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Welcome to the first of many updates from FM-View.com on these forums

Firstly, the news! A new admin was announced last week, with former moderator and FM God Dangtfc getting promoted which is thoroughly deserved!

Staying with Dan now, he's released the first part of his America’s Guides, starting with the MLS. The guide takes a look at each team identifying key players and what is required for each team, as well as an in depth look into contract rules and draft systems of the league as a whole.

Big_Dave has also released a guide this week, detailing the criteria to build up a 7 star training schedule. This can be found here. It includes the combinations of stats required for each position and a brief insight into the training, as well as recommended staff to fill each role!

Former writer Rob has enjoyed his first long term game on FM2009, and has since wrote about his unknown future stars. It contains a screenshot from 2016, as well as a summary about each player. The most notable player from these Rob has "uncovered" is probably Kerrison, well worth a read if you want to see how they develop in the future!

This week we’ve had 3 club reviews, Dan started off with his beloved Birmingham, after experiencing the promotion and relative success in the Premier League he decided to share his knowledge in this excellent guide. Chilvers and Cookie have been busy this week writing about Liverpool and Tottenham respectively. Firstly, the Liverpool review is a full blow by blow account of the club, focusing on the squad, expectations and tactics. Cookie has taken a somewhat different approach to his guide, focusing only on the midfield of Tottenham. In this innovative guide Cookie has analysed two different possible approaches to the midfield of Tottenham Hotspurs with whom he’s enjoyed a fair bit of success.

Writer Jingoringo has done a great piece on his one time hero Jamie Ward which contains everything you’d expect of a player review. If you’re thinking about going Chesterfield, or even buying Ward, then this is well worth a read.

Away from writing now, with Terminal leading the charge in GFX with his Shine 09 logo’s, with the help of JackHammer, Sheppy and Niniev! With a huge 112 packs up for download now, including a European Super Pack, almost every league is catered for so give them a download!

Staying in GFX, whiz kid Sheppy has continued to produce the goods with an excellent Managers Pack in the popular Rounded Facepack 09 style.

This last week has also seen the release of the third Official FM-View.com Challenge – Big Fish in a Small Pond. The idea is basically that the domestic leagues and cups should be a one, or at most a two, horse race but you’ll get the real competition when you compete in European competition.

Sheppy has organised a brilliant Goal of the Month competition for February, why not choose your favourite. The voting video can be found just below, so why not take a look and decide on which goal is your Goal of the Month!

Another Terma-lution (yes, i’ve made a new word for the machine!) has been the FIFA World Leagues database. He pretty much summarises it here; “Basically the English League System with a World Franchise of 160 clubs from all around the world. Each club basically gets players that were born within the city that represents a club. What this means you can either continue to buy homegrown players or go the route of buying foreigners. The wonderful thing about this database is that its hard to know who’s good and who isn't generally most clubs have very good points and normally one weak point.” This isn’t quite ready for download yet but another brilliant idea exclusive to FM-View which should be upon us shortly!

Another work in progress task, is the FM-View podcast. After weeks of talks the final touches are being added to the prep-work for the PodCast so we hope it’ll be up for download by the time you get this next update! We also hope the FM9.3.0 patch will be out by the next update, with SI saying “We are pleased to announce that a patch and data update will be released at the end of the month, which includes all the January transfer window moves, and updates managers’ movement too.”

Well that’s it for this week folks!

Mainsite - http://www.fm-view.com/

Forums - http://forum.fm-view.com/

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This is our attempt to bring the Scene together to find the best content writer on the Scene. I encourage all of you to enter your best writers into this so we can see who can take the crown. Yes, this is an opportunity for FM View to get more content posted on its boards but it is also a genuine effort to find the best writer on the Scene and allow writers across the boards to get more exposure and credit for the underrated work they do.

Please sign up at the following link...


Here is the brief explaining it...

This is the official unveiling of our massive writing competition. For years now members from across the Scene have wondered just who is the best content writer out there?

FM View has seen its fair share of writers. From the likes of Rob, Blaze, Jingoringo, Wilso to the new breed of Chilvers, Cookie and Tractor Boy, the talent has been superb.

However, we all want to know just who the best writer on the Scene is. This is our chance to see who can produce the best work. This is an opportunity for writers across the Scene to get more exposure and for FM View to get more content up. We’re not going to lie, this will help us produce some more content but it will also help writers get more exposure for their content.

Here’s how it will work. We will ask you to submit your interest in the competition. You don’t need to be a writer here or anywhere to enter. You can just be a member who wants to prove themselves. We are openly encouraging writers from across the Scene to come and prove their worth.

