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  2. Thanks for this. I'll give this a go. I forgot to include Rayan Cherki who I've just brought in on loan from city who is a lot better than Veron in AML. He's strong on both right and left foot so should be a good option as the IW. One question if have is how you'd adapt this against top teams? My next match is United away and this set up doesn't feel comfortable! Thanks again.
  3. Would be fantastic for an updated version, still use the old guide for reference
  4. If you can beat Sturm Graz once and draw the other - you will have a real chance - or hope they slip up against Astana. Good luck!
  5. This is a chart of how many seasons teams from each state have played in each of the top 3 Brazilian divisions from the first season of this save, 2019, until next season, 2026. As you can see, there's six (Amazonas, Mato Grosso do Sul, Piaui, Roraima, Rondonia, Tocantins) states with zero promotions from Série D. The plan was going to a team in one of those. 5 of the 6 targeted states are in Brazil's northern region. The two other northern states (Acre and Amapa) have a meagre total of three Série C seasons to their name. Brazil's north is the least developed region, if I understand correctly, and also the one with least footballing tradition. So this is just like real life. Winning a state league there should be easy with a team like Rondoniense or Manaus, who have almost been promoted to Série C in the past. The problem is those jobs are only available when their manager gets poached, since they always do well in their state league and Série D promotion is a longshot for any team anyway. The gap between them and others in their state seems quite big too. This save has had most non-league teams (those that don't qualify to Série D) go amateur. Coaching an amateur team was awful in my previous FM experiences, but it was so easy finding good players in lower divisions that it doesn't seem so daunting in Brazil. I would rather coach an amateur team than sit unemployed for a year, so I'm just going for the first available job. There was a vacancy in Grêmio Atlético Sampaio, also known as GAS. A great acronym and a professional club in Roraima, I was more than happy to take this job. But I also decided I would apply to three specific teams (two from Série B and one from Série A) who are in very interesting positions, if those jobs became availabe. One of those managers retired and so.... I took over Sport Club Corinthians Paulista in January 5, 2025. My predecessor was Reinaldo Rueda, who took over in 2021. He came close to being fired often last season, since the team never looked like winning the league. Rueda took them from being a perennial second place to winning Série A, two consecutive Libertadores and a Club World Cup. If they thought about firing him, the expectations here are probably a bit higher than in Caxias. Corinthians haven't won the Campeonato Paulista since 2018, but reclaiming it shouldn't be that hard. Regardless of how this goes, I don't plan to be here after my contract expires in 2026. This team has an incredible squad (which I will go into detail in the next post), but the main reason to take this job is Austregésilo. He's the best player in Brazil! The "plays no through balls" trait is something we have to get rid of, but they sky's the limit here.
  6. Yes, they have both been set to "not for extraction", and then I will place them in their new roles to FM 21. For national teams unfortunately we cant create future transfer. Regarding Philip Hansen I see it has been fixed during the past weeks. The rest of the qouted issues have also been fixed.
  7. What is the most efficient destroyer v3 in the beta or Raptor v4 in the retail version?
  8. Now I changed Job in the game. I received Job offer from Italian serie c club. I found out there are fixtures in all italian series. But all england series are missing fixtures.
  9. Hey Lucas, Can i ask why on steam you can change to public beta on FM Touch? I know it does not change anything just wondering if you knew there was the option? Thanks
