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Is that big enough now for you to see that YOU WROTE THE ABOVE and NOT ME

as you keep saying, regardless of the context it was ment you suggested a database with 4-5 players...are the mods going to allow the name calling in this thread? i dont like being called a pr!ck

I asked what the point was, I didn't suggest it should be that way.

And I didn't call you anything.

You made up the word yourself.

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Lefter :

Born as the son of a fisherman of Greek descent and a Turkish mother, he grew up with ten other brothers and sisters. He started his footballing career with Taksimspor, a club based in Istanbul. Küçükandonyadis transferred to Fenerbahçe in 1947, achieving instant success. He was the first Turkish footballer to play abroad, playing during 1951-1953 for ACF Fiorentina in Italy and OGC Nice in France. Returning to Fenerbahçe, he won two Istanbul League titles and later, after the start of the Turkish national league, three Turkish League (1959, 1961 and 1964) championship titles. In the season 1953-1954, he was the top scorer in the Turkish league. Küçükandonyadis scored in all a total of 423 goals in 615 games for Fenerbahçe. After ending his career in Turkey in 1964, Küçükandonyadis played a single season in Greece with AEK Athens. He participated in five games in the 1965 season scoring two goals before an injury in the match against Iraklis forced his retirement.

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Zeki Riza Sporel :

in 1898, Zeki's career began in the Fenerbahçe youth system, where he spent three years. He was promoted to the senior squad during the 1915-16 season at the age of eighteen. His left foot was dominant, as he scarcely used his right foot and his head. Zeki set many scoring records at Fenerbahçe, including most goals, most goals in a single match, and fastest goal. On February 12, 1931, Zeki scored a record eight goals in a match as Fenerbahçe won 16-0. His prolific goal-scoring ability led him to be affectionately named Üstad (The Master). The entirety of his career was spent at Fenerbahçe, retiring in 1934 after eighteen years of service. Zeki's final goal record was 470 goals in 332 matches

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I have in the past tried, without much success, to build a dream team database.

The idea was that, for the top divisions at least, clubs would have their best ever players within the current squad.

This would have involved players being duplicated if nessecary, Ian Wright at Palace and Arsenal if needs be. Also, I would make all the decisions on players attributes and so on and try to keep it as fair as possible.

I would look to then roll it out to the other divisions and leagues after doing EPL.

It would included past and present players and those who are retired or past their best would be put to their 'prime age' to ensure all players can be used effectively

My main problem is that I wouldnt be able to do some teams myself so would be looking for some suggestions.

Anyway, would there be any interest in this idea?

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