Once we have all of our competitors listed we will then set a task every round where you will be required to write a piece of content. You will post it on FM View first and even though it will be your content and you will be free to post it elsewhere across the Scene, FM View must have rights to the content which means we are able to keep it on our forums and site for however long we see fit.

After each round the FM View Admin team will then select the best entries to progress to the next round until we have our last 8 writers. From that stage on, every round is open to the public vote and one person will drop out each round. Obviously we cannot determine how many will be eliminated in each round prior to the last 8 until we know how many entries we have.

Being an Sports Interactive affiliate we will be conversing with Sports Interactive about a possible prize for the winner of this tournament. The winner will also be offered a staff writer role with FM View and will be crowned the best writer on the Scene. If the writer comes from another site then they are obviously allowed to turn down the staff writer role.

So there it is guys. Spread the word. We want to see who is the best writer on the Scene once and for all! Post your interest below. FM View Admins are the only people exempt from entering this tournament. Any staff or any member from any site can enter. There will be no bias. This is a genuine social experiment to find the best writer on the Scene!

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Welcome to another FM-View update.

Firstly, we'll start with the very popular Managerscore. Thanks to the lovely guys at SI we've managed to get our hands on a prize.. A Football Manager pint glass! All you have to do for your chance of winning this great prize is to complete the Win 2 International Competitions with 2 Different Nations. Simple really, you have until midnight on Saturday 4th April to complete this, with the prize draw commencing the following day.

Another massive hit is the FM-View Podcast, Have I got views for you? Last week we recorded an admins version, featuring a special guest in scene legend Gangsta Disciple. We also have the latest of the weekly podcasts featuring the people that make FMV what it is - our members. All of the latest scene, FM and Football news are discussed with some great banter and you never know, you may learn something from it too!

Onto the graphical side of things, new recruit Reynaldo has started up the popular GOTW competition again. Be sure to get your masterpieces entered, or atleast vote for which you think is the best! The Graphics team have also been hard at work with the MagniLogos, which are sure to brighten up your game.

Finally, here at FM-View we have a scene-wide competition, Writer Idol. You don't have to be a member on FMV to enter, we're open to anyone in an attempt to find the Scenes greatest writer! There will be no bias, the admins of FMV will be the judges, hence them being the only people that aren't allowed to enter.

That's about it from us for now, we're only skimming the surface with this quick post about what we have to offer, to check it out for yourselves check out the links below.

Mainsite | Forums | Twitter

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I'm sure everyone by now as realised that FM-View has taken a rather Brazilian outlook. FMV Tours is a new concept brought to you by FMV which will see the forum and its members hopefully go on tour on a monthly basis. This month we tour Brazil with the aim of providing an in depth look into some of Football Manager's more obscure nations. Hopefully you'll join in and try your hand in the Brazilian leagues in FM and already have produced some content which may help you along your way.

Firstly having managed in Brazil for two seasons I have written up a brief guide on how the top tier of Brazil works along with the Brazilian cup and Copa Libertadores.

Next we have released a challenge based on the FMV Tours format. This challenge will see the staff take on the members as they try to wrestle some managerscore points out of their hands. As a member you'll be expected to take Palmeiras to glory, click below for more.

Next up to help you get to grips with the challenge Rob has produced a fantastic team guide on both teams to help the members and the staff. Its of my opinion however the staff don't need the help but I'm sure the members will be grateful for all the help they get, even if its inevitable they'll come out second best.

Rob has been at it again with another great piece which should help you on your way to conquering Brazil. He has produced a guide on who to sign when managing in Brazil including some legends such as Sylvinho and a personal favourite in Leanardo Silva. Read more...

Following from this Rob has again been hard at work with a who to manage in Brazil article. Having not travelled from the top tier I found it a decent read with some real challenges involved. The likes of Gremio are well known but dare you go lower down the leagues? I don't think you have the balls!

Dare you try the Brazilian lower leagues Drew has a Top 10 countdown of Brazilian lower leagues bargains. Some of them look pretty good for the price they command and would definately be of use should you travel down the leagues.

Sheppy has kindly produced his rounded facepack for both teams involved in the challenge, Palmeiras and Corinthians. Even if you don't participate in the challenge its worth a download to cover some FM legends such as Marquinhos, Keirrison, Detinho and of course Ronaldo!

Expect more content on the way as we look at the lower leagues of Brazil in detail as well as taken 7 Brazilian legends back to their roots on FM, including the legendary three R's.

