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  2. Season 2022/23 - September Fixtures Lets not bother with the league results, other than that stupid stupid result to Dnipro-1 it was mostly comfortable. Lets talk about the hammering we took from Barcelona and Manchester City. Totally out classed in both games. The only saving grace I have is that we snuck a win against Red Bull Salzburg to save some face. Very safe to assume we are not going to make it in the top 2 games but can try and get 3rd and sneak into the Europa League. We also really struggled in the Kubok Cup against inferior opponents. We had to score in the 88th and 108th minute of extra time to see them off. I would like to say we sent out a weaker side but I sent out the full team to get some confidence back.... Season 2022/23 - September Table The good news is that we are still doing well in the league. Shakhtar dropped another game and we have a game in hand on them. We just have to win that and we can take back top spit. We are still scoring goals for fun but our defence is obviously still a big worry. Luka Modric I also made a free transfer signing, we bring in Luka Modric. I know hes 37 and has next to no physical stats but I just felt we needed some inspiration and the experienced head in the squad. Hes actually going to play for us, I will be asking him to sit deep, not move much but dictate the play from deep and provide some quality balls. The production from the middle was lacking a little bit. He still has amazing stats and I know for sure he can contribute for us. Also what better way for him to retire than winning a league title in the Ukraine but hes also still in the Croatia squad and playing games for them, I think he will also get selected for the World Cup. I actually also considered a couple of other very old legends but held off...for now.
  3. When the FM20 EUIV save converter comes out, I'll never see daylight again... Re Selene...you'll just have to read and find out...
  4. I think this might be worth reporting in the bugs forum. Maybe it can be fixed in time for the next patch.
  5. I feel like I've pointed out way to many flaws in FM for years now... So at some point I must run out of new idiotic bugs... After Barcelona vs Granada's real world game, I was going to try to modify a 4-2-4 Wide into something like Barca used in that match, now the game doesn't really support much of what Barca did, but I tried to just try something and added a 3-1-2-4 Wide DM tactics and now I lost the locker room because all the players think we have too few defenders... I have 4 World Class Defenders on the Senior team and 3-4 La Liga Level backups on the B team, not that it matters since the game is stupidly broken and can't actually see the B team players, even while they have no problem seeing reserve players in leagues without B teams. I've played 1 or 2 matches with this 3 defender tactics, it's NOT our main tactics, so seems extremely stupid I'm suddenly in massive trouble with the entire team for not having enough central defenders. I was actually thinking I needed to sell 2-3 defenders, because I simply couldn't keep up with playing time demands.
  6. Season 2022/23 - July Fixtures July started with a bang, we demolished Dynamo Kiev in the season opener. I was very surprised by this, its a good sign for the season ahead. However of course after such a performance when then played Lviv at home and we forgot how to score goals. We rounded out the unbeaten start to the season with another 2 comfortable wins. It looks like Pereverza has kept his form from last season as hes put away 5 goals in 4 competitive games and same can be said of Santos as he scored a hat-trick on debut and finished the month with 5 goals. On fire up front! Season 2022/23 - August Fixtures A massive 9 games in August, this included 4 more games in the league the Champions League qualifiers and the start of the Kubok Cup! Lets start with the league, all fairly straight forward 3 wins in a row then the big game at home to Shakhtar and we again turned it on in a big game. To put the performance into perspective, this was the 8th game of the domestic season and Shakhtar were 7 wins from 7 games and had not conceded a single goal in those 7 games. Jeka really came back to haunt his old side, he smashed home a hat-trick to blow them away. Interesting but Pereverza didn’t score a single goal this month, in all the games! However Caue Santos stepped up for us and scored 9 goals and was supported well from Jeka who scored 7… we are rolling along nice in the domestic league and I am VERY happy that Santos has gone a long way to filling the void left by Budviskyi (Dynamo are yet to even play him either) In the Champions League, well that was a roller-coaster of emotions that’s for sure! We again were drawn against Fenerbache and again it was a tale of 2 legs. They actually beat me at home (again just like last season in the Europa playoffs) and we had to go to Turkey and pull it back and they also had 3 away goals to turn around…. We got off to a very very fast start and were 2-0 up within 7 mins. They then scored 2 goals and it was looking bad until Leonan scored a free kick and went to ET and then penalties. We eventually win that and would draw Braga (Seems ok to be honest) I thought they would be the same quality as Fenerbache. Here we are at home and start with a loss (seriously guys we have to stop this). We then have it all to do in Portugal. We didn’t start well and they went up 1-0 at HT and were are heading out and into the Europa league. However yet again we perform some miracles and score 2 goals after HT and survive the barrage of attacks from Braga and end up in penalties (again come on!!!!!) This shootout was a little better than the Fenerbache game as we save a couple of them and complete the unlikely trek into the group stage of the Champions League.. Season 2022/23 - August Table So far so good domestically, Zorya are trying this season to break into the leading pack. I dont believe they will be able to maintain it but you never know. This league is quite competitive at times and most sides are beat everybody. Champions League Group Stage Draw Oh come on!! You really can't be serious with this draw? Can we please re-do it again? or can I swap with Braga and let them come back in..... This is not going to be pretty or end well. I can be 100% certain of this. I am not even sure I can get a single point from this group. I think we want to avoid some records, 24 goals conceded is the worst record in history and that honour belongs to Legia Warsaw in 2016/16 and Bate Borisov in 2014/15 and there was only been 16 teams who have lost all 6 group stage games and the last of those was Dinamo Zagreb and Club Brugge in 2016/17.
