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  2. May & June results: We fought till the last game when we proved that we really deserved to win the league. It was a hard season with Dynamo in good form again… they actually managed to play the EL final. Match of the month: League table: Kubok Ukraini Final: Team of the Year – Team of the Season - Top key players this season: Uallace: 14km distance/90; 409km distance covered; 87% pass completion ratio, 113.40 passes completed; 29% shots on target ratio; 0.78 shots on target; 9 goals; 12 assists and an average rating of 7.65. Antonio: 89% pass completion ratio, 93.14 passes completed; 79% tackle completion ratio; 0.58 tackles won; 5 assists; 9 goals; and an average rating of 7.42. Ivan Shishkin: 81% pass completion ratio, 52.91 passes completed; 45% shots on target ratio; 1.32 shots on target; 16 goals; 10 assists and an average rating of 7.35. Best Development: Tactic: Board confidence & budgets: Finances: Europa League & Champions League: Brescia & Besiktas: Season League League Finish Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/2018 Serie B 1st Promoted, Champions 2018/2019 Serie A 8th Europa League Qualification 2019/2020 Serie A 5th Europa League First Knockout Round 2020/2021 Serie A 6th TIM Cup Winners, Europa League First Knockout Round 2021/2022 Serie A 3rd Supercoppa, Europa League First Knockout Round, UCL Group Stage Qualification 2022/2023 Serie A 2nd UCL Quarter Final 2023/2024 Serie A 1st Champions, UCL Quarter Final 2024/2025 Serie A 1st Champions, UCL First Knockout Round 2025/2026 Spor Toto Super Lig 2nd Turkcell Super Kupa, UCL First Knockout Round 2026/2027 Spor Toto Super Lig 1st Champions, UCL First Knockout Round 2027/2028 Premyer-Liha 1st Champions, Superkubok, Kubok Ukraini, UCL Quarter Final 2028/2029 Premyer-Lyha 2nd Superkubok, Kubok Ukraini, EL Quarter Final 2029/2030 Premyer-Lyha 1st Champions, EL First Knockout Round
  3. If it's in line with the rules, that's fine. Glad to have you on board. The main rules are 20 years old at start and no exp / quals. Will you be on the leader board? You're still doing the challenge on FM15? That's ok. @Minuy600 Welcome to the challenge. Hope you have a good season at PP. @blackdevil Congrats on your season in Germany. Wonder if you'll be able to pick up each remaining club trophy in one season each.
  4. Well done going straight back up after one squeak too many. Going much better now you are back up too.
  5. leejerwood

    Bloody Kids...

    Oh it gets better... so I finally accept £6m plus a 50% sell on clause and the idiot can’t agree terms with Tottenham!! Seriously, after weeks of pouting, it comes to this. The other is still annoyed because I haven’t let him join Tottenham, even though he rejected there contract! Cant make this stuff up...
  6. marcorigobelli

    Possession and verticality

    Thanks! I'll try your suggestions and update with how is working out. I loved @herne79 thread, will help A LOT. About analysis, I like this one in the Bundesliga YouTube channel. Is more fresh and use real life footages: I like the fact that they have the second highest ball possession % in Bundesliga even with this playing style. Some things I don't think are possible to replicate like this vertical positional play and the Vogt role, but with TI attacking mentality my CMs will probably touch the box more often. In structure I am trying to decide between structured and flexible, I'm going to do some tests. I want to exploit the fact that Roma have some good passing players in these deep positions, maybe make De Rossi trying to emulate Vogt. I have some questions about high pressing with only two strikers, but plan to work on this later
  7. PMLF

    World Cup adverts

    Maradona's Brazilian national team ad for Guaraná is also nice, but I am not sure if it's a World Cup ad:
  8. Bliss Seeker

    World Cup adverts

    Saw my first World Cup advert early, a rubbish Pringles one. What's Nike got up their wallets this year? Some great adverts over the years, Brazil's Nike Airport mess around from 98 probably still my favourite. /Content.
  9. You've not seen some of mine then.
  10. Nobby_McDonald

    [FM07] Exeter City's travels

    Excellent start to your debut Premier League season.
  11. WLKRAS

    Leyton Noir

    I rang an old buddy of mine in the Met the next day. It was the Friday before Christmas and while many were winding down, the Met was preparing itself for a busy weekend. My friend sounded harassed when he answered the phone. “Chandler” he breathed in his hoarse voice. “Ray! It’s Marlowe. I know you’re busy, so let me get straight to the point. What can you tell me about Andy Jones’ death?” I asked him. He let out an expletive and said: “Haven’t heard from you in a while. Still chasing ambulances?” “Not quite” I answered, gruffly. “Right” he replied. “Andy Jones. Was that the car crash?” “Supposedly” I said “What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked, “The daughter thinks he was murdered” I said bluntly “She’s out of her mind. Guy drove straight through a red. The garbage truck had no chance... ” “You got that on camera?” I interrupted. “No, but..” “Also, what’s a garbage truck doing, driving around late at night? I don’t know about you, but my trash gets picked up in the day-time” “Oh-kay, I see what you’re getting at. But as far as the brass is concerned, this case is closed” Chandler said. “So, you can send me a copy of the file?” I tried to put a cheerful note in voice, but failed. “Ah look Marlowe, you’re not going to cause a whole load of trouble, are you?” he asked again. “I never cause trouble” I lied. “Yeah sure. I’ll see what I can do about the file, but don’t expect it before Christmas. This place is manic” “Sure thing, Ray. Thanks. Have a good one” “You too Marlowe” he rang off.
  12. Nobby_McDonald

