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  2. @robinthebest Your team instructions suit a possession-based style of football, while the distribution of roles - and particularly duties - is more suitable for a direct counter-attacking style. So that's the first obvious problem of your tactic. You therefore need to decide which of these two basic tactical styles you want to play - taking of course the strengths and weaknesses of your players (squad) into account. Defensively, your left flank is clearly vulnerable with both FB and MEZ on attack duties, which is then compounded by the overlap left (overlaps/underlaps increase the mentality of the related FB/WB and slightly decrease that of the wide forward (or wide midfielder, depending on which formation you use). Having both CBs in the BPD role is likely to see you lose possession cheaply too often, because BPD tends to play a lot of speculative risky passes, most of which will fail to be accurate. If you want to use a BPD, one is quite enough, but even then he needs to have really good attributes for the role - passing, vision, first touch, decisions, technique, anticipation. For a possession-based style though - if that's what you want - I would recommend both CBs as standard central defs. Short passing and low(er) tempo used at the same time is a clear overkill, even in possession-based football. Advice: just shorter passing and standard (medium/default) tempo. In order to give you some more advice, you'll have to tell me/us what style of football you definitely want to play. As I said, team instructions and roles/duties in your tactic aren't quite in harmony. As a general rule, possession football requires (comparatively) more support duties, but it's not only the mere number of duties that matter, but also their distribution across the system (besides using suitable roles).
  3. Are you using custom graphics/skins? If so can you try removing it and see if you can then click on the Commercial Summary news item and go past 12 June, please? Let us know how you get on, please. Thanks.
  4. Is it possile to multi edit players date of birth y 1 year all at once ?? Have a db i made and added some players
  5. Hey TFF any plans to bring back a 4-2-3-1 tactic in the near future?
  6. Hi @Henrip Have you got a save game that displays this? If so, could you upload it for us to have a look at, please? Instructions below. Cheers, Andrew
  7. The patch version is very adverse against playing with wingers high up the pitch, just as it is against playing with wing-backs. I advice you to play the wingers in midfield. Play Özil on the left of midfield. I have him playing there and he broke the PL assist record in january.
  8. In the meanwhile play on the public Beta version, the next time we roll out a new retail version update, you can then move back. Thank you for letting us know that it's working. Enjoy!
  9. Hello. I was wondering what people on here look for when they choose a coach to run general training. I am currently on a game where I have Mark Venus running the general training, as he has good mental skills and has a similar tactical philosophy to mine. These are the tactics I use the most (I try to switch based on opposition): Against good teams away Against all teams except good teams away Home tactic against all teams except good teams And in regards to the tactics, I have a lot of success, and it seems like Mark Venus is scheduling the training according to his preferences. Or maybe he chooses it based on the tactic. Or maybe a bit of both. I wouldn't know, since I haven't tried other coaches with different preferences. But then again, my players have very little improvement in skills, and my tactical familiarity is improving at a snail's speed, so maybe I am not doing this right after all. And I'm saying this based on two whole seasons, where players have hardly improved at all, youth players included. What makes it even stranger is that Mark Venus is a good motivator, and he's got good man management and discipline. So what's wrong?
  10. Whilst I see the attraction (TV style presentation all the way through): If I'd voice anything, it's not commentary. Technically, all that punditry tripe doesn't even belong there -- what Kind of Manager listens to TV commentary? It's an intelligent assistant, rather. May also help many Players, as from my experience they are god awful at roughly judging chances (just as awful albeit "realistic" as all the lines how the lad's gotta score -- see above). Actually, it's been one of the historically pitfalls of FM's commentary in General. As the engine, just like footie, is a bit of a black box -- seemingly "clear cut" Feedback such as commentary is oft seen as objective Feedback, some kinda Gospel, some truly insight into what was going on -- when it's Always been just a bit flavor (well, for the most part). No doubt whatsover it sends Players into Frustration loopholes to this day. "See? Even FM's commentary agrees!"