  10. Two gruelling trips to Eastern Europe in there! Did amazingly against the Bosnian side.
  11. Is their a link for 'VenomFaith 442' or 'Lookaway 4132' can't see one on the front page?
  12. Itried without custom graphics and skins and the issue was still the same.
  13. SEASON 2024/2025 JULY/AUGUST 2024 TRANSFERS IN AMIR BAJRAMOVIC We had to sign a CB this summer after Baldvinsson's departure.He wasn't my first choice but he looks promising.His awfull composure fears me though..He will join us on 20th of July. EFFODEILDIN LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE Still cruising in league.12 points from second place with one game less. LOGMANSSTEYPID FINAL EB/STREYMUR VS VIKINGUR GOTA LINES UP GAME I made huge rotation because we had important european games before and after this game and we paid it..After 90' + 30'(extra time) minutes we lost it in penalty shootout.Congratulations to EB/Streymur. FRIENDLY GAME We played and won Hibbernian in a friendly game who was a good test before our first european games for this season. UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FIRST QUILIFIER (CHAMPIONS PATH) LEG 1 HAMMARBY IF VS VIKINGUR GOTA LINE UPS GAME I knew it will be difficult.They were the better team and took big avantage from leg 1. UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FIRST QUILIFIER (CHAMPIONS PATH) LEG 2 VIKINGUR GOTA VS HAMMARBY IF LINE UPS GAME We fight it in Sweden too but we lost again.An early exit from CL this season. UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE 2 UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE 2 SECOND QUILIFIER (CHAMPIONS PATH) DRAW Armenians will be our next opponent. UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE 2 SECOND QUILIFIER (CHAMPIONS PATH) LEG 1 Maybe the longest trip we ever made... GANDZASAR VS VIKINGUR GOTA LINE UPS GAME We were much better but we couldn't score.A bad defeat with clear score in Armenia. UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE 2 SECOND QUILIFIER (CHAMPIONS PATH) LEG 2 VIKINGUR GOTA VS GANDZASAR LINE UPS GAME Excellent!This time we scored our chances and took a deserved win who secured our place in next round. UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE 2 THIRD QUILIFIER (CHAMPIONS PATH) DRAW A stronger opponent this time. UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE 2 THIRD QUILIFIER (CHAMPIONS PATH) LEG 1 ZRINJSKI MOSTAR VS VIKINGUR GOTA LINE UPS GAME Well i didn't expect it,we were excellent and scored 4 times for this great away win who secures our place in next round. UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE 2 THIRD QUILIFIER (CHAMPIONS PATH) LEG 2 VIKINGUR GOTA VS ZRINJSKI MOSTAR LINE UPS GAME I used our new sign Bajramovic and it almost cost us an early exit from EL2.We start this game awfull and in half time we were 3 goals behind!In second half i made some changes and we equilised them with a superb comeback. UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE 2 FOURTH QUILIFIER ROUND (CHAMPIONS PATH) DRAW No excuses here.We have to beat them. UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE 2 FOURTH QUILIFIER (CHAMPIONS PATH) LEG 1 VIKINGUR GOTA VS THE NEW SAINTS LINE UPS GAME With focus and discipline from the start until the end of this game we took a very good result in our home. UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE 2 FOURTH QUILIFIER (CHAMPIONS PATH) LEG 2 THE NEW SAINTS VS VIKINGUR GOTA LINE UPS GAME Again we almost destroyed everything.An awfull start from us find them winning 3-0 after only 36 minutes!I spoke and calmed down my players in half time and we returned better and with more passion in field,we scored 2 times and took a stressful qualification to group stage round. SOME THOUGHTS This summer we start our european adventure with an early disappointing exit from CL but against a stronger opponent who has 4/4 wins against us.In EL2 we had many ups and downs in our games but we took the precious quilification to group stage round and that is what counts.Amir Bajramovic doesn't look ready to be a start XI center back for us and i must search for another CB. # I expected EL2 group stage round draw in 30th of August but nothing happened.I thought it was a bug but i I got a better look find that this game below for a weird reason will be played in 4th of September.So group stage round draw is next month.
