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  2. zlatanera

    Star PA question

    If you're training a new position or his weaker foot, they can use up PA. Otherwise, his star ratings might just change because of how your coaches rate him relevant to the rest of your team. Have your other strikers been performing well and/or developing well? Or did you buy a superstar striker?
  3. I'm completely on your side mate. I think I had a comment deleted but there is one person being rude here and it certainly wasn't you.
  4. Yep, exactly. I almost never use closing down from the TI. Using it with PI's allows certain areas of the pitch to be closed down. And attacking mentality + higher tempo would be complete overkill.
  5. Im not exactly sure that this is the right place to post it, but here it goes. Teams like Eibar, Real Sociedad, and Alaves have Spanish-only regens. This continues even if they have a foreign Affiliate club. I presume this is something related to the Basque nationality, but this is really unrealistic. Real Sociedad actually has multiple French players coming out of their reserves. I believe that the game should allow the clubs to have regens of foreign nationality. To tell you the truth, even Athletic Club have Malian, Colombian, and French players in their reserves. I think the Basque nationality function should not mean that the regens of the said clubs are limited to spanish nationality.
  6. Rien102

    "We are no Ferdinand"

    Thursday, December 31st, 2020 would be a date long remembered by Penny’s family. It was the day the induction phase of Britanny’s Leukemia treatment ended and when the consolidation phase started. Three days prior, Dr. Crawford had met with Penny and Mark to discuss Britanny’s situation. “Your daughter will be able to leave the hospital on New Year’s Eve!” Both parents couldn’t hold back their emotions and started to cry. The doctor continued “The consolidation, as we discussed, will still require treatments, including chemotherapy but, Britanny will do it on an outpatient status, no more overnights, except if there are complications, would be required. As we said, it should last for three months, maybe even four and regular exams will be done but, the first part of her perilous journey is over now and the prognosis is encouraging. I want to stress again that she is not healed yet but, the risks of her dying are now lower than when we started the induction phase.” As Mark was packing her stuffed animals, there was about forty of them, he turned to Britanny, that was undergoing a last check-up by a nurse and asked her: “My dear, would you accept that we leave some for the other children? You know, not everybody got as much as you.” The little one didn’t even hesitate! She pointed the gigantic bull! - “No Ferdinand one! To help fight!” Penny gasped, putting a hand in front of her mouth. Tears came fast. - “You… you’re sure?” Penny asked the little girl. - “Yes! He helped me fight!” the kid told her, smiling. The nurse smiled too. When she had finished her duty, she looked at the girl, gave her a gentle caress on her neck. As she was going out the door, she mouthed in silence “Thank you” to Mark and Penny. A few minutes later, Dr. Crawford entered the room with, what Penny thought, was a student of medicine; the woman looked very young. “Hello Britanny! You ready to leave us?” he said. - “Yes!” she said with a smiley tone! - “Good. I want to present Mary to you; she is the doctor that will help me now. - Hello Britanny!” said the woman. - “Hello! You are a doctor?” asked Britanny. - “Yes, I am. I will go to your house, sometimes, and we will see each other every time you will come here too. - You are in charge now?” Mark asked her. - “No” answered Dr. Crawford. “Mary is specializing in cancer consolidation phase; she is one of my students. She will always have a way to reach me, at any time, when she’ll go see you. When Britanny will come here, for her treatments, I will always be there too.” He then turned his attention to Britanny. “Now, my beautiful little girl, you remember what I told you? - Yes!” answered the girl. - “Ok. So, tell me, what should you do at home? - Listen to mummy and daddy. Take the medicine. Do the sleeping. Huh.. huh… - When you feel pain… - When I hurt, I must say to mummy and daddy where!” Dr Crawford smiled at her. - “Good!” He then turned to Penny and Mark. “As we talked yesterday, a nurse will come twice a week, to give you a hand and also make some tests, take blood samples, etc. Mary will come once a week, to collect Britanny’s diary of the treatments. Don’t’ forget to note everything; don’t leave anything out, ok? - What if there is stuff we shouldn’t write in it?” asked Penny, worried. - “Better too much than not enough Penny. The diary will give us important clues on how to plan things. Also, I want you to take some time for yourself. You have a good family circle I saw; use it. I mean it, ok?” Dr. Crawford went to Mark and Penny and shook their hands. They both thanked him. Mary did the same and gave them a full schedule for the treatments, chemo and visits. At 11 that morning, after Britanny had personally brought the giant bull into the common room and had said good bye to her friends, all the family came out of the hospital… to find all the Bulls team and staffs, making a long gauntlet of Bulls jerseys and banners saying “You are not alone!”, in which a beaming Britanny had to go through, and collect hugs in the process! All of them were cheering for her. Mark and Penny’s couldn’t believe it! She caught Adam’s (El-Abd) eye who just winked at her. When they entered Mark’s dad vehicle, all the team was still cheering. Not a single adult eye was dry in that vehicle… Only Britanny’s were dry because she was laughing like a happy child, like she should be…
  7. Moron? Talk about passionate and rude..... @herne79 there has never been a role with under the hood dribbling on/off and dribble more selectable. It's logical to assume that if the option is selectable, then the instruction is not included in the role, especially since it was before (FM17 and earlier). SV has the option to select get further forward because it adds to the dynamic behavior of the role. In a nutshell, the role is a DM that moves into CM/AM strata by definition, as far as I understand it. Same way the F9 drops deep into AM positions or even CM positions. There is a difference IMO. But whatever, it's pointless to discuss further apparently.....I thought that was the purpose of the forum. I guess some children can't discuss though and have to call others names like in kindergarten.
  8. Today
  9. If he ****s up, England will need something against Belgium rather than having a decider just for who tops the group. Rotate in the Belgium game if any, assuming Panama is beaten. England never qualify with a game to spare and it's time to start.
  10. Send the lot of them to the gulags in Siberia. Absolute morons. They know what happened to the Germans in Stalingrad right?
  11. Purple Frog

