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The Scottish Clan

Rosco Van Nistelrooy

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Now its over...... but did it really begin? Sadly we only managed 5 seasons, due to the 'latest' update or 'patch' or 'game' changing the goalposts, and threatning our longterm credability. The 2003 netgame was a fresh start for most and the Clan had evolved from previous netgames, with many new human gaffers making their debut's into the competitive world of on-line gaming. The new faces breathed life into the old skool and the Clan embraced CM4 with an optimism, into the new CM4 on-line learning curve.

True to our Scottish roots, 10 managers started in the bottom league, the Scots 3rd Division, this was to be the most competitve and compact deathmatch imaginable. With no Ai teams initially involved, the game was very cut throat and from this the foundations were laid for our new longterm project. The guys picked their own teams at the start and their was no conflict of choice. Most the teams in the lower echelons were much of a muchness and it was pretty fair start for all. With no money or reputation the Division 3 backwater proved a great leveller and proved to be a wise start.

The total new CM4 experience, offered a new challenge for all involved, and some players revelled in the new challenge and others were perhaps niave or took time to adapt. The new version again was a good leveller , but cream always rises to the top and the usual suspects staked their claim as the game progressed. The Scottish leagues have been a superb environment for on-line gaming with 4 small Divisions and the Cup competitions all the guys had something to play for wether fighting for promotion or battling relegation, the romance of taking the small team to the top was the ultimate aim.

The Lower Divisions in Scotland offered a gritty realism and a difficult challenge as managers had to adapt quickly in order to survive. Working with no resources and squads deviod of any quality was for most non gloryhunters a huge challenge. The battle for what ever players available, was a bloody affair as cheap or free talent was very scarce and sought after. The managers that had the edge in terms of scouting abaility or low league knowledge set the standard and would lead the chase for the journey north wards.

In terms of performance all the managers did well, and found their level with in the netgame with the time they had , irrespective of budgets or ability. Some gaffers adapted quicker to the new game, and some took time to find their feet but on the whole all the clubs were evolving and the map of Scottish Football was changing for ever.

A few of the Clan guys struggled as Division 3 proved to be very difficult to leave. Some guys would never leave perhaps they had underperformed or were just left behind. The Clan were lucky that no managers initially got sacked. Some came close in the early satges, but eventually Gaz did get sacked from Queens Park after riding the spiders roller coaster for 5 seasons. No managers moved the other way and took new clubs. Sure the lack of movement was for some frustrating but not many of Clan actually applied for new jobs, and is it really any surprise that no unknown gaffers moved in the few seasons we played. The new version might address this area but in the 2003 Clan game we will never know.

Top Performer and winner in 1st place was undoubtably StevieBod McGuiness and his Albion Rovers. The team that Bod built remained true to its original. Bods 2 in a row SPL titles was an awzome achievment and his physical style, tactics and flair ensured his status as the new champion in the Scottish Clan.

Runner up was Alex Holligan aka dogs our previous champion with Peterhead. Dogs too performed miracles and signed a team of serious class with exciting foreigners and some excellent transfer dealings. Perhaps too much transition hampered consistancy but on their day the Blue Toon and thier tactics were probably the best in the Scottish Clan game and unlucky not to win more Silverware in the process.

3rd Place was urs Truly gaffer Turps. Being host, the worst team was allocated at the start which was fair enough and a 3 year plan to escape the horror of Division 3 was devised. Shire at the start were awfull and a whole new team had to be built. It has to be said that Turps only made 3rd place on Goal difference on the last day of the season, but the League Cup win in season 4 was the highlight. The only manager to come from behind and challenge, and winning a statue in his honour! (sorry had to get that in!)

Other Gaffers worth a mention were Ally 'Harry Rag' Shaw who was never far away with his Stirling Albion wether in the hunt for league titles or transfer targets. Ally is pick of the new additions and proved himself a worthy adversary to the Clan old gaurd with his dilligent scouting and tactical Play, unlucky not to finish 3rd. Gary Toner Also did well guiding Queens Park to 2 promotions only to blow his good work by getting sacked in Season 5. GAz then took bottom club Airdrie and finished the worst team in Scotland but at least he tried. Coisty won the Challenge cup and Division 2 title, eventually forfilling some of his clubs potential.

The rest of the bunch had mixed form wether joining late or taking time to adapt to the new champ version. Experienced Clan guest Deano proved his credentials by winning the 3rd Division with Alloa. Deano proved that with some effort and football know how, progress and an impact could be made despite joining late. Jims's Gretna played well at times but were always frustratingly the nearly men of the netgame. Sav did ok winning promotion for the 3rd but failed to improve the club as a whole. The rest of the guys failed to make an impact wether it was joining late or missing too many sessions. Some fresh faces for the new game would rectify that problem.

Well thats it as honest as ever. I cant really criticise anyone too much as all the guys did really well and put the time in,. It was a good learning curve for everyone, and the guys will be prepared for the new 03/04game thats for sure. The commitment was good apart from at the end where some guys just lost heart but it was understandable, considering this game would never be longterm and the 03/04 imminent. The ones that did put the time in would form the foundations for the new game and their time and enthusiasm was appreciated. This thread has been fun too and some excellent reporting and banter has been made. Sure some guys could have posted more often but its the actual game itself that is important. Hardware wise this old apple shac stood up well, and although slow play dogged the 1st season or 2 most the guys built settled sides and the game sped up as time went on. The banter in the chat room has been the best yet and I reckon weve got the best bunch we have ever had. Thanks again lads for all your time an effort without which it would all be pointless. Were taking a break now for a few weeks so I'll see you soon to lock horns and do it all over again!

Love Rosco

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as usual an awsome report bud icon_smile.gif

To save you the time for the next one post cm 0304 clan game i can summerise it in two lines for you to store and quote after we are finished.


Dogs wins all, conquers all and places all other managers on his mantlepiece, the end icon_wink.gif

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by dogs:

as usual an awsome report bud icon_smile.gif

To save you the time for the next one post cm 0304 clan game i can summerise it in two lines for you to store and quote after we are finished.


Dogs wins all, conquers all and places all other managers on his mantlepiece, the end icon_wink.gif<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Izzat So? .... id take exception, but im too busy shining the SPL trophy. If wed gone another season, and id won it again theyd probably let me keep it icon_biggrin.gif

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