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  2. The DLF dropping deep will generally create space for himself between the lines, but whereas in real life the opposition defender will sometimes choose shadow the DLF to deny him that space, that pretty much never happens in FM. That's not to say a DLF is ineffective, it's one of my favorite roles and he still pulls defenders out of position to an extent when they try to close him down after he has already received the ball.
  3. What I first see based on this tactical setup is a lack of tactical identity, meaning you don't have a clear idea of what style of football your team should play (or is able to play). It's neither possession-based, nor counter-attacking, nor an aggressive and fast attacking style. So before anything else, you need to decide what you want to achieve in terms of playing style. Once you clearly define that, it will be way much easier to move on to the next step - tactics creation in a more detailed manner.
  4. The first thing I'd say is that away games are tough, and probably tougher in FM than they've proved for sides of City's quality in real life. In FM even a dominant squad will, as a result, rarely get to the high-90s like City are managing in real life against Premier League level opposition - it's much more like it used to be before the last 3-4 years when the mid-high 80s tended to comfortably win you the league and low-90s was exceptional. So if you're dominant at home and matching the other title contenders for away form you shouldn't worry too much. There are some things you could improve, though. Your system looks pretty open to counters and long-balls, and when you're away opponents will be more likely to try those rather than purely defend. You've got a high defensive line, press and offside trap, combined with two CBs who aren't the fastest ever for this level (Acceleration 13 at game start) with PPMs that see them often go high up the field and no dedicated holding midfielder (the BWM will press heavily and end up out of position a fair amount). So you're doing well on possession, but when you lose the ball things can go wrong very quickly (especially when your counter-press fails) and you give up high-quality chances, hence conceding lots of goals from relatively few shots. This is borne out by the negatives your tactics screen shows - you're giving the ball away centrally, they're getting it straight up into your box and scoring. There also seems to be a smaller weakness on your left hand side - your wing back is extremely attacking, the inside forward will offer little defensive support, and neither will the APa on the left of your midfield. I expect quite often you'll end up with a CB being dragged out of position to cover, leaving even more highly dangerous central space. There are attacking strengths to this approach, but I'd certainly make at least slight tweak even for home games of swapping your two CMs around to have the more balanced player on the left to help out with this somewhat. For away matches, I'd just go a tad more conservative. Play a dedicated holding midfielder (a DM or an Anchor Man) or, if you fancy something less orthodox, perhaps a third CB on a cover duty to give you that protection against break while letting your other two CBs push up a little more. Consider swapping one of your CMs for a ball winner in that position, and put the more defensive-roled player on the left of the two. Turn off the counter-press and be willing to give up a little more of the ball to avoid giving away such good chances. And get rid of the offside trap and high defensive line - it's probably squeezing the midfield game into tighter spaces than you'd want anyway and doesn't help your defensive woes.
  5. And outfield players also need at least one other staff member to do extra passing training, a goalkeeper to practice penalty taking properly etc, the game just assumes there's someone there for them which realistically there always will be. Much like support for a goalie that is being asked to do extra handling work... Just feels very strange design that everyone chooses their individual skills groups to work on except goalkeepers, who must dictate the entire training session if they want to improve their goalkeeping skills. I can buy the argument that professional football teams don't really do specialist dribbling or heading or tackling training focuses for individuals because they're really only learned in competitive whole team sessions, but the idea that goalkeepers don't do individual extra sessions devoted to their own handling and shot stopping seems a bit barmy...
  6. Out of the big 4, I only lost Brandt. However, end of season 1, Brandt, as well as Bailey, said they wanted to leave for a bigger club and I couldn't persuade them to stay. Bailey was already being watched 2 months into the season. The only reason I still have Bailey is because no one bid for him and the one bid that did came in didn't meet the price I agreed with Bailey on. Tah didn't kick a fuss when I refused a Barca bid, but he's now being sniffed around again by Barcelona and Man City and he feels he should be moving to a bigger team. Havertz is the only one being fully happy and that was never being targeted by a club. He only compained about his contract once, but I was happy to improve that. If I'd continue, I'd like him to basically become the club's eternal number 10.
