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  2. Spoiler: Some of the tactics on sharing platforms remain as awful as ever. I'd be very concerned if they didn't report back with some "issues", and/or wouldn't further highlight them. Some of those being the usual suspects. Ridiculously low shot to Goal conversion ratios depending on how the AI lines up (and how the run of Goals are going as the AI may only open up and Change upon finally conceding). Ridiculous AI Comebacks as there oft is no defensive Transitional presence whatsoever, so all that may be needed is a short switch of the AI to a more attacking tactic to score multiple Goals in a couple minutes (or straight from kick off after conceding). Loads of poor shots (including tons of set pieces) as space is hugely compressed. Outright magical AI shot to Goal conversions on any random Occasion (AI must be cheatingzzzz!!!1) . And so on. Then again FM, as a Play pretend Guardiola kinda fantasy, easily allows all of it.
  3. I think people who enjoy this ME must be playing a counter attacking style. If you play possession based football you see the fullbacks shooting from the byline about 6 or 7 times a game its almost unwatchable.
  4. I believe that I, as a manager, should at least have the opportunity to use Robert Skov as a DL or Troels Kløve as a CM (And if I understand your post correctly you think so too). Obviously he is not a natural DL at this point, but he seems like a viable solution which I believe should be recognized in his "position-attributes". If 10-12 makes him a decent left back then I agree - And next year we can then discuss how big of a success/failure it has been and whether he has grown familiar with the position - After all it's very individual how fast you adapt to a new position. About Troels Kløve I'm obviously a bit (or a lot) biased but I believe a better "Position-attribute" in CM i very justified. This is his 2019 report in which he i very incapable of playing CM. This summer/fall he had been a part of the starting 11, beating "natural" CM's so he should at least be a decent CM if you ask me. It may not be his natural position, but he is after all considered the best B2B CM that OB have right now. Is he a natural CM? Maybe, maybe not, but he is at least capable of playing the CM to a decent level. And in case Robert Skov can get 10-12 as a DL I would argue Kløve should get at least the same (Or more likely a bit higher) as a CM. I understand that a players position is somewhat locked to his natural position (Robert Skov as a AMR for instance) but when a player has shown a consistent level of play out of position it should be recognized. I agree with you - 20 seems far to high (and I don't know what the right attribute is) but he should be playable in said position. That does not mean Kyle Walker should get a Goalie-tag for playing goalkeeper 10 minutes, but once you have shown some level of consistency and ability out of your natural position I believe it should be recognized. And then it's up to the player (in this case me) to decide if I want to continue his "out of position" training or swap him back
  5. On the plus side, the ME is now far improved and much better overall, its actually fun to watch the games play out. Only two more issues I see are, Players shooting after reaching the by-line, especially full-backs. General lack of short through balls and inter-play through the middle. If the above 2 can be sorted, we will have the best game of all time on our hands
  6. I'm absolutely delighted to see this return for another go-around, and feel blessed to be able to directly contribute to a series of threads that have served as my foremost source of inspiration on this forum, and has undoubtedly helped shape my experiences as a writer. To be giving back to that now is a dream come true for me, and you can all rest assured that I will pour my heart and soul into this new story, just like I would any of my own. Best of luck on the save @ManUtd1, I'm sure together we'll bring a lot of joy, excitement, and fraudulence to the table, as always.
  7. You’re not giving me any validation, proof or even reason with those changes to even look at them. I’ll say again.... I could probably do more with your opinion if you posted it in here, having read the first post of the thread first... https://community.sigames.com/topic/495386-england-premier-division-data-issues/
  8. High Leadership and Determination are good starting attributes. As well as Work Rate, Teamwork & Bravery. Age and personality are also worth taking into consideration. He will preferably need to be 'professional'. But I have to agree, in the last 2 versions of fm, these factors don't seem to matter too much when the game says, 'Leader' in the squad description which I can only assume takes into consideration squad status, time at club and seniority.
  9. The arguably worse Thing as to FootyManagerTV is actually that his tactical Approach should be absolutely ripped to shreds in particular if the counter press didn't work out. He's playing 4-4-2ish and basically has no proper defensive transitional presence to speak of in the middle of the park. Additionally, as everybody is encouraged somewhat higher, this would compress the space his side could operate in attacking-wise likewise. But that's part and parcel of how genuine actually "ME exploit" tactics have been set up since at least FM12ish. Throw numbers Forward and glue them together until the defending collapses. Up until then, it was the vice versa -- Keep numbers behind the ball which would frustrate the AI massively and lump it towards isolated Forwards. This should have been easily mopped up most of the time, however wasn't as Forwards could "ghost" through defenders on old Releases.
  10. Not sure if serious. If through balls were a possibility in FM19 you’d have a river of goals. The goals I’ve posted were scored against attacking sides who pressed and left more space, do you think I was cutting defenses wide open like that against defensive sides?
