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Hi there,

I have created my own database featuring some of the people that I think could be called legends of the game, and I would be willing to upload it, if there was enough interest.

Also if there is anyone out there who is a bit more technical than I am, and could help me out with regards to putting a picture in the legends profile, than I would be more than greatful.

The list of the players and the clubs that I have put them with are as follows (if there is someone who isn't here and you want them included- or perhaps you think that I have put someone at a wrong club, then by all means just inform me):-

Pele – Santos

Puskás – Honved


Eusébio – Benfica

Cruijff – Ajax

Platini – Nancy

Michels –Netherlands

Woodward –Spurs

Spencer – Penarol

Figueroa – Internactional

Edwards – Man Utd

Garrincha – Botafogo

Miller – St.Etienne

Valderrama – Tampa Bay

Lineker – Leicester

Fontaine – Reims

Kopa – Reims

Maradona – Boca

di Stefano – Millonarios

Matthews – Stoke

Bican – Slavia Prague

Yekini – Africa Sports

Cubillas – Alianza Lima

Yashin – Dinamo Moscow

Lofthouse – Bolton

Bloomer – Derby

Greaves – Spurs

Dean – Everton

Best – Man Utd

Charles – Leeds

Finney – Preston

Wright – Wolves

Moore – West Ham

Maier – Bayern

Zizinho – Flamengo

Kubala – Ferencvaros

Abédi Pelé – Marseille

Weah – PSG

Beckenbauer – Bayern

Varela – Penarol

Schmeichel – Hvidovre

Banks – Leicester

Haynes – Fulham

Batistuta – Fiorentina

Šuker – Osijek

Riva – Cagliari

Nordahl – Norrkoping

Piola – Novara

Peyroteo – Sporting

Busby –Man Utd

Clough – Nottm Forest

Paisley – Liverpool

Ramsey – England

Shankly – Liverpool

Mortensen – Blackpool

Chapman – Arsenal

Cullis – Wolves

Nicholson – Spurs

Baggio – Fiorentina

Meredith – Man Utd

Krankl – Rapid Wien

Zagallo – Brazil

Santos – Botafogo

Sócrates – Corinthans

Zico – Flamengo

Falcão – Internactional

Altafini – Milan

Meazza – Inter

Rivelino – Corinthans

Baresi – Milan

Blind – Ajax

Koeman – Barcelona

Herrera – Inter

van Basten – Ajax

Passarella – River Plate

Campos – Pumas

Luis Chilavert – Velez

Jennings – Spurs

Luis Burruchaga – Independiente

Brady – Arsenal

Matthäus – Gladbach

Hagi – Galatasaray

Shilton – Nottm Forest

Zoff – Mantova

Klinsmann – Stuttgart

Charlton – Preston

Law – Huddersfield

Hurst – West Ham

Albert – Ferencvaros

Vava – Vasco

Stiles – Middlesbrough

Charlton – Leeds

Bremner – Leeds

Revie – Leeds

Bastin – Arsenal

Wynalda – Saabrucken

Laudrup – Bronby

Laudrup – Rangers

Stoichkov – CSKA Sofia

Cantona – Auxerre

Dalglish – Celtic

Rush – Liverpool

Harkes – D.C. Utd

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I will upload this then, just to let you know the ages of the players vary, from 15-19. I did this so that I could get a longer game out of them, but if there any recccomendations that I should perhaps change the ages, and make them in their 20's or later, then please just let me know.

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So wait, you have this harkes lad at DC United but no Shearer? Fair enough if you didn't rate him as highly as others, but he is the current all-time highest goalscorer in the PL and is also Newcastles leading goalscorer with 206 goals in 405 appearances.

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Hi, it's only me again!

Sorry to create such mass annoyence with my pick of players, as I said before, I will update this to include other players.

In regards to Dalglish, I was in two minds either Celtic (as he had a good spell there) or Liverpool. I opted for Celtic, but I can put him at Liverpool if that makes more sense to people.

Also Rya, I will add those people to my database (and to the clubs that you asked for).

Nerobianchi: In regards to your point, I didn't add Shearer, because I thought his retirement was too soon, but I can always add him in now.

Perhaps I should add Zidane and McCoist (Rangers)as well, because these were the next people that I had in mind?

Also I am sorry if anyone can not get this to work, I honestly do not understand why not, as it works for me on my computer.

I will make those changes and update it, and upload it again, this time I hope people will be able to play it.

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Oh yes, sorry I forgot to mention that the reason that i have put people at different clubs to what they are proberley known at (i.e. Schmeichael amongst others) is because I didn't want to have say a super club, and other teams getting whooped by large scores, so I spread them out a bit.

But if people out there think that I should put the players at the clubs that they are most known at, then I will do just that.

