rating compared to them? What about his shot-ratio, is it much lower than the rest of the attacking unit? I'd do it myself if a season didn't take ages on my computer, lol.
  17. Hold up. Lyaskov has an average rating of 7.49 from twenty matches. Avila has an average rating of 7.62 from eighteen matches and has scored nine goals (as a full-back!). I would say those are pretty awesome numbers for both players. I'm a little confused, the Argentinian has a better average rating than the Bulgarian, so where's the problem?
  18. This might be very simple and i'm just missing something but is there a way to get updates from international tournaments even if your not the country manager or have players involved? just at euro 2020 and im not get updates, whereas each day the fixtures would show up and then results, I am following it.
  19. Yep. I have tried pretty much everything. I even set this one up like how SI set up the 2020 Ykkönen (apart from the fact that this is a league format and that uses a cup format). It verifies in the editor, but crashes in game. I have had an experienced advanced editor user look at this file and they cannot see anything wrong with it, so I am beginning to wonder if this is perhaps a bug either in game or in the editor. I've attached the two most recent attempts at this if anybody wants to take a look? Aruba Advanced 19-20 Structure v2.fmf Aruba Advanced 19-20 Structure.fmf
  20. When verifying it you prob get the error at the start of the next season so this would signify a promotion and regelation issue. So it verifies the first season ok but at the start of the next one team less has been promoted
  21. Woo Hoo! Just uploaded my first ever bug report after 14 years of playing FM!!!! Anyone else having problems with teams having zero money in June/July 2020?
  22. Took over Wolves on 30th June 2020. Noticed there was no money for transfers. I had this in Sweden in a different save. I took over Chelsea, ManUtd and Man City to check and as suspected they also have no money for transfers. Game is saved straight after I took over Wolves so you can take over teams and have a look yourselves Save is now uploaded to Own Cloud. Save name is "New 3.12.19"
  23. Game date: 26 August 2020 FOR SALE - FALKIRK FC BairnsNews: According to a report in FourFourTwo, Falkirk's chairman Lex Miller is ready to step aside and listen to offers for the club.
  24. Anyone had any experience with Lazio ?
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