  11. I can confirm that deleting all the folders found in there did it for me also. Btw, for windows is something like C:\Users\Your Username\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\FM x
  12. Would love this looked at, seems to be happening on the latest patches but I'm sure it wasn't on the early beta patches. Just recently I saw my HoYD making multiple offers for young players and assumed they'd all been rejected as I have myself down to confirm the signings. Just looked, apparently I've signed 4 players without receiving even a notification that anyone had been signed, let alone one for me to confirm. Sadly as I didn't even know the players were being signed, I didn't save the game just before this, so the only save I have is one where all the players are already signed. If more files than the one the OP has uploaded are needed, I'll try and pop back to upload one the next time I see an offer being made etc.
  13. This image above basically is this ME in a nutshell for me. Fullback gets to byline and then spaffs a shot off, either into the side netting or as here into the goalkepper. This ME is almost unwatchable for me as this happens numerous times per game for both sides.
  14. Thank you, I hope it will be fixed soon, and at least will be fixed in the final release on the 19th. Because this makes the game unplayable for me, unless I switch back to 2D, but I don't want that either.
  15. Looking at his profile: How many attempts on Goal did they average on FM19? And how many does he now on FM20. If his numbers here are lower than 3-4, you may be lucky, btw. Half a Season is but half a Season, plus if you're overachieving in General, you'll face more defensive AI. It's been a while since Allsvenskan had seen a Forward who kept on scoring a Goal per match all Season. Gamesradar UK have already released their review, which as they state was based on the Beta. So, OP Gegenpress, 1on1s, Screamer Goals as cons.
  16. my feedback: - so much offsides. been playing since fm 2010 and before that cm95. the number of offsides feel proportionally higher than normal - during one v one, the keepers saves most of the time despite my player being Kylian Mbappe (17 finishing 20 composure) accross multiple matches over 3 seasons. - during attack from the wings, be it winger, full backs, whenever they got to the byline, they seldom pass and 90% of the time shoot from an impossible angle despite better options to cross to the middle (work ball into the box, pass rather than shoot, slightly direct) am i the only one with these issues
  17. my feedback: - so much offsides. been playing since fm 2010 and before that cm95. the number of offsides feel proportionally higher than normal - during one v one, the keepers saves most of the time despite my player being Kylian Mbappe (17 finishing 20 composure). - during attack from the wings, be it winger, full backs, whenever they got to the byline, they seldom pass and 90% of the time shoot from an impossible angle despite better options to cross to the middle am i the only one with these issues?
  18. I've played about 15 games today. 5 or 6 friendlies and 9 Prem/EURO games and I'm still not sold on this ME. I see a lot of players beat the fullback then spaff it into the side netting constantly, fullbacks are especially bad for this. One on one's are still an absolute lottery to whether the player scores or you wonder if a lad from the crowd just took the shot. Goals come from set pieces or penalties more often than not. Interspersed with a lot of good god what is that, are however things of absolute beauty I must agree. In fact I swear if I see another player spaff it into the side netting instead of crossing I'm going to throw my laptop out of the window!
  19. Today
  20. There is no button to create a new scouting assignment. It's just not there.
  21. DEAR SI, With the new hotfix more so but in general the amount of times your player is through in space in a wide area (usually a full back) and they shoot instead of pass to an open player in the 6 yard box, pen spot or getting in the area from deep is crazy! Its gotten so bad that the game has become increasingly stressful to stream for me since the hotfix due to the amount of missed chances. I can get my team to dominate get in these areas but constantly shoot from a poor angle which is an easy save for the gk instead of playing a simple pass across the gk to a player who is free with an open goal. I have uploaded two games from the stream of when i beat united in the Europa league qtr final. In the 1st game think there is 3 occasions that Ricardo is in space and shoots instead of playing an unmarked haaland on the 6 yard box Second game pretty sure there is haaland in a 1v1 on a diffcult angle and has antony (ram from brazil) free back post for a tap in and he shoots. Also think there is a few more that occur for united and myself as well in that 2nd leg! In the end its super fustrating to dominate games get in good areas and then have 10+ shots from impossible angles instead of a simple cut back, cross, pass across etc to a free player who has a tap in! Kind regards DAMMO_23 PS if needed i can got back and clip the areas of what i think the problem is from the stream cause i rage about it quite alot! Man utd 1.pkm Man utd 2.pkm
  22. I tried it again and the issue is reproduced. It happens on the 11th of November.
  23. You'll either have to translate that or repost in English dude, not everyone on here speaks Spanish, so without translation very few people will reply or try to help out with this
  24. Dries Mertens should also have RSC Anderlecht listed as youth squad. Played there 1998-2003 (five seasons), which would give the club-grown status. transfermarket
  25. no use repeating the same remark, which has already been resolved in the last update they did......
  26. @Rob Heckman in previous versions of FM, e.g., after you lost match, one of your players was rated for example - 5.5 and you could either warn him or fine him for bad performance... I'm well aware of Code of Conduct in FM 2020, but bad performance isn't covered there, only absence from training, yellow and red cards, etc.
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