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  2. With 4 games to go, things aren't certain, but Wrexham seem intent on throwing it away even as we stop scoring.
  3. When I'm looking to hold on to a lead I normally switch to balanced and change the two CWBs to support. Seems to work for me.
  4. A little update from me: Finished my second season and finished 3rd behind Real and Barca. Real were comfortable champions but we were the only team ever in a title race but had a poor run of form through January. Barca finished strong and we slipped up at home to Espanyol and they took 2nd on the head to head. We finished 2nd in our first season but scored exactly the same number of points, including the same denomination of wins, draws and losses. We scored 6 more goals but conceded 7 more vs our first season and I think this is party due to me trying to be a more expansive at times but also teams just seemed to score a lot of long range efforts or similar low percentage chances against us. I have just less than £21m to spend so I think I'm going to try and raise a little more so I can buy Merino!
  5. Hello, another little issue I got. When activating a clause buyout, on the inbox page, the description is not well translate in french. It's says we received money from Lyon. But Lyon is my club so it's not possible. And in the english version it's says Valencia as it should be. So maybe it's just in the french version the wrong club used in this context. When I send money to another club on a clause buyout it's ok. See screenshots.
  6. Let's start with Europe, because frankly that's where the positives are. At home to Bayern in the first game after the long winter break, we edged an even game against the Bavarians, a single goal from Kostenko at the end of a slick passing move giving us a slender advantage ahead of the away leg. We went to Germany expecting to come under severe pressure, and we were until the 36th minute, when Vorobjov found space in the area to fire us ahead on the night. That meant Bayern needed three and so needed to throw caution to the wind, and as they did so we picked them off time after time, Vorobjov netting again within a minute and the second half turning a great result into a hammering. Manchester City are up next in the last eight - we couldn't, could we? On the home front, I've been less impressed. Krasnodar are a good side but we didn't click in a 2-1 defeat, and while we beat Anzhi comfortably enough, our 3-1 win in Rostov wasn't settled until the last 10 minutes, our heavy hitters coming off the bench to grab the points late on. Then, after the euphoria of the Bayern game, we crossed Moscow to take on CSKA and choked in a major way, conceding first place and momentum to our rivals with just 10 games to go. We've made it hard for ourselves now, and if we wind up second it'll be nobody else's fault. As I've said, we sit second, trailing CSKA by a point as we approach the last third of the campaign. We've already dropped more points than we did in the whole of last season, and after being a long way back at one stage, Zenit are only five points behind us in third. Elsewhere, Baltika are back on the bottom, while Kuban are sitting nicely in midtable. Next month, we have a relatively comfortable schedule - Sibir, Terek and Baltika at home, Yenisey and Kuban away - but juggling all of that with two massive games in the Champions League will be a challenge in itself. We've got to hit form top form or we risk leaving it too late, and do all we can to put CSKA under pressure. It's going to be close.
  7. If you select high defensive line and low line of engagement wouldn't that make your team more vertically compact? Or vice versa. And there are roles and duties to further change positioning. I'm able to play low block, where my team is preetty vertically compact exept for striker who is set as AF and there is huge gap beetween him and my midfielders.
  8. You're right, I meant Art Vidal. Got my V names muddled up.
  9. October & November 2019 Union Sportive Concarnoise Not a bad couple of months, which see us well clear of relegation danger and with an outside chance of making the play-offs in our first season at this level. Our games have tended to be cagey and low-scoring affairs, but we've had the better of the play in most of them. Like last season though, the lack of a reliable goal source is a bit of a course for concern, and there aren't any youngsters currently at the club who look like solving that problem, so I know what I'm hoping for in our next youth intake. The league table is pleasant reading for Concarneau supporters... However, what's even more pleasant reading for me is the finances tab... After a financially terrible first season in the Championnat National, the TV money on offer in Ligue 2 has almost dragged us out of the red already. The club is now running profitably, meaning I will soon have the budget I need to make crucial improvements to the club's infrastructure. However, I think these will have to be put on hold until our home ground is expanded to meet the league's regulations first.