  11. Hi, Since I’ve always been interested in developing youngsters in FM and in real life (basketball coach here) I took it upon myself to start the Youth Only challenge. Italy seemed like a nice place to get the ball rolling so I’m starting there. After simming an entire season I took the job of newly promoted to the Serie C; Fidelis Andria. At the start of the season we were very good and now it all turns to ****. We were predicted 20th and got as high up as 5th. Clearly we were overachieving and now we lose from practically everyone. So I went back to the drawing board. Apart from my starting 11 there are no Serie C worthy players so I accept I’m going to be stuck in this division for quite some time. This also means I know I won’t be able to dominate the opponent. So I’m trying to create a direct counter attacking tactic. Here’s what I came up with: ----------AFa----Pa------------ ----------------------------------- Ws----CMS-----DLPd----Wa ----------------------------------- FBd---CDd------CDd---FBd ---------------GKd------------- Mentality: cautious. Team instructions: more direct passing, higher tempo, regroup, counter, distribute quickly, distribute over opposition defensive line, lower LOE, tighter marking. Personal instructions: only the CMs has “get further forward” as I want him to join in on the attack when he is able to. In terms of the squad: hardly any of them are Serie C worthy but wingers and full backs have decent pace and crossing. Central midfielders have decent passing and work rate. Both attackers are alright but the poacher is 1m93, has decent jumping/heading and has great pace. He also has 14 finishing I believe. The AFa in terms of attributes is my best player but so far I cannot get him to work. He’s a creative type of player with decent physicals and workrate. Any advice? I get that the tactic seems one dimensional but I lack the tactical knowledge and talent in the squad (especially depth) to make this work.
  12. Unfortunately no save from before the loan. Though I can confirm if he plays one match before the transfer bid, it works correctly. If he hasn't played it seems like it's trying to 'save' him for the next team, without realising it is the team he's already with.
  13. Individual leagues you had both at Zero ? You need one individual league at zero and the next at 1 …. Just like stages !! This has worked but you now have another error referring to stage 2 not having any teams
  14. September 2022 A great opening to the season with Bizimana scoring 4 goals in 18 minutes and Origi scoring 2 penalties.
  15. Found a couple of guys on my last save that were looking like 4 star potential, one was 5 star potential but had already been snapped up by FC Utrecht, he came from the first intake, and I lost out on him to Chelsea at the end of season 3.
  16. Hi @mtxzerocool Thanks for the extra info and save game. Do you happen to have an old save available where the option to request extra coaches is immediately available? Due to the number of leagues loaded in your uploaded save, progressing the game to a point where it reappears is taking quite a long time Cheers, Andrew
  17. There are a few things you might want to think about when trying to balance the tactic. 1) Do you really need a player from central midfield (BBM) trying to run into the box? What happens when the play breaks down in the opposition's final third and you only have Torreira back to delay counter attacks? I think you need a player which is a bit more conservative alongside your defend duty MC to help him. 2) You have two number 9s and two number 10s in this system, you need to pick one partnership and utilize the other two players in a way which creates space for them to work. Players who operate out wide such as wingers create space centrally by dragging opposition defenders out wide, similarly players who operate inside such as Inside Forwards create space out wide by pulling defenders narrower. You need to find a balance. 3) Why not play Torreira in the RCM position and give Bellerin an attack duty to give better width on the right flank? 4) I'd also think about not having both my fullbacks playing as wingbacks given you have no DM in the system. I don't think Monreal or Kolasinac is well suited to being wingbacks anyway so perhaps look to play them as more defensively oriented fullbacks instead? 5) Alternatively, if you aren't averse to changing formations again why not try a narrow/wide diamond and have Aubameyang and Lacazette upfront as the strike partnership with Ozil as the AMC and Torreira as the DMC?
  18. Wonderful, didn't even have to ask for a save! Thank you very much
  19. Seems to be working fine on the Public Beta version, thank you for your help. Will the main version be updated to correct small bugs like these? Wondering if I should wait for an update before continuing this save.
  20. I love this! The first libero-tactic that I really works. One note: I struggle a bit to get the stirkers running. I've used it for two seasons with Arsenal and play Auba/Laca in front of Ozil+Miki. Even Ozil outscored Auba last season..
  21. This is the game save after the news item appeared. After 782M.zip
  22. This is the game save before the news item came up. Before 782M.zip
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