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  2. I just found a CB who’s that tall lol @6Times What club is he with in FM19? Pellegri?
  3. Entirely up to you, I reckon its working off an algorithm that suggests that to perform said role the player has reached the attributes needed through the gains provided from that additional focus training. Personally I tend to leave them there for as long as I like. It does run the risk of making players unhappy, but I have not found this to be too serious. A player still needs time to train off the field as well. Playing him non stop can run the risk of injury. So when they are young you want to be careful not to overplay them. Yes. I don't hack the game so I won't be able to help you I am afraid. Reputation plays a part but facilities and playing time are more important. If he goes on loan to a club with poor facilities when he doesnt play and trains, he doesn't benefit nearly as much as he would at a place with good facilities. Scouts help to identify, not to train, the rest influence intake. Their attributes are more important and to see what attributes they affect, mouseover the name of each session. It will indicate which attributes are influenced. I have received a 10 and I am usually happy with anything above 8. I do think it should matter, there has to be a minimum value for it to be effective. However I am not sure about this.
  4. Are the ones in the dropbox labeled "FMC" for FM Touch 2020 for the PC? I'm thinking about trying to install one of them, but...is the process as complicated as it sounds? I've never installed a skin for any FM game, but the purple background this time around is just hideous. Does anyone actually like it??? I'm surprised that there are no other "official" skins.
  5. I have a player complaining about not enough quickness training during the season, but now during pre-season he is complaining about to much quickness training. I don't get how the same player can complain about too much and too little at the same time. The training system isn't detailed enough for this kind of idiotic player reaction, it's hard enough just dealing with training demands, now I have to find some small window, with ZERO data to help me create a training schedule that is enough but not to much.
  6. I just completed a Double, the problem is I only won one competition, the UEFA Super Cup. For some reason the Spain Super Cup is being counted in the wrong season, I won it last season, since the UEFA Super Cup is the first "real" match of the season, I've not entered the Spain Super Cup or even played the first league match yet.
  7. To my knowledge there is no pressure that you can put on a player to choose one nationality over another and I dont think that this is a bug. Even when they attain tye number of days in the country to be eligible, only a few will actually take this step. Maybe if you praise the players in the press it might help?
  8. Not the first and undoubtedly not the last daft/irrelevant question you will get at a press conference. For the last 2 versions I have delegated this task and am none the worse for getting rid of this. If only I could do the same with player interaction!
  9. @Christopher Lewis While waiting, I started a save in Belgium, and got promoted in my first year. The Proximus League flags my club (Liege) as ineligible for promotion for the coming season. I have no idea how to progress around this issue.
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  11. We did win our last two Premier League games, and took Liverpool all the way in the FA Cup Final before losing in extra time which saw us finish third
  12. With all the FFP nonsense I forgot to post an actual update... Plymouth: season 2, February November began with a total abomination - a home defeat to non-league Sutton in the FA Cup. Thankfully, that was not indicative of a downturn in form as we put together a string of wins in the league and, sadly, in the dispLeasing trophy. December was more mixed, but we did enough to climb to 3rd in the table, and January wasn't bad but we suddenly couldn't find a win at home and those dropped points saw us fall back to 5th in the league. Better results at the end of the month and the beginning of February have pushed us back up to 4th, just 2pts behind second-place (although Oxford are pretty much out of sight with a 12pt lead over Blackburn). Our star performer remains young striker Adam Fletcher who has pushed his tally to 16 goals in 31 appearances, but Idah has disappointed with just 11 in 26 (and third-choice forward Dominic Telford hasn't scored since October). Also disappointing have been our midfielders - Grant and Mayor have not performed to the same level as last season, and new signing Jack Clarke has fallen away a bit after starting the season brightly. Baxter has suffered a big decline, my coaches now rate him only as a decent L2 midfielder, and we've had a major falling out since he has demanded more games despite not performing to anything like an acceptable level. It goes without saying that, having been predicted to finish in the bottom half, we're still over-performing by a huge margin, but the club's financial situation means that promotion is critical. We have 13 games to play and every one of them massive.
  13. As much of an annihilation as that match was, the Wulf442P107 has been more consistent for me.
  14. First Game of a new season. Kylian Mbappé has played at STL, I don't think he has ever played AML/AMR when I pick the team and I pick the team something like 99.9% of the 94 matches he has played at the club. "Kylian Mbappé is currently playing as an inverted winger, with some claiming he isn't entirely comfortable there. Will he be carrying on there against Hajduk Split." I think he plays as AML on the French National Team, but it seems really strange if a press conference is confusing his position on the national team with where he plays on my team.
  15. I had the joy in FM19 that the new stadium got stuck in perma planning permission
  16. April was terrible but remarkably, we're in the FA Cup Final (v Liverpool), and still in the top 4
  17. Martinez should have gotten a 10.0. Silva would have scored more but I pulled him at HT.
  18. No, its not as exciting as that. I asķ who wants to join and I edit a manager into the game and randomly select the team. Then just record there results. They dont have to do anything
  19. Agreed! I loaned in Christie in a short Derby save and he was good. Southampton's Callum Slattery is a decent loan signing in midfield. I signed Matty Longstaff in a recent save (Brentford maybe?) and he was bang average all season. I'll have a think about goalkeepers. Good to have you with us.
  20. It doesn't work like that unfortunately, the coding for the ME is specific and any tweak can off set something else. I dont know alot about coding so I cant explain it but I remember a mod or someone from the SI saying that its not a revamped ME so bits are probably used from fm17, which? I dont know, quite strange seeing such a massive difference though, guess thats because of making these tweaks. I'll make one point though, realism in FM17 is somewhat a major downside, dribbles, tackles, interceptions reach levels where you wouldn't expect irl which maybe the route the SI took for 18+ as it seems to be a big deal with statisitcal comparisons.
  21. @Heywood JaBlowme 14-0 Win but no 10,0 rating for a striker!
  22. Also, I want to share my experience when it comes testing tactics in EPL… For example, when I test a tactic in EPL with a team that is outside TOP 5 by media prediction then my result varies with the same tactic by 30% or even more percent on 1 season length sample so I can finish the season with 70pts and when I replay the season with the same tactic and the same team I can end up only with 50pts so if you test with a team that is outside of TOP 5 then your results could be very volatile even on 1 season length sample, now could you imagine how it can be volatile if you take a shorter sample. P.S. Heh... I don't say that your result would be much less volatile when you test with a team from TOP 5 because it's still volatile as hell but when you test with a team that is outside TOP 5 then your result is extremely volatile.
  23. Thanks for the suggestion lad but I think I'll try some other tactics now.
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