  10. Hello you tactical geniuses! I have a bit of a "general" question. Not a "how to improve tactic X" or "how can palyer Y work best" but i think a more basic one. Every playthrough, guide and bookwork related to FM19 starts with "build a tactic that suits your players". Now i have a question. In the examples below, my squad in my thirds season at Leeds, how would you guys say i should let this team play? I have been a FM player for years and years, but in this year i am struggling a bit on what tactic or playstyle suits my team the best way. I got promoted in the first season, ended 7th in the premier league and now struggling for 7th/6th. I am having a great time, but i want make decisions a bit more based on knowledge, instead of (how i experience it now) on 50 percent luck, 20 percent guessing and 30 percent actual tactical knowledge. I want to improve that latest percentage to maybe 50 percent, in no way am i asking the people here to make me a tactical genius as well. I just want to see how someone more tactical gifted than me would analyze this squad. Please ask if more screenshots are needed. Again i am not asking "hey build me a tactic!" but i really want to see how analyzing a squad works. Sure if i see the barca team i know they should play a tiki-taka style, when i see Dortmund or Liverpool i would think Gegenpress. But if someone asks me "why?" i wouldnt know the answer. A lot of determination in the squad? Good passing stats? Anyway, i am drifting off. If someone can give me an insight on how you analyze a squad like mine that would be great. Ugh, im wondering off topic alot. I hope someone can help me out!
  11. No idea why but the post had been hidden- I have unhidden it for you.
  12. Let us FOR THE LOVE OF GOD edit which strips get worn against which opposition. I can't believe that option is STILL closed off to us in the editor. It would make so many users very happy.
  13. In FM i feel like ML/MR Perform better then AML/AMR ML/MR work harder, defend better, help contain possession more you need very quick ML/MR because they will run alot in the game
  14. Today
  15. No I mean changing when clubs wear the away kit and when they don't. For example, the editor has Celtic set to play in the away shirt whenever they play the Ibrox club at that ground. That is simply ludicrous. It never happens in real life and never would. Some will say it's no big deal. It's immersion breaking, and completely needless. If we could edit this stuff it would cease to be an issue at once. Play the game long enough, in any league, and you come across strip clashes that are ridiculous and could be easily changed by someone using the pre-game editor. But of course you aren't allowed to mess with it.
  16. Awh might just start one with Ajax so
  17. wasn't team shape also about vertical compactness, more fluid being more compact? is it still working under the hood, depending on players duty combinations? horizontal lines can be manipulated by team width and other TIs and also by different PIs.
  18. “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War More Sun Tzu. I feel like an intellectual by adding these quotes, but honestly so many of the things I read have resonated with me (I will quote more before I am through). It helps in Total War games too! In this case, I am interested in knowing myself again. In particular, knowing my squad. There are two aspects to deal with here. Knowing the players you have, and knowing the players you want. Both are important to building a team (not just a tactic here). Since I am writing this based on my current save, it is difficult to show precise examples for knowing the squad you start with, because I have had 2.5 seasons at my current side to mould them how I want. So I will start with knowing the players I want. How players fit into my squad. In the previous posts I have written in detail about what I want the players to do. Now I need to ensure they can actually do these things. This means selecting the correct players in the correct positions. Not every player will be able to do what you are looking for, and for that reason the first few transfer windows at a club are all about buying players to fit by squad. I will discuss transfer targets, and management of the squad in another post. Here, I focus on understand what attributes I want from my players. I will take what I want them to do, and translate it into what attributes they need to have. The things I look for in all players. Before I dive into position specific traits I look for, there are some things I want in all my players. Determination, teamwork, and work rate. I want a hard working and determined squad, because in my head these attributes will create a resilient side who will always give their best, and will not get too dispirited if they fall behind. I am not interested in players with determination below 13 (for top levels, this can scale with the league you play in and I am to be in the top 3 for determination in the league). Any player below 13 determination is not interesting to me, unless they are spectacular. Likewise, I usually aim for over 15. This is all because I want my players to care, to fight, to not give up. I think (although never tested) that if you have a bunch of players identical in all attributes except the one has 15 for determination and the other 5, the group with 15 would be more successful. For teamwork and work rate, it boils down to similar things. I want players to work as part of a whole that can be greater than the sum of its parts. Equally, I am asking a lot for many players in the tactic I described, so they will need to be able to work hard. I