  14. 2024 season Série A Bahia's amazing season culminates with their third title. Ceará and CSA go straight back down. Sport and América are also relegated. Série B Botafogo, Avaí and Atlético Paranaense get promoted after one season. Oeste joins them after only two seasons in Série B. Naútico has come close three years in a row. Tombense, Londrina, CRB, and Paysandu are relegated. Série C Figueirense, Criciúma, Mirassol and Salgueiro (PE) will play in Série B next year. Mirassol join the club of teams to achieve back-to-back promotions. Série D Brasiliense, Campinense, Ypiranga (AP) and Desportiva are promoted! All teams from underrepresented states in Série C and above. State leagues Campeonato Acriano: Atlético Acreano (13th title) Campeonato Alagoano: CSA (42nd title) Campeonato Amapaense: Santos (AP) (9th title) Campeonato Amazonense: São Raimundo (AM) (8th title) Campeonato Bahiano: Vitória (32nd title) Campeonato Cearense: Fortaleza (43rd title) Campeonato Brasiliense: Brasiliense (16th title) Campeonato Capixaba: Doze (1st title) Campeonato Goiano: Vila Nova (GO) (17th title) Campeonato Maranhense: Sampaio Corrêa (39th title) Campeonato Mato-Grossense: Cuiabá (10th title) Campeonato Sul-Mato-Grossense: Operário (MS) (15th title) Campeonato Mineiro: América (MG) (18th title) Campeonato Paraense: Paysandu (53rd title) Campeonato Paraibano: Botafogo (PB) (35th title) Campeonato Paranaense: Atlético Paranaense (27th title) Campeonato Pernambucano: Naútico (24th title) Campeonato Piauiense: Altos (PI) (8th title) Campeonato Carioca: Vasco (25th title) Campeonato Potiguar: Potiguar (3rd title) Campeonato Gaucho: Caxias (2nd title) Campeonato Rondoniense: Rondoniense (6th title) Campeonato Roraimense: Baré (13th title) Campeonato Catarinense: Chapecoense (10th title) Campeonato Paulista: São Paulo (23rd title) Campeonato Sergipano: Sergipe (37th title) Campeonato Tocantinense: Tocantins de Miracema (5th title) Copa do Brasil Inter take the cup, beating SPFC in the final. Copa Libertadores Corinthians win their second Libertadores in a row, this time in Montevideo against Boca, and then they went on to win the Club World Cup against Juventus. They're the first non-European team to do so since 2012, when they won it again. South American teams have failed to make the final since 2019. Copa Sudamericana Estudiantes beat Mineiro in the final in extra-time. Copa América The third consecutive Argentina-Brazil final, this time won by Argentina. Messi retired last year.
  15. I seen York sit on the bench for York at York Street.
  16. Does it have to be done manually EVERY season or is there a way to have my scouts to remember what competitions and current and potential ability and ages i want unless otherwise instructed? It's a pain having to do it every season.
  17. Alright guys, I’m thinking of starting a Wigan any tips?
  18. I changed only one players contract, bcz I made a mistake also the performance is wonderful I have a gaming laptop.
  19. Welcome to Season 4 Episode 8 of my FM20 story, The Head Coach. This is a LLM Journeyman story with a twist, as we work under a director of football with the players/staff we're given at every club on our road from non league to legendary status! In this episode, we play the final two games of our League One season with Scunthorpe United. We're on a winless run that has left us as an outsider for relegation. Can we secure survival against Crewe Alexandra or Southend United? If you enjoyed this episode, LIKE the video & SUBSCRIBE to the channel for daily content from two long term Football Manager 2020 stories, The Head Coach & A Wandering Dork, every day at 4.30pm. Thanks for watching!
  20. Sardinha is the 383rd most common surname in Portugal, and, on average, there will be one person with the surname Sardinha per 3,008 people in Portugal. There are more people with the Sardinha surname in Angola and Brazil, both of which are former Portuguese colonies, than in Portugal itself. Cite: https://forebears.io/surnames/sardinha People named Hermenegildo with Wikipedia pages: Hermenegildo Anglada Camarasa, Spanish painter Hermenegildo Capelo, Portuguese explorer Hermenegildo da Costa Paulo Bartolomeu, Angolan football (soccer) player Hermenegildo Galeana, Mexican war hero Hermenegildo González, Galician count Hermenegildo Sábat, South American caricaturist Hermenegildo Villanueva, Filipino politician
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