  7. A Locked thread with list of Things are under consideration and list of things which devs feel are fixed might help the Fan base to give an idea of what is happening.
  8. i retrained Ansu Fati and Leroy Sane into wing-backs and have old man messi with no legs left as my DLP who just pings diagonals out to my rampaging wingbacks.
  9. Yes I did this when I installed the update and joined the game, but it gave the error. I'm going to play now and let's see if the same thing happens again.
  10. And where would Mo Salah and Ansu Fati play? I have Lottin, Martinez and Ansu Fati all 5 star players and even the "older" Mo Salah is still somehow getting the most Man of the Match awards. Not that it matters, apparently me creating a 3-1-2-4 Wide DM formation is now resulting in a locker room riot because I only have 4 world class CD's. Basically half the team want me fired for adding a 3 defender tactics, because that means we have a lack of depth in CD. Actually I think the game is just broken and the reason a 3 defender tactics is a problem is because the B team doesn't exist, so the players can't tell we have 4 or 5 La Liga defenders on the B team, that would naturally get used as needed by the senior team.
  11. Thankfully, I think people that engage in the negative manner you describe towards SI staff are the exception and not the rule. Absolutely, there's no place for that. That said, I'm not talking specifically about SI engaging in a back and forth with users as the benefits are limited and the pitfalls are obvious as mentioned above. The point I was specifically making was about a more detailed acknowledgement of issues once raised and some kind of public monitoring/updating of whats actually being looked at. At present I'd describe the reporting process as highly unsatisfactory from a customer perspective. A situation thats been exasperated to some degree this year by the more significant issues with the ME. I actually think it would go a long way this year if someone just held up their hand and said, you know what, this years ME release could have been better and we're going to make sure we're better next time round. Instead, I think what we're left with is a situation where the "customer" almost feels like you're whinging about stuff that the developer doesn't see as a significant issue. In a football sense, I feel like a Man Utd fan which is a feeling I absolutely don't want......
  12. Tunisia 2035 is here! The Ivory Coast are off, fingers crossed we can bring home our first trophy. Follow along in the FtCS Tunisia 2035 open thread, which kicks off with a full blown squad review!
  13. Today
  14. As I said during the defensive phase their job is similar with the regular WBs job so they must be fast to compete with opposition wingers and inside forwards and usually defensive midfielders aren't that fast If you are talking about their PPMs then I suggest ignoring it because they won't have any significant impact... Tierney and Bellerin would do great as IWBs
  15. I have 2, one is my basic 4-4-2 with no instructions, how I approach most games. I make in game tactical changes that are only changes for that game. The other tactic is a 4-1-4-1 with a Half Back, lots of defensive roles and disciplined approach to PI and TI, this is what use against teams stronger than me, or to close a game out late on
  16. Andorra needs a fix too. No relegation matches from 2nd league. Last team just stays in league.
  17. Why is defending throw in STILL pathetic? Its been up in the air for the last 3 fms Its a joke, even the attacking throw ins don't follow the instructions
  18. Deleted my old version and put in the new Darker version, looks even better then before. But now it has an bug that makes it unplayable for me now. The boxes i choose in the player profile where you can see the attributes and stuff, always revert back and 5-6 boxes show the same information. I put training in one box but the next time i look again it reverts back to an unusable profile. I don´t know if it is skin problem or si stuff, because some views also don´t save as i want but that i know is game bug because it happens with all skins. edit: Nevermind i restarted the game and problem dissapeared 😊 edit 2 : Well now all of a sudden the bug is their again i hope it can be fixed soon, this is a infuriating one and makes it impossible to play i test other skins to see if it is game or skin bug
  19. @2481 Did you try to persuade Bruno against retirement? In real life he doesn't seem to be thinking of retiring.
  20. I mean for example playing central or defensive midfielders as your left and right backs (they may be competent or awkward at DL/DR), rather than using orthodox fullbacks. Using Arsenal as an example, Tierney and Bellerin both love bombing down the flanks, but isn't that actually bad for this tactic in the attacking phase?
  21. I have uploaded 4 crashes. I'm pretty sure they crashed because of the same reason. In fact, I had posted a crash like a month or two ago, and I'm pretty sure it's the same as that one too. Please fix it as I am a big FM gamer. FM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2020.01.09 22.10.36).dmp FM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2020.01.09 22.59.53).dmp FM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2020.01.22 08.10.41).dmp FM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2020.01.22 20.41.36).dmp
  22. See, this is one of the things that make FM so frustrating. I'm seeing nothing but crosses into the defender's shins although, rather than a corner, they usually result in a rapid counter and a goal for the AI . Someone said it in this thread a couple of weeks ago, but it's as if *everyone* gets a different ME!
  23. Well, that didn't last long - we're now down in 12th and Hull are 3rd with a game in hand that could take them to 2nd. I'm not sure he's quite good enough for you in the Championship but I'm a big fan of Daniel Batty - an excellent DLP-d at my level, and he's developed really well after his loan spell with us. One to keep an eye on? Indeed... hopefully we can claw our way out of this FFP hole we're in. Hope it remains as enjoyable
  24. Create a league full of players who are all 20 in attacking attributes and all 1 in defensive attributes, then see if you only get 1-0 and 2-0 scorelines. If you don't, then that proves your limitation theory wrong.
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