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  2. Each tier has different considerations for what you want to do. Different attributes become important at different in game points. For example you want to play counter pressing so you expect pressing intensity and tackling from the wider attacking tier. Sometimes you will see opposition players glide past them, thats usually points to tackling, marking, bravery. In midfield you expect them to pay attention to read the 2nd ball, anticipation, concentration, positioning. Then if a player has very good positioning, perhaps he may be in the right position. However if you are only playing 2 players in midfield then the role becomes important. To answer your question in the easiest way possible. When i say 15 i am talking about the backline especially the wingbacks or fullbacks in a counter pressing system. Remember that when you counter press, players are likely to leave their defensive positions to go press a player immediately after losing the ball, that increases the space between where they are after counterpressing and where they need to be if it fails. Counterpressing always involves your wingbacks and fullbacks too. Higher defensive lines make this worse. A higher defensive line positions them higher up the pitch so counterpressing increases vertical coverage and increases the value of acceleration and positioning. If a wingback has good positioning, perhaps he will take up a position which is good, but if he has poor positioning like TAA, he needs to get back quickly into position. That is why in the EPL at least 15 is about the lowest I would accept for counter pressing on my wingbacks. Attacking players have good acceleration and if they have knocks the ball into space, and your defender has low acceleration they will always play catch up which is why central defenders sometimes get pulled wide to cover the mistakes. You can tell this is happening sometimes in games when the central defender picks up a yellow card after he had to go tackle someone who wouldn't have received the ball had the wingback not been so high up the pitch. When people play overlaps(which i do a lot), then the pressure increases, because the mentality of the wingback is also affected apart from the initial positioning. So a wingback is more likely to bomb further forward even before the ball has left his half. So the OP for example in his tactic, I would have changed the role of the WB(A) to a FB(S) and given him the overlap. Now he is on a higher mentality but still on support duty and likely to bomb forward when we have already moved the ball past the halfway mark. The FB is still in a good position to support central midfield. Attributes for a solid pressing style include, anticipation, concentration, work rate, determination, bravery, marking and tackling. Stamina while ideal is only important if you want the player to last the full 90 minutes, the other attributes are the dynamic ones that are probably involved. Naturally this is my opinion and not SI's but in the course of me submitting bug reports, the replies i have received suggest that i could be right. Yes the roles and duties appear and in fact you can make them stick to your in between match highlights as well. However the roles and duties also change within a game and can change quite dynamically. A wingback on attack can change to a fullback on defend. The roles and duties are not static, and have never been static. It's when the AI goes very attacking that thing starting getting interesting. It can have quite a few attack duties on the pitch in the most vulnerable spaces, making it vulnerable to even the simplest over the top ball if you are playing with a two striker system. You are not playing a different game, not many people realise that roles and duties are now visible after around 10 minutes, but i think this depends on the quality and availability of your analysts. Scout reports and analyst reports are definitely not 100% accurate because they can change. What I am absolutely certain of is that roles/duties/shape and mentality changes in a game. And I am certain team instructions change alongside them too. The cue for these is usually in game commentary.
  3. The match engine of FMT is exactly the same as the match engine of the "full game".
  4. You don'T watch anything "live". Everything you get to see is technically a replay. This is done so that the game can rewind and show the highlights. The code isn't psychic after all and knows things in advance. Every time you make a change, a sub, a fart, or anything, the game recalculates from the point though. That's why you can also save matches as pkm and watch them from the main menu, or do the same for AI vs AI Matches. The match processing/simulation is the same for all your competition involved. If you set it to full detail for all competitions in the db uploaded, it's the same for every match. Can bring even the best computers to ist knees though, as it's a 90 minutes "kick by kick" sim for all the Matches. If your own matches after reloads don't show the same trend's as the AI's, it's because of the AI's match management being different to yours. The AI isn't super smart. However, it's given mostly logical means of targeting specific results -- and reacting to the run of Goals, e.g. the scoreline. The target can be a draw, a win, a big win, try to avoid a trashing, etc.
  5. You can upload a correct picture of him into your game.
  6. Didn’t know where to post but there is a wonder kid from anderlecht called kana and he his black however in game he a white guy with light brown hair.... kinda breaks immersion for me and I’m gonna sell him ASAP even though he could be my best player
  7. current structure changes that i am trying to get working in the editor
  8. Download knap tactics most of the time. Mr L Tactics test league will be out soon.
  9. Its built into and scripted in the game, usually January you have the slump
  10. Still no consistancy and its really a flip of a coin who wins games...very poor
  11. The idea of touch is good but the whole match engine just feels like a toss of a coin who wins, its really easy compared to full game and it cant be updated with latest transfers or moves etc
  12. Today
  13. Hi guys, I need your suggestions about a problem. When I search a player from Scouting tab , I cant see some players who playing in EPL U23 Leauge for example but when I search player in Search Bar , the player is foundable. So whats the problem? Is it about my scouts? My filters exactly matches with theese players and I unchecked available for Transfer and Loan ticks but I still cant see all players who plays some leauges.
  14. March 2030. At a point, the media hype will spin out of control, even without our prompting. We're on a roll. We have a singular focus. We have every advantage, if -- and only if -- we can hold our nerve.
  15. I think players try force crosses too much. If they would some how code wingers to try crosses after one-two passes or try to dribble all the way to the byline challenging def. Of course this would require good decision and dribbling or there would be lot more lost balls.
  16. Oh wow, the corner shambles continues. I thought if I sent someone short they might be in a position to spring into action for the multitude of failed clearing headers in the game. It goes one better, I'm frequently getting a highlight where the opposing player just batters it into my player who is standing two yards away and I get to defend a throw in instead - obviously that brings the new zombies that spring into life one second after the throw is taken so isn't really preferable, but what a shambles.
  17. Very strange in euro cup and doesnt let me start season it says season starts in 170 days yet its december just lets me play euro games not league matches. FM20 MOBILE
  18. One more BUG It's not FCPORTO's under-23 team that plays the premier league international, it's Team B When the competition starts the under 23 team has no players, so it will soon create fake players to play in the competition and I have to be making available team b players to play in the under 23. What is completely wrong because Porto has no under 23 team who plays is team B correct this, last year was the same bug
  19. LOOOOL no comments One more simple mistake that can be easily fixed, but they don't care about it. BEIRA MAR CRL !!!!!!!!!!!! I went to see, and here it says that they can not be in the same division, but if it happened, it has to correct.
  20. I searched the xml file for database changes, and the unique ID generated for that city is not showing up in the file, neither are some of the people created, but they still show up in game.
  21. Just checked, the "small" folder does have this. I will look into this solution tomorrow. Thanks! In the meantime, I have sent the "normal" logos to my friend with photoshop and he will resize them for me to create the bigger "small" logos. Exactly what size should he shrink the "normal" logos down to?
  22. I enjoy playing in Eastern Europe myself, so will follow the progress.
  23. February 2030. I warned them. Anyone who said anything to the media about being in the hunt for the Bundesliga title, would pay the consequences. And by consequences, I meant extra kickboxing lessons with Zlatan. I need not have worried. 3 straight losses have been a reality check, as our lead atop the Bundeliga is down to 2 points. We got cocky and have paid the price. Frankly, I do not mind. The media hype machine was starting to rumble after our brilliant run in December/January, and I'd rather not have that distraction. The reality is that our goal is to be playing European football next year. In any of the competitions. I don't really care. We're carrying a 20-man squad right now, but will need to start building...and for that, we need more matches.
  24. you can fix that by having the registered teams for the first season
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