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  2. I'm getting a bit confused as to why I have a some players labelled 'Leaders' and 'Teamleader' in the game and their 'Leadership' & 'Teamwork' attributes are on the very low side. I get that popularity in the squad, importance to the team and length of time at the club will affect things, but to have a player labelled a team leader with 6 for Leadership and 9 for teamwork is just plain daft. An area that needs work for FM20 IMO.
  3. Many many thanks for the kind words @Vladadam44 - I really appreciate that you are reading and enjoying my thoughts on the game I play in my spare time! As for speed - it's a combination of a few things. I'm off work at the moment yet the rest of my family are still busy at work/nursery etc so I have a lot of time I'm also ill - so that free time is all spent sat down After I lost the league last season - I wanted to exert revenge as quickly as I could so stepped back from a few things that I had micromanaged before (such as training and press conferences) and also added the continue time gameout so that I could move between actual matches faster and focus on the on-pitch decisions a bit more. I play with 2D on comprehensive but was able to move that to key when the time allowed. If I look back at my posts - In the middle of Feb I was in 2034, middle of March 2036 and by the middle of this month in 2038 - I would say I play a season in about 2 weeks, but have cut a few corners and been able to get a full season done in a few days here due to the aforementioned reasons.
  4. To give an idea about those 3 games, here they are in detail: Bournemouth: probably the game I deserved to lose "more". They had chances, good tacklings and a fair bit of possession, still, Bats scoring a hattrick when he only scored a single goal the entire season is some spooky stuff Cardiff: I mean.. 4 shots on target, 3 goals. Thats some League winner accuracy right there, right ? Salzburg: I couldnt make a sub because the game bugged out sadly and I am not reloading, so I could have maybe won this with a working game. Still, my starting eleven should have easily be able to beat them.
  5. https://community.sigames.com/topic/449050-fm19-wip-e22-england-to-level-22/ Central Midlands North & South are in Level 11 of Dan's file here.
  6. Hey guys, I am getting incredible frustrated, yet again with away games. I have the best team in the league, some of the worlds best players, been dominating the EPL and CL and yet I ALWAYS find myself struggling at away games, no matter if its a big club like Liverpool or a small club like Cardiff. Everyone seems to be playing like they just got a drip infusion from Messi´s essence, its bugs the ever living hell out of me. Take a look at my schedule, 3 losses, 3 against weaker teams where I was the better team but couldnt find the win if my life depends on it. Thats 9 goals in 3 games conceded with a defense that is otherwise very very solid (11 goals conced in total from ALL OTHER games) Bournemouth trashed me with 5 !!!!! goals, Batshuayi only scored 1 goal all year long but suddenly became the re-incarnation of Maradano and Pele combined, scoring his probably first ever hattrick against me, and those werent tap ins or 1v1 counters, all 3 goals have been utterly world class. So he just upped his goal total to 4 all season with this hattrick, neat, isnt it ? This is my team, I am playing pog standard possession football with quick players on the break. I tried to play a 4-2-3-1 but holy hell it feels like playing without a DM is a suicide mission. I think its a very balanced squad with enough diverse attacking threat and a solid defensive line and a clear game plan. I cant see any faults in this, away or home game, so I need your help to tell me why I am such a god damn loser and cant handle away games.
  7. Injuries from before the game is released are all included. To remove it, you'd need to either use the in-game editor to remove the injury, or use the pre-game editor to remove the injury, save it as an updated database, and start a new game.
  8. Hi @Novem9 Thanks for reporting this - it's an issue we are aware of and looking to get fixed. If you have a save from just before your last game of the previous season, could you upload it for us to investigate, please? No worries if you don't as we do have enough to work with already, but any fresh examples are always useful. Cheers, Andrew
  9. AFAIK, there's no way of disabling it. And it's also been like this in the game for quite a long time. By the same token, the game includes signing from after the start date of the save, so swings and roundabouts I guess. EDIT: Actually, I suppose you could disable it by removing the injury in the pre-game editor
  10. And here goes the current setup: MR has the „get further forward” trait, DL has the „get further forward” instruction on; used to be a FB(a), but there would be no defender with the support duty for transitions then, AF has the „press more” instruction on, both CMs have „dribble less” instructions on.
  11. @Experienced Defender Ah good, because id rather not have pass into space if it means my AMC wont see the ball as much. ok @zlatanera I'll give that a whirl.
  12. Cool, Maddison will be perfect for the AM role, and Harvey Barnes will develop nicely as either a LM or RM, I played this guy at RM...he dominated and became my record sale (of any football manager I've played)
  13. Hi @vincenzo697, I've tested this in house and have got the issue to recreate. I'm not sure 100% whether the lifetime player contract should stop the player from moving clubs, however would perhaps expect some sort of security seeing as its an In App Purchase I'll pass this over to our dev team and see if something can be put in place to remove minimum release clauses if a player is on a life time contract / increase the players loyalty which would make them more likely to reject a move In the mean time email help@sega.co.uk, attach a proof of purchase receipt and explain that a consumable you purchased isn't working as intended and they will be able to issue a refund for you. We'll update this thread should we get any further information regarding the Lifetime Player Contract IAP Many Thanks, Declan
  14. Hi, Thanks for the save games and extra info. I've had a look into a save where Junior Coaching is described as 'Minimal', but its rating is still at the correct level of 20/20. So it looks like the issue is just with the way the description is displaying - if you have experienced your Junior Coaching suddenly drop drastically, it should just be them being described incorrectly, and the actual level will not be affected. This issue is now under review with our Dev team. Cheers, Andrew
  15. Nothing beats Fabio Paim. Arguably (when he was a wonderkid) more talented than Cristiano Ronaldo, playing alongside him at the Sporting's u19 squad. Was then recruited by Chelsea. He's 30yo now, playing for a low league small portuguese team, São Pedro da Cova. Also Carlos Alberto. With 18yo he was winning the Champions League with Porto, even scoring the first goal in the final against Monaco. Then returned to Brazil and got lost. Now he's 34yo and plays in *let me check, no one knows*, Boavista-RJ, in Brazil. José Mourinho talked about him some years ago, giving him as the example of the failed wonderkid.
  16. I tried that aswell but it seems to still be loaded when i start the game?
  17. That's a fair point, it's definitely affecting the whole team, what I was questioning is to what degree can an improvement of that magnitude can be put down to the TI's synergy with the tactic or that role in particular and to what degree on other factors - squad quality, form, opposition tactics, variance. My guess is that opposition tactics also played a big part, the OP mentions both were inferior teams so there's a good chance both were set up defensively, sat deep and pressed little so there was little space available to exploit. To me instructions like Pass Into Space or Run At Defence/Dribble Less are rather situational and not core elements of a tactic.
  18. I started using this tactic and I am not simulating anymore, and so far I played 4 matches and 3 wins Wolves 1-1 Brighton 2-1 Crystal Palace 2-1 Tottenham 5-1
  19. Good average rating but it doesn't show in goals & assists, although my backup player had a better goals tally his average rating was consistently lower, so it very much depends on getting the right player, the main goal threat is the striker
  20. OE OEOEOE OE OE 45 goals in 50 appearances
  21. Lukas Spalvis for Romania. Things are looking good so far. Hope more people will join in the fun.
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