    B team registration error?

    Unfortunately I cant find the reserve team I made... Thank you for trying to help me tho... I've filed a complaint but I don't think its going to be fixed anytime soon...
  12. Couple of suggestions/features I’d like to see added. 1. I think it would be great and surely a popular feature to be able to play as an actual manager from real life that’s in the game. So at start you can become mourihno or ancelloti or conte etc and continue their journeys?? rather than playing as yourself or a made up character? 2. Have the player history page show games/goals from all competitions per season rather than just the league ones as in real life people don’t just refer to league form when you think of the likes of Ronaldo & Messi u think about the 50 goal 55 game stats they rack up each year?? Thoughts?
  13. xtromanage

    [U.S.A.] (Official) League Specific Issues

    My fault, issue resolved.
  14. Hi all, sorry if this has already been covered somewhere else in the forum but I have not been able to find it. I am starting a new saved with Chelsea but have noticed that some of the player's potential star ratings change but not their stats eg Tammy Abraham. Does the change between him having four or five star potential impact his overall potential to develop to his max PA eg if he is a -8 player will it limit him to a PA of 160 when he has four stars or can he still reach 175PA?
  15. I had it available then it seemed to disappear as in was showing as not unlocked but when I started a new game as Newcastle I had 107 million available to spend, that can't be right
  16. I get the same thing, uninstalled due to thinking the sugar daddy mod was running when it shouldn't be and now this
  17. eflakbogdanbeyi