am less stringent about players below 13 in these attributes, but again I would avoid them if I can. Position specific things. Let’s start with the easiest positions. The goalkeeper and central defenders. I just need them to be as good as possible. My ‘keeper needs to be able to save shots (which my aggressive stance will likely give the opposition not infrequently). There is nothing special here. The central defenders likewise. They need to have the best possible attributes for defenders. Since I am playing from the back, it will help if they have composure and are not terrible at passing. I do not want them to panic and give the ball away under pressure. Since I am playing with a high line, a bit of pace will not hurt. I am not really bothered about PPMs for these guys. Just be aware of them, so you know what to expect from a player. Here are my current first team goalkeeper and defenders (Maguire and Schmeichel were already at the club). We can stick with the defence, and look at fullbacks. They need to be good all round fullbacks. Stamina is very useful, because I want them shuttling up and down the flanks all game. They also need to be able to cross pretty well, because I am going to be asking them to cross the ball. The better they can cross, the more dangerous they will be. It goes without saying that decent defensive stats will always be useful for a defender. In addition, decent passing (they need to be able to link with the wide player in front of them and the midfield to recycle the ball due to “work ball into box”) and vision (spot a possible ball to play to split a defence) is good. This covers pretty much any full back in the game, so there is not much special here. Here are the players I am currently using. They were both at the club when I took over, and I have not seen the need to replace them (and we have good rotation options too). I will move on to the striker now. Mostly because it is again quite simple. I am looking for an archetypal DLF, or CF to play here. The attributes that go with that are obviously important. In addition, I find the PPMs “plays with back to goal” and “comes deep to get ball” are quite useful, given the description of how I will use the striker to create chances for others. He must be a creator as much as a finisher. As such, passing and vision are also very good attributes to have. For this reason, you could even convert an AMC to this role, if he is strong enough to hold the ball. He is almost like an advanced playmaker. The current player I have here actually does not fit this mould…yet. He was someone my scouts found who looks to have incredible potential (and he was on a free). So I am playing the long game with him and hoping he gets better. His PPMs are perfectly suited to what I said above, but his passing and vision are not really good enough yet. Note I also broke my rule on teamwork for this guy. An important note, you can break your own guidelines if you think the player is worth it. Worst case scenario here is I sell him for a huge profit at some point. The two wide players are next. Here we have to pay attention first to footedness. When I took over Leicester, their wide players were all right footed. So I will stick with that. It make sense for how I play. A right footed player cuts in from the left and a right footed player crosses from the right. This means I am simply not interested in left footed wingers right now, unless they can use both feet well. Another thing to pay attention to. There is again nothing too special here, I am using these roles as the game describes them. So I use the game as a guide for what is good for each role. I like my IF to have good anticipation, dribbling, pace, vision, passing and finishing. A good long shot doesn’t hurt either. PPM wise cuts in from the left is useful to have. And Flair is lovely. Never underestimate how good it can be to have a player do something unexpected. This is my IF, who I signed in my first full season specifically to play in this role. He is my leading scorer in my current season, with 19 goals (which means my ideas are working, by the way!). The same goes for the winger, I use the game as a guide. Pace, dribbling, crossing, are important. Again, Flair is nice to have. There is not really that much to say about picking a good winger that people do not already know or is not already in the game. The player I have here was signed in my first full season too, and has turned out to be a steal. He is not an ideal player (and I have a youngster I am grooming who I will talk about later to take over), but he has been spectacular at times. One thing I do want to point out is that his combination of flair and long shots lead to some of the most insanely wonderful goals where he cuts in off the right after some sublime bit of skill. Do not underestimate how nice it can be to have a player do something unexpected. He is also two footed, which is always nice. So, we now get to the really interesting part for me. My midfield. The midfield is utterly critical to everything I do, and I do not always want to stick to the default attributes the game says are important here. Firstly, I would prefer all my midfielders to be decent tacklers. Or at worse not absolutely awful in defence. I need them to be able to break up play, and all of them to be good at this. I do not have room for luxury players in my squad – I would not play an Ozil type player, for example. Let’s now look at each position one by one and see where I depart from standard ideas of attributes. The DMC is probably the most important but least appreciated (definitely by rating) members of my squad. He has to be a