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  2. I mentioned this offside issue in bugs forum long before 18.2 patch. Unfortunately SI didn't make anything with that since than (my strikers still easily go over 4.5 offsides per game - without"likes to beat offside trap" PPM). Another issue, which is somehow related to offside trap is the behaviour in one on one situations. If a striker manage to beat the offside trap he scores 1 in a 10 chances. Not only my striker - also top class players like Lewandowski or Aubameyang.
  3. Following! Good luck on this one, it's certainly a new idea .
  4. I am having an issue where players out on loan are playing matches for their loan clubs but they aren't being counted inthe stats for some reason. For example, I have Pietro Pellegri on loan at Juve, he is playing & scoring fairly regularly but he is only down as having played 3 games in the league which is not correct as I am scouting his matches to keep an eye on him. I also have a regen player out on loan with an obligation to buy after 20 matches. He has now played 16 games in the league & 6 more in the champions league but it is only counting 11 of those towards the 20. At this rate, I'm going to lose out on the transfer fee as it just hasn't been counting matches for ages. This is extremely annoying so any help offered would be appreciated.
  5. FM18: Memory Lane

    Jakub Słota's Management Career - May 2028 - Olympiakos Kupello Hellas And then we decided to pick the worst possible day off.
  6. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

  7. Could somebody point me in the right direction for the following tactics command - From within the 6 yard box, how do i instruct my striker to shoot towards the goal and not 10 yards wide? When my defender is 3 foot from the ball going out for a corner, how do i tell him to stop it? How can i stop teams scoring 5 x 30 yard screamers after 30mins having not won a game all season? I'm a regular to the FM Series but i've found FM18 the most unenjoyable of the lot. If your not Guardiola or Mourinho you might as well not bother playing as you get battered every week.
  8. Remove Age limit for transfer

    Looking to see if anyone can help me remove the laws blocking players moving to clubs before 16 or 18. If possible if this can be done in game but if not can it be done on the games editor?
  9. Hi i uploaded it at fm>game-editor with the name editor data_marou.rar
  10. FM18: Memory Lane

    I don't think I've ever seen such domination.
  11. Not if you're an idiot like me and click the thread title
  12. Glasgow Rangers FM 2018

    Nice work.
  13. FM18: Memory Lane

    Jakub Słota's Management Career - April 2028 - Olympiakos Superleague Panathinaikos did stop us, but all in all it was a good finish to a spectacular season. We went unbeaten! Kupello Hellas Always nice to get a hat-trick. AEK up in the final, of course. Champions League We gave it our best and managed to keep it respectable.
  14. He made a decent season for Roda. 27 games 6 goals and 4 assists =D He will remain in my squad for at least the first half of the season;) Cheers Daveincid
  15. During the game, there is that time where nothing is happening and its 'waiting for the next highlight..'. During this time period, I cannot hover over the home team and look into player information in more detail, i.e. click on them and see when their contract expires, see what their stats look like. I have to click on the actual team icon, then go to the drop down for squad and do this. I know this doesn't take long, but I'm curious as to why this is happening in the first place and if there is any solution or fix? I downloaded the game from steam, and did a repair on the game, uninstalled it and reinstalled and same thing occurs.
  16. [FM18]Ride into Obsession!

    After making a big mistake. Sealed the league in April, and was given my budgets, had my eye on a bunch of foreign talents, who I bid for to see if they'd get work permits. They didn't. The problem? I had the chairman set to confirm youth transfers. He's confirmed them all. Summer budget gone, all on players I can't play other than a backup keeper.
  17. So the save is all booted up and had a good gander at the squad. Defo needs some more central midfielders for this 4312 formation. Already taken the ruthless aproach and listed all the wingers Heres the 3 original starting variants Changed to a lower tempo play Now changed to direct passing approach an removed lower tempo Changed the DLP to a CMD Aiming to get a couple of hardworking industrial midfielders in to bolster the depth.
  18. hi I’d just like to know when will the winter transfer update be available
  19. hi I’d just like to know when will the winter transfer update be available
  20. Ok, will look into this, haven't played any aggregate matches yet.................................. Will adjust it as soon as I bump into the issue myself, thanks for the feedback!
  21. Season 2017-18 Review End of Season Awards End of Season Stats End of Season Review League Table League Results Surinamese Cup Results First season and it's off to a fantastic start with a domestic double. The league season started well and it soon became clear the title battle would be between myself and WBC. We swapped places back and forth for quite a while before I held the top for a few weeks by 1 point. Things swung in my favour in the second meeting against WBC where I came out 3v1 winners and managed to maintain the lead enough to win the league with a couple games to spare. As for the cup, we were almost in the headlines for the wrong reasons in the first round with lower league Boma Star taking us all the way to penalties. Any complacency from that match was avoided in the second round where we dispatched another lower league side. It was then SVB Topklasse sides from there on out, and in the semi finals we were drawn against WBC. A very close match went all the way to penalties where we prevailed 3v1. In the final, a goal either side of half time gave us one hand on the trophy before Transvaal pulled one back. However two yellow cards in two minutes for one of their players ended any comeback hopes and we scored in the final 10 minutes to seal the double. I'm going to move onto somewhere else now, as the CFU Championship doesn't count towards the 70 trophies - shall be interesting to see what jobs are available.
  22. [Turkey] (Official) League Specific Issues