I hope that you enjoy this, as I say any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Some other names to cosider for you next update

Juan Schiaffino Penarol, Johan Neeskens Ajax, Ernst Ocwirt, Didi Flumeninese, Ruud Guillet PSV, Sandor Kocsis Barcelona,Romario Vasco, Karl Heinze Rumminege Bayren, Rivelino Corinthians, Francisco Gento Rael Madrid, Mario Kempes Rosario and Frank Rijkaard Ajax,

Thanks for the hard work on the first patch works well and is good fun.

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Nene_Park_Faithfull: I have entered the stats as I think they should be, but of course never having seeing many of them alive (because of my age), does mean me interpreting them slightly. But if you (or anyone else for that matter) feel that they are wrong and would be interested in saying which stats would be better for which player, than by all means please inform me, and I will try to see that they (the stats) are changed.

TREEBS: I will add in those players, no problem.

I will put a list up here later (along with the new download link) on which plyers (and managers) I have updated this game with.

I have alomst finished just got a few more people left to do.

As always if you want to leave me players to put into this database, then please feel free to do just that.

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Hi, well I am back.

Me131: I have updated my database with those players in it.

foe: As I have also included John Barnes at Watford.

Just to add TREEBS: I haven't included Romario in my database (well a legends version of him anyway) as he has only been retired for less than a week (in real life), and added to that he is already a player in the game of FM, so to have two Romario's would I think be a bit confuesing.

But if anyone out there thinks that I am wrong, and would like to have a legends version of Romario, or for the atter anyone else please just ask.

ljungberg8: I think I know which database you are on about, but alas I do not have it on my computer, so this is my version.

Just so you know these are the players and manager that I have updated my database with (to go along with the players already mention in my opening post):

Edit: Update 1

Dalglish – Liverpool

Southall – Everton

Ball – Everton

Johnstone – Celtic

Stein – Celtic

McCoist – Rangers

Zidane – Juventus

Shearer – Newcastle

Zola – Chelsea

Schiaffino – Penarol

Neeskens – Ajax

Ocwirk – Wien

Didi – Fluminese

Gullit – PSV

Kocsis – Honved

Rummenigge – Bayern

Paco – R. Madrid

Kempes – Central

Rijkaard – Ajax

Keane – Nottm. Forest

Mølby – Liverpool

Le Tissier – Southampton

Souness – Middlesbrough

Hunt – Liverpool

Hansen – Liverpool

Barnes – Watford

Gascoigne - Tottenham

As usual any feedback is appreciated.

I will add the download link, when I have uploaded it.

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Hi sorry I forgot to mention that I have also added the players that you wanted ILuvManUforeva, which would be as follows:

Boniek – Widzew

Butragueño – R. Madrid

Robson – West Brom

The new link is coming don't worry!

As always, keep your comments and requests for players coming.

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Incredible work, thanks. I have a request, though. When you do upload it, it would be nice if you could put it somewhere other than Rapidshare/Megaupload as many people with certain ISPs or proxies cannot download from there. Maybe someone with experience could recommend a good site?

Thanks again.

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It is I again.

Good news, I have uploaded the link and Woundwalker I have taken your advice and I am releasing it on a number of different sites so that as many people can download it as possible.

Link 1: The First update with people's requests.

I will be back with more links later, but for now that is the first link.

Enjoy! icon_smile.gif

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Dunno if you are doing another update but if you are here are some more legends to keep us midlanders happy seeing as there is no midland teams there.

Stanley Matthews - Stoke

Jeff Astle

Tony Bomber Brown - WBA

Trevor Francis - Birmingham

Billy Wright

Stevie Bull - Wolves

Paul Mcgrath - Villa

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Me131: Thanks for the cooment, I am glad that you like it.

frodo_fox: I put them all on International retirement because I thought that if they are all eligiable then the world compeititons (be it the World Cup, European Chamipnships, Copa America etc) would be a little messed up.

But if there is enough groundswell from people that would like them all to be eligiable for the world competitions then I will untick that box.

I hope that helps.

As always feedback is appreciated.

The next update will be ready soon.

Just got to decide which people to include (as well as the suggesstions from Ohmyhovel).

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Whilst scouting through the database of legends there appears to be a lot of strikers and attacking midfielders a few more suggestions to balance up the legends.

Gaenteno Scirea Juventus

Giacinto Facchetti Inter

Jose Leandro Andrade Penarol

Claudio Gentile Juventus

Oswaldo Ardiles Tottenham

Gerson Sao Paulo

Romeo Benetti Juventus

Jose Nasazzi Penarol

Josef Masopust Teplice

Marcel Desailly Nantes

Berti Votges B Gladbach

Victor Rodriguez Andrade Penarol

Danny McGrain Celtic

Billy McNeill Celtic

Ray Wilson Huddersfield

Oscar Ruggeri San Lorenzo

Djalma santos Palmeiras

Tony Adams Arsenal

Dave MacKay Tottenham

Glen Hoddle Tottenham

Your updates have given FM a good mid season lift, well done and thanks.

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