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  2. Try ctrl instead. We're looking into this.
  3. Hi @KeZZaaaa Could you upload a save game from just before one of these random changes occurs, please?
  4. Looks good. Somewhat baffled by not being available in full game but an Instant Result Skin works fine and has done so far many years.
  5. Been watching the thread for about 30 pages, and people who are putting in constructive critisicsim are having their posts + quotes deleted. Quite embarrassing really. anyway, watch a game that isn't on key highlights and feast your eyes upon the final third. you'll need to rinse your eyes out after. it's awful, players in amrl/mlr/wbrl/fbrl are not squaring the ball and shooting from impossible angles, exactly like last patch. sort it out.
  6. Topic says it all. I will soon go crazy Xd
  7. And it's not only the top goalkeepers. I'm playing with Arsenal and almost every Premier League GK finishes the match with 7.0 or higher, even if I score goals. Your team shouldn't have to create a ton of chances to win by 1-0 or 2-0, it's not realistic.
  8. Hi @cyadora6 Could you provide a save form just before board set your budgets please?
  9. wow i would have gone mad if that stopped working, it annoys me that command+s wont save the game anymore..
  10. Hi @FBYK68 Could you provide a save game from just before the drop to your budget occurs, please?
  11. No date released for Switch yet - but more will be revealed shortly....
  12. Surely, SI can't 'disable' ID's because we researchers have massive databases that contains thousands of entries and players and it would be inconvenient without any 'mark' on the player to recognize who is who.
  13. Hi @Mickeylad, do you happen to have a save from just before you took over at Leicester?
  14. https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2018/156_gameplay/scouting/This FAQ mentions that scouting packages increase the number of players shown in your player searches but the club's scouting range determines which countries the scouts are able to scout. How can I find my club's scouting range? The FAQ mentions that this is on the club’s Board page within the Scouting panel, but I cannot find that in 2020?
  15. hello guys im trying to builld this tactic with Salernitana and this is my shape and roles im trying to make it work Let me explain my thinking : Mentality: Balanced,i choose this because its neutral and i have 3 players upfront,so i dont want compress the space more higher.i want these 3 players to have space in front of them to use it and draw the defence more out. In possesion: i picked only play Wide because i want my team be more wide when attacking trying to strech a more bit the opposition and use a bit whole the pitch. In transition:i picked counter why i want when we win the ball to attack immediately and with balance mentality i will be sitting more deep so i can take advantage of space.Now i didnt choose counter press because i dont want press when i loose the ball firstly i dont have hard workers players and dont want leave gaps in my shape.im in serie b afterall and predicted 9th.dont have strong squad at the moment.Also i picked my GK to take short kicks to whatever choice he thinks.i dont have comfortable defenders to pick them or play out of defence. Out of possesion:and finally out of possesion just added more press because i dont want to be completely pathetic at marking.and with balanced mentality im sitting a bit deep so thats why.if i would choose positive mentality maybe my team could press more but this would have as result in possesion my team would be more higher in the pitch and more risky but i dont want this. These are about my TIs and now let me tell you about roles decision. after saw my players decided this would be the shape we will play,i have nice LB with nice crossing,good mentals and good physical atts that i wanted to see in pitch thats why added him as FB-A to get forward and cross often. in midfield im quite speptical how to build nice combos and my players in my team i could have opted a playmaker but i dont want a ball magnet and disturb my attacking play.so i opted for a simple DM-de to protect my def line,press a bit and help in possesion i chosen carilero in left side to cover my attacking FB and also this player has nice long shots and PPM shoots with power and shoots from distance which surely get some goal in season now on the right side i picked a simple CM-sup to be all rounder like defending supporting the wing,recycle possesion and most impontantly dont get in the same way of my IF-At.thats why i didnt use a more deep attacking player now on attcking TRIO i want my IF to be my goalscorer so i've chosen a PF-sup upfront and the reason is he doesnt have move into channels hardcoded.i dont want my ST moves wide,want him centrally to keeps DCs with ,drops a bit and leave space for my IF to operate and get in chances and on the left side i picked and IW-sup because my players are capable with these atts and also wanted him to drift inside and make space for FB-At. Well this is my thinking and also IF and IW has sit narrower and tight marking as PIs any advice or thinking would be thankful
  16. Perfect, thanks ! :)) PS. I'm not a person which can handle advanced editor properly. Is it possible to make extra file with small change in league rules ? I mean for FM19 i made a file with foreigners limits in all leagues but they've been starting from day A, i also been trying to make it from 2nd season but unfortunatly its not getting on for me. Could U make it ? In Lotto Ekstraklasa max 4 foreigners (all not only from outside EU) and minimum 1 u21 player also in lower league 1 foreigner and minimum 2 u21 players ?
  17. Luka Rotkovic was released today.
  18. Agree with what others are saying about through balls. Hopefully we'll see some improvement for the final game
  19. oo wow that is very weird. Do you know why or is just Comnebol choosing to give the most popular leagues the most spots?
  20. These look like perfectly normal numbers. If you have a minute, can you just check the stats from some dominant teams' matches (but should be in full detail ME), such as Liverpool?
  21. Well I don't know, I haven't purchased FM20 and I won't until I know that bug has been fixed. FM19 was ruined for me because of it and I won't be burned again. Guess I'll wait for the demo.
  22. I installed an older version of the driver on which the game previously worked (441.12) - now it does not work so it's probably not the fault of the graphics
  23. Hello everybody, I have played lot of FM during years, and I´ve tested as researcher a few hours the FM20 beta, and I´ve a thought during years about a innovation, but never happens... the subs could be ordered to warm up during the match before they go to the field, If they dont, they should play worse or are more supceptible to suffer a injury, I think this is basic for the realistic of the game. what do you think? where can we suggest that? Sorry if it isnt the place to the post, but I havent found other better.
  24. Interesting. Do the stats of the HOYD have an impact on the quality of newgens? (a better HOYD leading to better newgens)
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