  7. Specifically for what you want to achieve, you need a very "rigid" tactical setup that discourages players from doing anything other than looking for the AMC to pass the ball to him whenever possible. That can (hopefully) be achieved though a very controlled "manipulation" of mentality in conjunction with roles and duties, but also requires use of player instructions (like the previous tactic I suggested, but with some new elements added). However, you need to bear in mind that such kind of tactic limits your attacking options very much, but I guess that's a price you are willing to pay
  8. My AF and IW are my main goal scorers. I thought the DLF would create space for the IW. I have thought about moving him to a IF but unsure about it in regards to defending.
  9. Unlucky @warlock . I'm still undecided on my next venture as i'm actually in the unusual position of having a few that i'm interested in.
  10. HOW IS THERE STILL NO FIX?? This annoys me beyond reason. The Beta is a tiny bandaid compared to the huge problem this still is. We had this issue for almost 1 (ONE) month now! HOW? What is actually going on in the SI office? Are these guys sitting on their hands waiting until Apple releases the next OS version in the hopes it might fix itself? Kind regards One angry customer
  11. You get most of the theorical oncepts, nice point for you but nowI think you have to think the football and the game as a 3 dimensional game. there are no really rules due to the fact that opposition is always changing. the first point is do you see your match in at least comprehensive ? ( sorry for my bad english im french....). then you have to make what i call a "diagnostic" --> what is wrong with my transition and why --> try to adapt --> observe the result --> readapt --> observe the result again. that's the way u have to think. but to achieve that, u have to know what are the effects of each of your instructions (TI and PI). That's the better way to improve, to my humble opinion.
  12. I can't believe I have to make this clear... Anyone can see a missplaced pass or a missed tackle but this is the effect, not the cause. I obviously don't know what is wrong because I can't identity what is causing all I said. Why passes go to nobody? Why not tackling? Why not moving? And the answer is not watch a match because I'm already doing it and nothing. As long as I don't know what is causing what, i can't fix anything. If I can't identify the cause there is nothing I can do.
  13. And I want people to stop fixating on youth rating only like it's the most important thing when newgens 'are out'. If you think that youth rating is da best - try to change this value for spain/brazil to for example 90 and see if newgens coming out of clubs are that much 'worse'. Try to look at the wide picture and think for a while - what can influence the 'level' of 15-16 year old people coming from academies.
  14. Davis went to Chelsea that was an old save- one I have since overwritten. I have no idea how to upload a save game file. Sounds very confusing and complicated to me! How to reproduce internally: install ffm19 app- search Horn in transfers- select enquiry- select suggest terms- £16.5 million & 10% sell on fee appears. Going back to the previous issue: Isthis a known issue? that when trying to sign a large amount of players in one go (before pressing continue button) to then have the box **** has agreed terms, complete transfer option without negotiating a contract with any players who clubs have accepted bids off you?
  15. If you have the pace, and Man Utd does, the TI can certainly be useful against teams who play a high d-line or push up their fullbacks. I'd say your left IW and AF are in a good position to exploit those spaces.
  16. I can answer the keeper part easily at least. To improve your handling, you'd need a coach or player to throw or shoot the ball toward you so you can practice this.
  17. The Dribbling attribute isn't a player's ability to beat a live human man (or men) one on one, that's a combination of Anticipation, Decisions, Flair, Technique, Balance, Agility etc. Dribbling is the accuracy and speed at which chosen dribbling actions can be performed. Which can surely be replicated with an elaborate enough arrangement of cones.
  18. tbf I also struggle to see how players improve their final third decision making skills without opponents or defensive positioning without teammates, and am totally baffled by the idea that goalkeepers can only practice their handling skills if a team session is devoted to it...
  19. Dear ppl of editors hideaway. What steps must i take to design a north and south sub divison? im having some trouble understanding the editor. i can make sub divisions no problem but to separate the teams and command the editor to divide the teams into north and south well that a skill i dont have lol. what pages do i need to go to and what info do i need to enter to make the English north and south sub division possible?? thank you
  21. Cones tend to have slow reaction times to you trying to go past. Point is, you're learning very little by trying to go around a static object. In a match, players are not static. There's a lot more skill involved when trying to beat a player compared to a cone.
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