    I uploaded my save as "freakywarlock selcuk". Thx for help.
  23. [FM18] Here comes Santa's boss, here comes Santa's boss

    98. Three away games in a row: Saguntino, Sabadell, and Eldense. It made sense to stay in Valencia and travel onwards to Barcelona after the first game, and then back down to Valencia for the third game. We’d spend over a million euros a year on travel but it was obviously not being done properly, if our away form was anything to go by. I hoped to instil a tour spirit among the senior players at the club. We would have to ignore the league table over the next week so as not to derail the good work over the last few weeks. Polanco, Gallardo, and Núñez were brought in to be told that I appreciated their efforts – the unsung heroes of our side who just quietly got on with their jobs. Easy to manage, too. Casañ, Garcés, and I gathered around a table on Monday morning to thrash out a plan. Consistency was key, so we would start the midweek with cohesive exercises. We had to make the tour fun first and foremost. The midweek trip to Barcelona would mean no training that week. The Santa Eulalia way was to defend so that’s all we would prep before each game. The games wouldn’t be much fun with a dedicated defensive, structured approach but we would have to be disciplined – which was easy if the players knew they could get their kicks from getting stuck in. There was this togetherness now alright but we had discussed how abject they looked with this approach before. Make or break. Saguntino were vulnerable defensively but we wouldn’t deviate from our defensive approach. One to watch for was Gambian forward Nuha Marong – he’d drawn 11 fouls from Sabadell last time out. Second from bottom, seven points from safety with five games to go… you’d have to say they were dead and buried. Only Sant Andreu, with a pitiful points total half of Saguntino’s, were worse. Wow. An unchanged side would lead us out. Ximo, Alberto, and Luna’s performances in training were not enough to dislodge the first eleven and Górriz still had a lot to prove - Núñez had recovered in time. I was looking forward to unleashing Rueda from the bench after his four-game absence. I wondered if De Val would eventually make way for Vidorreta in this side. Could two playmakers work together? It was hot and wet out there under the floodlights. Marong kicked us off. After riding out a few long shots early doors we came into the game with a few half-chances of our own, just finding our range. Andrés did not have his shooting boots on today and I made sure that Górriz caught my eye after 15 minutes. Marong put them in front on 25 minutes, tucking in a left-foot shot after a lovely reverse pass from Díaz who found space between the lines. We played within ourselves after that. For about ten minutes, in fact. Andrés reacted first to a second ball won by Oller and restored parity after that. In injury time, Selfa towered above the Saguntino defence to head the ball into the roof of the net from a corner. That was two assists for Oller now; a changed man. With the players warned to guard against complacency in the second half, it wasn’t long before the home side’s resolve broke at last. The Saguntino nerves were starting to affect Vidorreta so he was off for Rueda before the hour. Oller was moved wide left as their right flank was having a nightmare. It gave Gallardo a rest, Andrés then dropped deeper and Górriz was unleashed up front. Selfa again scored from an Oller cross after we had soaked up a fair amount of pressure from the hosts. With fifteen to go, and after a safe couple of minutes, Núñez was given a rest and Luna was on. Maybe we would see a repeat of passing range. Within seconds they scored from a corner but we had the last laugh as Górriz scored one himself. It was 4-2 and deserved!
  24. Superb thread. Very enjoyable so far. I wonder how socialism would work in modern football. Salah on the same pay as Lovren. Even the great Shanks couldn't of convinced Salah of that. Have you tried the AM/s role for the Dalglish position. In my experience the AP takes an age to penetrate the box. Using an AM will allow him to create but also penetrate a little more. Like when Rush dropped off and fed Kenny. The simplest yet sexiest move in football. Gullet and Van Basten used to perfect it. Keep it up.
  25. Well, decided to give it a go against Huddersfield. They were 15th in the table so a team we should have beaten. I'll post a more thorough look later with more games to draw from but from the first match (two games after installing the tactic): Shots: 21/13 advantage On Target: 6/9 Yellows: 2/0 Possession: 52/48 We won 4-1 (all the first numbers are Leeds). We were coming off a 2-1 win over Brighton but before that we were 3W 3D 6L in our last 12 matches. Still awkward in the marking; competent in mentality/passing/creative freedom/tempo. Accomplished or Fluid in the other three categories.
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