dual function player. Firstly, he is there to shield the defence, break up counters, make tackles, etc. So he need to be a good DM(S) or DM(D). Secondly, he is my pivot. I use him to move attacks from left to right, and act as someone who is always free for a pass, and then to give it on to someone else. He does not need to do fancy things, but he needs to also act like an auxiliary DLP. So he needs to be a really good all round player. You can get away with a regular DM, but the dynamism of the tactic is aided so much by having a versatile player. Here is the guy I play. Another new signing specifically bought for this role. He even has the “tries killer balls” PPM, which will make him act like a play maker more often. He is exactly what I want. The DLP in midfield is kinda the opposite to the DMC. I want him to be primarily a playmaker who can also defend very well. I basically want the same player as I have for the DMC role, but I put more weight on passing, vision, etc. when picking this player. I want the DLP and DM to basically be interchangeable. This is again critical to making my midfield work. I have selected a DM(S) and DLP(S), but they are performing very similar roles in my tactic. Again, I could playmaker here who is not good at defending, but I feel my team would suffer defensively. I was lucky enough to take over Leicester not long after they had bought Tonali, so I had a readymade player in this position. Finally, the CM(A). He is my favourite player actually. Think about what I want him to do. He needs to act like a SS sometimes (get beyond the striker and score), an AP other times (get the ball in the AM strata and create chances for others. He needs to be able to press. He needs to be able to defend. I am asking a huge amount from this player. There are not many players who will be able to do all this, so you may have to prioritize. I usually make defending less important as he is the most advanced of the midfield, and his main job is to create and score. So what attributes do I want? Well, to start he needs good finishing, off the ball, passing, vision, decisions, first touch. Which is probably not even an exhaustive list. The PPM “gets forward whenever possible” is great here. So is “plays one-twos” which encourages nice interactions with the striker. These players are hard to come by. I actually tend to try to convert AMCs or even strikers to this role. I also prioritize scoring over creating over defending when looking at attributes. I used Maddison in this role (already at the club), or Hojbjerg (who was signed for pittance from Southampton because they did not think he was good enough). Again, you can see how his attributes fit the mould of the player I need perfectly. Conclusions There you are. I am not sure this will be as clear as previous posts, because I have gotten very good at unconsciously picking players after doing it for several years. This means it can be difficult to articulate exactly what I look for. The point I want to get across is that you have to think about what the players need to do in your tactic. Not just what attributes the roles you select require. For me, this is most important in the midfield, where I want to have lots of versatility. Feel free to ask about things here, so I can try to explain things that are not so clear! In the next post, I want to expand on how I manage my squad. This will move away from the tactical side of things to discuss how to build for long term success (hopefully) and stability.
  19. A blue winter The third quarter of the season saw us lose our first spot on the premier to United, struggle to win the carabao cup against Watford in a comeback victory and barely narrow out our victories against opposition we should be dispatching with more ease. It started in december but since we did get the chances going I couldn't really change anything for the better. But the truth is that we are not playing as we used to and weaker teams have been hurting us on the counter. To make matters worse we confidently hit 3 to 5 wood posts per game and most goalkeepers get possessed by the spirit of Lev Yashin when playing against us so even if our chance creation hasn't worsened dramatically these chances amount no nothing on a regular basis. A 2-1 comeback win from set pieces against BRIGHTON almost made me give up on the tactic entirely. The problem is that I can't get my AMC to perform at acceptable levels, I have tried taking the playmaker job away from him, turning him into a shadow striker and pairing him with a false nine, give him an advance forward to pass the ball to. Nothing I have tried has worked and it is very much time to admit that the Götze experiment has been an utter failure. last match I won 2-0 against huddersfield dropping the defensive line to higher to better deal with their long balls and adding the "be more expressive team instruction" in a desperate attempt to improve our performance and it seems to have worked for that particular match even if once again our AMC did nothing of note. However our next match is the FA Cup semi-finals against Man City facing them for a 6th time this season (3-0-2 in our favor) and Our current way of playing just isn't gonna cut it against them. There is something wrong with my AMC and I am not sure what it is but I think it has to do with the way it interacts with the cm-a and the striker. I need to come up with a solution soon so i will give it all a long hard thought before facing off against Guardiola, if nothing comes to mind I will use the midfield diamond that neutralised Tottenham but it is only an experimental tactic and it needs a lot more work put into it.