    Tácticas del "Maestro"

    you can use midsomer vol mez 442 by knap
  18. Hi all, I am trying to create an international tournament with qualifiers and then finals. The qualifiers start with 40 teams from based around the Pacific, plus 4 made up countries. They are to be divided into 8 groups of 5 teams, who play each other twice with top 2 from each group qualifying. The finals competition is fairly basic, last 16 in 4 groups of 4 then the knockout rounds. It all sounds very simple, only I cannot get it to work at all and to be honest I don't think I understand all the options, especially in advanced rules. The main problems I am finding is that none of my qualified teams are actually qualifying, the game is choosing teams that weren't even in it and the other problem in a the processing stage where a box comes up saying error, no teams are qualifying from stage name #1 in pacific nations cup, even though the editor says everything is ok and valid. I did actually resolve the latter problem but it came up again and I forgot how I solved it. I have been at for for about a week now and it is taking up too much of my time. I'm getting very frustrated and I'm ready to throw in the towel, because it's really annoying me. Any help would be appreciated. I have looked online and through this forum but have found nothing that can help me. I'm completely at a loss. Thanks
  19. Yesterday
  20. I agree with your observation of guedes being moved deeper to replace joao mario. His heat map on whoscored showed him more on the left flank as opposed to his previous heat map against spain which was more in the inside right channel. Once you put ronaldo upfront alone, you end up nowhere because he needs someone to feed off and for him to do it alone upfront yields nothing. I feel guedes needs more time to get used to his new position because he does have good link-up play at times. I thought bruno did a good job against spain so was surprised to see his omission.
  21. EnterUsernameHere

    Argentina - Croatia, Thursday, 7pm BST

    Oh dear.
  22. smp20

    Saving Football: Frauding A Nation

    Good start
  23. Sampoli is not in charge of the Argentina team, it's a team full of Messi's pals because he wants to control the team and get them to play through him anybody with a brain would put Dybala in that team for something different because he is the sort of player who can win games for Argentina in the right position
  24. noikeee

    Argentina - Croatia, Thursday, 7pm BST

    Well, Acuña and Salvio definitely make more sense as wingbacks in a 3-4-3 than in a backline of 4. I've lost my faith in Sampaoli after the 1st match, ridiculous lack of dynamism in the side tbh.
  25. Disagree, think you should pick a number 1 and stick with it. It potentially unsettles the defence as well, which is shaky enough as it is.
  26. And if the player established himself as the first team player and can't be tutored, like he did right now, nothing can be done about it, right?
  27. smp20

    Saving Football: Frauding A Nation

    Une Fontaine De Jouvence D'un Nouveau Fraudeur A new fraud is on the scene and it is I. In the future, in some kind of alternative universe. @ManUtd1's Hakan Telleus taught this fraud everything he knows. After bumbling about in the obscure lower-leagues of English football with various coaching jobs, I bumped into Hakan on a pre-season camp (p*ss up) in Malmo. Damn that's some expensive beer. After a year working under the great man (not literally) I was persuaded to join the 'Academy des Fraudes' and went in search of employment in France. Where else would be more fitting than a club called 'Avant-Garde' for a follower of the revolutionary Telleus? Oh, he also told me learning Swedish would be really useful. Now I'm in France and I can't speak French but of course I can speak Swedish. Useful. We start with a squad of 13 players, 4 of whom are strikers. Charmon is picked out as the star player on the club profile, which says it all about the quality of the side. All the players are Caen born except our two lads that were born in French Guiana. We've got a brand spanking new stadium, but no other facilities to shout about. We are of course expected to finish rock bottom. Time to bring in some staff and make the most of what we've got.
  28. Don't talk about it like that. In 2004 mythical Greek warriors led by Prussian commander Rehhagel conquered Iberian peninsula and the rest of Europe with well-known Falanga tactic. One of the greatest accomplishments in history of modern warfare. And where are those top-class players in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Australia, Iceland, Tunisia, Panama? Those are the teams that parked the bus. I don't see a single offensive player that could play in any EPL side contending for top half finish. Egypt, Costa Rica, Korea were also disappointing in offensive department, but they simply don't have the quality. One man teams can't do much on this level. Team that disappointed the most in terms of gameplan was Denmark, even though they won. But I'm pretty sure tomorrow's game will show that Peru is a quality team. Uruguay just plays like that and it was expected.
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