    The Ballad of Big Tone

    Littlewoods Cup?
  13. Nobby_McDonald

    AC London - I Predict A Riot

    Excellent effort winning promotion.
  14. Northernpilgrim

    Following in the footsteps of Sir Alex Ferguson

    Thanks Nobby
  15. Scott1892

    2018 World Cup Draft Game!

    GunmaN1905; 1. Lionel Messi (Argentina), 2. Andres Iniesta (Spain), 3. Sergej Milinković-Savić (Serbia) Andyh21; 1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), 2. Christian Eriksen (Denmark), 3 Hugo Lloris (France) Wigmore; 1. Jaime Penedo (Panama), 2. Ahmed Abdollahzadeh (Iran), 3. Muhannad Assiri (Saudi Arabia) Pukey; 1. Mohamad Salah (Egypt), 2. N'Golo Kante (France), 3. James Rodriguez (Colombia) adhikapp; 1. Neymar (Brazil), 2. Keylor Navas (Costa Rica), 3. Vincent Kompany (Belgium) grff; 1. David De Gea (Spain), 2. Sergio Aguero (Argentina) , 3. Mats Hummels (Germany) Citizen Kane; 1. Luis Suarez (Uruguay) 2. Paul Pogba (France), 3. Mesut Özil (Germany) johnhughthom; 1. Thomas Muller (Germany) 2. Thibaut Courtois (Belgium) 3. Sergio Busquets (Spain) Jakarooney; 1. Manuel Neuer (Germany) 2. Sergio Ramos (Spain), 3. Mousa Dembélé (Belgium) Bliss Seeker; 1. Marcelo (Brazil), 2. Raheem Sterling (England), 3. Mike Mbappe (France) Chase Failey; 1. Antoine Griezmann (France), 2. Gabriel Jesus (Brazil), 3. Joshua Kimmich (Germany) Baptista_8; 1. Philippe Coutinho (Brazil), 2. Eden Hazard (Belgium), 3. Raphael Varane (France) Scott1892; 1. Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium), 2 Harry Kane (England), 3. Jerome Boateng (Germany) james95; 1. Isco (Spain), 2. Diego Godin (Uruguay) Readingfanman; 1. Sadio Mane (Senegal) 2. Robert Lewandowski (Poland) JDownie; 1. Luka Modric (Croatia), 2. Toni Kroos (Germany)   Picked: Argentina: Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Belgium: Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard, Thibaut Courtois, Vincent Kompany, Mousa Dembélé Brazil: Neymar, Marcelo, Philippe Coutinho, Gabriel Jesus Croatia: Luka Modric Colombia: James Rodriguez Costa Rica: Keylor Navas Denmark: Christian Eriksen England: Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, Egypt: Mohamed Salah France: Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba, N'Golo Kante, Hugo Lloris, Mike Mbappe, Raphael Varane Germany: Thomas Muller, Manuel Neuer, Toni Kroos, Mats Hummels, Mesut Özil, Joshua Kimmich, Jerome Boateng Iran: Ahmed Abdollahzadeh Panama: Jaime Penedo Poland: Robert Lewandowski Portugal: Cristiano Ronaldo Saudi Arabia: Muhannad Assiri Senegal: Sadio Mane Serbia: Sergej Milinković-Savić Spain: David De Gea, Isco, Sergio Ramos, Andres Iniesta, Sergio Busquets Uruguay: Luis Suarez, Diego Godin @james95
  16. At the moment as waiting full test results.
  17. Nobby_McDonald

    Following in the footsteps of Sir Alex Ferguson

    Making great progress this season.
  18. That is an amazing deal for Allison! He'd cost you at least 60M more in real life at this point! Welcome to the challenge, @paulskln, and best of luck to you with Swansea! Going to add you to the active board now!
  19. 2040/41 Youth Candidates Another good attacking prospect.
  20. Hi all, I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to football manager. I'm currently playing a save in Scotland with Rangers and I'm trying to develop a counter attacking 3-5-2. I'm a big fan of counter attacking football and think it's the best way to go if I want to get results against Celtic and in Europe. Here's pics of the tactic as it currently stands: I want to build a team that doesn't concede a lot of goals. Three rigid CBs who are big and dominant in the air. Two guys in front of the CBs who will protect the defense and win the ball back. This should limit the amount of chances opposition teams can create through the centre. My wing-backs are my only width and since they'll be doing a lot of attacking I expect crosses to come in to my box but as long as I recruit the right CBs heading the ball clear shouldn't be an issue. In terms of the attack, I've put an attacking playmaker in front of my CDMs to bring the ball out as prior to this I had a Enganche just behind the strikers and almost none of my attacks came down the middle. HE seems to be functioning quite well as my main creative player. He gathers the ball and most of the time sprays it out to a wing-back who will then put in a cross. I'm not sure what combination of strikers I should have. Right now I have a supporting target man and an attacking CF. With the amount of crosses coming in the target man is getting most of the goals but I don't see him pressing the opposition back line much even though I've instructed him to press more. Should I replace the Target man with a defensive forward? The CF seems to drop in to channels rather than being my main scorer which is frustrating as Rangers have a very good CF in Morelos who could really lead the line well. Does anyone see obvious weakness in my setup? Any tips on how I can improve it? Is a BWM and an Anchor Man a good combo in front of the back three? Am I getting the most out of my two strikers? I'm going to try and develop my set-pieces so all three of my CBs are in the opposition box for corners. This, along with my target man, should prove quite useful and get me a few goals.
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  22. February 2041 Still holding on to a playoff spot with 8 games to go...can we make it?
  23. Cracking. Need to mix it up a bit but loving these. 93.20 / centurions couple of others created.
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