  20. I tried this tactics and in the first match I have already won 6: 0 with Burnley playing Leicester
  21. Verratti isn’t a goal scoring midfielder :/
  22. Not necessarily. They pay tax and dividends and invest in other stuff too.
  23. We're back in business after the winter pause, with slightly fewer friendlies under our belt this time round. With no transfer business in or out, the big news was a contract extension for yours truly - three more years giving me time to build a dynasty here. The owner sees me as central to his vision for the club, and is backing me accordingly, upgrading the already excellent training facilities for both the senior and youth sides over the coming year. It's an exciting time to be at Spartak, and I hope to make the same true for the fans. Elsewhere, Vorobjov was named Russian Player of the Year ahead of Real Madrid star Kozlov and CSKA dangerman Sapozhnikov, showing just how good he's been since joining us from Armavir. We paid a lot for him, but he's been worth every penny so far - and at just 23, he can be even better in the future. February also saw the latest class of youth graduates make their case for contracts, and while there is no immediate star of the future on show, I'm a big fan of centre-back Sekretov and especially winger Stepanov. We play a narrow formation of course, so he'll be retrained - probably to play behind the strikers - but he has the right attitude the get the work done on the training ground, and the raw ability is clearly there. We also have a Turkmen in the form of Gaur Kafanov, and there's a reasonable chance he could become a decent squad player one day. If I can help out my father's homeland with my work here, I'll certainly look to do so.
  24. Its time to start my Man Utd save, I have a general ide of how I want to play, but I have found that alot of what I thought I knew about FM and tactics dont hold up, systems that I have used for the last decade dosent play out the way I want them to. So I have come up with some changes taking into account what I have learned from my other saves but I could use some help and I have alot of questions. So lets just jump in and set up the team. 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-1-3-1. GK: nothing fansy, not using a sweeper keeper. I do use a higher line with my defense but think a standard keeper is going to be fine, DDG can do what he does best. RB: IW. I used to like a fullback overlaping and help creating space for winger or help cross. But now I find it dosent work the way it used to. Crosses gets mostly blocked and despite instructions to cross from byline they seem to just lump them in for downpitch. So I want to try IWB. He might as well be usefull and help midfield keep possesion instead of wasting away the ball with crosses. Center Defenders: Always been a fan of the Bruce\Pallistar, Johnsen\Stam, Ferdinand\Vidic system so Cover and Stopper. I was considering using a BPD, and while I have seen some nice creating passes, most of the time it seems the BPD just lumps the ball away with over complicated attemts giving away possesion. DL: Big question. Not sure what to use, while the RB have a winger infront of him to play wide, I will use a inside forward on the left. So Would like the LB to play wider. However again I dont want him to cross willy nilly so the Vingback type rolles seems like a bad ide. Or maybee it is not so bad if only one fullback is doing it? Really could use some advice here. DML: Deep lying playmaker defend duty. Seems simple enough, want him to help the defense play out the ball and keep it simpel at the same time screen and shield the defense. My question is if this role will interfere with my Attacking guy in the senter up front. Can i get him to do what i want in onother role, just a standard DM-Defend duty perhaps? SM(R): Ball winning. I do use higher defense line and higher pressing line, not the extreme but one up from standard. I do want my team to press to win the ball back but not to extreme. The Ball winning role seems suited for this. On support and freedom to get forward he will also help up in attack. RW: Winger support ?. I want to maintain some wideplay and to play abit Wide to create space. LW: Inside forward. Support or Attack? He is to cut inside link up with my Attacking sentral guy (Pogba) I want him to create space with movment, assist, score, etc. Attacking Offensive Sentral player: Not sure what role to use. Want him to be creative with passes, but also scoring goals. Striker: Deep Lying forward or will that just have him get in the way of Pogba and ISF? Advanced striker or will that just have him hunting for room behind defense that dosent exist? Poacher but that will make him avoid build up play. I want to play possesion, not that I really care about the numbers but it is a tool to control the game and play. Pod, Shorter passing, Dont want to play on high tempo but cant play on to low. Control is well and nice but we need penetraition. Work ball into box? or is it overkill? how will players behave whitout it? How to get the right balance in pressure? Using higher lines, is more instense pressure overkill? I also intend to create and almost identical tactic, just with a 4-1-4-1 wide. So, yeah, I have alot of questions and who knows maybe its something wrong with what I dont have questions about. I`ll take any help and advice anyone can offer, Thanks.
  25. We have roles in the game that are hardcoded to behave in certain ways, a ball winning midfielder is basically just a terrier with a fetish for balls. There are also generic roles that come for certain positions. You can opt to customise the role or you can use it as is, and let the qualities of your player drive the role. If you don't need a specific job done and all you need is role that links up with players then you can use the role. There are times when all we need is a simple role without too much complication and the CM role actually offers that.
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