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Tonight (Tuesday) we had Miles on our podcast discussing FM and himself and we want to reach as many people with this as possible.

Its about 2hrs 30mins but is full of great info about the past, present and future of FM.


That's the link to our mainsite where the podcast is, and we are also in iTunes as "FM View".

This is a great opportunity to get a view of Miles and how stuff at SI works!

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Over the last few days we've started our opinion/blogging section on the main site. So if you're interested in why I'm considering using the 3D match view that i detested in FM09 or my list of Features you'll never see in Football Manager amongst other things then check it out - The Link


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Across the community September is regarded as the dead month, the summer has ended, the current version of FM is coming to the end of it's life cycle and everyone begins to shift their attention to the next version of game.

FM-View has ended this myth with probably the most productive September anyone can remember! Some highlights of the content FMV produced in September includes ....

Why I might actually use 3D in FM2010 - Q. shares his thoughts on Sports Interactive’s improved match engine previews and offers some improvements

In the Hands of the (SI) Gods - Niniev wonders on the advancement of the game – and if its good or not!

Features you'll never see in Football Manager - Highlighting some of the features that people either ask for to be included in Football Manager or those too contentious to be included!

Dumbing Down - Levo Expressing a love for the new tactical wizard which by some has been accused as the dumbing down of FM.

St Helens F.C. - Levo takes a team with no reputation, no players or staff, a rich Russian owner and a expectation of staying in the Premiership.

Evolution, Revolution and still no solution - Q. looks back at the habits and fads from across the football manager community and wondering if there will be an upturn come FM2010 release.

Podcast 21: The Americans Invade! - Niniev is joined by JordanC of GameWorld One in a one on one convo, speaking about FM, FML and how sh*t the community is!

How can FM improve for FM10 and beyond? - Rob takes a look back his favourite features in Football Manager 2009 and how certain features could be improved for future iterations of the game

Capitalist Community - Levo asks can the FM community turn a hobby into a money pit? Does Sports Interactive supply his unknowingly with the resources to print money?

Deflated, Dejected and loving every minute! Q. Discusses why he's enjoying his current game of semi regular defeats rather than winning the champions league

Transfer Market – Too Easy!? - Liam expresses his pointless opinions on FM10’s search filter, scouting and the LLM rules in a short and concise article.

I nearly killed Sammy Lee! - Football Manager backroom staff is become increasingly more important as they are in real life, but how much more can SI do to reflect the true influence of a great backroom team?

The Great Resume - With FM10 looming, Liam goes back to his most succesful game on FM2009 and tries to carry on the success for just one more season!

Let's get Physical - Looking back at the Physiotherapist’s past input in Football Manager and discussing some possibilities to improve his position within your back room staff.

Dwelling in the Sand - Documenting the highs and lows of my three seasons in charge of German 3rd division side SV Sandhausen.

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As FM10 has arrived and everyone has got to grips with the game, we are now on the lookout for 2 FM Moderators to join the team. We are not interested in how many posts you have, whether you have worked as a staff member before, we simply want the best people for the job! It would be to your advantage if you have specific talents in fields such as writing, graphics, databases or even video making, but just having the work ethic and passion for a new challenge could be enough.

For those who dont know what FM-View is all about, we have been around for the past 2 years and have kept the same consistent core of staff and members over that time, with minimal changes taking place. We have some very unique ideas that we will be introducing in the next weeks and months, but need some fresh blood and that is where you come into it. We have a mainsite that is run by a very clever man by the name of 'Q' and a podcast run by the ever-present Niniev, which has even featured FM legend, Miles Jacobsen! We now want some potential future FM-View legends to take advantage of this opportunity and apply for a role on the staff team. We pride ourselves on the laid-back attitude of our members and controversy isn't something you will come across at the view!

Application Format


Where you post:

Why you want the role:

What you have to offer:

So if you are interested one of the two roles then simply send a staff member a PM at FM-View Forums or email us at admin@fm-view.com we will hopefully get to know you a lot better in the future.

Thanks for reading :)

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I won't bore you with what's going on. It takes away the fun of coming to check us out. We are currently advertising for individuals to become official FM View Bloggers. We want you to blog on our site about your FM2010 trials and tribulations.

So sign up if you think you have what it takes to share your experiences with a huge audience.


Also, come on over and check us out. Our staff team are always glad to see you guys and our current batch of members are craving some new lads to banter with.



We hope to see you all here sooner rather than later.


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